Bill Nye went on MSNBC just to say something terrible about D-Day veterans

There are perhaps no Americans braver than those who fought on D-Day.

Against all odds, they stormed the beaches of Normandy for the simple reason that they love their country.

But not all people agree, and Bill Nye went on MSNBC just to say something terrible about D-Day veterans.

Bill Nye is a mechanical engineer who touts himself as a “scientist” because he used to host a children’s television show where he played one.

Nowadays, he uses that fake distinction to parrot every leftist talking point as though he is speaking on authority.

And he used it to ramble on and on about the impending destruction coming because of so-called “climate change” and how we need the government to step in to save the world.

Presenting himself as a “scientific expert” was bad enough.

But then he despicably compared the fight for climate change to that of D-Day, comparing the great loss of life for the greater good to regulating Americans for the so-called greater good.

Newsbusters reports:

Nye responded that “[i]t’s not that we’re all going to die in 12 years” if massive climate change legislation is enacted, but rather “we’re not going to be able to move our infrastructure, our seaports, our railroads and so on and move our agriculture away from the equators fast enough to feed everybody as we get to be nine and 10 billion.”

He then dropped the D-Day comparison:

“There’s enormous opportunities. You know, I am always optimistic about this because tomorrow is the anniversary of D-Day. And it was, of course, there was tremendous loss and sacrifice. But it was part of this greater idea that we have a global problem and we’re going to solve it and I — I always respect that. You know, both of my parents were veterans. They’re both at Arlington. And we can do this. It’s the United States And things are changing so we can do this, Chris. Let’s go.”

The men who died on D-Day died to save the world from totalitarianism.

Comparing their suffering to the fight for far-left policies is insulting.

And Bill Nye isn’t alone in making this claim.

Socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called the fight against climate change “our D-Day.”

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85 Responses

  1. Buck Merrimac says:

    Bill Nye the moron guy.

  2. Sharon Jenkins says:

    Nye needs to remember that those brave men died on D-Day and have died since for the freedoms he has under the US Constitution…. freedom of speech doesn’t give one the freedom of character assassination…..

  3. sluggo says:

    Bill Nye is a liar and a fraud. As a former USAF “Typhoon Chaser”, stationed on the island of Guam, I had numerous visits to Enewetak Atoll. It is a lovely place, and the people were all very friendly to me. One very interesting thing I observed is that, at night, the beaches are covered with thousands and thousands of crabs. It is like you are in some kind of sci-fi movie…kind of creepy! But, while there are thousands of these crabs scurrying about, IF you walk somewhat slowly, they will get out of your way…unlike a Walmart full of illegal mexican aliens, angry negroes, or jihadist mujslims.

    As far as the radiation in the soil, one of the benefits that I have found to be very advantageous, due to my numerous walks on the beaches there, is that my feet still give off a soft, very pleasant, greenish glow, which is only noticeable in very low light conditions, and which I have found very handy when walking my dogs at night, or when doing some weekend camping.

    For those lying liberal democrats that are so concerned about the charlatans pushing “Man Made Climate Change”…like the loser, Bill Nye… I would simply refer them back to the articles in News Week, and Time magazine. in the 1970s…Chronkite and all the other commies promoted doom and gloom in those days too, but they called it “Nuclear Winter”. THAT was a lying liberal democrat scam then, and “Man Made Climate Change” is a totally dishonest, steal American money, lying liberal democrat scam NOW.

    Jeez, put down the crack pipe, pour out all that obama ass-kissing Kool-Aide, and think for yourselves for a change.

    P.S. For any morons, retards, or Somalis, that have no sense of humor, i.e. ALL lying liberal democrats…this post is a JOKE.

  4. Ronald Gonshorowski says:

    We have the Nuscale system of nuclear power plants.
    You can look them up as they are located in Oregon.

  5. Al Lohn says:

    I think we shouldn’t even bother with an Idiot like him.

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