Bill Nye went on MSNBC just to say something terrible about D-Day veterans

There are perhaps no Americans braver than those who fought on D-Day.

Against all odds, they stormed the beaches of Normandy for the simple reason that they love their country.

But not all people agree, and Bill Nye went on MSNBC just to say something terrible about D-Day veterans.

Bill Nye is a mechanical engineer who touts himself as a “scientist” because he used to host a children’s television show where he played one.

Nowadays, he uses that fake distinction to parrot every leftist talking point as though he is speaking on authority.

And he used it to ramble on and on about the impending destruction coming because of so-called “climate change” and how we need the government to step in to save the world.

Presenting himself as a “scientific expert” was bad enough.

But then he despicably compared the fight for climate change to that of D-Day, comparing the great loss of life for the greater good to regulating Americans for the so-called greater good.

Newsbusters reports:

Nye responded that “[i]t’s not that we’re all going to die in 12 years” if massive climate change legislation is enacted, but rather “we’re not going to be able to move our infrastructure, our seaports, our railroads and so on and move our agriculture away from the equators fast enough to feed everybody as we get to be nine and 10 billion.”

He then dropped the D-Day comparison:

“There’s enormous opportunities. You know, I am always optimistic about this because tomorrow is the anniversary of D-Day. And it was, of course, there was tremendous loss and sacrifice. But it was part of this greater idea that we have a global problem and we’re going to solve it and I — I always respect that. You know, both of my parents were veterans. They’re both at Arlington. And we can do this. It’s the United States And things are changing so we can do this, Chris. Let’s go.”

The men who died on D-Day died to save the world from totalitarianism.

Comparing their suffering to the fight for far-left policies is insulting.

And Bill Nye isn’t alone in making this claim.

Socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called the fight against climate change “our D-Day.”


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84 Responses

  1. sluggo says:

    Bill Nye is a liar and a fraud. As a former USAF “Typhoon Chaser”, stationed on the island of Guam, I had numerous visits to Enewetak Atoll. It is a lovely place, and the people were all very friendly to me. One very interesting thing I observed is that, at night, the beaches are covered with thousands and thousands of crabs. It is like you are in some kind of sci-fi movie…kind of creepy! But, while there are thousands of these crabs scurrying about, IF you walk somewhat slowly, they will get out of your way…unlike a Walmart full of illegal mexican aliens, angry negroes, or jihadist mujslims.

    As far as the radiation in the soil, one of the benefits that I have found to be very advantageous, due to my numerous walks on the beaches there, is that my feet still give off a soft, very pleasant, greenish glow, which is only noticeable in very low light conditions, and which I have found very handy when walking my dogs at night, or when doing some weekend camping.

    For those lying liberal democrats that are so concerned about the charlatans pushing “Man Made Climate Change”…like the loser, Bill Nye… I would simply refer them back to the articles in News Week, and Time magazine. in the 1970s…Chronkite and all the other commies promoted doom and gloom in those days too, but they called it “Nuclear Winter”. THAT was a lying liberal democrat scam then, and “Man Made Climate Change” is a totally dishonest, steal American money, lying liberal democrat scam NOW.

    Jeez, put down the crack pipe, pour out all that obama ass-kissing Kool-Aide, and think for yourselves for a change.

    P.S. For any morons, retards, or Somalis, that have no sense of humor, i.e. ALL lying liberal democrats…this post is a JOKE.

  2. Al Lohn says:

    I think we shouldn’t even bother with an Idiot like him.

  3. Joe Passanante says:


  4. Mark Kuykendall says:

    Nye played a “scientist” on TV. But he’s a clueless idiot in real life.

  5. Eliot says:

    AOC is a lesbian with many girlfriends!

  6. Eliot says:

    We all need to MOON Bill Nye because he deserves to be MOONED!

  7. Daniel Mount says:

    This scumbag Bill Nye should keep his mouth shut because he has sold his soul to Satan and these evil Democrats.


    Actually Bill Nye is not worth my time to write anything. LOSER

  9. Ms. America says:

    Funny that Bloomberg has investments in solar energy companies and of course coal would be his competition, so he demonized the industry. That’s his playbook just like Al Gore. How much is this Bill Nye clown getting paid to whip morons into a climate change frenzy? Or maybe they have dirt on him and are making him do this? Nye could be a peddy file.

  10. Charles says:

    Those brave men died on D-Day to save us from the same thing that Nye and other ‘progressives’ are selling. Nye et al should do more than apologize ti WW II veterans. They should stop trying to destroy this great country.

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      Nye needs to remember that those brave men died on D-Day and have died since for the freedoms he has under the US Constitution…. freedom of speech doesn’t give one the freedom of character assassination…..

  11. Jim Miller says:

    If Those ungrateful cold blooded libs/ jerks do not appreciate the Sacrifices our Vets did on WWII then, just for them reopen Auschwitz.

    • Patsy Autry says:

      I am with you Jim. Bloomberg is a real weirdo, how dare he compare his junk with D Day. One of the most awesome days in our lives. And I am Sick and tired of seeing AOC’s face every time I turn on my pc. And as for The other Muslim Congressmen/women…they were not EVEN IN the US or maybe not born. We don’t need there asine comments. We just want them out of Congress and out of the USA. The comment about 911 is another asine comment. THAT waman was not born in the USA, none of them were…Hope they are all NOT ever elected or re-elected.

  12. Will says:

    And his credibility just got buried even deeper into the ground…

  13. larry says:


  14. Carl says:

    This skinny little old man is a lunatic and belongs in a metal institution.

  15. When it comes to “Climate Change” Bloomberg does not know his Ass from his elbow…Since 1970s the U.S. began collecting data on “Global Warming, in the following 45 years the global temperature increased by ONLY 1/10th of a degree.
    Morons like Bloomberg and his ilk changed their mantra and now call it “Climate Change” … there are corrupt scientists on the take of government grants supportive of these lies and distortions. THERE MUST BE A BUNDLE OF MONEY TO BE MADE IN THIS POLITICAL SCAM? When Mt. St. Helen exploded it release more pollution then all of the cars in the U.S. for a year…do these scientists KNOW HOW “CLIMATE CHANGE” WILL STOP the most dangerous SUPER-VOLCANO in Yellowstone from erupting? Thousands will die and a dozen states will live in darkness for more than two years, crops will not grow and famine will follow. May the Bastard go broke burning his money for this phony media driven fraud, or is Bloomberg planning on forcing other countries to stop burning coal … maybe Bloomberg intends to use his billions to start WWIII?
    There are 20 Coal Powered Power Plants in the U.S. …ZERO ARE BEING BUILT… politicians want to shut down our remaining 20 plants to “Save the Planet”?…
    Take a look at a partial list of coal powered plants in the world today that “Pollute the Atmosphere” that we have little to no effect on changing…

    China has 2,363, building 1,171 more—
    India has 589, building 446 more… Total 1,036—
    The EU has 468, building 27 more… Total 495—
    Turkey has 56, building 93 more… Total 149—
    Japan has 90, building 45 more… Total 135—
    South Africa has 79, building 24 more… Total 103—
    South Korea has 58, building 26 more… Total 84—
    Philippines has 19, building 60 more… Total 79—

    Total of 3,534 COAL POWERED POWER PLANTS….and that’s in just 8 countries….

    • DENNIS WOLLEN says:

      The one thing we can look forward to regarding PIGLOUSY and BLUMBERG and SHUMER isthat one day they will be DEAD…..


    • Richard Frost says:

      Bill Nye is an idiot, and certainly no scientist!
      He’s another alarmist, activist, who parrots Democrats all day long!

    • Gregory Sullivan says:

      Anyone who peddles this “climate change” hoax perpetrated by Al Gore and his followers, should make their contribution to it by telling them not to exhale.

    • Curt Smith says:

      And still the left refuses to acknowledge the importance of the current Nuclear Generation plants that produce 20% of the electricity in the USA. ALL of these plant produce zero carbon in the generation process. It would be smart to increase, rather restart, our nuclear facility development and construction.

      • Ronald Gonshorowski says:

        We have the Nuscale system of nuclear power plants.
        You can look them up as they are located in Oregon.

  16. Louise Cook says:

    Don’t Listen to these People. Turn the T.V. off when they speak. They are Liars and they are just out to destroy America. Did any of these People fight in a war.How dare they say something negative about our Veterans. If it were not for these Brave People we would not have the Freedoms we have. Thank God for our Men and Women who gave of themselves so we could enjoy this Great Nation and be Free. Pray for this Country and Pray for our Veterans

  17. Martin P Artale says:

    If Nye and Cortex both “punched out” that would save some air, also!

  18. j free says:

    comparing bill Nye as scientist is like calling John Wayne a hero…

  19. jkwfo says:


  20. Eric says:

    There is room to debate whether any fair comparisons can be made between the dangers of 1930’s NAZI Germany and the current day dangers of AGW. But things we DO KNOW about that time are not pretty, For example there is the fact that many rich Republicans were NAZI sympathizers who resisted FDR’s call to action. There is also the obvious fact that if members of the Greatest Generation (people like my father, and possibly your’s), were instead like the worthless fraud ol’ # 45, they would have all bailed with bone spurs. I ask you, where would we be then?,

    • Trebor says:

      Republican sympathizers in WWII? Kennedy was a Republican? Did Clinton also have bone spurs? You are proud of your parents, justifiably so, I wonder if they are proud of you?

    • USNVET31yrsSvc says:

      You said till can’t get in the military with bone spurs. Or, over weight, psoriasis, heart murmurs, criminal record, drug use, no HS diploma, fail entrance exam, can’t fog a mirror cause of IQ, To tall, to short, can’t speak English, ETC.
      Just what have you done for your country?

  21. Bender says:

    Not the best and brightest USA has to offer commenting here. You are some backwoods inbred uneducated rethuglicans here. Be very proud of your ignorance.

  22. Patrick Cross says:

    Biil Nye, the Idiotic Guy

  23. John Guest says:

    True he’s a off-the-farm leftist looney like AOC. They don’t bother me. What bothers me is all the people that DO take them seriously, and they vote! Take back the House from the Dems!

  24. David Kennedy says:

    You would think that a child of veterens would be more patriotic, instead he is being an idiot showing his true colors. They have been saying the world is going to end because of global warming for 20 years. So end already! I am sick of hearing about it, while these do gooders drive thier cars, fly in planes use electricity from coal. Bunch of hypocrites.

  25. Tom Harvey says:

    Never trust anyone wearing a bow tie…….

  26. N says:

    Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Muslim Demoncrat Party & RINOs! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception,Fake News(Russian Collusion & Jussie M hoax)the list is endless!And the clueless minions that follow them!

  27. Just1Saddletramp says:

    Only a person whose mind is completely warped would envision a parallel between D-Day, June 6, 1944 and the climate change issue going on tofay

  28. Phil G. says:

    Note: I put WW2! But. Somehow m? It came up WW3?

  29. Phil G. says:

    Wow! This fool talks crap about our veterans? If they would have lost I WW3? He wouldn’t be on MSMBC talking his crap ????! For the simple reason he must likely would even exist? What a fool. A traitor to America! Let alone be called a US citizen? A Commie!

  30. Vette Driver says:

    One BIG volcano eruption with smoke and ash will wipe out years of efforts to reduce the needed pollution reductions the doom and gloomers are spewing out.

    They need to eliminate volcanoes and all will be good as ever……..

    We need to be proactive, but realistic – Which will NEVER happen!!!!

  31. Mike Flanagan says:

    What people don’t realize is that man made CO2 is so insignificant to the total amount of air it is negligible in the whole thin besides there 25 Producers of natural CO2 for witch our planet and all Plant Life can not exist with out … check out this 3 minute video …

  32. THOMas says:


  33. Bob Hillenbrand says:

    For the Record I dropped my membership In the Planetary Society over past things this creep has said including saying that old people should be “eliminated” to make the world a better place. Perhaps he hasn’t looked in the mirror but he’s getting kinda old – so perhaps time for him to “go”. He is
    more of TV personality who is impressed with himself and his “power” than most anything else. he’s a guy, but hardly a boni fide “scientist”

    • Brady says:

      Shows how some people will say or do anything to get some air time. I really don’t think the HERO’s of all our wars give a damn what he or fools like him think. But we(including me) read this bull, I don’t know why. Except to see how stupid these people really are. But some are smart, like congress, a over paid gang of fools, vote themselves a raise, not to dumb, when you figure they are getting paid with all kinds of bennies for doing nothing but their positions. I don’t think you could find a more useless gang anywahere.

  34. Larry Dalvine says:

    This wanna be scientist is nothing but a fruit loop, at it’s highest degree. Go home, put your diapers on, stick your thumb in your mouth. No one wants to hear from you ever again.

  35. thomas says:

    I am 80 years old and I would give an arm or leg to run into Bill Nye he wouldn’t have 10 or 12 years left. T.J. Gildea

  36. Edward Conley says:

    What a moron. This guy isn’t even a real scientist. He is another has-been looking for free publicity.

  37. Sarah says:

    People that act and speak such show their true colors….the apology would not justify what they purpose. Yes I said purpose, these racist, communist, social engineering, over paid and over adored hypocrites even demonstrate how self absorbed they are.
    Bill Nye just burned down his own reputation.
    I thank God every time any one of these so called public leaders do that. It’s for America’s good every time.

  38. Faye Edmondson says:

    So sick of these people disrespecting our veterans.

  39. James Barry says:

    At least he’s not a draft dodger like Trump

    • Joe says:

      Like Clinton. How about you?

    • jim says:

      What the hell does Trump have to with this article?

      James you are an idiot!

    • Sarah says:

      Well James, how many draft dodgers are in public office?! Can you actually confirm tha President Trump dodged the draft? Are you aware of his over the top deeds for veterans?
      I know personally how Vietnam veterans were “welcomed” home….I know personally many vets from every decade current and long past. I am a disabled veterans wife too.
      I hope you can someday see that service takes many forms and President Trump knows it very well.
      Thank you for your service James

      • USNVET31yrsSvc says:

        POTUS is serving his country today. Free of charge without owing anyone special consideration. Quite refreshing isn’t it. Not even a politician can say that.

    • Neo says:

      Or a idiot hater like you.

    • michael lacrosse says:

      at least he’s not a draft dodger like bill clinton

    • Steve says:

      Are you saying Bill Nye was in the service? If you are I myself would not want him in my fox hole. He should not apologize to the veterans, they are way to far above him.

    • Brady says:

      there is always one, thanks for proving my point.

    • Bath House Barry says:

      James Barry, Did Obama serve? Yeah, didn’t think so. We can’t even get a legitimate birth certificate or proof he went to any of the colleges he claimed alumni status at.

  40. E Connelly says:

    Richard Stanley is a certifiable dimwit.
    A professor full of leftist B.S.

  41. spunky says:

    Brain damage on full display – bill – find a doctor

  42. Gregory Sullivan says:

    How is Mr. Nye going to get around preaching manmade climate change?
    In a solar powered 747 airliner if ever this garbage myth gets implemented? This is a conspiracy by the left and the Democrook party for a one world communist government as mankind could never cause enough greenhouse gases to make it happen. “Climate Change” can only be caused by volcanic activity which spews out millions of times more of these gases than man could produce in hundreds of years.

    • USNVET31yrsSvc says:

      Greg. Without oil, there will be no green machines to make electricity. No electrical wire ti distribute to. No transport of anything. Electric cars are made from oil including batteries. Lithium comes from oil wells.

      Everything you touch, wear, eat, live in, move in or on, medical care, ETC is a derivative of oil at some point.

  43. Karin says:

    Bill Nye should stay the heck out of Politics. Period end of Sentence. AOC should be thrown out of politics also. They both have the heart and soul of a pride of hungry lions.

  44. English Eric says:


  45. For those of you that don’t pay attention to past misdeeds of the United States, I find it necessary to remind you of the early days of Nuclear testing and: My concerns have to do with the United States pulling out of the Paris Agreement on World Climate. I believe we did that because our mindset is that the weather does what it wants and in the past, I wholeheartedly agreed with that. But Given the circumstances I cite below, that whole climate thing comes into question.

    When it comes to other considerations, as you’ll soon see, I don’t agree as to the continued UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT past bad attitude of: out of sight, out of mind. As the Chief Administrator of this nation your always looking at the bottom line for your quick decisions and not usually aware of “outside issues” for any number of reasons. I get that from watching you on that reality TV shows The Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice. Some times your decisions made no real-world sense but they did fit the logic of money. It’s OK to be simple-minded on certain decisions but I digress, that is not the issue I want to discuss.

    I want to bring up the current condition of the Island of Runit in the Enenetak Atoll in the far Pacific. The United States is solely responsible for leaving it in its current condition and should at least remedy the current conditions it solely caused. The island has an improperly constructed nuclear waste dump. The Runit Dome, also called “Cactus Dome” or locally “The Tomb”, is a 115 m (377 ft) diameter,[1] 46 cm (18 in) thick dome of concrete at sea level, encapsulating an estimated 73,000 m3 (95,000 cu yd) of radioactive debris, including some plutonium-239. The debris stems from nuclear tests conducted in the Enewetak Atoll by the United States between 1946 and 1958.[2][3] Plutonium-239 as a byproduct of these tests has a half-life of over 26,000 years!

    From 1977 to 1980, loose waste and topsoil debris scraped off from six different islands in the Enewetak Atoll was transported here, mixed with concrete and stored in the nuclear blast crater of the “Cactus” test from May 6, 1958. 4,000 US servicemen were involved in the cleanup and it took three years to complete. The waste-filled crater was finally entombed in concrete.[4]

    In 1982, a US government task force raised a concern about a probable breach if a severe typhoon were to hit the island.[5] In 2013, a report by the US Department of Energy[6] found that the concrete dome had weathered with minor cracking of the structure.[7] However, the soil around the dome was found to be more contaminated than its contents, so a breach could not increase the radiation levels by any means. Because the cleaning operation in the 1970s only removed an estimated 0.8 percent of the total transuranic waste in the Enewetak Atoll, the soil and the lagoon water surrounding the structure now contains a higher level of radioactivity than the debris of the dome itself, so even in the event of a total collapse, the radiation dose delivered to the local resident population or marine environment should not change significantly. Given that condition, it’s impossible to raise crops on this island chain and the locals must rely on SPAM which is currently causing Diabetes. Apparently, my Government does not care about the welfare of the people here. Prove to me otherwise. Other concerns primarily lie in the rapid tidal response to the height of the water beneath the debris pile, with the potential for contamination of the ground-water supply with radionuclides. One particular concern is that, in order to save costs, the original plan to line the porous bottom crater with concrete was abandoned.[2] Since the bottom of the crater consists of permeable soil, seawater is inside the dome.[2] However, as the DoE report stated, the released radionuclides will be very rapidly diluted and should not cause any elevated radioactive risk for the marine environment, compared to what is already experienced.[6] Leaking and breaching of the dome could, however, disperse plutonium, a radioactive element that is also a very toxic heavy metal.[8] The words “compared to what is already experienced” is a cop-out. Do those words mean the actual detonation of many atomic and one Hydrogen bomb?

    Let me take this moment to remind you that Plutonium 239 has a half Life of 26,000 years!!!!! And now that crap can potentially float all around the Pacific!!! Do I have a solution? ….. NO! But you as our Chief Executive and Administrator should be able to sit down with Congress, Nuclear Engineers and come up with one before that Plutonium-239 leakage gets any worse! I did a little research on breeders and one product was Plutonium-239 for use as fissionable material. The military should be looking into that! I certainly don’t want another Chernobyl!

    ^ “A Visual Description of the Concrete Exterior of the Cactus Crater Containment Structure” (PDF). October 2013.
    ^ a b c Willacy, Mark (28 November 2017). “A poison in our island”. ABC (Australia). Retrieved 28 November 2017.
    ^ Emma Reynolds. “Deadly dome of gorgeous Pacific island leaking radioactive waste”,, 7 July 2015. Retrieved 12 May 2017.
    ^ “Enewetak”. Marshall Islands Dose Assessment & Radioecology Program. 7 April 2015. Retrieved 19 December 2017.
    ^ Michael B. Gerrard (3 December 2014). “A Pacific Isle, Radioactive and Forgotten”. The New York Times. Retrieved 4 February 2018.
    ^ a b Visual Description of the Concrete Exterior of the Cactus Crater Containment Structure LLNL-TR-648143
    ^ Jan Hendrik Hinzel, Coleen Jose and Kim Wall. “This dome in the Pacific houses tons of radioactive waste – and it’s leaking”, The Guardian, 3 July 2015. Retrieved 4 February 2018.
    ^ Mark Willacy (27 November 2017). “The Dome”. ABC (Australia). Retrieved 4 February 2018.

    • Rodney says:

      Damn you are long winded, and what you stated helped end WWII!!!!!!! MY ADVICE TO YOU IS, EITHER LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT!!!!!!!!

    • Brady says:

      Hey you forgot the waste coming from that moving hole in your head. Why not move to north K..

    • Charles Doss says:

      Richard Stanley, I just KNOW you put out this same diatribe when Hussein Obama was POTUS?? If not, why not? We all know why: you are so far left you are about to collide with the right. Picture that!

    • USNVET31yrsSvc says:

      100% of the US Navy fleet has been traveling around the world on nuclear power for the past 60 years. No incidents. Chernobyl was a collasis error at every stage including safety, training and disaster shut downs.
      You will not have anything to generate power without oil to msg, transport, install, and maintain. Nor, will you have any chemical solutions to msg anything. So find a cave. You will need it.

  46. These nitwits are hilariously ignorant. In case they haven’t been paying attention for the last 50 some odd years, the fastest way to screw up just about anything , is to put the government in charge of it. The leftists couldn’t care less about the climate, but they do care about making all the rest of us live like paupers under their collective thumbs. Has anybody actually seen anyone if these self-righteous wind bags give up any if their ultra luxurious past times? Not no, but he** no. But they sure believe we all should.
    Farmers, cut back on the production, it fisheries scale back on catch limits, or ranchers cut back on herd size, and we’ll have every one of them screaming about nit being able to get the crazy crap they find as delicasies, then you’ll see the entire lot of them throwing huge temper tantrums.
    If Bill Nye was such a scientist, he’d probably grasp the concept of the world being a cyclical organism, and these things happen periodically . This climate change BS isn’t man-made it’s a natural occurrence . What it is, is the new age money machine to keep the running the show. Nothing more

  47. Rex says:

    Cut off his pecker off and make a lady out of him.

  48. Derek McGowan says:

    Not worth the energy to respond to such ignorance.

  49. No apologies would mean anything since they would be lies too.

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