Bill Clinton’s victims are red with rage after this huge media host spouted three words

Bill Clinton has been hit with sex scandals throughout his entire career.

The Left continues to stand by him.

And Bill Clinton’s victims are red with rage after this huge media host spouted three words.

There is perhaps no political figure in recent history with a more documented history of sexual deviancy than Bill Clinton.

Of course, there was Monica Lewinsky, the barely-eighteen White House intern at the center of Clinton’s impeachment trial.

But there have been many other sexual harassment, assault, and even rape accusations going all the way back to his time as Governor of Arkansas.

Many of those accusers allege that Hillary Clinton threatened them into silence, which is why then-candidate Donald Trump famously brought many of them to one of his debates against Hillary Clinton in 2016.

The Left went insane at Trump lending Bill and Hillary’s victims a spot on the massive national platform.

And a top host on the nation’s highest-rated daytime talk and news program is still unhinged about it.

During a recent airing of The View, that debate became a topic of discussion.

Co-host Joy Behar made the insane claim that “the real victim” of the situation was America as a whole, with Hillary Clinton close behind.

She claimed that Trump’s move likely sunk Clinton’s 2016 campaign.

Behar stated, “I would submit here that the real victim was the United States of America and then Hillary Clinton. Because, if you remember, the debate going on between Trump and Hillary, Trump brought in all these so-called victims of Clinton’s peccadillos, right?”

Co-host Sunny Hostin began to respond, stating: “To be clear, there were a lot – he allegedly abused a lot of women, Bill Clinton, he was no saint…”

But she was cut off by Behar, who further pounded her point, stating:

“But when he [Trump] brought those women into that debate that hurt Hillary Clinton and the real victim, the country lost a great person, Hillary Clinton could have been the president instead of that criminal that we had there for four years [applause] and that’s the real victim. That’s the real loser.”

So Joy Behar cares more about defeating Trump than exposing an alleged sexual predator, and his enabler, Hillary Clinton.

Behar is the first person screaming to “believe women” whenever most allegations of sexual assault come up.

That is where the men are Republicans.

But when it is Bill Clinton, she throws women under the bus and runs screaming to his defense.

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