Bill Clinton was not prepared for this question about Monica Lewinsky

Bill Clinton was blindsided.

The former President was expecting to walk into a softball interview on NBC’s Today Show.

But instead he was not prepared for this question about Monica Lewinsky.

NBC correspondent Craig Melvin surprised Clinton by asking him if the Monica Lewinsky scandal should be viewed differently through the lenses of #MeToo movement.

Clinton erupted in anger and lashed out at Melvin insisting he was distorting the facts.

The Daily Caller reports:

“You typically have ignored gaping facts in describing this, and I bet you don’t even know them,” he continued.

“This was litigated 20 years ago. Two-thirds of the American people sided with me,” Clinton said. “They were not insensitive that I had a sexual harassment policy when I was governor in the ’80s. I had two women chiefs of staff when I was governor. Women were over-represented in the attorney general’s office in the ’70s for their percentage of the bar.”

He continued, “I’ve had nothing but women leaders in my office since I left. You are giving one side and omitting facts.”

Clinton also let it slip that he has not personally apologized to Lewinsky.

Melvin’s line of questioning came about because Lewinsky authored a piece in Vanity Fair describing how she developed PTSD because of all the stress from dealing the aftermath of the affair with Clinton.

Liberal media members now feel emboldened to go after Clinton because the family’s political usefulness has been exhausted and they want to stake out ground to after Trump.

If they beat up on Clinton they can claim fair play when they attack Trump for baseless allegations of sexual misconduct.

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34 Responses

  1. Dee says:

    B.Clinton belongs in prison for his raping and other awful things against women.

  2. zee says:

    I Noticed the ‘effects’ of his MEDS, especially his eyes.

  3. john weaver says:

    *ell *e aint apoligised for sticking his finger in all of americas faces via tv and lying to them about how sorry he actually was and still is today I cant figure out who is actually the sorriest of the pack hilliary obama , or billious bill

  4. Thank God Pres. Donald J. Trump is our President says:

    Pathlological corrupt serial liar hitlery & bill Clinton are “buddy & clyde” of America. These couple destroyed the life of Monica Lewinsky, a young intern.

  5. John Jameson says:

    Why is it Hillary was on the board of Wal-Mart, and didn’t advocate for equal pay for women let alone benefits for full-time employees. She defines the word “hypocrisy”.

    • Bill says:

      Yeah, good luck with that. ! he first should apologize to the American people for his theft of American taxpayers dollars and to those he got fired from good paying jobs when he signed ‘NAFTA’, making S**T loads of monay amnd last but certainly not least, his demon seed chelsea. And while we’re at it hillary , oh and one more thing, why are these thieves still bengn forced down our throats after all the treachery they’ve done to the USA. ‘Nuff said, move on! Somehow the liberals seem to regurgitate this like a cow chewing her cud, Enough!

    • Robert Sylvester says:

      Hillary Clinton’s political career has been built on the fact that she is / was married to a President – If her name was Hillary Smith or Hillary Jones would she be where she is today – not hardly ! She has kept herself in the public eye by enabling her pervert husband – protecting him – while she trashed his accusers – and at the same time pushed her “Equality for Women” message . Hillary capitalized / took advantage of the fact that her husband’s disgusting history / behavior kept her very visible while saying she was supporting women’s causes . This is, I believe, the ultimate evidence of her hypocrisy – her two – faced message – placing herself in the middle of two issues highlights her lying – subterfuge – scamming – devious nature contributing to why she is no longer trusted – believed – given any leeway by the multitudes of naive – gullible – easily convinced supporters the Clintons had for decades . They both deserve nothing less than the ultimate disgraceful retribution for their despicable / contemptable behavior . She and Obozo let 4 brave Americans die in Benghazi – 7 weeks before a Presidential election just so Obozo could be re-elected – just think what those 2 guys fighting for their lives on that rooftop were thinking – “Help must be coming – They will not leave us behind” – as a Viet Nam Era Air Force veteran – I can attest while in basic training, it was literally pounded into our heads every day – “We will never – ever, under any circumstances leave you behind” . They died waiting for help !

      • Diane M Giova says:

        You are SO right, Robert! Thank you for your service, Sir! Especially since I realize Vietnam Vets got the worse treatment ever when they returned. I can’t speak for anyone else but myself, but I was embarrassed by the reception you received when you returned.

        • Robert Sylvester says:

          Thank you Diane, Your acknowledgement and recognition is so much appreciated – many of us have questioned almost forever – over last 50 + years whether we did the right thing – I still believe what we tried to do was for the right reasons – yes, many suffered – were permanently disabled – and died – I was very close to many GI’s as a medic – serving in military hospitals around the country – saw so many guys come back missing arms – legs – vision – unable to speak – walk – eat – write – I sewed up – helped treat and try to restore some sense of normalcy to their lives – I can never forget guys who thought their lives were over because of their condition – questioning why they survived when so many of their buddies did not come back – trying to make them understand that they still had hope to be able to go on with their lives – the memories haunt me in my dreams to this day, as I wonder where so many of them are today. That is why I can never forget about those guys fighting for their lives – for hours on end – on top of that embassy in Benghazi. Hillary Clinton and Obozo are the most despicable people in the history of this country, as far as I am concerned . Thank you again ! Robert

          • zee says:

            To Robert +, Always REMEMBER, WE CARE.
            Your et al love of USA & Sacrifice -Will Always Be True in Your Heart(S).
            > Don’t Ever Question Your Doubt. Please.
            > Most Sad = Skank Leadership .

        • Michael says:

          Diana, I too remember as a kid sitting on the couch with my father watching piece of crap libs spit on soldiers at the airport…calling them baby killers when they come back from Viet Nam…my Father was a veteren…he was incensed…I learned some of my first cuss words about Hanoi Jane and the hippies from my dad…make no mistakes..those were at a young age spitting on soldiers…the Crooked Hillarys, Slick Willys, Oscumas, and Pelosis in there youth….Thank God for Mr Trump and our Military

  6. John Jameson says:

    When the Clintons swim in the ocean they don’t worry about sharks. Professional Courtesy rendered by the sharks.

  7. john says:

    Old blow job billy, what a slimy asshole!

  8. Pam says:

    The Clintons have absolutely no moral code or compass. Everything they do, they will justify with smooth talk. It is unbelievable to me that they still show their smug faces in public.

  9. The Redhawk says:

    Well SLICK still thinks that he was a “VICTIM” of hos Sexual illegal acts… POOR BASTARD….get used to it NUMB NUTS it is just the BEGINNING in the book tour…

  10. jim hunt says:

    We all know that the Clintons both Bill and Hillary are as crooked as anyone that have every occupied the White house,they both belong in prison,they are with out a conscience, have little to no Moral values,they judge everything according to what is right in their own eye’s,they have no boundry’s or limits in moral rectitude,thus everything they do is legal as far as they are concerned,they are deluded and believe their own lies as do most democrats and many republicans,their world view is straight out of the pit of Hell,it certainly was not developed from a strong biblical understanding,as a matter of fact they are part of the anti-Christ crowd that currently has power in this world at this time.—–Jim Hunt

  11. Jim says:

    I noticed that he tried to shift the focus to Trump by claiming Trump was worse than he is! Just false accusations, none of which have been shown to be truthful, unlike Bill who has been proven to be an adulterer AND a rapist! Clinton has also been involved in fraud and money laundering along with his crooked wife who is guilty of stock manipulation, insider trading, campaign fraud, unlawful fundraising, trading favors for cash, murder, and treason. She is evil incarcerate and should be arrested, tried, convicted and executed for all her crimes.

    • Michael says:

      You forgot one…ole Slick Willy was in the cocaine business with the CIA in Arkansas…the kids that stumbled on the CIA loading Coke on an airplane…they were clubbed to death and put on the RR tracks…told there parents the fel asleep and the train ran over them….thats not what the corener said

  12. Gail Davis says:

    Bill Clinton is a slime ball. He should be on Megan’s List as a pedifile. Yes, he should apologize but that isn’t his style, just conquer more! It does take two to tango, it he took advantage of his position on a young girl and has wrecked many other women’s lives. His balls need to be cut off!

  13. BRULE says:


  14. Maureen Hannon says:

    Monica Lewinsky isn’t the biggest scandal for Bill, it was made into a big deal to shield Bill from his crimes. Instead of apologizing to Monica, he SHOULD APOLOGIZE TO THE WOMEN HE RAPED, like Juanita Brodderick,and the underage girls that he hired to have sex with him. Hillary should apologize for enabling him, and trashing the women that accused him.

  15. Larry says:

    The Clinton’s are the epitome of scum…

  16. Angelica says:

    Both of the clintons are a disgrace to the human race! One is a pervert and the other was/is an enabler! IF hillary cared as much about women’s rights, she would have never enabled her perverted husband to keep abusing women! All either clinton has cared about their whole careers was how much power they could grab.

    • geoff says:

      lying democratic punks

    • Robert Sylvester says:

      Hillary Clinton’s entire political life has been based on the fact that she was / is a President’s wife – where would she be if her name was Hillary Smith or Hillary Jones – certainly not where she is today. Hillary has kept herself in the limelight defending her pervert husband against his accusers , while hypocritically pushing her platform of “Equality for Women” – the hypocrisy is disgusting – abhorrent – revealing her to be capitalizing on her husband’s disgusting – gutter – minded behavior. Bill Clinton’s behavior while in the White House oval office, with Monica Lewinsky, betrayed his “oath of office” to the ultimate degree – the tradition – heritage – semblance of honor – that has transpired in the oval office by former Presidents’ was defiled by Bill Clinton. For him to pose himself as a victim – leaving the White House in $16 million in debt is beyond atrocious – abominable – beyond the pale of decency to all Americans and previous Presidents. All this shows how the Clintons have used their platforms to deceive – scam – subvert – keep the charade going for their own selfish benefit to the tune of millions upon millions of dollars not just from Americans, but, from anyone else around the world who was willing to submit to the Clintons for favoritism – support – underhanded financial political scams.

  17. Michael says:

    I personally could care less about Monica the time…or now..Clinton in my mind was being impeached for REAL crimes…like letting the Chineses in Los Alamos…the secret servive ran the the 2 chinese out…they said they dropped the classified documents outside the compound…Slick Willy ordered a controlled burn that damn near burned Las Alamos to the ground covering up his treason…and the list go’s on and on…way bigger things Clinton in my mind was being impeached for

    • Michael says:

      For the record…Bill Clintons impeachment day was February 12th, my birthday…I took the day off from work…had breakfast in bed…I was was impeachment day…my wife said what do you want for your birthday..I smiled…she knew..Slick Willys impeachment was all I wanted…when it didnt happen…my wife called me from work to say she was sorry it ruined my birthday

      • Maureen Hannon says:

        Bill Clinton WAS IMPEACHED, but not removed from office.

        • Terry Womack says:

          The Corrupt Senate refused to do their job and find him guilty.
          Bill is claiming two thirds of America stuck with him. That is a False Statement, it was the Senate who ruled in his favor, not American Citizens.

        • Michael says:

          Clinton was impeached by the house…but not the Senate…12 february was the senate vote rhat could have got rid of him

  18. Robert Sylvester says:

    Watching Bill Clinton wiggle and squirm – making excuses for his disgusting – perverted behavior – does him no good for his reputation or legacy – the fact remains he is a sexual predator with a long history – all those women who came forward with accusations certainly overwhelms anything he has to say. Much like Bill Cosby – also facing similar circumstances – now facing jail time for his behavior and similarly overwhelmed by a “flood” of women and their accusations against him . Hillary Clinton’s entire political career is based on the fact she was married to a President – where would she be if her name was Hillary Smith or Hillary Jones – certainly not where she is today. Hillary capitalized on her notoriety of protecting her husband’s reputation by trashing his accusers – and then hypocritically espousing her Equality For Women message as her main platform and basis for her political aspirations and Presidential runs .

  19. DENNIS HELLER says:


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