Bill Clinton said something about the #MeToo movement that he will regret big time

Former President Bill Clinton thought he’d be welcomed with open arms while promoting his new book.

But he has faced tough questions about his past and was asked about his role in the #MeToo movement.

And he stuck his whole foot in his mouth with this response – which was more than just a “Freudian slip.”

But the narrative that Bill and Hillary Clinton are “heroes” for women in the work place is falling apart rapidly.

Brietbart reports:

“In an interview that aired on PBS’s “NewsHour” on Friday, former President Bill Clinton was asked to react to how societal norms had changed given how now-former Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) was forced from office.

According to Clinton, things had changed “in terms of what you can do to somebody against their will.” The former commander-in-chief also suggested he wasn’t sure Franken’s resignation was warranted.”

Clinton even defended former Senator Al Franken for his sexual misconduct.

Senator Franken was shown groping a woman’s breasts in a photo taken a decade ago while on a USO Tour.

The Clinton family prides themselves on being so called “champions” for women’s rights.

How can that be while Bill Clinton continues to deny allegations from several women claiming they were sexually harassed by him?

Not to mention his famous affair with then White House intern, Monica Lewinsky.

When asked if he would apologize to Monica Lewinsky, he flew off the handle, stating that he did not owe her an apology.


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28 Responses

  1. sally fama says:

    The Clintons are not my idea of honorable and trustworthy people. They are scheming crooks who got away with a list of crimes. Good riddance to both of them.

  2. michael says:

    the supposed act was consensual so where is the need to apologize!!

    • zee says:

      Don’t care re ‘consensual’. Both Should apologize. Sick Bill Knew better,
      she was dumb & excited. &thought Wow. the Pres. !!! whatever.

      > However, The REAL ISSUE IS, SQUANDERING IN THE WH. The PPL’S House.
      IN The OVAL OFFICE. Not even in North Wing/ or (barry’s ‘ping pong >pizza’
      basement/ OR Lincoln Bdrm etc – U get the Point , Michael, rite???
      >ps. Michael – U ‘paid’ / so did American ppl, for some of this ‘whoring ‘.

  3. Otto Johansen says:

    It looks to me like James Patterson wasn’t quite expecting the ruckus on their book tour, It’s kind of uncomfortable to watch him trying to get a word in about the book while the interviewers are hammering Bill for his horndog ways. He looks kind of like the latest boyfriend who got ambushed by the ex-boyfriend who wants to give his date grief about something–fifth wheel comes to mind…

  4. zee says:

    Hi Bill, even tho you were ‘somehow’ a ‘(disgraceful) potus.
    > YOU Are a ‘Rag Dawg’. In Spanish = Un Perro’.
    Thnx for NAFTA . & E’thing Else You didn’t Do for USA.
    > You spent ‘my etc $ on ‘cuban’ ? cigars. 0r did you go
    cheap w/ ‘swisher sweets’, you ‘dawg. ps. & i’m being
    ‘nice’ re what i say.

  5. Chuck says:

    Lewinsky and Clinton both consented so where is the problem?

    • Jen says:

      She was 22, he was 49. She was a vulnerable intern, reporting to the most powerful man in the nation. See the difference?

      • zee says:

        yeah. i get it. she was 22. w/ No (internal) Moral High Ground. Exciting. Yeah. Wow.
        it’s the Prez & w/ himThis crap ‘frosts’ me, especially in what ‘they’ Are Doing to POTUS DJT.
        DJT IS NOT ‘doing’ IN the 0VAL 0FFICE.

    • Bruce Watt says:

      Ive known several high ranking bureau of prison and military officers removed from service while slick willie couldnt keep from abusing his power in the ofal office on subordinants.

  6. missourisam says:

    Interviewing slick willie on women’s rights is the ultimate in hypocrisy. That sleazy bastard never had any respect for women in his whole life. What I can’t understand is the secret service agents and the Arkansas highway patrol that stood by and let this happen. I might have spent the rest of my life in prison or been executed, but I would have killed the sleaze ball before I would have let him rape a woman.

  7. Carol says:

    I was astounded to see Bill Clinton’s name on James Patterson’s new book. I’m done buying James Patterson’s books and can hardly believe he collaborated with such a sleazeball. Have lost all respect for Patterson.

    • Nancy Anderson says:

      Carol, I totally agree with you. I have been a fan of Patterson for a number of years, but not anymore. I love his writing, but partnering up with that disgusting pervert Clinton, that’s just more than I can take. I won’t buy any more of his books. I won’t even read them for free on Amazon. I am thinking of sending him a letter telling him that exact thing. Probably wouldn’t matter to him what I think anyway.

  8. John Carolla says:

    Every time I see pictures of Slick Willie & Hiliary, I know that a double standard for justice exists in this country. What they say and what they do are two entirely different things. Hiliary is incapable of caring about anyone other than herself, daughter and grandchildren. I’m pretty sure that she simply tolerates Bill, with no other affection after that. The country will never really bridge the bipartisan divide until she is sentenced to some time in jail and a lengthy probation. Say 20 years in jail and 20 years probation.

  9. Jack says:

    Right on Nancy- also enjoyed James Peterson, BUT NO MORE!

  10. Patricia says:

    Bill Clinton is the most disgusting human being in history.
    However, if I had to go home to his wife, I may consider having an affair. But raping a woman is the worse thing anyone could do to another human!

  11. Jan13 says:

    In plain words, he’s just a Sleeze.

  12. JLM says:

    Billery (white trash) + hildebeest (neuveau riche) = grab what you can any way you can while hurting anyone in the way. They produced a perpetual ugly duckling daughter who may turn out to be worse than the hildebest since she is both stupid and greedy. I realize these are largely ad hominem statements, but in this case they are merely the facts.

    • Martha says:

      I have heard the ugly-duckling daughter is not Bill’s; that it’s that Arkansas Attorney’s (just forgot his name) that Hillary worked with at the Rose Law firm. She looks like him, too.

      • John Flynn says:

        Webb Hubbel is the law partner with Hillary. Chelsea looks IDENTICAL to Webb. I guess I feel sorry for both of them…

  13. Bill says:

    He deep-throated a naive intern and doesn’t think he owes her an apology. What a pompous asshole. Maybe Chuck Schumer should do the same to him.

    • Bill says:

      He owes Monica Lewinsky an apology but he owet the American people a BIGGER APOLOGY for all the thieving, lying BULL***T he did during his 8 years in DC. So sick and tired of hearing ‘updates’ on the clintons. Nobody gives a rats ASS what happens, to silly billy and hillary, we’re sick and tired of this being constantly rammed down our throats. They need to face justice, trial, conviction, imprisonment.

    • Doris says:

      Bill Clinton is and always has been a male chauvinist pig. He thinks that women should be grateful for anything he chooses to do to them, and they should be thanking him. Chuck Schumer is very busy convincing the American People that happiness can be achieved by giving him complete control of our lives and our country. I think that is called a “god” complex.

      • Juan says:

        Slick Willie has been an immoral buffoon his entire life and has been allowed a free pass by liberal democrats.

  14. Janet Hall says:

    I feel exactly the same Nancy, on all counts.

  15. Otto Johansen says:

    It looks like his “chickens are coming home to roost!” There is no way even Teflon WJ Clinton could respond to these questions without stepping into deeper quicksand. The rules have changed on him, and even his staunchest “allies” are no longer afraid of him. He has become toxic, and the Dems who once could find no fault with him are backing away to hopefully avoid the shrapnel when he finally explodes.

  16. Nancy says:

    I think he is disgusting. I wouldn’t walk across the street to see him if he came to my neighborhood. I would boo him from my yard. I won’t buy any more books from James Patterson, even though I really love his writing. Since he teamed up with that creature I have no more respect for him.

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