Bill Clinton let loose on Joe Biden with a head-scratching statement

As a former Democrat President, everyone expected Bill Clinton would be trying to help Joe Biden succeed.

But Clinton imploded.

And Bill Clinton let loose on Joe Biden with a head-scratching statement.

In an interview with iHeart Radio, Bill Clinton offered his first extensive comments on Joe Biden’s first nearly 100 days in office.

“I think Biden has been almost pitch perfect in what he’s said and done,” Clinton said.

Biden’s pursued one of the most radical agendas in history with trillions of dollars in socialist welfare spending, trillions in proposed new taxes, mass amnesty for illegal aliens, gun control, a commission to study court packing and supporting a federal power grab to rig elections in the Democrats’ favor.

Even still, Clinton claimed Biden “made good decisions economically and good decisions on the staff and good decisions to have an inclusive policy economically and socially and politically.” Clinton continued, “If we can produce positive results that cross those divides by lifting everybody, giving everybody a chance, then we have a chance to psychologically change.”

Biden also campaigned for President on a platform of unifying the country.

But on Biden’s first big legislative effort – a nearly two trillion dollar blue state bailout bill – Democrats rammed it through Congress without a single Republican vote.

As Biden’s moves onto another multi-trillion dollar Green New Deal and welfare bill, Clinton admitted Biden is just play acting in wanting bipartisanship and that Democrats will once again use their majority to pass the bill along party lines.

“I think the problem he has is, first of all, the last election was very close. And I think that it’s now a performance art for the Democrats,” Clinton added.

“But he’s been doing this a long time and he’s [sic] knows that they think they’re winning, even though he won, and even though he’s popular. So he can only get back to bipartisanship when they’re willing to do it,” Clinton claimed.

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