Bill Clinton is a nervous wreck after this arrest in a giant sex trafficking scandal

Bill Clinton’s scandalous past is never far from the headlines.

And it is never good news for Democrats.

Now, Bill Clinton is a nervous wreck after this arrest in a giant sex trafficking scandal.

Federal agents arrested billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein on charges of luring underage girls to his New York apartment.

Epstein pled guilty to lesser charges in 2008 after he was facing sex trafficking charges for ferrying underage girls on his plane which was dubbed “The Lolita Express.”

Politico reports:

Law enforcement officials say that wealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein has been arrested in New York on sex-trafficking charges.

Two law enforcement officials said Epstein was taken into federal custody Saturday on charges involving allegations that date to the 2000s. Epstein is expected to appear Monday in Manhattan federal court.

The new arrest come amid renewed scrutiny of that once-secret deal that ended a federal investigation and allowed Epstein to plead guilty to lesser state charges.

Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta confronted a barrage of tough questions on Capitol Hill in April about the 2008 plea agreement he negotiated as U.S. attorney for southern Florida.

This is bad news for Bill Clinton.

Clinton took 26 trips on Epstein’s plane – far more than the 11 he reported – and ditched his secret service detail for five of those flights.

That is shady.

And while Epstein’s indictment did not mention any other individuals other than himself, Epstein will surely look to cut a deal with prosecutors.

In order to win a more lenient sentence, Epstein will have to give up some big names.

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111 Responses

  1. Mama says:

    Would be a good thing. CEASE & DESIST.
    Willie 0n ‘borrowed ‘time. But hilly maybe
    on ‘baby juice’. ADRENOCROME/ AMBROSIA.
    Look it up . THAT’s 1 reason For Continued
    ABORTION/ ‘Harvesting’/0PEN BORDERS etc.
    I have Long List.
    (if U Can take it) Actually, I Got SICK, when i learned
    re this ‘stuff’. God Bless. Good nite.

  2. Mama says:

    Blackmail W/ MEGA $$$ . > TO The TOP.
    IN ALL VENUES. ie. Gov/military/ international etc.

  3. Mama says:

    Again : Epstein IS a ‘ROTTEN EVILE
    > PEDO < POS. & THOSE W/ him .
    Ahem 'we' Know' . cough- cough.

  4. Janie Roberts says:

    Amen to that.

  5. Janie Roberts says:

    This should not be happening again..enough covering of this kind behavior. I SAY ALL THAT ARE INVOLVED IN COVERUP BE EXPOSED ..

  6. Janie Roberts says:

    How many of the Democrats were involved in these activities with them if this is true?

  7. Grampa says:

    reading many of the posts I see the same mindset. all point to Epstein’s early demise. Epstein hasn’t survived these many years without covering his ass. you can be sure he has enough blackmail material that covers many in government. many in positions that will divert prosecutions. we have already seen the death of one judge and one investigator. We will see more as the administration drains the swamp. as with any feeding frenzy, the original food is forgotten and they often turn to whatever seems is getting more than their share that will cause them to go hungry. Klinton presents a danger to others on the left.time to die of the VD that all know he has Epstein will be found guilty and find his end quickly within the walls of an appropriate jail disturbance———Grampa

  8. Rob says:

    That entire DNC Party is Criminal, they can’t even have their own election without cheating!

  9. Rob says:

    Don’t expect Epstein to live long enough to go to court! Slick Willie will have him taken out! Maybe put Epstein is solitary Confinement!

  10. Ornery Sudna says:

    He has bragged about sexually assaulting many women, I guess that is O.k. with you Belinda. That is sick, he inherited hudnres of millions of dollars, doesn’t pay taxes but you do and still managed 6 bankruptcies. Worst of all he asked for help from the Russians, and he got it so he owes Putin for fixing the election.

  11. Guns Nuts of America says:

    I know that I am normal Lisa like you said. You aren’t for supporting a serials sexual assaulter, he heard him brag about it on the tape, 22 women are waiting to tell their tale of a brutal thug as President. He is a mobster, cheated on all 3 of his wives with numerous women, some friends, whores. prostitutes and the ones he raped.

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