Bill and Hillary Clinton are working overtime to keep their latest embarrassing scandal a secret

Bill and Hillary Clinton are a national embarrassment.

The political power couple spent their entire careers destroying America, only to lose everything in a series of scandals.

And now they are working overtime to keep their latest embarrassing scandal secret.

Since losing the election to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton has been trying to remain relevant in the national spotlight.

But the American people have made it clear they don’t want to hear from her or her family anymore.

This has become abundantly clear with the Clinton’s latest speaking tour, where the couple whined to audiences across the country about Donald Trump.

At one recent speaking engagement, Hillary even went all-out, declaring the election was “stolen” from her.

But as it turns out, her message isn’t finding an audience, and getting people in seats at her speaking engagements has become a major struggle.

For an upcoming event in the liberal enclave of Seattle, ticket sales are so bad that their prices have been slashed over 50 percent.

Breitbart News reports:

Ticket sellers for Bill and Hillary Clinton’s speaking tour have been having a hard time even giving tickets away for the couple’s events, according to reports.

As the Clintons were set to appear at Seattle’s WaMu Theater on Friday, for instance, ticket prices plunged with the top seats slashed over 50 percent from suggested pricing.

Premium seats that were initially sold for $1,785 apiece were slashed to $829, a steep 54 percent off the suggested pricing, according to the New York Post.

Prices were slashed even more in other seating tiers, and sellers even began to concoct deals through Groupon to try and unload tickets to the Clintons’ event.

Tickets were originally priced between $55.50 and $519, but in some cases, prices were dropped by secondary sellers all the way down to $10 and $20 to fill seats.

While Hillary and Bill Clinton are having trouble filling seats, Donald Trump is having no trouble filling arenas for his historic rallies.

So clearly, the Clinton family has been thoroughly destroyed by the presidency of Donald Trump.

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128 Responses

  1. terry parsons says:

    the clintons should just go away . I don’t know anyone that gives a big hairy rats ass what they have to say about anything.

  2. Marilyn Gerhardt says:

    Learn some English grammar before posting.!!!!!

  3. Linda H says:

    Samuel, All it would take is the Conservatives. I saw on U Tube where Jim Carey is painting horrible pictures of President Trump because of his hate for Trump. Most ???? do hate him. We need to get into those haters bank accounts.

  4. Samuel Marshall says:

    The Clintons are classy crooks and murderers. Americans did well to have rejected being ruled by a hardened criminal like Hillary.

  5. Samuel Marshall says:

    If only Conservatives can observe such a boycott of everything leftist those fools will be hit where it hurts them the most.

  6. Mike says:

    I’m not going to respond to the whole manifest, but will point out a couple of things. Yes, Trump referred to Mexicans coming across the border as rapists and murderers. It is obvious to anyone who listened to the whole speech and not just the part they need to justify their misaligned point is, mixed in the true refugees, there will be murderers and rapists. Not mentioned are the terrorists, thieves, drug cartel members, MS13 gang members, etc… who are also coming. Look at the statistics to see how many have been arrested and then wonder how many got across undetected. As far as Trump not disavowing David Duke. I don’t notice anywhere in your writing of you complaining about Obama not disavowing Saul Alinsky, Reverend Wright, or Louis Farrakhan. Mocking a cripple? It was shown that Trump does this mock on anyone who says bad things about him so it had nothing to do with the man’s physical abilities, but ignoring the facts are the only way to support your argument. As far as John McCain goes, Trump’s feud with McCain is just that, with McCain. To try to imply that it is a reference to all vets is patently dishonest on your part. I guess you’ve never said anything about someone in response to their unjustified criticism that might have been an assault on their character. In the long run, Trump was right as the evidence on how the dossier was leaked comes out. As far as your comment on Trump trying to keep Muslims out of our country. The ban on people coming from certain countries into the U.S. is mostly Muslim countries, but that’s where the terrorism is coming from. Not our fault. Just a fact. The ban only affects 7% of the world’s Muslim population though, meaning that 93% of the world’s Muslims can still come in. Doesn’t sound like a ban on all Muslims to me, but once again, don’t let facts and truth stand in the way of your argument. Hillary colluded with the Russians, Biden ‘s son had illegal dealings with the Ukranians, and Obama was caught on a hot mic saying he will deal easier with the Russians after his reelection. All facts. I could go on, but I know I won’t make a difference in your thoughts because you have too bad a case of Trump derangement syndrome. If you were an honest person, you would look at everything you wrote, get rid of opinion, stick with the facts, and maybe you can be saved. Remember, everyone is entitled to their own opinions but not their own facts.

  7. Mama says:

    Besides, You vasu, ARE WAAAY OFFF ‘TOPIC’
    Got that??? STAY FOCUSED. Thank you.

  8. Mama says:

    1 ‘LAST’ word to Vasu. Hope U, etc. see this.
    >Be thankful for PP ( & Not googie 0r ‘facebook’etc.
    Shadow banning) posting (free speech)
    0K? U Just ‘venting’ Your mind. U have ‘problem’.
    That HURTS USA &
    U NEED Another 'Space'.
    Write a 'damn book' ___ & Tell 'that' to
    Your sponsors. U Live '0n the dole' ?. good nite.

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