Bette Midler just made this sick joke about Rand Paul

Hollywood celebrities constantly preach “tolerance.”

But they have stooped to new lows in their hatred of conservatives since Trump’s election.

And now washed up singer Bette Midler just crossed the line with this sick joke.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) is one of the most fiscally conservative Senators in Washington.

So when Democrats and establishment Republicans tried to rush though the latest budget “deal” which would have only added to our $20+ Trillion debt, Paul stood up.

Speaking on the Senate floor, Paul asked, “I hope those who look at this bill, who actually truly do believe that debt is a problem, will consider saying ‘Enough is enough and I’m not voting for more debt.’”

That’s when Bette Midler fired off this tweet, referring to an incident earlier this year when Senator Paul was viciously attacked by a neighbor leaving him with broken ribs:

Sadly, this is far from the first time leftists have called for violence against conservative elected officials.

Senator Paul was there when a crazed gunman opened fire during a Republican practice for the Congressional charity baseball game.

That near-tragedy left Representative Steve Scalise (R-LA) clinging to life.

But in the wake of that shocking event, leftists like MSNBC host Joy Reid openly wondered aloud if they should wish Scalise a healthy recovery.

Will celebrities ever realize their threats rile up other radicals and have real consequences?

Vote in our poll and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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38 Responses

  1. Dr. Robert Schwartz says:

    The ultra-rich liberals in H’wood: Why even quote any of them on any issue? Is it to get the reader’s attention? A working man in any other location would certainly have a down-home, honest, from the hip response. Education, skills, fame? Are these the kinds we want to hear from on significant issues? Yes, providing we can read the responses of educated people with objective approaches, and ordinary citizens who live and work and raise families to “help make America great again.” H’wood? Stick to your Procrustean Bed(s).

  2. Glory says:

    I AGREE with you.I guess I could say a few words.The skank like better milder & Rosie o donnel- 2 spanks who think they have a right to open their gigantic mouths to degrade a human being,when those 2 have a bigger a–that they should put their mouth inside & ?eat their own sh–,before looking & talking about others.B.M.& R

  3. karen zawack says:

    Isn’t it amazing how Hollyweird has affected some Federal Legislators. Senator Menendez, after skating justice with the help of Judge Wall, Clinton’s buddy right out of retirement just for this one case, is worried that the term for all the illegals that brought all their families and had many children paid for by the Legal American citizens called “chain migration” will hurt the feelings of the African Americans who came here as slaves. I guess “visas for prostitutes” is ok, right Mickey? Or Medicaid fraud for the Florida buddy didn’t hurt the people of Camden, you know the African Americans that you represent there who are living in poor conditions? I guess Mickey doesn’t mind when Maxine Waters calls the the US the “plantation”? Mickey is only worried about the illegals who broke the law and have been sucking the funds FROM the African Americans who ARE Americans. Stupid comparison Mickey, but then again, you don’t even know the current history that you have inflicted on the Americans here in your own State.

    BTW, think you and Maxine Waters should be put in the plantation called “Gitmo” with the rest of your ilk who BROKE CONSTITUTIONAL laws, and put illegals of AMERICAN CITIZENS.

    • karen zawack says:

      Hey Mickey, where do you stand about the illegals guns coming from Ohio into Camden and SOLD to your illegals? And you say New Jersey has the toughest gun laws? Oh that’s right, if you’re responsible then you get tagged, but your illegals, who break the laws anyway, can break more laws.

      NO AMNESTY! I hold you completely responsible, along with all local, county, state officials, who look the other way for YOUR voting base.

      Basically SPITTING ON OUR CONSTITUTION. “Remaking of America”? Nah time to bring back Law and Order.


  4. Dianna says:

    Most of Hollywood elitists are disgusting!!
    Unfortunately people still admire them.
    I’m 74 and I remember John wayne, jimmy Stewart and many more of those times were decent Americans that fought for freedom.

    • Glory says:

      Betty milder should look at her own life & make ugly words about her own life.Be positive,who betty appointed you GOD? YOUR BEST FRIEND-THE DEVIL!

    • Glory says:

      I AGREE with you.I guess I could say a few words.The skank like better milder & Rosie o donnel- 2 spanks who think they have a right to open their gigantic mouths to degrade a human being,when those 2 have a bigger a– that they should put their mouth inside & eat their own sh–,before looking & talking about others.B.M.& R

  5. Susan Horton says:

    Hard to pick a WORST of THE WORST IN HOLLYWOOD.

    • Nina says:

      You are right, most of them fit the description. They think their opinions are the only correct ones and we should bow down to them. Stop going to movies, they are mostly trash and a waste of time and money. If they money dries up they will feel what we as normal people feel.

  6. Debby says:

    History shows Democrats are the ones who wanted to keep slavery not Republicans. Remember hand outs equal slavery… They who are receiving are controlled… The Democrats are very embarrassing for our country Could not even be civil at the state of the union address one walked out for sure and others could not even clap for the many positive things for our country during the State of the Union address. They are extremely childish. Go in the corner and pout. If you have nothing positive to say or to help our country then go home. Can’t watch late TV anymore. Johnnie Carson was funny he did not put people or politics down the whole show… He was intelligent not childish we could let our kids even see his show. Now I keep my grand-child away from late night TV, including me ! VERY SAD!

    • Glory says:

      Too bad for people who condemn others,thinking they have better things to say degrading a human being,betty milder should look at herself & clean up her own sh–

  7. tc says:

    There are just to many scum bags to pick from in that cesspool.

    • Glory says:

      Yes,Hollyweird is a cesspool,they abuse women,but, I am sure some women will do just about anything to get in the action of A movie.Men,are above a woman,read the bible you stupid women,stop playing head games with yourself.Men are the breadwinners,women was made to be a helpmate.

  8. R. H. M. says:

    There is not enough Tara Bytes of space on this post to list all the Hollyweirds that have assembled against the Freedom Loving people of America. You can’t even scratch the Surface by Just Naming two!!!

  9. Richard says:

    It must be difficult to be that stupid.

  10. Glory says:

    Hey,thank you for allowing my freedom of speech.Too many bad,spoiled rotten eggs in the world.

  11. Dick says:

    It must be hard to be that stupid.

  12. Gail says:

    The entire community of Hollywood is noting but vile creatures who live in a fantasy world . I really think they should have to give California at least half of their money .They are the ones who help destroy that’s place

  13. Raberdash says:

    Steven Colbert and Ellen Degeneris.

  14. Terrell Proctor says:

    There are so many to pick from, it is frightening. Currently I would say Meryl Streep in my opinion is the most vocal at present is the leading leftist since Barbra Streisand seems less active now.

    I am 83 so I remember when actors were dropping out of acting to heed the call to the U.S. armed forces to protect this Country, instead of trying to destroy the President and the United States. This is really sad.

  15. Bob Hunt says:

    Who is Bette Midler???

  16. The Resistamce says:

    All but the few you can count on one hand,are insufferable,leftist,libturd,hollyweird celebrity DORKS !!!

  17. Susan Dix says:

    ALL who speak against our President and Republicans in general, are ridiculous, imbeciles, haters!
    They think that they can say and do whatever they want without consequences.
    These people are so out of touch with the everyday, common sense, Americans who pay the bills.
    These Hollyweirdos do not live in the real world, and have no idea of what goes on beyond their
    movie sets, make-up/hair stylists, wardrobe people, trailers, limos, walled mansions, pools, servants, etc.
    Just because they are rich and pampered, doesn’t give them any perspective on how people should think, live, pray,
    vote, or speak. Without constant adoration by their fans, audiences, and talk show hosts. they are
    nothing! Morally corrupt, spiritually bankrupt, and generally unpleasant beasts they scratch and claw at half
    of America. The basket of deplorables fought back and elected OUR PRESIDENT!!! MAGA!

  18. In science their is a frequently used notation. TNTC. It stands for too numerous to count. Apparently it applies here. The number of “celebrities” who subscribe to this stupidity is beyond belief. A girlfriend and her chums went from Michigan to NYC to watch the Broadway Play, “Hello Dolly”with Midler. They saw they would have cancelled their whole trip if this had come out in advance! I stated Hell No, I won’t Go! This Broadway Play is far from my cup of tea. Pretty much like a short gig at Los Vegas, the end of a career role!

  19. Carl D says:

    Another comment earlier by a delusional leftist supporter. The comments made by the right about how crooked and unlawful the past administration is and was are all TRUE. Like with any narrow minded individual the real truth hurts and they have to come out with hate . WAKE UP

  20. Robert Berger says:

    I say BRAVO to Bette Midler ! Pot, meet kettle ! What about the countless vicious and despicable things CONSERVATIVE celebrities have said about DEMOCRATIC politicians, such as Obama , Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and others ? So it’s despicable for people like Midler to criticize right-wing extremist jerks like Rand Paul and Steve Scalise etc , but not despicable for right-wingers to say horrible things about Democratic politicians ? Talk about a double standard !
    I don’t approve of the attempted murder of Scalise – no liberals or Democratic politicians do . But he’s still a vile homophobic bigot and a right-wing extremist creep who was ironically saved by the courage of a LESBIAN police officer who risked her life to save the life of a horrible, nasty Republican politician .

  21. Jen says:

    Apparently this jew is not smart. As a liberal she wants to see more spending instead of being practical. The hag should stick to her singing..that is if she’s still in demand. I also don’t like that democrat politicians will end up with a boatload of money to spend like drunken sailors.

  22. Jarhead says:

    THIS WASHED-UP, HAS-BEEN Bat-Dung-Crazy menopausal idiot should STFU.

  23. James Stamulis says:

    Wheres Seth Rich, Scalia, Ted Gunderson, Bill Cooper , Andrew Breitbart when you need them? Oh that’s right your deep state murdered these patriots!

  24. Joanna says:

    Always inciting hatred and violence

  25. Jean says:

    Most of Hollywood have inflated ego’s and live in a pretend world. Because of their large incomes they think that gives them the right to voice their uneducated opinions. Everyone has a right to their opinion, but we l don’t have to listen them.

    • karen zawack says:

      Unfortunately their uneducated opinions are being taken to heart by those who hate OUR Country. These are dangerous times, and when uneducated opinions are being taken for “gospel” and then rewarded with applause, then just “not” listening isn’t the answer. They have an agenda, and if they have to “kill” those who don’t go by this agenda, then they will. And cheer about it, and make stupid jokes. Kind of makes me remember when the Towers came down and all the cheering coming from North New Jersey.

      Sick world those in “deep state” power let in and those in the pretend world promote.

    • Glory says:

      We are all have freedom of speech,but movie stars go beyond freedom of speech,they should clean up their own back yard,before trying to fix somebody else’s yard,in & out of marriage,divorcing,being pigs,thinking they have more rights,they don’t.They live in a fantasy world,not real life.Too Bad!

  26. karen zawack says:

    I think all Hollyweird, Music, Entertainment, Media have been given carte blanche by the DNC for their hateful, disgusting comments. And it’s not even hateful anymore as they used to bash Bush all the time, but now its become dangerous. Still remember what Kathy Griffith did. But now these washed up actresses, like Midler, and O’Donnell, who say nothing about the disgusting trend of “sexual harrassment” to get a job in Hollyweird, praise those who actually physically hurt Senator Paul and Rep. Scalise, who almost died . I guess this is the new DNC’s KKK, like their Antifa and BLM. Andrew Jackson, Saul Alinsky, FDR, Margaret Sanger should all be proud of these UnAmericans.

    And DNC is progressive? Nah, same ole same ole.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Senator Paul and Rep Scalise. True Conservatives, and truly Representatives of the GREAT Country. And thank you Senator Paul for speaking ABOUT fiscal responsibility for American citizens. Not what Pelosi did for 8 hours about her voting base.

  27. Steven Coy says:


  1. December 7, 2018

    […] we reported, she “joked” about Senator Rand Paul after he was brutally attacked by his neighbor and left […]

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