Beto O’Rourke spit in the face of an Angel Mom with this horrifying amnesty plan

Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke is hoping he will get the chance to take on President Trump in 2020.

His campaign for President calls for virtually open borders.

And just to show how pro-illegal immigration he is, he spit in the face of an Angel Mom by announcing this horrifying amnesty plan.

Since his failed bid for Ted Cruz’s Senate seat, O’Rourke has been a Fake News Media favorite for President.

During his run for Senate, he painted himself as a centrist in order to try to pick up moderate Republican voters.

But since losing his race, he is swiftly shifting to the far-left in his campaign for President.

And he made this clear in a recent town hall in Iowa.

During a question and answer portion, an Iowa voter asked O’Rourke about how he would explain his radical border policies to Angel Moms who have lost children to violent illegal immigrants.

The voter specifically referred to Michelle Root, an Iowa Angel Mom he personally knows.

In response, O’Rourke asks the man to relay his answer to Root before outlining his policies on the border.

After trying to pander to the voter by claiming that his policies on the border aren’t that extreme, he explains that if amnesty is granted to all illegal immigrants, everyone will be safer, including Angel Moms.

Breitbart reports:

Former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-TX), a 2020 Democrat presidential candidate, says giving amnesty to all 11 to 22 million illegal aliens will make American citizens — and specifically, the Angel Families who have lost loved ones to illegal alien crime — “demonstrably safer” in the United States.

During a town hall in Iowa this week, O’Rourke was asked about the thousands of Angel Families who have lost children, parents, grandparents, relatives, and friends to crimes committed by illegal aliens living in the U.S.

O’Rourke said, in response, that his plan to amnesty all illegal aliens living in the U.S. will make Angel Families and American citizens “demonstrably safer.”

Angel Moms know firsthand how destructive weak borders can be.

If politicians had just taken action and secured our borders when the problem first arose, their child would still be alive.

O’Rourke trying to convince these mothers they are wrong – that the only way to make them safer is more open borders – is essentially spitting in their faces.


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103 Responses

  1. Louis Q Chen says:

    Beto O’Rourke is a total LOSER in trying to get elected office! The only thing that he WON was when married his RICH WIFE! If anyone believe what he has to say remember back in the day when a SNAKE OIL salesman came to town to sell his elixir?

  2. ALLAN TERRY says:

    Robert O’Rourke went out to eat and saw a restaurant sign “Carlos O’Kelly’s.” He thought that sounded like a great “cultural mix” that might advance his political career. Remember when Bill Clinton claimed to be the “First Black President?” The number of Hispanic heritage voters in Texas has been increasing, but they know “Cruz” is more authentic than “O’Rourke.” Perhaps that was why he lost his recent Senate bid against Senator Ted.

  3. Carl J Bujan says:

    How can any American with average intelligent even thing of voting for the asshole Beto.

    • Mama says:

      Totally Amazing to See the sheeple in
      rah-rah, ciscoom bah. for Robert Francis
      elf/grinch/ fairy/ leprechaun 0’Rourke. WOW.

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      No I can’t see anyone with any level of intelligence vote for O’Rourke…. So far, there isn’t any Democratic candidate I would vote for as President….. Democrats need to get back to basics to win the Oval Office but I don’t believe it is their time.
      There are a lot of things beyond Trump’s control, but all in all he is a President who loves America and puts American’s first.

  4. Denny says:

    I saw this idiot in a flower dress 8in the late 90’s or early 2000’s. It was a better description of him. than now.

    • Is there really people stupid enough to vote for him ? There would have to be some thing seriously wrong with a person that would for anyone like him. I don’t know if any of the Democrats running is much better though. It is a sad situation anyway you look at it. Just vote for President Trump again’

      • ALLAN TERRY says:

        Our educational system, including colleges, mainstream media, and Hollywood celebrities all fool many to give up independent thinking and vote for radical Democrats. How else can we explain Dems returning to majority status in the House of Reps.?

    • Mama says:

      ‘Flower Dress’ ??? no way, omg.
      i want to see that. 0h Lordy.

  5. Nunyer Binnis says:


  6. Dan says:

    Beto- Go away little girl………

  7. A. Osborne says:

    what scares me is young people really believe the bull that the wanna be’s are dishing out our only hope is saner heads prevail when election time comes around. What the democrats are dishing out is pure fantasy and one step closer to communism lets pray they fail in their bid for the White House.

  8. JC says:

    Beto is a moron. He is would vote to have himself killed if he thought it would draw some attention to his campaign. He is not a worthy candidate for anything.

  9. Frank says:

    In all the polls on this site the response that supports the Left’s position is almost always 1%. I am just wondering who are the morons that take that position

  10. Mama says:

    Wow. Dems 0ffer 4 B’s for Presidential.
    Beto, Butt, Bernie & Biden.
    What’s going on here ?

  11. Timothy Toroian says:

    I said he looks like Alfred E. but I take it back, it’s an insult to Alfred and Mad Magazine!!

  12. Dan says:

    My oppinion, feed him to the hogs.

  13. Ken says:

    There are so many curse words flying back and forth by both sides of the argument here that the topic of discussion is almost lost. The one thing we know for sure is that Mr. O’Rourke has had problems in the past with the truth, with the law and with reality. We can’t know for certain if his head is filled with these ultra-left thinking patterns of thought or if he sought them ought. One thing that is becoming quite apparent: As a candidate for President of The United States of America, Mr. O’Rourke is promising some very radical changes, some that border on treason. Some that are not economically feasible. The DNC field is getting very crowded with people who are peddling simular ideas, as well other ideas that are even more radical. The question that needs to be answered is: What is best for The United States of America? Stand for your idea, share those ideals with those who will listen. When someone refuses to hear you out, cursing or yelling louder or insulting your intelligence, instead of burning so much energy yelling back at them, let them rant and rave and smile and tell them to “have a nice day”. You know a hot air balloon will not function very well if once it has no air……. without an audience to yell at, these people become like that hot air balloon that is useless.

  14. William Morris says:

    What do you expect from all of the SISSY-MEN in the DemoSheep party? The women in the DemSheep party are more manly than most of the Demo Boys in the Demo Party and definitely better than all the SISSY-MEN (BOYS) running for President in the DemSheep party. What poor excuses for MEN !!

  15. libra says:

    Texas is only second as the state with the most illegal aliens and Beto wants to tear out the ElPaso fence and make TX Number ONE in the number of illegals living off of the Tx. citizens . The USA already takes in one million legal immigrants every year–most from Mexico. We have let in a third of a million illegals already since the first of the year — that is 3 months–an uncounted number who escape into the interior is estimated to be 3 or 4 for every one seeking asylum. Makes one wonder who is financing this crazed little boy child? Better yet makes me wonder about the folks who come to see and listen to the garbage lies he spews? If this nut job wins– the American people and all of the illegals who vote will get the type of government they deserve.

  16. Ron says:

    HELLO EL PASO, your village idiot is running around Iowa speaking in some sort of strange tongue about what appears to a claim to be running for President of the US
    You should send a representative of the nearest mental hospital to take charge of this person

  17. Joan P. Lengel says:

    O’Rourke needs psychological counseling. He lost the Senate so he thinks he is fit to be the president? Where are his parents? Are they just as crazed as he is? What man attempting to run for the highest office in the land has the American people looking at him getting his teeth repaired? Why does he think “BETO” fools any one of us when he is a solid Irishman? He’s been bouncing around like a toad and still has no program for his worth. What concerns me the most as an educator is that he fantacizes running over little children with his car. His wife should have this crazy dude committed. Democrats would want him in office because he is basically stupid and ill prepared and they could manipulate him in ecery which way but right! We have all seen just how shallow and vindictive these contenders are. Beto, Aoc, Omar… the bottom o the barrel. Please pray that God will have mercy on We the People and help us out of this nightmare!

  18. jean appleton says:

    The only good democrap terrorist is a dead democrap terrorist

  19. Ruth Waters says:

    What kind of lunatic reasoning is this? Leave it to a democrat to think of a stupid idea like that.

  20. Rick says:


  21. Barlow says:

    “Beto” is contending with AOC for the Village Idiot of 2019. FFS, the utter cheek of this tw£t. Do not either one of the pair understand rudimentary cause and effect? He says to the Angel Mums that they shall be “demonstrably safer”. Either he doesn’t know the meaning of “demonstrably” , or he thinks these people *don’t*, that they are bigger hay-seed rubes than he is. Exactly how and where was *this* principle demonstrated in the real world? What was the experiment, who performed it, what’s the data?

  22. ANI4ANI says:

    B2 is an mt suit.

  23. John Galt says:

    Beto O’Pork has no redeeming social value. He should just crawl into his safe space and cry.

  24. Rhesa says:

    How nasty. That is the worst thing you can do to a person is spit in their face. He’s go the devil in him.

  25. Ray Reeder says:

    Anybody can see the Demoncrats just want all the Illegals for the votes they might get they should all be put on the other side of the wall permanently

  26. Wilddog says:

    He says this crap in Iowa where a young college girl was raped and killed last year by an illegal immigrant. Talk about being as stupid as an AOC.

  27. Cerberus says:

    Robert Francis voted pretty-much as a Republican until he lost to Cruz.
    I’d say Robert Francis has lost it, but who knows if he ever HAD it ?
    Crazy dirt-eating pig now, standing on tables that folks EAT off of. Sheesh…
    Could give a rat’s can about any of us, really. Little rich brats are like that…

    My favorite wackadoodle Robert Francis scene is him telling a fakenews reporter that if he could he’d tear the “wall” down.
    “fencing has forced migrants to the most inhospitable areas of the southern border, ensuring their suffering and death.”
    Guess the looneytoon wanted them to just stroll in where he was standing…

  28. Keith D says:

    I am from Texas and HE HAS NO PLAN FOR ANYTHING!! Just ask him ation and wait for his DETAILS!! They are NOT AVAILABLE!! Check his record at the El Paso city council or his “GLORIOUS” time doing NADA in the House!! He makes me ILL!!! He really IS the WHITE OBOZO!!!

  29. Judith says:

    He has yet to explain how open borders will make us safer.

  30. Vernon Lindblade says:

    Beto is a dumbass, he’s a poser, doesn’t even go by his name…. Trying to be something he’s not… If ya wanna be a Mexican move to Mexico…. VETO BETO!!! VETO BETO!!!!VETO BETO!!!!!

  31. Steve says:

    You are one sick mother.

  32. Max McAteer says:

    Beto must be on Crack ! Why doesn’t he just release all the Felons in prison as well. It makes just about as much sense. If we did not Prosecute the Felons , then they would Not be as angry. So YOU Would Be safer. Only a CRACKHEAD would say something so Ignorant. These Dems are Ether EVIL, or Dumber than dirt. Moron.

  33. Tracey says:

    Complete idiot! He is a damn robot will do whatever anyone including the raciest Al Sharpton says to get a vote!

  34. Vann78 says:

    Beto O’Ruocky is a crazy guy. No one will vote for him except illegai immigrants.

    • Jacqueline Walker says:

      Yep Beto really going far. I do believe Beto has moved a little to far to the left even for liberals. He’s pasted the point even of AOC and she’s delusional.

    • Larry says:

      Beto o’rourke is definitely Proving To be king of the dumb-ass Democrats!– *Sources say his IQ is about 25!

    • Larry says:

      Beto is evidently and illegal emigrant escape I he must have escaped from a mental institution somewhere in Mexico!

  35. karyn says:

    just plain stupidity…it’s as simple as that. They are all stupid. They don’t love this country, they just want it destroyed…STUPID!

  36. Lewis says:

    Crawl back under your rock and take asshole Beto with you

  37. Chris Berg says:

    Note to any BeatOff O”jerkOff fans or DemonCRAPS in general;

    Look into the smug ,arrogant face of this conniving pandering, selfish opportunist and TRY too tell us WHY you are so enamored of him?
    Do you like his upside down smile? That you THINK he reminds of you of JFK ( how effing insane!) You are impressed because he skateboards? You like that he wore a sheep costume ? You like that he wants open borders and free EVERYTHING to the criminal invaders to the US?
    DemonCRAPS are EFFING INSANE to fall for such garbage! Do you like that he wants to give financial reparations to all Blacks regardless of when and where they came from?

  38. Donald Hailey says:

    To all loyal Americans:GET OUT AND VOTE ALL THESE DEMON RATS, (also known as democrats )out of office and don’t elect any new one,)they are intent on destroying our country by buying votes with promises of insane policies financed by loyal American Taxpaying CITIZENS!!!!

    • Larry says:

      Beto is evidently and illegal emigrant escape I he must have escaped from a mental institution somewhere in Mexico!

  39. Kayley says:

    Not only NO it won’t make us safer, but FH NO it won’t!

  40. Beto O’Rourke is a complete idiot……I am sick of all Democraps & Liberals that think these illegals dserve everything….No country on Earth other then this country allows people to just walk right in with out going through a processand giving them everything for free by the taxpayers……These SOB just want the illegals votes……………This American is fed up with these politicans

    • Donnella R White says:

      We need to plan the biggest Marcg in our nation’s CAPITAL THAT RHEY HAVE EVER SEEN. Let’s over throw the DO NOTGI G CONGRESS.

  41. Joe says:

    Hey B. S. Beto, UP YOURS you sissified twit! You spit in a woman’s face? Get out America punk!

  42. Unicorn76 says:

    What is worrisome, is if grey matter challenged idiots like AOC can snow the electorate and be elected with nothing but BS spewed from her big yap, there is a chance for morons like Beto.

  43. Bill Rehs says:

    Beto must think we are all idiots, if he thinks we will fall for his illegal immigrant arguments. Here’s how we’ll be safer from illegal immigrants using his logic. We’ll be safer from illegal immigrants because they’ll no longer be classified as such, thus any crimes they commit will be classified the same as you and I for accountability purposes. Masking the statistics does not make us safer Beto, you fricken false Burrito.

  44. TheMadMan says:

    This ass hole Beto O’Rourke is an Anti-American, Anti-Constitution, Anti-Freedom Scumbag that at one time in his useless life thought off killing children was a good idea. Can you imagine this scum as an American President? It would be like HELL on Earth.

    • Marianne says:

      He is a jerk that doesn’t see the entire picture just like the rest of the Dems, I’m tired of all of them I turn them off when they come on tv.

  45. Betty says:

    Well, d. trump like the INSANE IDIOT He is has been spitting in America’s face even before he became president. Hopefully, the America People will return the favor “spitting in his face” by denying him a second Oval Office term. saying “Enough of that Walking, Talking, Sick Minded Pile Of CRAP”!

    • Donald Hailey says:

      To blind to see,to deaf to hear,to brainwashed to be a loyal American CITIZEN

    • you are one stupid person

    • David says:

      Betty I have read stupid post but I think yours might be the worst. Trump is by far the best president we’ve had in my 65 years as an American. Where these dumb people come from is mysterious to be. Probably cased by fake global warming

    • Steve says:

      You are one sick mother.


    • Debi says:

      Hahahahahaha…oh, clueless one…Trump will WIN!!! You crazies are making enemies daily. Every time you folks open your mouth, stupid just naturally falls out of it. How’s that Russian thing working out for you sheep?????? The American people are turning against you bunch of lunatics minute by minute. Good times are coming….treason for your messiah Obama, Clinton (both) Comey, Clapper, Rice, Jarrett, Brennan, Holder…hell the list goes on and on. Get ready to start wailing at the moon…we really enjoy your delusion…and you are so willing to share it…GOD BLESS AMERICA AND HER PRESIDENT!!!

  46. Willi says:

    Potato O’Rourke is a first class idiot.
    He’s not fit to run a group of porta-potties.

  47. Timothy Toroian says:

    I finally decided who Robert Francis reminds me of, Alfred E. Newman!!!!!! He actually makes less sense. Where these people come up with these anti-American notions is beyond me. Did the school system fail that badly?? Or do we need to investigate better pre-natal care?

    • Larry says:

      Beto is evidently and illegal emigrant escape he must have escaped from a mental institution somewhere in Mexico!

      • He’s of IRISH HERITAGE… He “adopted” THE ALIAS of “Beto” to “endear” himself and PANDER-TO Hispanics. HIS REAL NAME IS – as stated above – ROBERT FRANCIS O’ROURKE… He uses that ridiculous alias, because HE KNOWS that it is a common “nickname” used by MEXICANS NAMED “ROBERTO”! He’s also a fraud and A COMPUTER HACKER, who – ALONG WITH HIS CRIMINAL ACCESSORY WIFE – is currently being investigated for the illegal use of campaign funds TO FINANCE THEIR OWN, PERSONALLY-“FOUNDED” and OPERATED WEB-DESIGN BUSINESS! This guy will soon be sent packing (and SHOULD be restricted from being allowed anywhere near ANY/ALL COMPUTERS!); HE IS A DISHONEST, LYING, TOTALLY SICK, TWISTED AND DERANGED PSYCHOPATH/SOCIOPATH. It will not take very long for enough Citizens – AND, THE PROPER AUTHORITIES – to come to this conclusion, duly RECOGNIZE IT, AND PUT AN END TO THIS CHARADE! He not-only needs to be forever barred from any chance of ever-attaining ANY/ALL KINDS OF POLITICAL CANDIDACY, HE NEEDS TO BE TAKEN OFF-OF THE STREETS AS SOON AS IS HUMANLY POSSIBLE… BY WHATEVER (LEGAL) MEANS NECESSARY THAT IS AVAILABLE TO US! — EXCELSIOR!!”, W.F.B.

  48. Nathan Paris says:

    He did what? Spit in the face of an ANGEL MOM! He’s lucky she didn’t smack him so hard he flew into Mexico! Angel Mom you can take him.

  49. Art Crosby says:

    Its Parody how Insane these Morons are,Just when you think they cant get More idiotic,They Do.Do they have ONE idea that doesnt COST money and Ruin the country!???What kind if Morons Vote for these fools??Their like watching the Dumbasses in those campy horror flicks,Where you Know its Just a movie,But you cant Help yelling at the screen because they Couldnt be more STUPID!But THESE twats are Real! Now THATS Scary.

  50. Jim Ripley says:

    “Beano” O’Rourke flip flops again. This empty suit wants to fill the void left by constantly drunk Ted Kennedy. Just like Kennedy , “Beano” left the scene of a hit and run. He wants total amnesty for the rabble invading the country. How would he take care of them, not a problem! “Beano”would simply resort to the “Democraps”favorite move, legislate a massive tax increase !! Wow, happy days are here again,Free tacos and refried beans for our new citizens!

  51. Carol says:

    Come on leadership! We have to do better than this! He’s going nowhere.

  52. Lorraine says:

    O’Rourke is a jerk. Anyone who would vote for him is deaf, dumb and blind. No offense to those who are actually deaf, dumb and blind. I just mean, they haven’t listened to his history (drunk, driving away from a hit and run). writing disgusting ‘poetry’ (about running kids over for example), blind to his accentuated actions while campaigning (open borders). How in God’s name will the USA be able to afford to provide housing, food, clothing, education, employment, etc. to all the ILLEGALS? Maybe if all these Demon-craps lost someone they loved to MS-13 and the like, they might, just might reconsider -or- maybe they just don’t LOVE!

    • Betty says:

      Hey, lorraine d. trump is a hundred times the jerk that O’ Rourke could ever be & the only people who don’t see it are the republican Retarded Asshole Kissers of that White House WORTHLESS WORM & His Legalized Equally WORTHLESS White House WHORE!

      • Lewis says:

        Crawl back under your rock and take asshole Beto with you

        • Patricia says:

          Betty is a MSM fool and should take the time to hear all the demented things that asshole has said! It’s no use talking to this low info nut, she wont listen to reason because people like her are void of understanding!

          • Debi says:

            I agree! You can try and try to tell a liberal fool the truth…but it’s just like giving medicine to the dead. 🙂

      • Old Fart says:

        Betty Your the effing whore, bet your on welfare, foodstamps, wic, subsidized housing and have 9 kids by 17 different fathers. For spare change you porch pirate the neighborhood and give bj s at the pickle park to truck drivers.

      • Debi says:

        There, see, I told you anytime you fools open your mouth, stupid naturally falls out of it. How’s that Russian Collusion Delusion working for you??? Your language tells me you are the whore…and not a very smart one. Jealous much? Can you say triggered? I bet you can LOTFLMAO Next time you get a lobotomy…don’t tell them you have obamacare…they don’t exactly have the best surgeons.

      • I think that “Betty” doesn’t express “herself” like a woman… I believe that “she” is some FAT, SOROS-PAID TROLL living in HIS mommy’s basement, and, as part of the “LGBTQ…RSTWXYZ Community” (you know, the PERVERTED, MENTALLY-ILL,”whatever floats-yer-boat” crowd), MERELY “identifies” as “female”, HERE… He/”she” very likely posts as ABOUT A DOZEN OTHER FICTICIOUS NAMES/IDENTITIES at this site as well, AND ELSEWHERE, I’M SURE – THIS IS PRECISELY-WHY I WILL NEVER INVEST ANY OF MY VALUABLE TIME AND BRAIN-POWER INTO ANY TRULY-MEANINGFUL, SERIOUS “DEBATE” OR “DISCOURSE”… WHATSOEVER! I merely MOCK and PLAY-WITH such sad, SAD, vacuous “individuals” – “They” ARE NEVER, EVER TO BE TAKEN AS ANYTHING EVEN REMOTELY CLOSE TO “SERIOUSLY”! So… With all of the former-expressed in-mind… “Betty”… WHICH Restroom do you (currently) prefer using, I wonder?? (rhetorical, of course!) — “EXCELSIOR!!”, W.F.B.

        • Sorry, “Betty”… I inadvertently missed the letters “U” and “V” in your “Non-Binary Alphabet-Soup Club” name, above… I sincerely hope that I didn’t “accidentally insult” you… or ANY of your “UNISEXUAL” and/or “VARIOSEXUAL” friends, acquaintances, family members, etc., etc., caused-by my rather “thoughtless”, “inconsiderate” – and, “TOTALLY-UNINTENTIONAL”, I ASSURE YOU! – “fauxpau”, above… PLEASE, “Betty”, PLEASE, I “BEG YOU” TO FORGIVE ME! — “EXCELSIOR!!”, W.F.B.

      • libra says:

        Hey Betty–you got syphilis in your brain with all that filth talk?. You need to stay off the streets turning tricks. You must have dementia from that std of the mouth that you have.. I bet you even have callouses on your knees.

      • clint says:


    • Donald Hailey says:

      You know what’s really unfortunate BETTY,liberal brainwashed morons like you have the right to vote

  53. David says:

    What an asshat he and the Left are! The Democrat Party is now actively supporting illegal immigration to win new voters! They are now actually representing non-citizens that entered our nation illegally or who out stayed their travel documents INSTEAD of working for and representing the American citizenry! That is treason in my book and they should face prison time for it!

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