Beto O’Rourke made a claim about Trump’s Border Wall that will make you furious

After losing his Senate race despite raising record amounts, Beto O’Rourke is testing the waters for 2020.

He’s trying to position himself as a leading critic of Trump’s border wall.

Now, Beto O’Rourke just made an outrageous claim about the border wall that will make you furious.

When O’Rourke ran for Senate, he consistently dodged questions about the border.

He knew that if he revealed he was for open borders he would have zero chance of winning.

But now that he is no longer running for Senate, he is letting his true colors show.

He’s even presenting himself as an “expert” on the issue.

Last week, O’Rourke claimed that the increasing number of deaths of migrants is due to the border wall.

The Daily Caller reports:

Democratic Rep. Robert “Beto” O’Rourke of Texas claimed Friday that the wall on the U.S.-Mexico border is the reason why an increasing number of migrants have died as they illegally attempt to cross into the country.

“The number of people dying at the U.S.-Mexico border in some years has grown,” O’Rourke said during a town hall in El Paso, Texas. “In some years has grown because it’s connected to that wall that we have already built that pushes people who are at their most desperate and vulnerable to ever-more inhospitable stretches of the Chihuahua Desert.”

The Texas congressman explained that the number of people trying to cross the border increased almost 40 percent between 1998 and 2010 after some of the barrier was constructed in the El Paso sector.

There’s a lot wrong with O’Rourke’s claims.

First, the border wall has not been constructed yet because Democrats are refusing to fund it.

Second, the statistics he listed were from 1998 – 2010. He is trying to place blame on Trump for something that he had no possible way of influencing.

Finally, it’s coyotes and human traffickers that take advantage of illegal immigrants by trekking them through dangerous territory promising that American taxpayers will solve all their problems.

O’Rourke got close to winning the Texas Senate race thanks to massive donations by Hollywood and leftist billionaires.

He’s now one of the left’s rising stars.

Rumors have begun to spread that O’Rourke will likely run for President in 2020.

Many think that he could present Trump with a serious challenge for the White House.


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141 Responses

  1. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Speaking of gun control,there was a woman in Texas whose husband is a businessman man takes long trips that last days. He bought her an AK-47 for protection in his absence.One night there was a crook that tried to break int0 her home, She went to her closet and got the weapon pointed it at the intruder and she said she never seen someone run away so fast as he did. The Dumbellcrats tried to make people think that guns are used for killing people and nothing else so that they can confiscate them from all of us.

  2. Navy PO2 says:

    Beto, what ever he is, is unfit to serve. He wants to take guns away from decent, honest citizens so that they will be defenseless against the criminals that will still have guns. Every major city will be like Chicago! There will be blood in the streets. Hey Beto or whatever your name is, you can take your gun control and put it where no one can see it! Least of all you!

    • Double DD says:

      Beto, along with lots of other Dem’s should be assigned to “Diaper Changing”. Then they would get a good look at what they are full of.

  3. Robert Polans says:

    Long ago I listened to him on Youtube. He seems to think the only use anyone has for AR-15s is killing, that told me everything. I don’t trust people who don’t hunt or understand that handguns killed way more than rifles. I’d put him and Cortez in a debate, neither would win, but it would bring comedy back.

  4. old vet says:

    the guyis a commie just looking to get rich .just a bum .

  5. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Little Bobby O’rourk is a culture appropriating gavacho tool who looks like he should be gnawing on branches. Just ANOTHER leftist fool from the zoo.

  6. Rod says:

    Betta fish is slimy like hortez

  7. Gerald Yafchak says:

    Robert “Beto” O’Rourke You are a FAKE asshole. And what is with the fake “BETO” your not a latino, o you really think the Latinos are as stupid as you? You need to pull your head out of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

    • Nunyer Binnis says:

      No, he’s a REAL asshole and a fake frijolero. Were I a Hispo, I would be pissed. As it is, I’m merely amused. Democrats are idiots.

  8. Cowboy Randy says:

    I’m from Texas and “Butthole” is so dumb that he could not pour piss out of a boot if the directions were written on the bottom of the heel

  9. RTC says:

    Sounds like the wall is working better, it’ll make others think again about crossing illegally & will work A lot better once Trump uses that some of that $15 billion cuz he can add motion sensors, motion lights & motion cameras. #BUILDTHEWALL #LEGALIMMIGRANTSAREWELCOMEDIN #STOPILLEGALS #MAGA #DONOTIMPEACHTRUMP

  10. USMC/RET says:

    Living in Texas, watching this Clown Beto during his campaign –
    can only tell you -truly has a scew loose.
    should apply to Barnum as a Circus Clown.

  11. JLS says:

    Beto, you still have a dumb name for a guy with out the requisite ethnicity to support it. If people are “presently” dying at or near the wall, instead of between 1998-2010 that your sophmoric research tried to pass off as current, it is because your encouragement and differing means of financial support are bringing more and more people to the wall where they are illegal and are putting themselves at risk. In other words you and your progressive one world buddies are helping people break the law and it sometimes results in their deaths and injuries. Good job Robert the aider and abettor.

  12. Clark Lare Sr. says:

    I think Trump should have the Mafia build the wall. They could make up a list of as-wipe whiny libtards and the question of what to use as the foundation would be solved.

  13. Val says:

    El Paso Teas is now 85% Mexican/Latinos. Beto is a nickname in Spanish. Good labeling for Latino Vote. He can’t tell the truth or run an honest campaign because Texas wont stand for it. But the south/lower valley of Texas is almost all Latinos as well. Here is where changes are occurring and beware the welfare recipients in this state.!

    • SweetOlBob says:

      Sickening ! We had had our phony white people trying to pass themselves of as Negroes and a wealthy, honky, academic successfully passing herself off as Native American (Lieawatha).
      Now we’ve got this grasping Irishman assuming a Mexican nickname in hopes that all the illegal voters will go for him !
      If he’s so great and has all the answers to America’s problems, what the hell is wrong with running as “Bob O’Rourke” ? Is your own name too “Anglo” ? Are you ashamed of it ? Or are you trying to scam a certain percentage of the voters into giving you a pretty good job ?

  14. F. J. Garza says:

    Self proclaimed expert? He is El Stupido!

  15. Steven Higgins says:

    for those that are not for Strong borders. Have them remove their homes doors, fences and any other device or person that secures what is theirs. then turn over your money to support those that are Nationals of other nations Illegal s. Then to have them show how they feel send to their neighborhood the Illegals they support.

  16. Jon Exner says:

    Why is it that whenever the discussion takes place about the wall vs. technology no one ever pushes back and asks the easy question.
    Just how does technology stop illegal alien invaders from crossing our border? Does a drone, or a camera prevent an illegal alien from crossing our border like a wall would?
    Once the illegal alien invader crosses they border the drone and he camera can only show where and when they crossed, even if there was a border patrol agent nearby they would have to eventually let the illegal alien invader go free.

  17. Ernst says:

    While he is glib and hip, finally Beto O’Rourke is a lightweight. That would come out against Trump. Little Beto can raise money, but he cannot win.

  18. Yank says:

    I wonder where these dip sticks are coming from?! This goof ball needs to realize that the American public is not stupid. Research everything these “elected officials” or those who failed to be elected say. Facts taken from 1998 to 2010? Then he flies to the future blaming “the wall” that has not yet been built?! With this said, I can state with all certainty this this goof ball Beto is no expert on the border wall or will he be. He might be better believed when he realizes that this “border wall” has not yet been built but I highly doubt it! lol

  19. Dave churbuck says:

    All politicians are Human Farmers , that is all you need to know.
    Your vote is your acceptance to be ruled and farmed by them.
    When you vote you have given away your self respect by agreeing
    to be ruled by someone.
    It is not your country when you allow some one to rule you in it,
    It becomes their country which they Farm you in.
    Free people do not ever have rulers.
    If they cannot rule you, you are an enemy to them .
    I will gladly have enemies and be free and never a slave.

  20. Joyce E. Campbell says:

    Another nitwit shooting off his mouth ala Alexandria O-C. What worries me is the number of dimwits who vote for these people.

  21. Rivahmitch says:

    Even were the beetle correct, so what? Just as with home invaders, I consider the death of FOREIGN INVADERS to be a good thing.

  22. Craig Murphy says:

    Betoff O’Rourke has also threatened to hit and run the border wall if it is ever built but only after he gets a belly full of beer.

  23. James John Barton says:

    President Trump should advertise the border wall advancements to the people of the United States.
    James Barton (award winning scientist) will help President Trump inform the general population of the border-wall’s valued technology and economics for all states.
    Homeland Security will not be able to negotiate a good deal when they refuse to see the advancements in concrete border-wall technology.
    Some of the border-wall prototypes that were presented to President Trump are harmful to the environment and structurally deficient. The material deficiency in current prototypes does not address (1) geometric see-through technology, (2) self-repairing technology and (3) environmental issues. The see-through border wall prototypes currently available permit easy passage of many prohibited products and other paraphernalia, and will be expensive to repair when breached. These walls will trap water during rainy periods harming many animals unlike my self-repairing wall. I have a model which corrects and addresses these border wall issues which is available to show President Trump, along with U.S. Customs and Border Protection Procurement Directorate(s).
    I am a chemical scientist with a background in construction products, concrete additives, and adhesives and sealants technologies. I received the 3M Circle of Technical Excellence Award in recognition of outstanding scientific contributions (less than 1% of scientists receive this award). Additionally, I am published in Adhesives Age, and have been a presenter at the Adhesives, Sealants & Coatings Conferences and 3M Seminars. I have been awarded patents, both domestic and foreign, in the referenced technologies.
    I look forward to discussing this further with you.
    James Barton

  24. Twyles says:

    Craig..first heard about this on Lou Dobbs
    It’s called hypersonic. Don’t know exactly
    What it is..but similar to what happened to
    Ambassadors to Cuba.

  25. Kenneth Boyd says:

    Why is this f—-g communist allowed to stay in the United States ?

  26. Gail says:

    This jerk used campaign funds to bus in illegals. Why is he not in jail ? Another thing everybody that thought Kindsay Graham had woke up think again . He just joined the Democrats in their fight to take guns from law abiding citizens . And just presented a bill to do just that . I told every body to watch him because he is a chameleon and changes his votes and sides with a drop of the hat .

  27. Big Mama says:

    The demorats will cut their own throat if they continue to push for open borders because the true American patriots will not let that happen. We will have a civil war over it. Hang unto your guns patriots you are going to need them for what’s ahead for this country because of the druggies & the half brain dead.

  28. Richard McClure says:

    The only Thing O’Rourke is an Expert at is Leaving the Scene of an Accident while he was Driving drunk .

  29. Eric Granberg says:

    What does “the wall” and a pile of guns have in common? They are both totally useless by themselves.

  30. Twykes says:

    With Russia building a military base in Venezuela…
    The Chinese in panama…and the two countries
    Claiming to have a weapon for which the USA has
    No defense….? What the heck is wrong with all
    The liberals?.?.? Build the wall

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      What are these secret weapons of which you speak that our government has no deterrent for?

      • Jordan says:

        D-21 it is known as a Carrier killer. Nuclear tipped hypersonic cruise missle. The Chinese are in Charge of maintenance of the Panama Canal nowadays. Carter should have never given it back. Currently the Chinese have expressed interest in building a new bigger canal in southern Nicaragua. It is in the planning stages only a few think it will never be built now that the Panama Canak has finished up accommodations for the bigger Panamax ships to transit the canal. The Russians have been in Venezuela for a very long time. Not to much to worry about there.

    • DSC says:

      Illegals will vote for them.

  31. beto is a male ocasio cortez, cute but dumb as they come

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      In most photographs AOC cannot be described as physically attractive in any definition of the term she looks like a rabid animal.

    • Harold says:

      Beat up Beto , they say he is an expert, Most everyone should know that an expert is the last drip out of a faucet!

    • Glenn says:

      Wow I did not think anyone could beat Ocasio Cortez in that department. I wondered if she ever went to school. I hear she wants a spring break. Tired , you know.

  32. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    More are dying because scum like Beto are ensuring those who start their trek from Honduras and other Central American nations can simply come in without going through legal channels those corrupt Mexican politicians allow them to freely walk across their nation already starting out sick, the desert cold at night combined with poor nutrition is to blame for the high death count, Beto is simply proving our point and that being the Democrats and Rats only care about all the illegal votes they can get and that even during the 2016 Presidential race that the LSM announcing 24/7 that Donald was going to build a wall encouraged 1,000,000s to illegally migrate here to get in before the wall was built, guess the LSM was admitting what they already knew that them constantly proclaiming Hellary the winner was nonsense, oh that is right, I forgot Donald and Vladimir colluded to steal the rightful heir to the throne.

  33. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    I hate all foreign labor, damn! H-1B Visa software writers, my last post should have read Beto and not Veto, but the piss poor software algorithms changed the spelling.

    • Mark says:

      Another jackass Democrat with his head buried in the sand.

    • Rickster says:

      Beto should be under the wall with cement boots!! Another dem puppet! Keeps Soros busy finding these morons dont it? Lol. Fools. Couldn’t beat his ????

      • Carl Smith says:

        The Takers are always looking for ‘ a sucker is born every moment” to take money from. Soros and Steyer and that Blooming Idiot in NYC all have one thing in common. They Love to take advantage of Capitalism for personal profit and believe THEY will be the anointed ones leading the New World Order. People like O’Rourke are just their USEFUL IDIOT for the moment.

    • Rickster says:

      Software must be made by dems the way it always changes our words!

      • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

        Did I not say migrant workers who like so many other non-citizens still have their votes counted in an election all for those who promote illegal voting which is the Democrats.

  34. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    Veto, do us true patriots a favor DWI again this time find yourself the highest cliff you possibly can and drive off the top.

  35. RON HATT says:



  36. Martin P Artale says:

    Betoff couldn’t beat an egg!

  37. Capn Jack says:

    He seems to have the same intelligence level and experience as Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and that’s not saying much.

  38. Bob says:

    Beto is another know-it-all Democrat who would have a hard time finding his backside. His arrogance is only overshadowed by his ignorance.

  39. Sam Ina says:

    No border, no country. Build the wall and get rid of anchor babies while you are at it! We spend hundreds of billions on illegal immigrants so 5 billion sounds like a good deal to me. I am glad I don’t live near the border and have a need for the emergency room. I understand it is overloaded with illegals and necessitating 2 to 3 hours wait.

  40. paul says:

    I hope the stupid Dem would run O’rourke with Casio as his running mate.That would give them a half brain brain between them. That should give them about fifty votes.

  41. Linda says:

    I wish these dumb &dumbest Dems would take all the illegals home with them
    Shut down the government
    It is so unfair to USA citizens to be force to use out tax $ to pay for all of this nonsense
    Nancy and Chuck are so crazy
    Build the Wall now and take away all of the welfare and benefits given to non citizens, they would go home

  42. Marilynn Reeves says:

    This may sound cold hearted but since there is a legal way to immigrat I really don’t give a damn how many die.

  43. Peter LaPlaca says:

    Good old Beto was a foul-mouthed jackass when he was campaigning. Even though the had a record amount of money behind him and the entire DNC machine he still failed miserably. They want to run him for president which shows you exactly how bereft of a decent candidate the libs are. Can you picture a Biden/Beto team…………….kinda reminds me of Laurel and Hardy or Abbott and Costello.

  44. Scott McGr says:

    If people who want to invade my country get lost in the desert , so be it. MAGA

  45. Robert Higginbotham says:

    Robert Francis O’Rourke and Cortez have at least one thing in common, they are both morons.

  46. Jerry Lyle says:

    “Beto” thinks he is relevant, which he is not. Someone ought to spank him and put him in the corner for a long timeout! I’m so sick of those who always seems too have something to put down Trump or to blame him for something the Democrats did. Why not try coming up with a solution if they are so smart?!

  47. omegatalon says:

    Almost everyone agrees that a country needs to have borders because to invite anyone to enter is simply insanity; Democrats voted for a wall when Obama was President.

  48. Tom says:

    Great position on his part. He must have a genius campaign manager. He will win every single vote in L.A. and 70% of NYC. Of course he will lose every other vote in the rest of the country.

    • Shirley Harper says:

      Yes sir! Couldn’t find his own butt if you super-glued his hands in place!!!! Just like the little moron who thinks she’s all that…..and knows nothing!

  49. Tom Curry says:

    These Democrats have really lost their minds and you can bet come the 2020 elections they will lose the Congress with the Republicans having a 64 seats, and in the Senate the Republicans will get 64 seats also and will not need a Democratic vote to get thing done!!! The Democrats just don’t get it, for they are put in office to represent the citizens of our country not illegals and their war on guns is also something that the majority of citizens want stopped!!! The Democrats and liberals are destroying our country, with undermining our laws and our Constitution along with bashing our traditions and our values and our history, and we must all come together to put an end to there plans of destroying our country before it is to late!!! Everyone needs wake up to the fact that these Democrats want only one thing and that is the complete taking over our country and make us a banana republic run country where we the citizens have no say!!! They want our guns, our property, our freedom, and our very souls!!! Just add up all the unconstitutional things they have done and it isn’t only in our Federal government but in all our states and city government!!! It is a party that wants complete control of everything and will do everything they can to get control!!! Just look what they want to do with illegals they give them everything for right now and to get them the right to vote, and why don’t think these Democrats don’t want voter IDs all of it has to do with getting votes and why do you think they want open borders for these Democrats know that these illegals are not going to bite the hand that is feeding them housing them, and giving them free healthcare, for even legal immigrants are given everything for we are spending trillions of dollars in supporting illegals and legal immigrants for these Democrats have given more than 60% of the legal immigrants welfare and it is even higher than that for illegals!!! Lets not forget the taxing that these Democrats have already said they are going to put on us come January!!! I don’t know what more I can say other than we are all going to suffer for the next two years just watch and see!!!!

  50. What A FOOL! If this country votes in this trader like NOBOMA then YOU all deserve to have all these criminal aliens invade your home, your bank, your children, literally!

    COME ON AMERICA, PULL YOUR HEADS OUT! This “Betty” is a fool! WHo says crap like that with out checking stats?

    ONLY dumb-ass Liberal DEMS!

    • T says:

      wow, you certainly are a “hater” and filled with venom, nastiness and the anti-Christmas spirit. GOP = Gripey Ol’ Pathetics.

  51. John P Catalano Sr. says:

    This “little boy” should have done research before opening his mouth. The democraps were in power in the White House and Congress in the span that he cited. It was the democraps that cited about building a wall, and under obuma administration used tear gas and pepper spray, again he flapped his jaws before engaging his brains, that is if he has any.
    If anyone wants to come in to this GREAT COUNTRY, THEY DO IT LEGALLY!!!! The caravan can be likened to a burglar breaking into a vacant house, do they have your permission to live there?????
    The practice of Immigration is quite expensive!! Unless something is done to make it affordable, illegal immigration will continue

    • Dave churbuck says:

      It will continue and multiply because there is a lot of money in it.
      It is Not a war ON immigration, It is a war FOR immigration.
      The government has no Respect for you, it fears you.
      You are nothing more than a self farming product for the benifit of others.
      Now, lie to your self and say not so and your vote matters.

  52. EC says:

    Once a moron, always a moron. Beto Bumbler is the poster boy for morons

  53. Bethany R Ellis says:

    The Texas congressman explained that the number of people trying to cross the border increased almost 40 percent between 1998 and 2010 after some of the barrier was constructed in the El Paso sector.

    Show of stupidity from another Democrat! Trump wasn’t even in office between 1998 and 2010. Typical of Grandstanding Democrats!!!!

  54. doc says:

    Beto? One of the lost marx brothers? Harpo, Groucho, Zeppo, Chico, Beto?
    Another dam dum dem!

  55. Texas Belle says:

    No, I haven’t said that; I haven’t commented on this at all.

  56. Ted says:

    Robot “Beto” O’Dorke needs to be stung up at the border like a Pinata so that all of the wetbacks and beaners can laugh at him as they cross illegally into this country….

  57. Texas Belle says:

    This guy has an appeal to the masses who don’t have a clue about policies. He is a good campaigner, like Barack Obama, and a lot of people choose candidates based on looks and rhetoric. He could give Trump a run for his money; who knows if he would be successful. I don’t think the country can withstand another like Obama or Hillary but when the majority speaks it is a crap shoot. The Media will continue to hammer Trump until a lot of the public will begin to believe that he is the devil incarnate. Of course it is most of those in the Media who are liberal communists who want Trump defeated at any cost.

    • Dave churbuck says:

      Cororect, Obama was funded by soros Same as beto, obama’s parents were cia as well as obama.
      Since beto is funded by soros who is also cia then beto is cia.
      People should leave religion out of politics and any critical thinking, It clouds the mind and only offers false hope. There is no religion in war, only in the beginning to start one.
      The present situation is a soft war for control of the country. ALL religion since 1982 is cia controlled, Simple, he who controls the minds, controls the world.
      By the way, it is imperative that the newborn be introduced to religion {Church ceremony} as soon as possible for mind imprinting. A process referd to as Seeding. it is a program that runs in the mind that
      interfers with critical thinking that Nature gave everybody.

      You, by Nature were born on planet Earth, Your World, Not just a piece of it that governments rents to you. How much of you were you allowed to chose who and what you are and think, compared to what is
      and was assinged from the begining ? Read it until you get it.
      When understand it completely, you will be ahead of about 8 billion people. All the best in your journey.

  58. Mark says:

    Butthead Beto has about as much of a chance of beating Donald Trump as Hillary Clinton has of being named Miss America. Butthead is running to be a VP nominee in 2020 to get the top nomination in 2024.

  59. Hey Betty, let’s start with the facts, you are an INBRED Operative of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization.
    That being said, you picked the losing team, they Must and Will be destroyed very shortly and you Sir will be on the Titanic

  60. Sandra says:

    Beto O’Rourke is a flaming lunatic. Anyone who listens to this person needs to have a mental assessment because they are delusional and bordering on insane. He is making utter fools of
    those supporting him. I guess his so called cult followers have nothing better to do than listen to garbage. I promise you if he gets elected to anything he will be the first one to stab you in the back for his own gain. I can see where he is compared to Obama. He is just as much a fraud.

  61. Patriot says:

    Beto got caught using campaign funds to provide food, clothing and vehicles to the caravan. This IS illegal and he should be prosecuted.

  62. Marlene says:

    I doubt any politician knows about real life for American citizens. They sit in their offices and just view people as marks to be separated from their money as fast as possible. They do not view us regular citizens as people at all. They only hobnob with other elitist rich. I doubt Beto could survive one day without a bodyguard anywhere near the border.

    • Anthony says:

      You are talking about Trump more than any other politician. Like someone who scams real live Americans through Trump “u” scam, and a guy who used his foundation to pay his legal fees and to bribe people. Beto at least attempted to visit every single district in Texas and meet with all the people. not someone who hobnobs with only elitist rich (that is Trump).

  63. Becky says:

    So now he’s an expert on the border!! The only experts on borders & people are the Border Patrol Agents. Why don’t you and the rest of your rats take a actual trip to the border and you calm the. You said more people are dying at the Wall, that’s their fault and yours!! You also said there was an increase of people dying down there, duh!! Any person could tell you that! And you want to take down the President by running for President yourself and you think your the one to do it. Pleeeeaseeee!!

    • kathy says:

      i agree with you becky everything that you said about beto. he couldnever be president people that vote for him are idiots he knows nothing about borders. his party are the ones that dont want the wall. they think any one from different countries could just walk in and live here free. insurance food, and living waters that just some of the free things they get. we have people here in our country that dont have jobs and living on the street they have no housing also. beto give a crap about the people that are american citizens first.tell pelosi and shumer to knock down there walls around there homes and have all the migrants live with them. democrapts are a disgrace to our country they dont want trump to successed. they sound like migrants themselves. and they dont want our country to successed either. i hope trump shuts down the government so they dont get paid until sometime in january to reopen. how some people in our own country hates trump for what reason because crooked hillery didnt win? there all crazy.there disgraceful people. move to venaswela thats were the democracts need to move and take big mouth black maxine waters with you and impeach her first before she moves to venaswell.

  64. diana perkinson says:

    Betty – I think you are the one suffering under delusion. The President has been responsible for a plethora of positive things and changes in this country – none of which you know anything about because you prefer to live in the liberal media bubble. Please check other – less leftist – news outlets – you can find them – not easy.
    And educate yourself.

  65. Tim McRae says:

    This guy Orourke is an Obama clone. Have you noticed the look, the body language, the voice, even the fake name! Not to mention the policies and anti america hatred!

    While I’m at it, in this era of investigation on every bodies past, where is the investigation of what Barry and Muchelle did that they had to reliquish both their law licenses in order to skate! And collusion with Russia (by democrats) on Uranium, on million dollar donations to the Billary Foundation, on election dossiers by people acting as foriegn nationals and last but not least intimidation tactics by Mueller that rival McCarthy!

    • Elaine Johnson says:

      That’s what I said….he will be another Obama…they like him because he looks like Robert Kennedy…good reason to vote him him…NOT!!!

  66. reality check says:

    I have massive doubt that Trump, if not removed from office earlier, will not even beat Hillary again if she ran in 2020. He has 17 investigations against him – – one we learned TODAY about the foundation was misusing of Foundation funds for self-interest and BRIBES! Trump’s campaign, transition, inaugural committee and presidency are now under active criminal investigation. His business — the Trump Organization — and his defunct charity — The Trump Foundation are also under investigation (the charity investigation is a civil one). His college — Trump University — has already been deemed a fraud. The President himself has been indirectly fingered by New York prosecutors overseen by his own Justice Department of directing criminal attempts to subvert campaign finance laws.

    A tally by Brookings Institute finds more than 60 percent of Trump’s top aides have left in the first two years, a turnover rate exceeding the past five presidents. And now the economy is downturning” Stocks are having the worst December since the Great Depression. The Dow is down 7.8% and the S&P 500 is down 7.6% this month. That’s the worst December performance since 1931. I have little doubt that whomever is nominated by the Democrats can and will win in 2020.

    • Marlene says:

      Hey Realiy check, here’s some reality for you. Hillary destroyed subpoenaed evidence. There’s one feloney, she committed, want to explain that? Obama made illegal deals with Russia and Iran, he financed radical Islamic organizations, he allowed ISIS to grab techologic weapons when he ordered a troop of American soldiers out of an area and ordered them to leave all weapons including side arms behind. There is a reality check for you. You libturds are damned stupid.

      • reality check says:

        Rather than focusing one bit on Trump’s “innocence” you want to wipe it all away by pointing fingers at other people. Most of what you listed in the first place is unproven speculation or conspiracy BS you conservatives like to make up. What amazes many people is the GOP USED TO BE the party that stressed personal responsibility but not Trump and his followers never accept any blame while wanting ALL the praise. You call people stupid when they do not agree with you, a person who does not accept proven facts.

    • Celia says:

      You need to check who those judges have ties to, and you can bet your bippy that soros has a lot to do with the stock market bouncing around so wildly.

  67. Karin says:

    O’Rourke will ensure that Trump will WIN again. I will never vote for this do nothing but look good. What he spewed in Florida is acidic at best and plain dumb at worst. So Yeah, put him in there Dems that way we will only have one choice. And it won’t be O’Rourke. (BTW if he is not proud of his name then there must be some background there).

  68. Betty says:

    Trump’s border wall idea is Insane & what’s doublely Insane is his stated intent to make Mexico fully pay for it. How Luck.y that America finally is seeing the real truth about that Oval Office Lying Lunatic with his Sick Mind & Diseased Brain!

    • You are insane as people like you want to keep allowing these damn thugs come across the border to bring illegal drugs and to traffic kids for sex and murder innocent Americans.

    • reality check says:

      What i DO love about Donnie is how his stories change continuously like a child caught breaking Mom’s antique cookie jar. #1. I didn’t do it!, then #2. it was my older sister that did it, I wasn’t even IN the room.
      then #3. if I was in the room and did knock it off the counter, it was because my older sister MADE me do it, then #4. even if my older sister was not in the house at the times, there was no cookie’s in the jar , so it was nothing serious about it, then #5. you never told us not to break this cookie jar in the first place.

      • Marlene says:

        You sound like another America hating fascist like Obama. Trump is not perfect, but then no one is. He has done a lot of good for America. What have you done for the good of any one in your liberal circle? Oh I forgot, liberals only care about themselves. Go volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter and see a slice of reality. We have our own to care for and illegal thugs and leeches are not welcome.

  69. He’s just another ignorant Democrat who despises OUR COUNTRY and LOVES THOSE ILLEGALS AND MIGRANTS

  70. David says:

    I want him to run. Two time loser Hillary was a one time loser. O’Rourke is a loser already as well. Look at our presidential history. Those who are already losers don’t win.

    • Betty says:

      If Losers don’t win, then CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump will doubtless lose the next presidental election big time cause that pile of walking, talking Gutter Trash is the worst Loser of All!

      • bob jones says:

        betty: keep supporting the liberal communist party. if you are so stupid to believe the democrats will take all the money from the rich and give it to dead beats like you, you have lost your mond.

    • reality check says:

      David, if you look at history, Lincoln LOST every race he entered until he became president. So your premise is false. A lot of you bach Alexandria O-C, but both of them (Trump and her) has NO experience before being elected – -but the worse thing about Trump is that he WILL NOT LISTEN AND LEARN. HE THINKS HIS GUT tells him more than other people’s brain . . . and that is why is professor at Wharton exclaimed numerous times that “Donald Trump is the dumbest goddamn student I ever had!’ It is not capacity, it is arrogance of a narcissist.

  71. Jeanni says:


  72. Ann says:

    I would love to see the Hondurans crawling all over Beto!

  73. PHIL TRIMMER says:

    Mr “expert” has No F-ing clue as to which he speaks. What a POS. When did the President take office? What border wall is he talking about? Doesn’t he realize that the Mexican dope dealers KILL anyone within their territory. Even the Federalas . He must be getting ALL his incites from Alexandra…….Another great mind in office!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Old Pioneer says:

    Another Communist Liberal Idiot who should be in Guantanamo for life!!

  75. Brat says:

    Timothy, I agree with your comment but they should have to support them until the illegals can support themselves without handouts from our government.

  76. Denny says:

    Now is the time to expose these Leftist liars. Expose that Robert (Beto) O’Rourk lied by omission about his stance on the wall. What else does he lie about to get ahead. What are his past views when in college…. was he a leftist, what organizations was he involved in, etc… destroy them now. Make it so that the Left won’t have a decent candidate. Get rid of the “Beto” monicker, his name is Robert. Why let him kiss-up to Hispanics with a misleading nick-name; check out his origin (is he Spanish, or Greek, etc)

  77. Igor Stankawitz says:

    I would make US citizens out of all illegal female immigrants between 18-25 who would join the US Military as Comfort Girls for the military overseas, for just 4 years.

  78. Randall M says:

    O’Rourke has a typical Democrap mentality. Spin false statements as truth and blame it on Trump. Lying hypocrites, the lot of them. If Trump decides to run in 2020, there is no way any opponent will defeat him. Problem I see is that with the way everything is coming out now the swamp will be drained. His job will be done and he will no longer want to be President.

  79. JAMES G. MOTHES says:

    Beto should join Obummer on his return trip to his village in Kenya. Then they would have two idiots!!!

  80. ugly says:

    Beto, you are so full of horses##t! You of all means knows what open borders will do to Texas, but then you do care because of your trying so hard to get elected of a position in Washington, why else would you want to move?
    One thing for sure, if you do move out of Texas then it would improve the neighborhood for sure!

    • Ric B says:

      perfect name, your posting shows the anger and nastiness or the white hate group, the Trumpers.

      • Celia says:

        Is everyone who disagrees with you a member of the so called “white hate group”? Is the person who brings race into every issue the rea racist? Yup!

        • Ric B says:

          No, just the ones who put nasty, vulgar personal attacks and assumes they know other people’s motives.

          • Celia says:

            Then what do you call the demorats, a white love group? I think they would better be classified as a self love group. They sure don’t love other Americans. If they did they would also be for the wall as well as Anti Antifa, etc. I do not think people who make attacks on others, like that Betty who is extremely nasty and ugly in the things she says should be called out too. That sort of thing doesn’t do one constructive thing except stir the pot. Again, Trump is not perfect, never claimed to be, but he is what we need right now. We need to get back to being the America that we know, not this greatly divided country. Many of us quietly waited 8 years to get rid of inexperienced and decisive Obama to get someone who wants American solidarity and not be part of the new world order as well as not being an Alinsky adherent. Oops, I’ve rattled on more than I usually do.

          • Celia says:

            Meant to say divisive Obama.

  81. STEVE says:


  82. Timothy K. Toroian says:

    These open border people need to volunteer their neighborhoods as temporary residences for the diseased, undereducated who wander in. And if you tell me they aren’t diseased volunteer your house as a way station.

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