Beto O’Rourke just lost his chance at the White House in 2020 with this outrageous action

Since losing the Texas Senate race, Beto O’Rourke has only seen his political star rise.

The failed Senate candidate has even fed rumors that he may run for President.

But Beto O’Rourke just shot himself in the foot with this outrageous action.

During the campaign, O’Rourke somehow managed to avoid discussing immigration.

Now we know why.

Beto does not support construction of the wall or even basic border security. He is for open borders.

Which is why he helped release over 400 illegal immigrants from ICE detention into Texas.

Breitbart reports:

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has released hundreds of migrants in El Paso, Texas over the past few days, including 186 on Christmas Day.

The local CBS affiliate reported that ICE has released 400 migrants.

Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-TX), who lost his Senate bid to incumbent Republican Ted Cruz, is cited in the story as being instrumental in making sure ICE informs city officials of impending releases.

O’Rourke tweeted his support for hundreds of undocumented people into American communities.

If Beto O’Rourke had disclosed his radical open borders policy during the campaign in Texas, he would’ve lost by double digits.

And he knows it.

But now that he is entertaining the idea of challenging Trump in 2020, he needs to build up his “progressive” credentials to win votes of the pro-open borders Democrat base in states like California.

O’Rourke is trying to outflank Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Joe Biden to the left.

Many Democrats are encouraging O’Rourke to run in 2020 given his rock star status in the party.

Others believe he isn’t ready for prime time, especially considering his failed candidacy.

But O’Rourke’s fundraising abilities cannot be denied. He would certainly be capable of launching a well-funded campaign.

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108 Responses

  1. Mark Hopkins says:

    Beat off is a moron. You can tell that just by looking at his goofy face with it’s blank expression. Anyone that would vote for that idiot would be either an illegal alien or severely retarded.

  2. libra says:

    Beto is a looney tunes Marxist–he has plans to tear down the fence that Trump is building.. What individual would have a camera crew in his mouth while he is getting his teeth cleaned? He has a criminal record and I believe he also has a personality disorder besides an alcohol problem when he ran away from an accident he caused while DUI.. I think his wealthy father-in-law supports Beto and family to keep him away from the family business.

  3. Mark Hopkins says:

    Real shots have already been fired with more to come. There are many groups of militias gearing up now with more joining all the time. This is not hearsay, this is first hand knowledge. This “weak” nation is about to give you and others like you the surprise of your lives. It takes time and the proper things to fall in line, but it WILL happen. You can stick your head in the sand if you want to, but that won’t change a thing. Barring a complete dismantling of the leftist/communist party, we will have to fight a civil war to maintain any freedom whatsoever. The states are divided as never before since our first civil war. So Aaron, you know not of what you speak.

  4. Aaron Mendenhall says:

    Please stop with the dramatic hyperbole of an impending civil war in the United States. It’s NOT happening. This nation is weak and doesn’t have what it takes to fight a real civil war. We’ll be confining it to keyboard warriors, such as yourself, going back and forth online and no real shots will be fired, thank you very much…

  5. Larry says:

    O’Rourke, Robert; not Beto- he is not hispanic, he is Irish. has no chance. His problem is that he lacks guts. He lack fortitude. He is wishy-washy and is afraid to take a hard stand against immigration, China or Russia. He is simply not up to facing off against President Trump in 2020…an none of the democratic challengers are and that’s the bottome line. The President tells it like it is. The rest of the field are all mealy-mouthed about all of the important issues and they all speak out of both sides of their runny little mouths…

  6. Rose Thompson says:

    The enemies of America are entering our country to destroy it from within! Corrupt politicians are enabling them to do so by their approval. They do not care about the legality of the constitution that protects American citizens. They do all they can to go up against it. This is the direct result of the country turning it’s back on God! Only He can truly “drain the swamp” that America has become, and eradicate the corruption and those who create and enable it. I believe strongly that when Jesus Christ comes again, He will do just that! “Amen, come Lord Jesus”!!!!!!!

  7. Bryan Hansen says:

    I voted “yes” because that is how far away from reality the democrats have gone. I think he would lose big time. But then I think anybody that the democrats put up would lose in a debacle. Maybe such a loss will bring them to their sense. Probably not. It would most likely enrage them to the point of more agressive behavior.

  8. Tony Bell says:

    I just don’t see O’Rourke standing tall and proud on the world stage against, Putin, Xi, Un, Etc…

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