Bernie Sanders was furious after receiving such a stinging rebuke from this prominent Democrat

Bernie Sanders believed that if the Democrats gained control of the government, they would be able to radically change the nation.

Instead, Democrats are at odds over Vice President Joe Biden’s plan.

And Sanders was furious after receiving such a stinging rebuke from this prominent Democrat.

The $3.5 trillion “human infrastructure” bill is the hottest political issue in “The Swamp.”

The bill is a mash-up of every terrible Leftist notion over the past half-century.

Illegal immigrant handouts, free tuition for college, and major portions of the Green New Deal are coupled with the country’s biggest tax hike in history.

Moderate Democrats are objecting to the measure’s cost and its attempt to cram everything on the socialist wish list into one bill.

Joe Manchin, a Democrat from West Virginia, has been targeted by extreme Leftists for refusing to sign the Big Government socialist measure.

The corporate-controlled media and members of “The Squad” have attacked him for opposing $3.5 trillion in additional expenditure.

When Bernie Sanders published an op-ed in a West Virginia newspaper to put pressure on Manchin, the Democrat civil war erupted.

Manchin was singled out in the article for blocking the bill’s passage.

Joe Manchin, on the other hand, was not having it and issued a statement criticizing Sanders.

“This isn’t the first time an out-of-stater has tried to tell West Virginians what is best for them despite having no relationship to our state,” the statement read.

He went on to say that now is not the time to pour additional money into an overheated economy, with petrol and grocery prices skyrocketing.

“No op-ed from a self-declared ‘Independent socialist’ is going to change that,” he added, throwing some shade Bernie Sanders’ way.

This is the latest effort to persuade Manchin to drop his opposition to the measure.

For months, the corporate-controlled media has pursued him, and socialist kayakers have even attempted to approach him outside his houseboat.

Bernie’s socialist aspirations are on fire, with Manchin seeming to be solid in his opposition to such expenditure.

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