Bernie Sanders scored the one victory that has every Democrat trembling with fear

The Democrat presidential primary is beginning to reach a stage of clarity.

And the news is not good for the Left.

That’s because Bernie Sanders scored the one victory that has every Democrat trembling with fear.

Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders squeaked out a victory over former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg in the New Hampshire primary 26 percent to 24 percent.

“This victory here is the beginning of the end of Donald Trump,” Sanders declared in his victory speech.

While Sanders’ win established him as the frontrunner it did not provide comfort for Democrats.

That’s because polls show Sanders’ centerpiece policy proposal of the government banning private health insurance and institution of a Euro-style health care system is wildly unpopular with Americans.

Sanders’ only chance to win is by expanding the electorate by bringing new voters into the fold.

But the New Hampshire primary threw cold water on that idea.

Turnout for voters age 18 to 29 in New Hampshire was down to 11 percent in 2020 from 18 percent in 2016, which meant that Sanders failed to attract new first time voters.

In addition, turnout for the Democrat party primary did exceed 2016 levels, but that was only because there was no competitive Republican primary.

New Hampshire allows undeclared voters to vote in either party primary and since the Democrats were essentially the only game in town they drew a larger share of undeclared voters than they otherwise would have.

This poor showing came on the heels of turnout being flat in Iowa

Sanders is a movement candidate.

But now Democrats are staring into the face of a reality that shows their party frontrunner is an ideological candidate who is not growing the party base of support to compensate for the fact that he turns off swing voters.

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9 Responses

  1. Dean Chavers says:

    Please don’t be ignorant. Never end a word with an apostrophe. It’s “Sanders’s,” not “Sanders'”.

  2. Carbine Williams says:

    All Democrats are delusional cretins that deserve public tria;ld as traitors and then public hangings for all of them

  3. Lebo says:

    Sanders,like Obama has got the demoncrap minions believing that they can break the law and get violent towards Republicants! But when you lift up your shirt and show them your .45 cal 1911 they run like rabbits as fast away from you as they can and cuss at you for being unfair!

  4. Ervin Oertel says:

    Bernie was a ladies man, married 3 times, draft dodger , drug user. a wanabe all his live, could not hold a job. THIS IS WHAT WANTS TO RUN OUR GREAT COUNTRY ????????????????????????

  5. Vasu Murti says:

    Bernie Sanders himself said in early 2016:

    “The American people will not support a candidate trying to divide us up by where we came from. They will not support a candidate who does not favor raising the minimum wage and who thinks wages in this country are too high. They will not support a candidate who thinks climate change is a hoax invented by the Chinese. And they will not support a candidate who wants to give huge tax breaks to billionaires like himself. It would be an extraordinary campaign, and one I am confident that we will win.”

    Abortion and war are the karma for killing animals, so I’m an animal activist first. I’ll vote for the candidate with the best record on animal issues. Bernie Sanders has a 100 percent voting record from the Humane Society Legislative Fund, whereas Hillary Clinton’s record was 83 percent. But Chelsea Clinton and Bill Clinton were vegan for years, whereas animal activist Belle Stafford lamented in 2016 that Bernie Sanders, a revolutionary, doesn’t take on the livestock industry, like taking on the fossil fuel industry, even though the livestock industry is the biggest consumer of fossil fuels, saying instead that Americans like their bacon.

    But Bernie Sanders is calling for increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour, whereas Hillary Clinton initially only wanted to raise the minimum wage to $12 an hour. In one of the Democratic presidential debates, Bernie Sanders said he would have voted for an initiative on the ballot in Nevada to legalize marijuana. Bernie Sanders endorsed the California marijuana initiative, saying, “I believe that we have to end prohibition regarding marijuana.” It isn’t a radical statement to admit that the Prohibition of alcohol in the United States failed and that we really ought to end marijuana prohibition as well. Nearly 75 percent of the drug war is directed solely at marijuana which is safer than alcohol and/or tobacco. Barack Obama himself has admitted marijuana is not more harmful than alcohol, but Hillary Clinton was too cautious, saying more research is needed.

    Hillary Clinton was qualified in terms of experience. I’m reminded of 1988, when Bush Sr. ran as Reagan’s heir apparent, saying he was the man most qualified for the presidency based on his own record of experience. And his single term in office was effectively Reagan’s third term. Hillary Clinton was more knowledgeable on foreign policy than Bernie Sanders. Hillary Clinton had a better record on gun control than Bernie Sanders, although Bernie Sanders quickly pointed out he represents Vermont, a rural state, with a tradition of firearms, and quickly points out that he’s gotten a negative rating from the NRA. But many on the left saw Hillary Clinton as too hawkish and too corporate.

    In their first joint campaign appearance in the summer of 2016, President Obama said that he was “ready to pass the baton” — and the White House — to his former rival, Hillary Clinton. Obama made the case for Clinton as a brilliant, “level-headed” stateswoman who could lead the country in tumultuous times. “I’m ready to pass the baton,” he said at the end of his remarks.

    Although some on the political left viewed her as too corporate or too hawkish, Hillary Clinton was definitely qualified in terms of experience. I’m reminded of 1988, when Bush Sr. ran as Reagan’s heir apparent, saying he was the man most qualified for the presidency based on his own record of experience. Accepting the Republican nomination in 1988, Bush Sr. said:

    “A President must be many things. He must be a shrewd protector of America’s interests; And he must be an idealist who leads those who move for a freer and more democratic planet. He must see to it that government intrudes as little as possible in the lives of the people; and yet remember that it is the nation’s character. And he must be able to define – and lead – a mission.

    “For seven and a half years I have worked with a President – and I have seen what crosses that big desk. I have seen the unexpected crisis that arrive in a cable in a young aide’s hand. And I have seen problems that simmer on for decades and suddenly demand resolution. I have seen modest decisions made with anguish, and crucial decisions made with dispatch. And so I know that what it all comes down to, this election – what it all comes down to, after all the shouting and the cheers – is the man at the desk. My friends, I am that man.”

    And Bush Sr.’s single term in office was effectively Reagan’s third term.

    I saw Hillary Clinton’s qualifications along these lines. I’m a liberal Democrat, but Republican women I’ve spoken to agreed that Hillary Clinton was definitely qualified in terms of experience.

    The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663



  7. Uncle Hoppy says:

    What is the democrat establishment afraid of, that Bernie could win, or that he will lose against Trump?
    Since Bernie wants to abolish private healthcare, and provide free healthcare to illegals, and adopt the GND where nobody can fly, and meat is rationed, among other things, it seems to me democrats should be more afraid of Bernie winning than 4 more years of Trump. What Comrade Bernie is proposing should scare Americans on both sides. Even moderate democrats should prefer 4 more years of Trump vs a complete overhaul of the entire country from Comrade Bernie.

  8. Guenther says:

    Moderator you don’t like my posts ??????????????????????
    Its not a duplicate . you must be discriminating

  9. Guenther says:

    Bernie is delusional

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