Bernie Sanders just revealed his plan to enact socialism under Biden’s presidency

Bernie Sanders wants to bring socialism to America.

He is hoping to use Joe Biden in the White house to achieve that.

And he just revealed his plan to enact socialism under Biden’s presidency.

For decades, Bernie Sanders has been screaming for socialism.

And previously, he was looked at as the crazy Senator from Vermont who would never be able to achieve his plans.

But in the current political climate, he continues to be looked to as a serious figure.

And even without him in the White House, he is hoping to use Joe Biden as a vehicle to get his agenda implemented in America.

Speaking on CBS’ Late Show, he spoke about how he will use coronavirus relief bills to enact his agenda.

Sanders said, “My first priority is to work on a comprehensive reconciliation bill . . . and I’m going to make that reconciliation bill as bold and aggressive as I possibly can.”

He explains that he wants to use that bill to enact swift changes, which likely won’t be too highly controversial, at least compared to what he actually wants.

But he goes on to explain that he will follow up with a second bill, which will enact his entire socialist playbook.

He continued, “And, in addition to that, probably in a second reconciliation bill, we have to deal with some of the systemic, long-term, ongoing problems facing this country. People can’t live on $10 an hour. We’ve got to raise the minimum wage to a living wage. Insane that we are the only major country on earth not to guarantee health care to all, or have paid family and medical leave. You know what? We’ve got to deal with climate change, with countries around the world, or we’re not going to leave much of a planet to our kids and our grandchildren. In other words, at this particular moment in history, Congress is going to have to rise up and be extremely bold in addressing major crises facing working families and the middle class, and I intend to be very active in that process.”

Socialism and communism have killed hundreds of millions of people.

And the United States has fought against it time and time again.

Yet, the Left hopes to bring it here from the inside, with Bernie Sanders being their top fighter.

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