Bernie Sanders issued one threat to Donald Trump that should scare every Trump voter

Democrats are pressing forward to impeach Donald Trump.

Nothing like this has ever happened before in American history.

And now Bernie Sanders issued one threat to Donald Trump that should scare every Trump voter.

Bernie Sanders cited Big Tech’s ban on Trump as a justification for Democrats impeaching President Trump and removing him from office.

Sanders claimed that since Big Tech judged the President’s speech to be violence he was too dangerous to serve as President.

“Let’s be clear. If Trump is too dangerous to send out a tweet or a Facebook post, he’s too dangerous to be commander-in-chief. Donald Trump must be removed from office immediately and held accountable for his horrific acts of sedition, violence, and chaos,” Sanders posted on social media.

Twitter banned Donald Trump because he sent two Tweets that announced he would not attend Joe Biden’s inauguration that he loved the 75,000,000 Americans who voted for him.

Twitter then falsely claimed those Tweets were inciting violence and permanently banned the President from their platform.

Big Tech is out to get Donald Trump and his supporters.

The Left has argued for decades that conservative views amount to hate speech and incite violence against marginalized groups.

Until now that argument never took hold.

But now that the Left holds total power in Washington, D.C. their allies in Big Tech and corporate America don’t have any fears of Republican reprisal until at least the 2022 midterms and they are unleashing the fearsome power they wield to crush anyone who disagrees with the Democrat Party.

Democrats would love it if politically-motivated tech censorship was the benchmark for removing politicians from office.

Under this standard, Democrats could impeach and remove every Republican President and expel Republican members of the House and Senate at will.

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