Bernie Sanders admitted one ugly truth that ruined his life

Every candidate in the Democrat presidential field has veered to the left to try and capture Bernie Sanders’ fervent socialist supporters.

They are now praising socialism.

But Bernie was just forced to admit an ugly truth that he did NOT want you to hear.

While socialism in the United States is picking up popularity among liberal arts college students, its failure is on full display in Venezuela.

People are starving and inflation has decimated the economy.

Venezuelans are fleeing in droves to escape socialism.

Sanders, who once called breadlines “a good thing,” has refused to call Maduro a dictator.

But he has been forced to admit that socialism in Venezeula is a failure and that there is an extreme humanitarian crisis in the country.

Breitbart reports:

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has admitted that the socialist country of Venezuela is experiencing a “serious humanitarian crisis” and has called on the Maduro regime to stop using violence against those attempting to bring aid into the country.

Over recent days, leading Florida Democrats have been criticizing Sanders’ more sympathetic stance toward the far-left regime after Sanders had said he did not recognize opposition leader Juan Guaidó as the country’s legitimate president and had refused to label Maduro a “dictator.”

However, Sanders appeared to take a harsher stance against Maduro on Saturday afternoon, when he admitted that the country was experiencing a “serious humanitarian crisis,” and he called on the regime to stop attacking civilians attempting to transfer aid into the country, which the U.S. and other regional contributors had provided.

Effectively, Senator Sanders has admitted that his philosophy – and what he’s staked his entire life’s work on – is a total failure.

Sanders has a history of cozying up to socialist dictatorships such as Cuba and the Soviet Union (where he went on his honeymoon).

Admitting that socialism has failed Venezuela was a bitter pill for him to swallow.

Sanders does not want the media to pick up on this admission.

His campaign is comprised of rabid socialists that want to usher in an era of “Democratic-Socialism” in to the United States.

If they’re still not convinced that socialism kills, they won’t be until they’re standing in one of Bernie Sanders’ bread lines.

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25 Responses

  1. BECKY Leer says:

    When your heads up your ads, and your blind and deaf. You will never learn to do the right thing because your in bed with the devil, and the left has a first class reservation to he’ll. Their end justifies the means in which they take to get there.

  2. B. Leer says:

    That would be the greatest thing ever. I have told my husband the exact same thing for years. Wouldn’t that be perfect for people like us that love America.

  3. BECKY Leer says:

    You are so RIGHT, they have lights on but nobody’s home. There is just dead space up there.

  4. Chuck says:

    Loser scum who won’t work and think it’s someone else’s fault they’re in the crappy life they have. That’s who likes this old sheeny.

  5. ROBERT says:


  6. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    I live on a pittance of less than $900/mo. in Disability instead of spending money on feeding those Venezuelan Cockroaches send some of your money my way.

  7. Bmad says:

    Why anyone in their right mind would want this man as President . Oh wait he is a Democrat there is no one in their right mind in that party

  8. onederer says:

    Park some large cruise ships in the harbors. Abolish the citizenship of all those who hate this country. And load them onto the large ships, heading for the types of country-types that they claim to prefer. And dump them there!

    Good riddance! They would reap what they have sown.

  9. What happened to the democrat party. They must have gone nuts. Stupid democrats.

  10. Mina says:

    Thank you , you nailed it

  11. Dave says:

    If we let the Democrats have it there way we will end up like Cuba,Russia and Venezuela. American people better wake up what is Democrats and people like Bernie Sanders God help us. And Bernie Sanders Is nothing but a modern-day Nazi.

  12. dog says:

    amazing you are as holes

  13. Steve says:

    He’ll probably get the nomination. With that said. God help us if he wins. I know that there are at least 5 others who feel the same way he does. God save our country.

  14. bill says:

    I believe that he will be the dem candidate as they are that idiotic.

  15. Fay Butler says:

    Bravo not just for your comment but for your patience.

  16. ncp-nate says:

    Man can grow old and pissed off trying to post a comment!

  17. ncp-nate says:


  18. ncp-nate says:

    Once you have a government that promises to give you all you need, you now have a government that will take all you have.

  19. ncp says:


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