Benghazi Hero Silenced Barack Obama With One Amazing Answer

Barack Obama returned to the campaign trail.

He tore into Donald Trump and GOP voters.

But he made a mistake and a Benghazi hero silenced him with one epic answer.

During a speech in Chicago, Obama claimed Americans needed to vote out Republicans because they embraced “wild conspiracy theories.”

Obama cited Benghazi as an example.

That did not sit with Kris Paronto.

Paronto was one of the heroes who survived after Obama left Americans to die in a terrorist attack at a consulate in Benghazi.

He responded with fury during a Fox News interview.

The Blaze reports:

“It’s disgusting. It just raises the bile inside of me. I had a hard time just watching the speech itself,” Paronto told host Pete Hegseth. “I just wanted to see what he had to say. And when that came across, I just wanted to reach through the screen and just grab him — grab him and choke him and say, ‘Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me that you’d have the gall to disgrace the memory of my teammates and what we did there that night by calling it conspiracy?’ But that’s a narcissist for you.”

Speaking of wild conspiracy theories, Paronto also blasted Obama and his administration for blaming the Benghazi attack on a YouTube video that was offensive to Muslims around the world and then arresting the video’s creator, noting Obama and his allies on the left try to “rewrite history” if the facts don’t “fit their narrative.”

“Honestly, the man is a disgrace, just a complete disgrace,” Paronto said of Obama before adding that “I wish I had that man sitting in front of me right now, I really do, without his Secret Service, to be honest with you.” Paronto appeared to punch his fist into his palm.

Hegseth told Paronto to be careful with his comments about the former president, but the veteran didn’t seem concerned, noting that “it doesn’t get yourself away from saying comments, especially [when] buddies of mine died in front of me.”

Obama and Hillary Clinton lied about the attack in Benghazi being caused by a YouTube video because they wanted to protect Obama’s re-election campaign.

But the scandal continued to haunt Hillary Clinton during her 2016 run.

Critics believe Obama should have ordered a military rescue mission to save the Americans under siege at the consulate.

Obama did not give that order and many Americans believe he has blood on his hands.


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169 Responses

  1. Obama and Hillary Murdered them in Benghazi because Stevens figured out that they Obama and Hillary was building ISIS and was going to set them free on the world. they murdered them to cover that up. It was first degree Murder planned and it was out right Treason, by them and most all of Congress which are traders to their country, all the way from the cover up of the Fake non American president. That same mass of Traders are now working day and night to over run this country with illegals. Think for a bit, they will do anything possible to keep the boarder open, and masses of illegals are forming to come here how did all of theses people get the same idea from all over not even the same country. They had to be organized and who is fighting tooth and nail to keep the boarder open the Traders of the Terrorist Congress

  2. Bruce Porter says:

    move back to kenya with your muslim brothers!

    • jim says:


      • Nathan DeLon says:

        HANG ‘EM AND HANG ‘EM HIGH!! High Treason,murder,con-
        iricy of arming enemy combatants, theft, and too many more to

    • Obama has been a disgrace for America. Yes he should go back to Kenya or Indonesia where he belongs. There is no place for this intruder nor for his wife.

  3. Susan says:

    Obama needs to shut up! Benghazi did happen. American lives were lost because he refused to send them help. This is not a “wild conspiracy theory.” This is Obama politics at work. Go away Obama.

  4. N says:

    Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi’s party at work here!Don’t forget the RINOs(Ryan, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp, Pres Trump!

  5. Don says:

    This guy should be put in jail for life, Guantanamo would be the proper place for this Muslim lover and supporter as he supplied the terrorists with money and military equipment. His excuse was those things he gave to them was to be used to protect themselves from terrorists and our American troops. This guy is 10 times worse that the worst president ever. He was in the process of destroying our country. If he had run for another term, them there would be no America as we knew and know it today. So he tried his best to get that criminal and liar of liars Hillary Clinton to be our next president as she would carry on many of his terrible policies. Fortunately many Americans saw the light of these two treasonous liars and killers of the American way of life and voted the right man in this past election. THANK GOD PRESIDENT TRUMP WON THIS PAST ELECTION. HE HAS DONE MORE FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE THAN OBAMA AND CLINTON DID DURING THEIR TERMS IN OFFICE. AND THAT WOMAN, WAS THE WORST SECRETARY OF STATE EVER. OH, AND HOW ABOUT MICHELE OBAMA? IN MY OPINION THAT WOMAN WAS THE WORST 1ST LADY EVER BY FAR. THERE IS AS MUCH DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THAT OBAMA WOMAN AND OUR NEW AND OUTSTANDING 1ST LADY IN MELANIA TRUMP AS ONE OF THE BEST EVER TO BE IN THAT POSITION. THANK GOD FOR THOSE TWO AND OUR V P PENCE WHO ARE STRIVING TO “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”. WE NOW SEE SOMETHING HAPPENING THAT IS AN ATTACKED ON PRESIDENT TRUMP AND HIS ADMINISTRATION, PLUS HE IS BEING THWARTED BY THOSE IDIOTS IN CONGRESS MOSTLY ON THE LEFT SIDE DEMOCRATS ALONG WITH A COUPLE OR SO RHINO REPUBLICANS IN ALMOST, IF NOT EVERYTHING PRESIDENT TRUMP IS TRYING TO DO FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. THOSE WHO ARE DOING THAT SHOULD BE PUT OUT OF OFFICE FOR GOOD..

    • Mary says:

      Amen to that

    • ncgal says:

      I agree. Obama should be hung but not killed. Then somebody should go each day and cut a finger or toe off and give him vinegar and salt to drink and when all the fingers and toes are gone cut an ear off and continue until he’s dead. He and Hillary are the evil ones who had our men killed and drug thru the streets. They should r drug thru the streets. The democrats are evil people too. They work hard doing all they can against President Trump. They need to be impeached.

  6. Joe says:

    I’ve been on this earth for 81 years. The worst President during that time? Barrack Obama!

  7. Keith D says:

    To be fair it has been told where zero or killary was during the fire fight. As far as we know for sure THEY did NOT even know it happened UNTIL they reads about it the next day!!!!

    • Bryant Wood says:

      They really are, as they sold the guns to the people who were trying to kill our Ambassador and his Aide as well as the 2 Navy Seals who were there to protect them! Kris Paronto and his men were survivors but also heros!

    • Janet Davenport says:

      That’s not true, it’s all in Hillary Clinton email archives from wikileaks. Then to cover their asses more, had Susan Rice repeat the ” YouTube video” excuse on 5 different news shows. Now she say’s she said what the CIA told her to say, really? Well she is still guilty because she knew it wasn’t true. Hmmm, CIA? Wasn’t that John Brennan? He is also in wikileaks, look it up.

  8. Mike says:

    What a freaking disgrace that worthless piece of dung is!! He knows any story he makes up to fit his narrative his cult followers and the mass media snakes will just accept it as fact and that is why he is still dangerous. Im sorry but you cant be labeled a great president just because you speak in a charming manner and brainwash the idiot left. How many lies did this guy get caught in and he’s still looked at as a saint by the idiots. Think about this….he did exponentially more to progress the causes of gays and queers then he ever did for african american causes. He did absolutely no good or created any policies that enhanced the lives of his own people. That right there shows just how backwards hus thinking is and what matters more to him. I mean he is married to another man so i guess it makes sense….criminal!!!!

  9. N says:

    Keep up the great work President Trump! The best President ever! Not to mention the first lady she’s the best too!

  10. Sue Jackson says:

    Obama still thinks he is Relevant in America. He is only relevant in remembering how he and Hillary Clinton gave stand down orders to stop rescue efforts to save our Ambassador Chris Stevens, Diplomat Sean Smith and retired Navy Seals Tyrone Woods and Glen Dougherty in the Benghazi attack. Don’t you find it odd that Obama jumps back into the political scene just in time to insult the families of the 9/11 victims and again to insult the families of the Benghazi massacre. What a POS he is.

    • Janet Davenport says:

      That’s not true, it’s all in Hillary Clinton email archives from wikileaks. Then to cover their asses more, had Susan Rice repeat the ” YouTube video” excuse on 5 different news shows. Now she say’s she said what the CIA told her to say, really? Well she is still guilty because she knew it wasn’t true. Hmmm, CIA? Wasn’t that John Brennan? He is also in wikileaks, look it up.

  11. Ronald Stoddard says:

    I will never recognize Obama the as having bean the president of this Country Id give a rat in a swear more respect than I’d give that son of a bitch. By the way Obama did almost do what he set out to do, Destroy this Country. Both him and Hillary are Guilty of High treason. Why are they walking around free still collecting tax payer money.

    • Christine says:

      Obama is a disgrace to the American people. He was weak and other countries knew it and ran wild taking anything America was willing to give. Under Obama that was anything they wanted. He is a traitor and absolutely committed high treason. The more he campaigns for democrats the more votes for republicans. I am not a republican but I am a proud American. I salute the flag and honor our fallen. My brother served in viet nam and continue to serve for more then 30 years. If Obama isn’t held accountable in this life, he better watch out UN the next. We all answer to God in the end. Hell is waiting for him Hillary and all who helped in the death of innocents.

    • Lori says:

      100% in complete agreement.

  12. Gary Dorgay says:

    Heroes lost their lives at Benghazi..Many of us know it did not have to end that way..These people had no protection…and could have had military support if our secretary of state, would have ordered troops…Please remember this “Four (4) Americans died and Hillary lied”…God bless their families…And ladies and gentlemen…”God Bless America!”

  13. DENNIS says:

    im with you all the way paronto ! obama ,rice , hillery and the whole democratic party are guilty ! and i would love to be right there with you, face to face with the TRAITOR OBAMA !

  14. Mike Ruzza says:

    Obama is less than a man. He lies, he steals money, he abused his power, he deflect by blaming others for things he himself has done, he willingly bought hostages with taxpayer money, and Benghazi counteracts his false heroism about what HE did to take down Bin Laden. He’s s filthy, cowardly, traitorous son of a bitch, after being born a bastard. Leaving Americans to die when swift, decisive action may have saved them clearly brands him as lower than Jimmy Carter, and the WORST president in the country’s history. His continued celebrity existence causes me nausea and vomiting. What a stain on the nation’s honor he is; and yes racism is a much lesser problem than him continuing to breathe free, American air. If possible, I would gladly challenge him to a duel; but as a cringing coward he certainly never agree. More’s the pity.

  15. madmemere says:

    Of course the lying muslim creep has “blood on his hands” – -don’t forget about “Fast and Furious”!

    • madmemere says:

      And I forgot – -the muslim creep encouraged and allowed the genocide of hundreds of thousands of Christians to take place, in the mid-east- -done by his very own muslim jihadi brethren!!

    • Phyllis says:

      Obama and Hilary both have blood on their hands . They are as responsible for the deaths of those men as if they had pulled the trigger, then had the gall to blatantly lie about it.

      • Bryant Wood says:

        They really are, as they sold the guns to the people who were trying to kill our Ambassador and his Aide as well as the 2 Navy Seals who were there to protect them! Kris Paronto and his men were survivors but also heros!

  16. Marlene deRonde says:

    Benghazi was a transfer of arms to terrorists. Do democrats really think Americans are that stupid to believe his ridiculous story-?

  17. Ed says:

    Why doesn’t some one steal and then leak some of those sealed and incriminating documents, and release them to the public??? Not to closed door investigators!!

  18. Ed says:

    Why doesn’t some one steal and then leak some of those sealed and incriminating documents, and release them to the public???

  19. Bob says:

    Obama isn’t the idiot. He knew exactly what he wanted to do and did it. It’s the people who voted for him are the idiots. The first time because most all of them thought it would be “cute” to have a black president, or it would prove to everyone they weren’t prejudiced. The 2nd time the fools voted for him was because they too thought this country should be punished for its previous accomplishments. Obama would be the one to apologize and continue destroying America. So, again Obama wasn’t the fool it was his ignorant followers. No one, no matter how hard they try, can name even one thing Obama ever did for the “good” of this country.

  20. Daniel Mount says:

    Barack Obama was and still is the number one Islamic Terrorist with his “JV TEAM” that was and still is “ISIS or ISIL” That is what Obama would call them.

  21. Oscar Pearson says:

    Obama is the enemy!

  22. JANICE cARRICO says:

    Obama is so full of himself. He needs to go to Hollywood and join his people there. I didn’t ever think
    he was president material.

    • Erwin says:

      Your so right I said that when he was elected , what a mistake , and then hide behind the truth , it always catches up with a dishonest person, he shows me he’s a afraid of war even if it was him they were after., hoorah! USMC

  23. Carol L Stoner says:

    I cannot believe that man could say these things and expect intelligent 10 year olds to believe him. I have never hated anyone in my life, but Obama and Hillary are coming very close. Obama is a cheat, liar and menace.

  24. For some reason, that we may find out someday, Obama & Hillary wanted that Ambassador dead and the Embassy over run. There is no other explanation for what they did, if it weren’t on purpose, and to sit in the situations room a watch it take place, then try to blame it on some video. They knew in advance that there was an attack being planned and refused to act, they also made up the video story before it happened. We need a real investigation into both of those traitors.

    • The reason for Benghazi being handled the way it was, was due to the amount of arms being funneled through Benghazi from our country to the Syrian Rebels. Obviously Obama and Clinton approved it and felt that if something bad happened (which obviously something did) they needed a cover story. the bad guys found out about the arms going through and decided enough was enough.

  25. Ron Myles says:

    Too bad this site has been invaded by a lying, crazy loser like Dr. J. D. Even though I am a senior, veteran & 43+ year Democrat, I know that Obama is narcissistic, lying fool. In fact I would say that he is a traitor to the USA. I just wish that when I was serving in the military that I had old Obama and his clown defender, Dr. J.D., in my Unit because I would have taught them the importance of always telling the truth!

  26. bagster53 says:

    benghazi was a cover up to protect the kenyan freak and hillary from the truth, by him going to bed to go fund raising in vegas the next morning ,proves he left them there to die

  27. Susan Dix says:

    It seems about what Obama would do to cover him and Hildabeast.
    Discredit the truth teller, and call it a conspiracy theory.
    As we are finding out in spite of the lying media some conspiracies are
    much more than a mere theory!! As he said himself, elections have( in this case
    DIRE) consequences. You cannot explain away Americans dying! What a FOOL!!!

  28. K says:

    Did HRC & Hussein Obama deny a rescue team because of the guns they were running to the enemy in Benghazi? Just like many others that surround HRC, when they pose a threat or know something damaging, they tend to die. In this case, they BOTH should be held liable for the deaths of 4 Americans.

    • Bryant Wood says:

      That’s exactly why they lied and wouldn’t approve any more security for the Benghazi Embassy! Ambassador Stevens asked for more security for over a month, however Hillary refused all his calls! She and Obama approved all the sells of guns to our enemies but didn’t want us to find out, so they tried to cover it all up!

  29. Mike W says:

    We don’t even know who Bath House Barry is. The is no argument from anyone that Stanley Ann Dunham was his mother – But who is his REAL father? While campaigning he said he was the son of a goat herder. He claimed his father was Barack Hussein Obama Sr. However any one with working eyesight can plainly see he looks absolutely nothing like Sr. or any of the other Obama sr. children. The REAL Obama’s in Kenya would now like to see a DNA/Paternity test for proof because they no longer believe they are related by blood – but were just used for political fodder. Barry wrote two books about a man he hardly even knew – When Sr. died Barry couldn’t be bothered to go to his funeral. To this day Barry has not put one penny into the Barack H. Obama Sr. Foundation. When his Aunt Zeituni Onyango died in Massachusetts – he refused to help the family get her back to Kenya for her burial. Barry used her too during his campaign and even had her to the White House. But like everything else with this prick – when people are no longer useful to his he cast them aside. The last time he went to Kenya as president – did he bring them “HOPE” – Hell no – we went to try to push his gay agenda on them and 10,000,000 Africans told him to get the hell out and don’t come back. Speaking of his gay agenda – where have the girls been since they left the White House – there is a lot of speculation they were just borrowed to give him a wholesome family image. And now no longer useful cast aside. Where are the photos of a pregnant Michelle has ANYONE ever seen ONE? He often referred to his “wife” as Michael. My guess is Michelle is more likely to develop testicular cancer than ever have a baby. The guys whole damned life is a lie – why the pressing need to have all of his records sealed. They sure want to know EVERYTHING about President Trump. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander – LET’S SEE THOSE RECORDS. If I was President trump I’d say show the American people those records – and I’ll publish my tax returns.

  30. Oat 35 says:

    Obama and his minions all have blood on their hands for telling our military to stand down while our Benghazi Embassy was being attacked. He’ll be always be known in history as the worst President of the United States.

  31. Thomas Meredith says:

    Sorry, but Kris is an idiot – Obama isn’t saying that Bengazi was a hoax. He was saying that the often criticized response by Obama and Clinton by right-wing nut cases is a conspiracy. Read about it for Christs sake! Read the Wikipedia report on it – There were several investigations, most done by Republican congressmen. They found no fault by Obama nor by Clinton. Were there mistakes made? Of course. Mostly made US Intelligence but also made by the ambassador himself an

    • Oat 35 says:

      There was nothing ever found because all of his minion agencies and comrades covered up and lied for him with the BS You Tube video story. Your the idiot and obviously an Obama / Clinton comrade!!!

    • KJHanover says:

      Really? Well here are the FACTS THAT WERE FOUND
      1. communications from the embassy, begging for help.
      2. no help coming.
      3. our people dead

      There’s no question about any of this. What makes you such a jackass? And before you say I ‘called you a name,’ No I didn’t. I called you what you are.

    • Bryant Wood says:

      The guns were confiscated, then sold by Obama and Hillary! That’s why Obama didn’t want anyone at Benghazi to survive! He didn’t want to be found out! Our Ambassador Ambassador Stevens had been calling Hillary Clinton for weeks trying to get more security for the Embassy, but she totally ignored his pleas for help! She’s a heartless, wicked person! If she’d had one bit of compassion for our Ambassador Stevens, she would’ve picked up the phone when he called many many times, but she didn’t, probably under the orders of Obama! Hillary & Obama have blood on their hands of the Ambassador and all the others who died that night! If Kris Paronto and the others hadn’t disobeyed orders, everyone would’ve died there!

  32. John Ballinger says:

    All the voters that voted for the greatest fraud in American history are accessories to that fraud. John

  33. Joe says:

    Still trying cover his ass

  34. Barbara Jackson says:

    It really makes me sick to think that Obama was even elected once ……he is nothing but a liar and someone who did not have a good thing to say about our wonderful USA when he was in office ……..God forgive me……but I often wish Obama would fall into a black hole and NEVER get out……he was a disgrace to our country………..I pray our people will wake up and think about what a great country we have and please vote for those who love our Constitution and are willing to follow it when in office…..

    • Janice says:

      Barbara, I have the same feelings about traitor obama. He was a disgrace, he did everything he could to hurt America. He even went around apologizing to our enemies. I too would like to see him in that black hole. I pray that people would think and realize what he is. He is smooth, poised, well spoken but being a good speaker does not mean he is a good

      • Tim Thompson says:

        Obama coming out now just before the midterms hopefully will reawaken the total disgust we patriotic Americans feel for this man. His record is right now being evaluated due to the exposure of what he did to the DOJ, FBI, IRS, EPA, DHS and CIA in particular. It’s obvious during the eight years of his Presidency he implanted far leftist into each and everyone of these government agencies without exception he weaponized them with people like Holder, Lynch, Strzok, Learner, Kautter, McCarthy all these names were leaders of departments mentioned above or high level actors who tried to bring down Trump’s Presidency. Let’s hope Justice is soon going to be leveled at them all including Obama. I pray everyday it’s proven they all participated in Treason.

      • KJHanover says:

        “He is smooth, poised, well spoken…”

        Would you expect any less from the antichrist?

        • HServatt says:

          “He IS smooth, poised, and well spoken…” That is, when he has his teleprompters going. Otherwise, he is a bumbling gas bag.

      • KJHanover says:

        He CAME OUT OF a black hole.

        And Yeshua is going to send him back.

    • Db says:

      He does fall into a black hole, Michaels!

  35. MARK says:

    Both Obama and Hillary Clinton are liars and criminals. They need to be tried and executed.

  36. Matin says:

    Clint Eastwood is right when he said this.
    “President Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.”
    The Democrats are the next greatest hoax on the American People.

  37. Joe says:

    Obama wouldn’t know the truth if It bit him on the keester! He’s the Liar in Chief!

  38. John Ballinger says:

    The one word definition of fraud. OBAMA John

  39. ac says:

    Too much evidence that Obama was not born in Hawaii, if he was legit why did he spend millions to seal all his records? Why is his SS# from a state he was never in, his “birth certificate” is one that you can make on a computer. a fraud expert that our government uses was hired to examine the birth certificate and he found it to be a fraud. Media would not publish results

    • Tim Thompson says:

      It’s obvious that we as Americans deserve to know the truth about the History of our 44th President, and why there are so many questions still unanswered regarding the legitimacy of his Presidency. Unfortunately seems there isn’t an effort to investigate Obama, the FBI should easily be able to find the official records of his time in college, his birth certificate and his social security card issues in a State he never ever was in. With AG Sessions in charge of the DOJ we see his non-efforts to investigate anything. Seems we will be no closer to the truth as we go into the midterms. Let’s hope things change.

  40. Charles says:

    I do not agree with that Racist Bastard that never should have held a public office much less been for president for tow terms. He gave away more of America to the terrorist, than if a war would have been here and we had lost!! He should be in jail with all the Clintons.

    • Roxy says:

      I can’t believe they still didn’t learn their lesson. Why do you think Trump is our president. Because people got sick and tired of the OBumma and Killery ways. After all that he has the nerve to actually still look down his nose at the American people. Who is he kidding. Karma does have a way of dealing out punishment. And he will get his also along with Killery for treating the American people like dirt.

  41. John Ballinger says:

    True Americans need to thank God Hitlerly did not make it into the White House. If she had all Americans would either be in a grave ( mass execution ) or saying SIEG HEIL HAIL HITLERY. John

  42. Donald Lee says:

    It was not a conspiracy, it happened! The questions are why did it happen? And what were Hillary and Obama hiding? One thing is for sure. It did not happen because of some dumb U Tube video. Obama also spoke of his birth certificate. The one he finally produced was an obvious forgery. And we are still waiting to see his education records and get an explanation for the discrepancy concerning his social security card.

    • Dr. J.D. says:

      Of course the incident in Bengazi happened. That is not what Obama was referring to – -he was referring to all that conspiracy garbage of blame they tried to hang on to Hillary Clinton. The whole investigation, despite the work of many Republicans like Try Gowdy, came up with ZILCH, ZERO in regards to hanging o that with Hillary – – she defending herself well and showed she was smarter than Gowdy or all those Republicans on the committee.

      • Bryant Wood says:

        You’re wrong there! Loretta Lynch lied for Hillary, as well as many others! Comey was the reason Hillary wasn’t proscecuted! It was a huge cover up for H. Clinton! Trey Gowdy had her in a corner and she was a stammoring idiot! She lied her a– off, as well as all her attornies & Obama!

  43. Wanda Kavanaugh says:

    Richard crooks
    Your name, crooks, says it all. Evidently you are just like that POS, obama, if you think there was anything good about him. WHY DON’T YOU GET A LIFE, A MORAL LIFE? I worked with a guy from Chicago. He told me everyone in Chicago knew bo was gay, he went both ways. People even lost their lives for coming out & telling about him.

  44. Mel says:

    Most of you are delusional like the person that sits in the whitehouse that’s supposed to be president.
    He’s the narcissist, cowardly, lying, golfing, poor excuse for a human being. The sooner he’s impeached the better.

    • James Arthur says:

      But Obama is no longer in the Whitehouse.

    • Helene says:

      U ignorant S OB, I wish I were near you, then I could PUNCH U in the ugly mouth of your, u moron!

    • Louise K. Blackwell says:

      Mel, Mel just another fool on the coattails of a whole lot of fools. That’s who you are.

    • Dr. J.D. says:

      There is a brand NEW poll out taken by SSRS is a full-service survey and market research firm, managed by dedicated professionals with advanced degrees in the social sciences.
      Overall, just 36% approve of the way the President is handling his job, down from 42% in August. Among independents, the drop has been sharper, from 47% approval last month to 31% now. That’s 4 points below his previous 2018 low of 35% approval among political independents in CNN polling, and 1 point below his previous all-time low among independents in CNN polling, reached in November 2017.
      Apparently, independents and more Americans are awakening to just how erratic and ignorance combine to make for a bad decision-maker president.

      • KJHanover says:

        Funny, nobody polled me and I am an Independent who supports Our President MORE THAN EVER.

        I think, like all dems, you’re talking outa your ass. You probably believed Clinton’s winning polls too.

    • Eldon Hamm says:

      oh you poor ignorant soul…… u are probably lying on your couch not working… on medicaid… dont have the get up and go to go out and get a job.. and consumed by the leftist crap that no sane person would ever buy… obama was a phony… serial liar…. incompetent… and a total fraud…… get a life mel…. find out what is really going on

  45. Earl says:

    If ObamASS’ hotel was attacked by terrorist in Kenya you had better believe that he would want the whole AMERICAN MILITARY, ARMY, MARINES, AIR FORCE NAVY AND COAST GUARD, TO RESCUE HIM. QbamASS is not a PATRIOT AMERICAN, HE ADMITTED THAT HE WAS BORN IN KENYA AND RAISED BY A MUSLIM FATHER. And this was obvious with his view of Israel and his helping terrorist by giving military equipment to anti-terrorist forces in the ares knowing that the terrorist would over run their positions.

    • Edward Laurson says:

      Speaking of Wild Conspiracies you seem to fully endorse them. None of what you said makes any sense.

    • Bryant Wood says:

      That’s exactly why they lied and wouldn’t approve any more security for the Benghazi Embassy! Ambassador Stevens asked for more security for over a month, however Hillary refused all his calls! She and Obama approved all the sells of guns to our enemies but didn’t want us to find out, so they tried to cover it all up! They wanted the Ambassador, his aide and the 2 Navy Seals o die! That’s why Obama ordered them not to go to the Embassy when all the gunfire started! Kris Paronto disobeyed Obama’s “STAND DOWN”
      orders and he along with several others went to the Embassy to try and save the Ambassador, his Aide and the 2 Navy Seals! Everyone should listen to Kris’s story! He’s a HERO and hates Obama and Clinton!

  46. Wanda Kavanaugh says:

    Ask the military guys what they thought of obama. I work with military benefits at two military bases here in NC. I never mention politics, but they tell things you wouldn’t believe. Everyone who has spoken did not like obama. Just wish he would go away and keep his mouth shut. But that won’t happen, he thinks he is GOD. WHAT A JOKE HE IS. But the MAN above IS looking. His day is coming, as well as many others, like the clintons, holder, loretta, what’s her name? That is my one consolation, that they will pay one day. And what a day that will be!!!!

    • Santiago Tello says:

      I wish that cheap 2bit street corner hustler wud go back to his Chicago crib where he came from. He shoots his mouth off because he is George sotos shine boy.

  47. Jim Apple says:

    oboma is a has been, he needs to get a new life and return to his own country. but he wont,as he really think the American people will realect him. fat chance.

  48. Carol Murray says:

    Obama and Hillary ignored cries for help…. Benghazi was a tragedy…Why would any American care what anyone thinks or says about those two disgusting people.You don’t honor garbage!

    • Edward Laurson says:

      They were not ignored, maybe too slow in reacting to the events unfolding but reinforcements were sent. Do you love Trump for allowing 4 American soldiers to die in Niger ? Is Reagan “disgusting” for allowing 17 Americans to die at the Lebanon Embassy? Are they “garbage”?

      • ac says:

        Edward, they weren’t “Slow” they were absent until it was too late. Hillary couldn’t decide which uniform the “rescuers” were to wear for the “event”, she didn’t respond to numerous request for additional protection made by the ambassador. Trump nor Reagan claim the tragedy was a “conspiracy theory”, didn’t lie about a video starting the eruption of violence. I was never trying to hide any double standard, to me there is only 1 standard, it is truth, unlike libs.

  49. Rebecca Reed says:

    I still want to know WHERE Obama was during the attack? To this day that information has not been released.

    • Eldon Hamm says:

      he was out on the golf course…. just like he was everyday for 8 years….. the no good SOB

      • Edward Laurson says:

        Except Trump has outpaced Obama in golfing dates. Remember when Trump said “he would be to busy to ever golf as president”? Another one of his many lies.

        • AC says:

          Edward, Trump was still working even when he took some breaks golfing. Obama never did ANY work, he was lying everytime his lips moved. His lies cost Americans their jobs and lives, Trump may lie but it doesn’t cost us our lives and income…don’t know of anyone that never lied, do you?

          • Edward Laurson says:

            All presidents work when on vacation and are in constant contact with events whether Trump or Obama. Why aren’t you as concerned about our 4 American soldiers killed in Niger since Trump was president? If it wasn’t for double standards you wouldn’t have any standards at all. Your partisanship is out in the open.

        • Eldon Hamm says:

          oh you poor ignorant soul……

    • Rob says:

      He was at home in the People’s House, with a butt full of Holder!

      • Linda says:

        The SOB is a solid traider. Was brought and paid for by Iraq. Like many others that already live in the US. Obama and Hillary need to be locked up forever. Trump needs our vote thru 2020.

    • Edward Laurson says:

      Where was Ronald Reagan when the Lebanon Embassy attacked occurred killing 17 AMERICANS ? He was warned days before that the Embassy was going to be bombed and refused to act. With Obama reinforcements were sent but held up at the Libyan Airport and they arrived at the Consulate when the fighting was winding down. The Americans and Marines in Lebanon didn’t even have that attempt to save them. Remember too that 241 Marines died in Beirut while 4 individuals died at Benghazi. That’s a huge difference so yes Benghazi is no more than a “wild conspiracy theory” when comparing these tragedies. Plus 27 Americans survived in Benghazi and all 241 Marines were killed in Beirut.

  50. Obama is delusional towards Benghazi as well as defending us against ISIS terrorists

    • Eldon Hamm says:

      he is such a phony… and he had the ability to constantly lie.. down to a science…. a no good sob

    • Rob says:

      What do you think they were doing in Benghazi? They weren’t handing out lollipops!
      They were arming ISSIS, and Obama told the rebels to leave no witnesses! His very own Ambassador (D) Chris Stevens, and those brave men who gave up their lives for a United States President That himself is Islamic! Treasonous Coup by American Domestic Terrorists, brought us their manufactured POTUS! Fooling half this Country, into believing that a first black POTUS would be good for us! Maybe a first black POTUS would be good for us, just not that not only first black POTUS, but also first foreign born POTUS, Obama loves giving speeches, its what he does best, run that mouth! Ayers, Dorn, Holder, Obama, HRC, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, and honestly, every politician with a (D) beside their name are all guilty of High Treason! A COUP to destroy our Country, we have all the facts, now we need to send them all to hell.

  51. James Moore says:

    Obama was in Anaheim, CA over the weekend. He had a huge crowd of 750 attending. A couple of weeks ago Greg Gutfeld was at the Nixon Library and he drew 1,000 and we all paid to see him. Same story for Judge Jeanine a week ago. I’d like to see Obama debate the Judge. She’d show him up for the fraud he was and is.

    • Rowdy says:

      Would like to see judge Judy assigned special prosecutor for the FBI, to push an investigation of the demoncrap party and each person of the party for their involvement in the attempt to overthrow the Constitutional Republic government we have and replace it with a NWO driven democracy.

  52. Rick Coyne says:

    His legacy will be as the biggest narcissist in history to ever sit in the White House. If there was ever a time to get out and vote is in the upcoming election. Their candidates keep getting worse and the swamp is draining. Keep the momentum going for America

  53. Merlin Wood says:

    obama will not go away until all of his sealed records are exposed

  54. Eldon Hamm says:

    Obumkins is a phony a marxist.. a totally incompetent president… a serial liar and a really no good SOB You lost the election so shut the hell up… sit down… pack up and go back to your Kenyon birthplace

  55. DAV says:

    Obomma (intentionally misspelled due to lack of respect- I don’t respect our enemies), is so full of it that he’s the same color of it! Put that in your pipe and smoke it…you lie-beral DEMONocrats!

    • George Kehl says:

      DAV, I have to correct your name Obomma, it’s Obama Bin Lying. Everytime this SOB opens that big mouth of his the S.O.B. is lying. He is a TRAITOR and should be EXILE from AMERICA with never ever being able to return. Maybe his TERRORIST friends in IRAN would take him since he gave all those TREASONOUS dollars to them. Since we Don’t EXECUTE TRAITORS like him anymore I think that he should be EXILED to them..

    • RicB says:

      Jeff Foxworthy seems right with regards to your post: “you can fix stupid.”

  56. Margaret Heller says:

    There is not enough space here to allow my comments on Barak Hussein Obama. Mr. Crooks: What have you been smoking? You had to have been smoking and sleeping during the eight years Obama was president. He was even worse than Carter. Believe me, that is saying a lot.

    • jim says:

      ‘BLIGHT” ON THE AMERICAN SCENE!!! How he “SUCKERED” and “BLINDED” the public to get voted in twice, makes us TWICE AS DUMB”! FORTUNATELY, we were SPARED the EVIL FATE of CROOKED HILLY! Can you imagine our position in the second year of HER in office and SLICK WILLY joining her in the WHITE HOUSE?????!!!!! I shudder to imagine what the state of America with her in office!!! SHE BELONGS IN PRISON along with the whole CROOKED CLINTON CARTEL!!! WHY IS IT TAKING SO LONG TO SERVE HER PAPERS???

  57. M says:

    BHO is a liar, a fraud, and a failed President. He has huge charisma and that propelled him into the Whitehouse. This is his real tallent. I won’t list the fraudulent things, we all
    know what they are. I want to remind
    everybody that the DNC leadership
    allowed this man who was not eligible
    to be President, and whose personal
    life is a complete lie to be the
    Democrat candidate and be elected
    President. The DNC leadership
    covered and protected this fraud in
    order to elect the first black President
    who they felt could best promote their
    progressive agenda which we know is
    a nightmare of destruction for our Constitution. They have sealed all records of his entire life through his collegiate years. There are people who know and are not afraid to speak up so eventually the truth will be proven. History will not be kind to him and most especially the DNC leadership responsible for this disgraceful fraud perpetuated on the American people. I expect permanent damage to the Democrat party.

    • Dr. J.D. says:

      Some more of your conspiracy BS – – you eat that stuff up and never question it. You ignorant cultists want to believe Obama was not born in America, despite him posting his FULL birth certificate on the web, and Hawaii newspapers announcing his birth in Honolulu – -they did now know the newborn would one day be president. You know, many people make these conspiracies up for the purpose of manipulating the ignorant, so they can SELL them stuff, like multi-vitamins that “stop aging” or hurry and buy expensive guns from me because Obama is going to take them away NEXT WEEK. Trump used the birther conspiracy to gain political headway, and then used the Ted Cruz’s father conspiracy (plus his friend, David Pecker printed it in Enquirer) to kill JFK. Use your critical thinking – – if records were sealed, president Trump could unseal them – – so why wouldn’t he to back up his claims? BTWay, Woodward has written NINETEEN books and even corrupt Trump said that Woodward was a “vredible journalist” until Woodward’s book said things negative about Trump. If Hitler had said that Trump was a “good little Nazi”, Trump would praise Hitler as a good leader.

      • Bryant Wood says:

        His birth certificate was a forgery! It was proven that he was not born in the USA. His mother was interviewed and told the truth! He should’ve never become a US President! He’s done absolutely nothing for the USA, but sure has done a lot against it! He’s caused people who had just started getting along, to go back to their previous ways and that’s sad! I never even considered him as my President! I think of him as a piece of trash!

        • M says:

          Bryant Wood, Dr. J. D. is aka Diane, paid troll. She is being paid when you reply directly to her. no Dr. and Diane is not real. She’s just a real troll!

  58. Art Ward says:

    Barack Obama is simply laughable! He is likely the only person left in America that thinks that he is anything but a fiction class character. This is a guy that somehow became POTUS with virtually no life experiences of any kind that would connect to such an important role. It has all been covered up and put away in file cabinets somewhere … one day all of the actual truth will surface and most people will be dumbfounded! This could only happen in America!

  59. Shelly says:

    That speech about made me puke. I watched 20 minutes of it and had to shut it off. Just the site of that man discusts me. Him and his racist BS are enough to make me gag. He is nothing more than a narcissistic, lying magget that other maggets just like him gravel at his feet.

  60. Joanna says:

    Google tries to stop my comments ….this comment they let through!! My next post will not be seen!!!

  61. Joanna says:

    Still at huh GOOGLE is Obama you’re man??????

  62. Randy Miller says:

    Obama is nothing more that a lying sack of s**t. His whole presidency was nothing more than a lie. Hell his whole existance is a lie. Do him like they did McCain.

    • Richard M Crooks says:

      Randy Miller your quote about Our President Obama fits you to a TTtttTTTT

      • Leslie says:

        First of all, Randy Miller’s comment is not a quote, it’s an opinion/fact. Second, Obummer is not OUR president – he’s YOUR president. Pres. Trump is MY president. I didn’t vote for Obummer both times. He was lying out of both sides of his mouth starting from his first campaign speeches. He was not a legitimate president. He was selling out America to the highest bidder. It will be made public soon.



    • Robert says:

      Yes, I firmly believe that Obama was not born on US territory – His fraud on the US will someday be revealed by historical facts – he will go down in History – his most notable achievement being his election as the first Black President of the US – the worst and most devious deception perpetrated on the Office of the President of the US.

      • Richard M Crooks says:

        Robert your post fits you to a TTTTTT. What do we have now a DICTATOR IN THE WHITEHOUSE AND A BUDDY OF PUTIN PULLING THE STRINGS.

        • Dave says:

          Robert, the utterly ridiculous statement you just made is blindingly ignorant. Fortunately, your comments are those chosen by a few with no rhyme or reason. BHO is a proven entity. Having been on this earth for many years and seen the swamp close up I would conclude that BHO was one of the worst and most destructive Presidents I have ever seen. True, that Trump is not the polished, oratorical person we would like to see in that office but he has kept his promises to make America a better place. The measure I like to use is what he does for his fellow man. Of that he has done so in abundance. Open your eyes Richard tomorrow just might be a bit brighter.

          • Linda says:

            Who cares if Trump isn’t polished the way some folks would like to see him. “Polished” is clearly for show anyway…another type of facade. We could have elected a lifetime farmer (I have more respect for farming families than I do for those in the last few administrations.) They know the meaning of integrity and hard work. Trumps not a farmer…but he is a worker. He cares about this land. He is looking after America. No regrets. Red in 2020

          • Leslie says:

            Dave – I think you meant Richard or Crooks in the opening of your sentence. This guy is another sheeple owned by the Demoncrats.

        • Wildmann says:

          Eat Sheite and BARK at the Crescent Moon Crooks! YOU have the Right Name CROOK!

        • Breaker 19 says:

          Russia, Russia, Russia. Where have I heard that before. Any time the Democrats have nothing intelligent to comment, it’s just Russia, Russia, Russia.

        • Robert Schneider says:

          Asshole we don’t have a dictator in the White House, we have a real people’s President finally. Have you always been brain dead without original thoughts… it’s actually called you have a midgets brain

        • Wanda Kavanaugh says:

          Richard crooks
          Your name, crooks, says it all. Evidently you are just like that POS, obama, if you think there was anything good about him. WHY DON’T YOU GET A LIFE, A MORAL LIFE? I worked with a guy from Chicago. He told me everyone in Chicago knew bo was gay, he went both ways. People even lost their lives for coming out & telling about him.

      • Jim says:

        Up until his election Carter was our worst Pres. In the modern era. After Obama got elected I think Carter sent him a Thank You Note thanking him for taking him off that spot and putting himself there.

    • Richard M Crooks says:

      Charles L Gordon where in hell is your prof. Post it if you have any, your is a disgrace to the country. How many dollars was spent trying hang Clinton and came up with nothing, who in hell pulled the country back from the biggest depression in history when the Republicans buried the country just like the DICTATOR IN THE WHITEHOUSE WITH HIS COMRADE PUTIN ARE DOING NOW.

      • John King says:

        Richard M Crooks…………Obama’s own grandma . . . who lives in Kenya . . . said she watched him being born IN KENYA!!! But the MSM refuses to report that because it doesn’t fit the agenda if the Fake News Media!

        These same Deep Swamp traitors seated in Congress have the audacity to demand ALL the information about Kavanaugh . . . but we heard NOT ONE WORD from them to demand ALL THE E-MAILS when Hillary was given the subpoena to cough up the e-mails! No, Hillary did EVERYTHING BUT give over ALL THE E-MAILS! Your a idiotic narcissist, sir . . . and fit in with all the liars you most likely support!!!

        • Leslie says:

          John King – the truth will start to come out when Pres. Trump declassifies the 20 pages of FISA. That should be any day now. That’s just the beginning. The “lost” emails and servers are in safe hands and will be the final nails in the coffins of all the traitors. corrupt officials and pedophiles are released to the public. So far, the sleepers aren’t paying attention to what’s already happened and what’s about to happen. These are being released gradually because the coddled brainwashed far leftists could handle the entire proof all at once. From what I’ve heard, there’s now over 55,000 sealed indictments. These deniers will find out soon enough – the writing in on the wall. The deniers are listening to the wrong news. MSM does has not covered anything that is not positive for the Dems or is not negative for the Reps. and Pres. Trump. It’s like a child putting their fingers in their ears saying “I can’t hear you”. For those I guess they’ll just have to be shocked into the real truth. Gitmo is waiting.

      • Robert Schneider says:

        Hillary should be in prison for her misuse of classified material, for using illegal server, uranium fraud, for Clinton foundation, and the list is endless!

    • Rowdy says:

      Nope doesn’t get the Kenya option.

    • Robert Schneider says:

      I’ve seen one of his college transcripts, he was a Foriegn Exchange Student claiming Kenya as his home! He is and has been a fraud!

      • Dr. J.D. says:

        No, you have NOT. You may have seen a mock-up or fake transcripts, because some students are superb and making those up. Did you see one with the seal on it, and official transcript? No. Those are protected by federal (FERPA) privacy laws and even some of the faculty cannot look or share college transcripts with others.

      • Leslie says:

        I still think he is the offspring of Mohammed Subud (name was changed). Obama, Sr. is step-daddy. Check out the Subud Cult. Look at the pics of Obama, Sr. and the split screen images of Subud and Obummer (a spittin’ image, down to the arrogant look). Obummer may have been born in Kenya but he was conceived in Indonesia, half caucasian and half Indonesian. Loretta Fuddy who autenticated Obummer’s birth certificate in Hawaii was a member of Subud as well as Obummer’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham. Loretta Fuddy died of a “heart attack” while waiting for rescue after the small plane she was in crashed in the water. Everyone survived the crash. She died in the water, wearing a life vest. I understand she was a good swimmer also. Her doctor and her brother both said Fuddy had no heart condition. Check out Hugo Fuegen on YouTube – Use of the U/S. Militay for a Weaponized Political Benefit. I can’t remember the first one that my husband and I watched. It was a documentry of the plane and passengers before and after the crash. It was at least an hour long, but I think it was longer. There is one that’s 3:24:22 by Hugo Fuegen – Loretta Fuddy Mystery Part 1. There’s at least 5 more videos to follow.

    • Robert Schneider says:

      I’ve seen one of his college transcripts, he was a Foriegn Exchange Student claiming Kenya as his home!

  64. Sfengr says:

    Obama had Susan Rice lie about Benghazi, and blame the riot on a video. Such a bunch of bull turds!! If he were wise, he would slink back into the shadows and STFU! The stench coming from him and his party is worse than the smell of burning waste drums. Drop the act arse hole, we’re on to you!

  65. Ellie says:


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