Barack Obama’s top allies are about to end up in prison because of one word

Now that Robert Mueller turned in his final report, the heat is on for Barack Obama’s Deep State.

Donald Trump is about to hold all the rogue actors in the FBI and CIA accountable.

And now Obama’s top allies could be heading to prison because of this one word.

President Trump was vindicated by the Mueller report, which found no evidence of Russian collusion.

Now, Trump — along with millions of Americans — wants to know why the FBI began an investigation on the basis of a hoax.

And the President told Sean Hannity in a phone interview Wednesday night that he believes the conduct of high-ranking FBI officials was criminal.

In fact, he called it “treasonous.”

The Daily Caller reports:

“I’m also going to leave it to Lindsey Graham,” Trump told Fox News host Sean Hannity, describing where the investigations should proceed. “He’s head of [the Judiciary Committee] and Senate and a very, very good guy and a very smart guy. I’m just going to let them do whatever they want to do, and I would imagine they don’t like what they see, to put it mildly.”

Stating his desire to “let other people do it” instead of involving himself, Trump described the “insurance policy” that Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were talking about “just in case Hillary Clinton lost.”

“And what we were playing out until just recently was the insurance policy,” he said before stating his belief about what would have happened had the roles been reversed.

This was music to the ears of Trump supporters.

For two years they watched as the “Justice” Department railroaded Trump associates and let Obama Deep State actors walk free.

That appears to be changing.

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