Barack Obama’s new plan to defeat Donald Trump has everyone talking treason

There is no question Barack Obama wants to see Donald Trump defeated in 2020.

The only question is how far the former president is willing to go to see that dream come true.

And now Barack Obama’s new plan to defeat Donald Trump has everyone talking treason.

The Obamas cashed in on their fame after leaving the White House by signing a mega deal with streaming giant Netflix to produce films and documentaries.

And of course the Obamas could not pass up the opportunity to use Hollywood to try to take out President Trump.

The first film from Obama’s production company – “American Factory” – takes dead aim at Donald Trump’s core contention that China wants to replace the United States as the words sole superpower through economic competition and globalization.

American Factory tells the story of a Chinese billionaire reopening a GM plant in Ohio.

Yahoo reports:

This is “reverse globalization,” say Oscar-nominated directors Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert, who filmed the GM plant’s closure in 2008 and returned to chronicle its reopening by Fuyao corporation for the documentary “American Factory.”

The film charts a Midwestern rust belt community’s journey from optimism at the giant plant’s reopening — bringing back vital jobs — toward creeping anger and disillusionment as the Chinese management imposes its strict, exhausting demands on workers and sacks those who don’t comply.

The all-access look at how both American and Chinese workers, from blue-collar to management, had their lives transformed by powerful global economic forces caught the eyes of none other than Barack and Michelle Obama.

The former first couple acquired “American Factory” at January’s Sundance Festival, and will release it on Netflix and in select theaters from August 21 as the first offering from their Higher Ground Productions company.

There was no bigger proponent of globalization over the last decade than Barack Obama.

But the backlash to Obama putting the interests of countries like China ahead of the United States directly led to the election of Donald Trump.

That’s why Obama is so determined to undercut President Trump on that front as he runs for re-election in 2020.

And Obama is using Hollywood movies as his weapon of choice in this fight.


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141 Responses

  1. Obama did a lot of damage in US But, not destroyed yet The freedom in this beautiful country is still, alive

  2. Francine says:

    The Obamas, the Clintons, and W Bush did more damage during their presidencies than any other. Bush took our privacy rights away, Obama tried to turn the US into a 3 world country, and the Clinton were just criminals and could care less about this country. Obama, Hillary, and Bill need to be behind bars.

  3. Km says:

    The Obama’s and the clinton’s make me physically ill. Just the thought of them makes me want to throw up. I wonder how Chelsea deals with the fact that her father is a rapist and pedophile and frequented orgy island.

  4. Thomas Goss says:

    For 8 years I wished that the son of a bitch Obama would drop dead.. I still wish he would suffer a horrible agonizing DEATH NOW.

  5. Eva says:

    Obama wanted to stay in office as a dictator but our constitution stopped him from it and now stupid people believe him to be someone he isnt…he isnt the black american president they voted for he is a foreign man that hates americans and yes he hates black americans too. STOP SUPPORTING HIS TREASON…

  6. Doris says:

    Obama has already committed treason on more than one occasion. He doesn’t give a rats but he will stoop to what ever level. He needs to disappear and stop sticking his unwanted nose into everything. He is washed up so just go away

  7. Ron says:

    Obama is a SOB America hater. If true he is or has committed treason he should be prosecuted. …..IMMEDIATELY!!

  8. chief1937 says:

    At present Obama has one big problem He can not accept the fact he is no longer president and no one really cares what he has to say. He should go about building his memorial and leave politics alone.

  9. jack says:

    obama did his best to ruin this nation, and he has made many democrats aware of that. That is why many of them are jumping ship, and joining “America First”, Donald Trump.

  10. Logical American says:

    What a bunch of illiterate haters all y’all are! You are full of fear, which is why you go along with all this negativity towards everybody who is not a white male. Yes, some immigrants and women have taken your jobs, because a) you did not get a very good education, and b) you mostly believe you are entitled to certain things, just for being here before others, and that attitude does not give you the best work attitude.
    Also, you’re so gullible you believe whatever the repubs. want you to believe; all these conspiracy theories are BS. We have a thing called “RULE OF LAW” in this country, and that means that if the Repubs couldn’t find enough evidence by now to take Hillary or Barack to court, then it’s not there! Because you can’t accuse them of not trying! On the other hand, Trump (after he FAILS to win the election- there are WAY more libs than wankers like you) will be spending a TON of time in court, which is his own fault because his openly flouts all his crimes.
    BTW, did you ever notice that this site- every day- says somebody’s career ended or other suck tripe, and it NEVER TURNS OUT TO BE TRUE????

    • kinzy says:

      Obama was our worst ever President…Trump is doing sooooo much for this country, but some Americans are too stupid to see it!!! Leave him alone and let him do his job…If the democrats would just listen to him and build the freaking wall a lot of these immigration issues would end…..GO TRUMP IN 2020!!!!!

    • TOM says:


  11. WILLIAM says:

    OBAMA’S WORDS IN 2006…

    “Those who enter our country illegally, and those who employ them, disrespect the rule of law. And because we live in an age where terrorists are challenging our borders, we simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected, undocumented, and unchecked. Americans are right to demand better border security and better enforcement of the immigration laws.”


  12. Bill says:

    What is Obama’s big plan to defeat President Trump in 2020? Find some other towel head to bow to? Pay the Iranians billions of dollars? Always be gone when some crisis was unfolding? Obama was a lousy president and he isn’t making himself look better with his foot-in-mouth statements.

  13. Don Juan says:

    Evil hath no fury like a ex-president scorned. Obama was the worst president this country has had since Jimmy Carter. Imagine, giving hundreds of millions of dollars and other currency to a known terrorist country like Iran and it was all done in the cloak of darkness. No transparency there. And then there was the Hillary scandal which Obama was neck deep in. No transparency there either. I could go on and on about the corruption and scandals that Obama was involved with, but you all get my point. People are getting fed up with the Demon Rats running amok in this country and they will let their voices be heard in November 2020.

  14. John says:

    This garbage from the worst president in the history of our country. The great divider.

  15. dlmstl says:

    It will undoubtedly be a slick production featuring this erstwhile ‘community organizer’ with ZERO experience in running anything except his mouth. Be interesting to hear what Moochie will contribute. This dastardly duo from Chiaq are classic examples for a 21st defination of grifting.

  16. John says:

    If Obama was an American citizen he would be guilty of treason.

  17. Elmer Fudd says:

    It’s so much fun posting and then sit back and wait for the idiotic responses watching to see who can out dumb the next guy or girl i think maybe their girls hard to tell anymore anyway as i said ” oh yea you think that is dumb I’m dumber then you are and I’ll post it and prove it” now just try to out dumb me bring it on I’ll prove i love cheeto man more then you do AND THE RACE IS ON may the dumbest post win i think the biggest losers are the ones that post a link to a white supremacist web site now that truly shows STUPIDITY HE HAW AWAY WE GO HE HAW DAHHHHHHH

  18. Kathy says:

    Obama and Hillary Clinton are criminally corrupts to the core of Satan. Praying both go to prison for life with no parole.

  19. an says:

    I believe this whole Russia thing, accusing Trump, is the Left’s & Dem’s FEAR of uncovering that Obama was, in fact, NOT an American born Citizen……..Not to mention the Crimes committed, ie: Obama/Iran Deal, Hilliary/Russia Uranium Deal, Kerry & son Iranian Deals
    Bernie & Wife/Banking Deals, Biden & Son/China Deals, Pelosi & Husband/Real Estate Deals, Clinton Foundation/Deals with foreign governments…….etc. etc……….
    Lincoln FREED the slaves…..President Trump FREED the American Citizens!!!!!

  20. James C Green says:

    Barry should go play golf and keep his D*#& mouth shut! He is definitely guilty of fraud and treason. If he keeps criticizing the Pres, he could see his A$$ arrested! He should be in prison!

  21. Severa Hill says:

    Obama hates Trump because Trump is very successful. Obama continues to meddle with Trump and his campaign. Obama is a faggot. coward, corrupt and criminal treasonous. Bring the ropes and give this Kenyan what he deserves. Stop this Muslim hater of America and put him where he belongs in the slammer and people like Obama who commits treason hang. TRUMP 2020 !

    • David Custodio says:

      I wonder why Barr hasn’t put out a warrant for Obama’s arrest for treason. Maybe Obama wasn’t a traitor and maybe you have allowed your hate filled imagination to run away with your sanity…

      • Jim Tierney says:

        David, just maybe Barr is wading through the swamp of traitors obama installed to be legally able hand the Muslim traitor that warrant. The party of death and the alphabet people is about to be exposed and justly rewarded for their actions

  22. DD says:

    The Obama’s are the reason I canceled my netflix acct.

    • old man coyote says:

      I’m in a deep-fringe area with almost no television reception since OTA went digitalis. Cable is insanely expensive so I stay with NutFlix in the old fashioned way – if I don’t like a selection I don’t bother to select it. As far as my lifestyle goes the Obamacasts are strictly hearsay. I’ve seen no tangible proof they exist.

    • Elmer Fudd says:


    • Michael A. Gilliam says:

      Yes, they are the reason I cancelled mine as well.

  23. Mike says:

    Obama’s record speaks for itself. With out a doubt.Hands down.He will go down as the worst president in modern day history.Jail time.How long can the commies cover it up???

  24. Elmer Fudd says:

    So much fun reading well trying to read or decifer or decode what the majority are trying to say or type all you inbred morons say, how you got that way i don’t know or understand but its so clear to me and many others that deffently there is insest and inbreeding in your family who was your mother??? Grandma Sister Aunt ill bet you don’t know. I got an idea take a DNA TEST!!
    UNTILL THEN GO BACK TO KINDERGARTEN AND START ALL OVER ONLY YHIS TIME PAY ATTENTION!!!!!🤣😀😆😎🤗😙🤓😴😪🤠😬🤡☠👻😈👹💩🙈🙉🙊👾🤖👨‍💻👩‍💻💂‍♀️💂‍♂️🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♂️🤰👳‍♂️👳‍♀️🕴🗣

  25. Tracy Lynn Velasquez says:


    • Elmer Fudd says:

      Tracy. The orange one and moscow mitch just let russia move into kentucky can you say WELCOME COMRADES MAC DADDY make america comunist who’s your daddy stupid b# tch shut your pie hole!!!😎💩💩💩💩💩💂‍♀️💂‍♂️🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♂️👤🗣🕴

      • Mike says:

        I should have known.Your a dumb ass.

      • Jack says:

        Your day is comi g and your to blind to see it.

        • Elmer Fudd says:

          Mike Jack. I know your morons you just proved it your Sh#thead pos just sold out america to Putin come on now all let’s say WELCOME COMRADES you don’t know TREASON WHEN YOU SEE IT COMMITTED RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU thats why Russia had to help cheeto man win he willingly sold off america yea what a great POS just wait till they paint the white house RED AND CALL IT LITTLE MOSCOW

        • Elmer Fudd says:


  26. Bobi says:

    Higher Ground production Compamy?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “When they go low we go high?!!!!!!!!!!! When have the Obamas EVER taken the high road?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The real reason Obama is doing this is to make himself look a little better since he did absolutely NOTHING except try to destroy this country and Trump has made this very eveident!

    • Elmer Fudd says:

      Bobi. True fact cheeto man inherited great economy and now just like everything else he’s ever done he’s brankrupting america and sold us off to Russia with the help of MOSCOW MITCH THE SNITCH MCCONNELL

  27. I am accusing you of censoring my comments…and for the excuse that I sent a previous message as the one I just wanted to send
    and you wouldn’t allow it to be pubnlished

  28. Jay says:

    Isn’t it ironic that Obama gave billions of dollars to GM and now they are laying off and closing plants!! Where is all that taxpayer money? Chrysler took money too,
    Ford Motor was the only one that did not and that’s why I drive a Ford SUV!
    This Netflix film is an insult to every hard working American!
    Obama is guilty of treason on many levels, like money to Iran, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, DACA, Obamacare, allowing Muslim infiltration of our government,
    the liberal Indoctrination of our schools and colleges, Hillary and Uranium One, Kerry and his daughter in Iran and her phony charity, etc etc. Add in the $100 million the Obama family spent on vacations over 8 years, and it’s beyond appalling! Now traitor Obama, the ever Soros puppet, wants to interfere with our elections!!
    God save America from this madness!
    Trump 2020. Our only hope to save America and our soverignity! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  29. Mike says:

    And I thought that Hanoi Jane was a Traitor. Barack has her beat by miles.

    • Let’s refrain this subject for one minute. We Americans have been hoodwinked. We have accepted the truth for over 50 years by Democrats, But what we should have been demanding , is the FACTS, cold hard Facts. We allowed the Democrats to create Political Correct truths that are not the truth of the World but the truth as the Democrats have force fed us all along. Demand the FACTS, not the truth. The truth has nothing to do with FACTS.

  30. Dan Winright says:

    The obungler is nothing but a mombason bonobo that belongs in the zoo. Since giving America and the title of president the worst reputation its ever seen, it’s time to cage the monkey. And throw that monkey loving troll Elmer fuddy in with him so Barry has a BATHHOUSE friend

  31. Love babies not kill them says:

    This pig dick is half white and half arab. This is one terrorist that deserves to be executed for treason asap.

  32. Kathryn says:

    Obama worse president in history. Time is now for Obama to be charged and indicted for ALL HIS CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES AS WELL AS JOHN KERRY FOR TREASON.

  33. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Calling we conservatives Nazis and Hitler supporters is likened to a thief crying
    “Stop theif!”

  34. Wes says:

    When Traitors go LOW…we go HIGH, to the nearest tree, with a rope….!

  35. Phillip Mayo says:

    Yeah boy just what I thought

  36. DALE GELDREICH says:


  37. Walt says:

    Obama was America’s worst POTUS. He is guilty of perjury, treason, liar to the American people, guilty of giving 750 Billion Dollars to Muslims Mosques, Billions to Iran, Deep State developing coupe on President Trump. He is a fraudulent person on birth certificate and more lies.

    • Gary Von Neida says:

      You left out a salient point: all His close allies were/are communists. Bill Ayers & Bernadette Doran (the Pentagon Bombers) held a party for Barry upon His 1st election.

    • says:

      Hussein Obama is a traitor to America and American patriots and should receive the death sentence for the many treasonous acts he committed whilst in office.

    • William J Vital says:

      Is Obummer a Citizen of our country? He WAS BORN in Keyna…FACT!

  38. Truckman says:

    I quit netflix years ago part because of him and the rest because i’m not going to support those treasonous actors

  39. Grumpy Vet says:

    I quit watching Netflix as soon as I heard they had signed that traitor. Ohellno needs to be sent back to Kenya, have his retirement cancelled and all his assets seized.

  40. Obama committed treason almost the whole time that he was in office. I was calling for his impeachment for the last two years of his term. All that got me was purged from Fakebook and Twitter. It pisses me off that the criminals in our Corrupt Congress have obviously “changed”the definition of the word treason. Yeah how many of them are committing treason on a daily basis Still? Pray for America our own government is dead set on destroying US

    • Chris says:

      I agree with Saundra O”Neal 100% with everything stated

    • Elmer Fudd says:

      Saundra. Sounds like you’d be a good fit for cheeto mans new mental hospitals, rants like yours are under scrutiny id say you just bought 1st class ticket to the FUNNY FARM CUO CUO CUO CUO

    • Master gunny sgt USMC RETIRED says:

      The demogogs in congress are trators and commiting treason and should be tried in a military court. The veterans who fought to keep this great nation free a re doing everthing we cann to get do nothing democratics out and replace thea m with men and women who love the flag and country. I have talk to white black and Hispanic people useto vote democrat and will be voting repulican. SEMPER FI USMC RETIRED

  41. N says:

    Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Demoncrat Party,RINOs,Fake News! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception,Fake News(Russian Collusion & Jussie M hoax)the list is endless!And the clueless minions that follow them!

    • Elmer Fudd says:


  42. Bill says:

    The Obamas have spent their entire time together and Barrack ever since he ws born , as a foreigner trained to hate the US and non-muslim religions so when he managed to break the law and get elected presidentr he had an open path to cause the nation problems !

  43. Robert Ratto says:

    Obama has been trying to destroy this country for a very long time and has done a good job of it. That is because he has never been held accountable for his actions. I believe the reason he has been getting a pass is because of his dark skin and people who disagree with him are afraid of being called a racist.

    • Jim Tierney says:

      Come on Robert, everybody is a racist!! The only thing Obama has coming to him is a bullet, and AIDS

    • Everyone who voted for this slime should get what’s coming for them. If these bastards get back in the Government, we all will be finished as a free Nation. We all know that Americans did not vote for this trash, the Obama election was fixed as was Clinton. the only thing that stopped Clinton from getting back in was her TRUTH and AGENDA. She was so sure she had it in the bag that she had the Media all pumped up. But America had a better idea, we went for the FACTS over the TRUTH the Democrats were selling.

  44. Dee says:

    He did it again ! Committed all the Crimes haven’t filed completely in Court that could laying him in the Jails ! Already shows exactly a Treason now even more intense want to helps some candidate planing another’s serious attacks to President Trump truly a corrupted Treasonous in US history !

  45. David Custodio says:

    Probably have to wait to see the movie. The italicized paragraph above makes a point that impossible to decipher without having watched the movie. It seems unlikely that the Chinese, or anyone, could operate a factory in violation of United States labor and safety laws. Perhaps we need more regulations…

  46. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Remember when Mr. Obama ran on a platform of being a “uniter in chief” and his anti-white racist wife made him into a “devider in chief”? Obama claims he is a Christian but only a mooslime in a Christian’s clothing. If he was real, he would’ve condemned the summary executions of Coptic Christians in Egypt and the killings of them in Africa and in northern Iraq by beheadings of people who refused to convert to Islam. But we heard nothing from him on those issues did we?

  47. Johnny says:

    Obama put chairman Mao on his Christmas tree that’s about as communist as you can get that was his mentor he is anti-American he must be put in prison and charged with treason along with the rest of the swamp monsters that have been trying to destroy America the only thing to say to a democrat now days is this shame on you for trying to destroy America shame on you for being a Democrat out to destroy America shame shame shame

  48. Charlietruth says:

    OBAMA has SOLD AMERICA out since the first day he became President he was a MUSLIM TRAITOR A PLANT he went on an apology tour to MUSLIM COUNTRIES BOWING DOWN TO OUR ENEMIES he’s a DISGRACE to AMERICA now this TRAITOROUS DEMOCREEP is TRUMP TRASHING Obama has to go to JAIL and between B.Barr & Druman they’ll bring these DEMOSCUM PIGS TO JUSTICE.

  49. Timothy Toroian says:

    Obama is an idiot!! What better way to become the number power than by opening closed American factories!!! That wouldn’t make the Chinese guy a hero!! Let’s ask Barak if we can kick his ass when he’s proven wrong. He is either in collusion with them or have absolutely no understanding of the Chinese or the fact they are also communist.

  50. T.Bell says:

    I wish Obumnuts the half breed muslim would drop dead of a massive heart attack ! TODAY !

    • Rex says:

      T. Bell I agree may Obumnuts become worm din din like today.

    • Hal G Lemoyne says:

      Obama didn’t our USofA of his as anything great

      except for enslaving Us US citizens and murdering Us if WE don’t produce

      as globalist leaders expect

      WE US public weren’t even going be considered human being

      regardless what color skin humans WE are

      thaf’s why WE need to stay with

      🎆💓👍TRUMPence2020👍💓🎆 successfully assured 8 years
      Amen & Amen

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