Barack Obama’s favorite celebrity is about to go to jail for one crazy reason

Americans reacted with horror to prosecutors dropping the charges against hate crime hoaxer Jussie Smollett.

But now there may be a chance for accountability.

And Barack Obama’s favorite celebrity is about to go to jail for this crazy reason.

Prosecutors dropped all charges against Smollett after a former Michelle Obama aide begged authorities to let him go.

Smollett faked a hate crime attack where he claimed racist Donald Trump supporters attacked him on the streets of his upscale Chicago neighborhood at two in the morning.

Smollett was facing serious charges for faking a police report among the 16 felony counts a grand jury indicted him on.

The decision to drop the charges did not sit well with anyone.

And a judge took action to correct this wrong by appointing a special prosecutor to look into the case.

The Daily Caller reports:

A judge has appointed a special prosecutor to investigate the dropped charges against Jussie Smollett after he had initially been charged with staging a hate crime hoax.

Cook County Judge Michael Toomin ruled that Kim Foxx, the state attorney, had the right to withdraw from prosecuting the case against the 37-year-old actor, according to a Chicago Tribune report published Friday. But she did not have the authority to appoint her top deputy to handle the case, according to the ruling

Toomin explained that a special prosecutor could end up charging the former “Empire” star and other charges could be brought if the investigation finds suspicion of wrongdoing by others. (RELATED: Jussie Smollett’s Episode of ‘Drop The Mic’ Has Been Pulled)

Former state appellate Judge Sheila O’Brien — who has been leading the effort for a special prosecutor — said that Foxx’s actions created “a perception that justice was not served here, that Mr. Smollett received special treatment.”

The prosecutor has the power to charge Smollett with a crime, and many Americans believe this is the only way to put this horrible attempt to smear Trump supporters to bed once and for all.


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69 Responses

  1. Liberal Demolition says:

    Put JUSSIES skinny little ass in BUBBAS CELL to go through a real (assault) .

  2. Patrick Mattison says:

    Smollet is a poster child of anarchy and bias of the progressive left, and should be stripped of any semblance of US citizenship and deported to North Korea.

  3. Mike Hunt says:

    Please, folks! It’s all they have. Fake accusations as in the Judge Kavanaugh case, fake INCOMPLETE videos as in the Covington kid’s case, and then, a has been GAY parasite accusing TRUMP supporters of a racist act! Everything is fake about these slobs! Go ahead and vote for the lying, leeches.

  4. IrishEyes says:

    It was his entire narrative was ludicrous from the beginning and a lot of assumption and a whole lot of coincidence, all the planets and stars had to align in that early morning at 2 am, in subzero temperatures in the middle of a blizzard in that liberal cesspool known as Chicago. That he was hungry and made his way to a Subway for a hoagie (why travel when they deliver to your door now or at least they do it in my small town). The premise: that two white men wearing MAGA hats, just happened to run into Jussie on the Chicago street. They just happened to be looking for a gay black man (I’m sorry but how would two white men wearing MAGA hats known he was gay, was Jussie wearing a sign?) on the streets so they could harass him, beat him up and just happened to be carrying a bottle of Clorox and a rope with them AT 2 IN THE MORNING. I think most people know you shouldn’t leave the scene of a crime. But Jussie not only didn’t stay and call the police right then, NO he walked back to his apartment, still wearing the rope around his neck and waited 40 minutes to call them. The evidence: the letter that was sent to Jussie at the studio. One of those “kidnap” letters where you use letters from magazines. These three geniuses kept the magazines that were used to writer the “threatening” letter. Police also found the receipt for the purchase for the Clorox, knit ski masks and rope in his apartment. The sweater Jussie was wearing was ruined because the bleach went all down his sweater, yet no bleach was found on his coat, so that means he wasn’t wearing it at the time it was poured over him, or his coat was opened at the time (there would still be flecks of bleach on it) while walking on the windy, cold, minus 29 below in that liberal cesspool known as Chicago. It might explain why he waited 40 minutes to call police. He needed to ruin his sweater with bleach, but didn’t think to wear his coat, obviously he loved that coat more than his sweater. The follow up: the first two policemen said that Jussie wasn’t agitated, he was calm BUT that doesn’t make sense because he claimed he had fought them off so his adrenaline would have been pumping, his hands would be shaking from it. Like I said, all the planets and stars had to align in that early morning. His story is not only ludicrous it’s pathetic too.

    I don’t know but it appears that liberals think all conservative white people are racist and bigots, that conservatives only think about the color of a person’s skin, their gender, their sexual orientation. My friends and I very rarely talk about race or sexual orientation. That we sit around making random judgements about people who walk or sit by. It’s the liberals who make judgements, who think about race, gender and sexual orientation to the level of obsession. Now, one of my gay friends, Daniel was beaten up on our university campus because he was wearing a rainbow MAGA hat and they just happened to be liberals. I don’t judge people on the color of their skin, gender or sexual orientation… I judge them on the content of their character and truthfulness and Jussie Smollett gets an F.

  5. Sue says:

    To Jussie Smollett and all others who break the law: If you do the crime, then you do the time! And this should include that bonehead Kim Foxx…I don’t how she ever got to be state attorney! She’s either the stupidest state attorney general, or a typical Trump hater. Maybe both!

  6. Justin Case says:

    jessie belongs in jail along with Obamas’.

  7. Jeanne says:

    This whole thing stinks to high heaven and I DO BELIEVE that the Obamas were involved. I do hope justice will be served in this and everything else the Obamas were involved in his administration. It was as corrupt as anything ever done before in our lifetime. They were doing everything they could to destroy this country as we know it. WHY was this happening??? And why do we let George Soros do all the treasonous things he does against the USA and he lives here and gets away with it. I know Hillary plays a big part in this with him too. That man needs to be put in prison or made to leave this country immediately.

  8. Richard Daugherty says:

    Not to worry I believe Barry Soetoro and his evil administration we likely be there soon as well. They can eat their last supper with Jesse. Prepare traitors!!

  9. Susan says:

    The Obama’s should have never interfered in this investigation!!! It was favoritism and there was no justice for what Smollett did!!!
    This just shows people what has been going on for years with this CORRUPT administration!! And it wasn’t an aide that asked for this Treatment it was Michael Obama himself this story seemed to have changed the FACTS a little I noticed!!
    Jessie needs to have to book thrown at him for trying something like this and think he could get away with this HATE Crime!!! If this were a Trump supporter who had done something like this they would have crucified him!!!!! No Justice for us and this needs to be corrected!!!!


  11. jim hertzig says:

    seams like justice wasn’t done here

  12. Bob says:

    As far as I’m concerned he Attacked all White Make America Great Again Voters. RACIST MOTIVE and GAY MOVEMENT BACKLASH!!! Lock Him Up along with the DA in Chicago.

  13. The Last Conservative says:

    I must be the biggest pessimist, in this country ! We are told that justice is blind . . . I think that is a crock of sh** ! NO ONE who commits a politically motivated crime ever sees the inside of a cell, on two accounts . . . f it occurs within the beltway of Washington DC and if it involves someone on the Left side of the aisle. Anyone who thinks that Comey, Strzok, Brennan or the other slime-balls in the Russian collusion debacle will make it out of the review committee with even an indictment is FOOLING themselves ! All they get are book and movie rights ! I really do want to change . . . being a pessimist makes for very short political conversations !

  14. ONTIME says:

    There is allegory evidence the Sotero’s are involved in complicity to interfere with the case against Smollet, is there hard evidence, enough to bring charges of obstruction???

    • Masoumeh says:

      Yes there is the hardest evidence in this so called complicit with this case. Have you seen Muslim Hussain Obama’s Escort wife’s picture with this Mr. Smollet???? If not , I suggest please look at it!!!! There is a mega complicity about Muslim Hussain Obama dealings, which I am very much interested to know about it. We know Obama hand delivered $157.00 billion to Iranian Radical Muslim Mullahs. He officially announced it 9 months after the fact. What we don’t know is the amount his commission in this deal, which is not disclosed yet. So if you are looking for real evidence about real case, let us follow the trace of $157.00 billion.

    • Ron molter says:

      Right on, Online, about the Sotsro’s, otherwise known as Osama Obama and his husband, Michael. Jessie belongs in prison, without a doubt.
      The same cell as Osama & Michael.

  15. Ernst says:

    This could get really interesting. A Special Prosecutor could discover many things. Who put pressure on Kim Foxx to drop the charges? How close to Obama will this go? Valerie Jarrett? Michelle Obama?

  16. Michelle says:

    I don’t care what his sexual preference is or his skin color, he tried to set up two innocent people based on their race, he didn’t care who, any two would do. That is dangerous and irresponsible. If someone else, even an actor on a popular series, had falsely claimed a POC or a member of the LGBTQ+ community or someone who was both, had attacked them, then it was found it was two buddies of theirs, posing as such, there would have been no question, this person would have been pillaried and the trial blazened across all media formats, and their accomplices as well, with cheers going up for getting a “racist” and their pals off the street. But because Jessie Smollett is black and gay, and the accomplices were black, and there is this grand fallacy that “blacks can’t be racist” he’s being treated with kidd gloves. Oh sure his career is at a stand still, at the moment, which is ironic since this whole thing was staged to boost his career, but, because he put every white male in his Chicago neighborhood at risk of a lynch mob and or false arrest, because, you know, *every* white male *must* be a racist Trump supporter, *that* is why he should be behind bars. For all the POC who are responding, “well now you know how we feel”, do you really want equality and fair treatment, or do you want to stick it to whitey? If you really want equality and fair treatment this should offend and pi$$ you off as much as if it happened to anyone else. If you want to stick it to whitey you have become the oppressor and are no better than those you claim have been holding you down and keeping you back all your lives. You either want to end racism or you want to turn the tables and become the oppressors. I suspect too many want revenge and you will eagerly become what you claim to hate.

  17. Moses says:

    There is a double standard in this case and the O.J. case but in millions of cases since blacks were brutally brought here in chains, millions were treated terribly by the law so you indignant whites are hysterical for a few exceptions. You forget about the cops who have killed blacks for no reason, the KKK lynchings, the church burnings and explosions, Jim Crow brutality that still exists, Rodney King, it’s endless as well as the bizarre drug convictions are much worse for blacks than whites.

    • Moses says:

      P.S. George Zimmerman was a complete thug who later beat up his partner. He hunted Martin down like he thought he had the right to be the neighborhood executioner

    • Bill says:

      One can always find fault with people who are no longer able to make a defense. There is much of what you say that, in fact, took place in America but there is also the fact that there were thousands of white men who died fighting to free black people in the war of the states. There are hundreds of thousands of white people who have never held black people back today and yet you seem to view all of us as your enemy. You also seem willing to forget that Simpson was found not guilty and that Smollet is walking around free.

    • Texas Belle says:

      Things that happened many years ago are beyond “fixing”. We no longer have slaves and we have made many positive changes since those days. You cannot continue to live in the past and place blame on those who are living now; we had nothing to do with those conditions. Hate and desire for retribution poisons the mind of those who continue to hold those views.

    • thomas robinson says:

      and yet, your kind keep voting for the very people who are keeping you down. DEMOCROOKS ! did you not listen in history class, or are you so young that you went to school after the dems deleted history from the education system ? by the way, “your kind” is not a racsist remark, it merely refers to anyone who still votes Democrat, for they ARE THE OPPRESSORS of whom you speak.

  18. Sue Rich says:

    Smollett broke the law. Like anyone who breaks the law, he needs to go to jail or prison. Someone needs to start making examples of these people and stop the lawlessness that’s destroying in our country.

  19. Gene Clark says:


    I case you havent realized it folks, the COMMUNISTS are achieving in AMERICA today, what they could NOT DO on the BATTLEFIELDS !!!! “DIVIDE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE”!!!!!! Joe McCarthy TOLD YOU YEARS AGO about the COMMUNIST PLAN and you VILIFIED HIM !!!!!

  20. A S K says:

    Yes. This is a hate crime that Jussie paid for and the victims are the Nigerian brothers and every Trump voter and constituent, and our president himself. Charge Jussie Smollet, Kim Fox and Kamala Harris each for their part in this HATE CRIME.

  21. John Vetter says:

    “Each House may determine the Rules of its Proceedings, punish its Members for disorderly Behaviour and, with the Concurrence of two thirds, expel a Member”

  22. Robert powell says:

    anything connected to chicago politics is so very warped that it seems to be a total different subject. between the black pilitics and the union/communist organizers the people of chicago do not stand a chance of getting ahead without bellying up to the crooks.jessy jackass,al sharp-tounge, and the black communist caucus group of black gangsters in d.c. this is growing like a run-away cancer.. TIME FOR SOME RADICLE SURGERY..

  23. Something is rotten in America. The Obamas have the influence to subvert the judicial system to “pardon” people like Smollett? That is a flagrant abuse of the legal system. If the special investigation reverses this abortion of justice I hope it cites the Obamas in the process. In spite of all bellyaching about Trump, it is the Democrats that are getting away with murder in this country and most particularly in Chicago, IL.

  24. Tim Woolsey says:

    IN the picture of Obama at the beginning of the article, is it just me or does Barry look like hi is smelling his fingers like he just wipes his ass and now he is sniffing them???

  25. George says:

    The whole bunch needs to be locked up, which would seem to include many Democrats in our government….

  26. GENE LEONARD says:

    Jail George Soros. He is the one who is paying to stop the case up. And don’t let them be pardoned by a God forbid Democrat judge.

  27. LES says:

    As the old say goes, “Commit the crime, do the time” . . . This applies to everyone who was involved in this hoax that was specifically designed to make Trump and his voters look bad. Well, it did not work and for these big mouth people to act as if they have the right to break laws . . . TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGING!!!

    Plenty of room in prison for the Obamas and the Clintons along with all their criminal friends!!!

  28. It appears the obamas’ OBSTRUCTED JUSTICE in this MATTER.

    • Alan Doud says:

      At least those involved. The heads of departments protect themselves by putting the blame on their subordinates.

  29. Amy says:

    Does this mean Smollett can’t get his reparations? LOL

  30. Mike Flanagan says:

    at least 10 years & a 10 million dollar fine For Smollett & the Obama’s and anyone that helped him get the charges dismissed.

  31. Jim says:

    Listen, listen, anytime now we are gonna hear the screams and accusations of racism. I will bet a paycheck. It’s so expected nowadays.

  32. Dave Miedema says:

    Wussie Smellit needs to be put behind bars and introduced to Bubba Joe and Billy Bob, Kim Not-A-Foxx should be kicked out of office and punished by forcing her to do one year of intense exercise at the nearest gym.

  33. Scott27 says:

    And of course you know who Obama’s favorite celebrity is, right? Whoever writes this stuff, what losers. Losers writing for gullible losers.

    • Alan Doud says:

      It is sensationalism reporting. However people like Smollett need to be held responsible and made an example of for his actions. Keeping him such acts open instead of becoming yesterday’s news is important. These kind of articles just give people that are tired of being raked over the coals by scum like this a chance to vent. BTW. Read the FOIA reports secured by Judicial Watch. Yeah the whole Mueller operation was a witch hunt. Stop ignoring the blatant laws and constitutional rights that were broken by you buddies.

    • Gregory Sullivan says:

      Scotty 27:
      If you call all of us loosers then what are you doing on this website as wouldn’t you stay off this website as according to your sick way of thinking as you would be called a looser as well? Go back to worshipping Comrade Obama as he is your hero isn’t he?

      • Scott27 says:

        gregory… how many times can you misspell “loser”? Considerable difference between looser and loser. Forgive me, but such repeated lack of misspelling and grammar… especially on the simple stuff… seems to tell me a lot about people.

        • Gregory Sullivan says:

          Scotty 27:
          This is not a spelling bee. People make mistakes now and then as I have. You are just using this as an excuse to change the subject I’m willing to bet that you have made simular mistakes professor Scotty 27! or whatever your name really is, dummy.If

      • Linda M. says:

        Gregory Sullivan: Scott27 is the same man that proclaimed” because of the job he has, he could do a much better job than Sanders did”.Scott27 also posted, he wished he had a nickel for every time someone threatened his life or wanted to do bodily harm to him because of his views.Do you not see he is a very ignorant, childless delusional person that is not worth commenting to? After reading his countless rantings, I CAN SEE why people would be threatening his life daily! We all make grammar mistakes when typing.But being the cretin he is by pointing out your error, just makes him FEEL like a well educated big man.How sad for him……

        • Gregory Sullivan says:

          Linda M:
          This person is one of those who claims to be ” Mr. Know it all “when it comes to politics or anything else. I had a neighbour that was like him and everyone hated him. Maybe that is why he has had threats on his life.
          God bless you and everything that you stand for. Great Job!

          • Linda M. says:

            Gregory Sullivan: Thank you sir,I appreciate your kind words. Not easy dealing with these fanatics . I had Joe the Plumber call me a slut on another blog.This really shows how low class these Democrats, that post here, are. No morals.Just call others, they don’t know anything about, vile names.Oh well, if they are attacking me at least they leave someone else alone!!
            P.S. I’m quite sure I’ve made some grammar errors as well right now. So I guess Mr. spell check will be attacking me once again.But I’ve already put him in his place on several occasions and he never had the courage to respond…..
            God bless you as well and keep up the good fight!!

  34. Bill says:

    Smollett just won my vote to be the Calendar Poster Child for the Over Privileged.
    any of the middle class and poor would have been held without bail then with all of that proof wouldn’t see the light of day for a few years.

  35. rod says:

    at least 10 years & a 10 million dollar fine

  36. Allen Morgan says:

    There is not just an appearance of malfeasance, favoritism, and impropriety, it is. A double system of justice. If a white straight man had falsely accused black men wearing a #blackpower cap or #reparations cap of assaulting him and hurling racial epithets and his whole story turned out to be a lie with law enforcement spending a huge amount in investigating and the whole city upset and then the white racist was not prosecuted, what outcry of media, politicians, race baiters Jackson and Sharpton, as well as a huge outcry from leftists everywhere would happen. A double standard. A double system of justice?

    • sheron says:

      If it were reversed lookout white man. Being gay, , you’ll love jail and you’ll love being a someone’s lover. Yip, yip.. free frequent sex. Yeah.

  37. Evelyn Yvonne Eckhardt says:

    Of course, he should have been prosecuted. He caused so many problems for
    Chicago–mistrust and so much man power and money spent all for an evil ruse.Foxx and the Obamas should join him. Obamas are the only ones who have stayed in DC after his term was up. His daughters being in school is bunk. They stayed so that they could continue their dirty work from the sidelines.If Hillary had become Pres we would know nothing of the illegal things going on.

  38. RJOGuillory says:

    …I see an Arkanside on the horizon…

  39. Colleen La Rose says:

    The moron Jessie whatever that creeps name is should be jailed, & his biatch buddy Kim Foxx also….but obumma shouldn’t worry about missing his butt- buddy to much, soon hopefully they will be cellies for a long time.

  40. Raine says:

    Like the old advertisement used to say:
    “Aunt Jemima, what took you so long?”

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