Barack Obama’s favorite celebrity is about to go to jail for one crazy reason

Americans reacted with horror to prosecutors dropping the charges against hate crime hoaxer Jussie Smollett.

But now there may be a chance for accountability.

And Barack Obama’s favorite celebrity is about to go to jail for this crazy reason.

Prosecutors dropped all charges against Smollett after a former Michelle Obama aide begged authorities to let him go.

Smollett faked a hate crime attack where he claimed racist Donald Trump supporters attacked him on the streets of his upscale Chicago neighborhood at two in the morning.

Smollett was facing serious charges for faking a police report among the 16 felony counts a grand jury indicted him on.

The decision to drop the charges did not sit well with anyone.

And a judge took action to correct this wrong by appointing a special prosecutor to look into the case.

The Daily Caller reports:

A judge has appointed a special prosecutor to investigate the dropped charges against Jussie Smollett after he had initially been charged with staging a hate crime hoax.

Cook County Judge Michael Toomin ruled that Kim Foxx, the state attorney, had the right to withdraw from prosecuting the case against the 37-year-old actor, according to a Chicago Tribune report published Friday. But she did not have the authority to appoint her top deputy to handle the case, according to the ruling

Toomin explained that a special prosecutor could end up charging the former “Empire” star and other charges could be brought if the investigation finds suspicion of wrongdoing by others. (RELATED: Jussie Smollett’s Episode of ‘Drop The Mic’ Has Been Pulled)

Former state appellate Judge Sheila O’Brien — who has been leading the effort for a special prosecutor — said that Foxx’s actions created “a perception that justice was not served here, that Mr. Smollett received special treatment.”

The prosecutor has the power to charge Smollett with a crime, and many Americans believe this is the only way to put this horrible attempt to smear Trump supporters to bed once and for all.

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71 Responses

  1. Nellie says:

    This is what happens when kids are not made responsible. For at least 30 years our schools and. Colleges have been allowed to have indoctrinated instead of teaching. CA schools have to be the worse schools system. Parents have no say about what is being taught. No expel or suspended. We have had kids in Middle school attacking security. Another high school kid trie to attack someone with his knife. Law Enforcement not allowed on campus. Gun free schools. Parents need to form a committee and sue the school for parents rights.

  2. Barry says:

    Pussie jussie needs to be tarred adv feathered and exiled to iran….faggit bastard.

  3. Liberal Demolition says:

    Put JUSSIES skinny little ass in BUBBAS CELL to go through a real (assault) .

  4. Patrick Mattison says:

    Smollet is a poster child of anarchy and bias of the progressive left, and should be stripped of any semblance of US citizenship and deported to North Korea.

  5. Mike Hunt says:

    Please, folks! It’s all they have. Fake accusations as in the Judge Kavanaugh case, fake INCOMPLETE videos as in the Covington kid’s case, and then, a has been GAY parasite accusing TRUMP supporters of a racist act! Everything is fake about these slobs! Go ahead and vote for the lying, leeches.

  6. John H Bass says:

    give him his Mule and 40 acres and let him earn a living. Isn’t that what they were promised?

  7. IrishEyes says:

    It was his entire narrative was ludicrous from the beginning and a lot of assumption and a whole lot of coincidence, all the planets and stars had to align in that early morning at 2 am, in subzero temperatures in the middle of a blizzard in that liberal cesspool known as Chicago. That he was hungry and made his way to a Subway for a hoagie (why travel when they deliver to your door now or at least they do it in my small town). The premise: that two white men wearing MAGA hats, just happened to run into Jussie on the Chicago street. They just happened to be looking for a gay black man (I’m sorry but how would two white men wearing MAGA hats known he was gay, was Jussie wearing a sign?) on the streets so they could harass him, beat him up and just happened to be carrying a bottle of Clorox and a rope with them AT 2 IN THE MORNING. I think most people know you shouldn’t leave the scene of a crime. But Jussie not only didn’t stay and call the police right then, NO he walked back to his apartment, still wearing the rope around his neck and waited 40 minutes to call them. The evidence: the letter that was sent to Jussie at the studio. One of those “kidnap” letters where you use letters from magazines. These three geniuses kept the magazines that were used to writer the “threatening” letter. Police also found the receipt for the purchase for the Clorox, knit ski masks and rope in his apartment. The sweater Jussie was wearing was ruined because the bleach went all down his sweater, yet no bleach was found on his coat, so that means he wasn’t wearing it at the time it was poured over him, or his coat was opened at the time (there would still be flecks of bleach on it) while walking on the windy, cold, minus 29 below in that liberal cesspool known as Chicago. It might explain why he waited 40 minutes to call police. He needed to ruin his sweater with bleach, but didn’t think to wear his coat, obviously he loved that coat more than his sweater. The follow up: the first two policemen said that Jussie wasn’t agitated, he was calm BUT that doesn’t make sense because he claimed he had fought them off so his adrenaline would have been pumping, his hands would be shaking from it. Like I said, all the planets and stars had to align in that early morning. His story is not only ludicrous it’s pathetic too.

    I don’t know but it appears that liberals think all conservative white people are racist and bigots, that conservatives only think about the color of a person’s skin, their gender, their sexual orientation. My friends and I very rarely talk about race or sexual orientation. That we sit around making random judgements about people who walk or sit by. It’s the liberals who make judgements, who think about race, gender and sexual orientation to the level of obsession. Now, one of my gay friends, Daniel was beaten up on our university campus because he was wearing a rainbow MAGA hat and they just happened to be liberals. I don’t judge people on the color of their skin, gender or sexual orientation… I judge them on the content of their character and truthfulness and Jussie Smollett gets an F.

  8. Sue says:

    To Jussie Smollett and all others who break the law: If you do the crime, then you do the time! And this should include that bonehead Kim Foxx…I don’t how she ever got to be state attorney! She’s either the stupidest state attorney general, or a typical Trump hater. Maybe both!

  9. thomas robinson says:

    I second that motion !!

  10. thomas robinson says:

    and yet, your kind keep voting for the very people who are keeping you down. DEMOCROOKS ! did you not listen in history class, or are you so young that you went to school after the dems deleted history from the education system ? by the way, “your kind” is not a racsist remark, it merely refers to anyone who still votes Democrat, for they ARE THE OPPRESSORS of whom you speak.

  11. Justin Case says:

    jessie belongs in jail along with Obamas’.

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