Barack Obama was seeing red after this unexpected double-cross

Loyalty allowed the Barack Obama Deep State to maintain the cover up of their criminal spying against Donald Trump.

But cracks in the wall of silence are now appearing.

And Barack Obama was left seeing red after this unexpected double-cross.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is at the center of the Deep State coup.

He appointed Robert Mueller as special counsel and unleashed the rigged witch hunt against the President.

But now that Rosenstein is set to leave the Justice Department, he delivered a surprising speech.

Rosenstein spoke before the attendees at the Public Servants Dinner of the Armenian Bar Association and delivered a harsh rebuke of the Obama administration for not taking a stronger stand against Russian election interference.

Politico reports:

“It is not our job to render conclusive factual findings. We just decide whether it is appropriate to file criminal charges,” Rosenstein said, in what also could have been taken as a swipe at those who have insisted Mueller was wrong not to bring charges against the president. Trump’s defenders have criticized Mueller for trying to “prove a negative” on obstruction of justice.

He then chastised “critical decisions” he said had been made about the investigation before he arrived by the Obama administration and then-FBI director James Comey, including not divulging more about Russia’s meddling. He compared the atmosphere of his time as DOJ’s No. 2 to a parable about a man who laid down on a burning bed.

“The previous administration chose not to publicize the full story about Russian computer hackers and social media trolls, and how they relate to a broader strategy to undermine America,” he said. “The FBI disclosed classified evidence about the investigation to ranking legislators and their staffers. Someone selectively leaked details to the news media. The FBI director announced at a congressional hearing that there was a counterintelligence investigation that might result in criminal charges. Then the former FBI director alleged that the President pressured him to close the investigation, and the President denied that the conversation occurred. So that happened.”

These remarks were unusual.

The fake news media and Deep State agents in government gloss over the fact that whatever Russia did during the 2016 election happened on Obama’s watch, and the failure is his to own.


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106 Responses

  1. File says:

    No need to reply because it won’t be . It must be because of the democrats. I see plenty things said about them which is true and I agree with but no matter what I say they say it it has already been said. That is not true and I don’t appreciate it.

  2. Tina Marie Ridgway says:

    It would seem that the visible player in the coupe to take down our President that ISN’T doubling down on stupid is Rosenstein. The rest of them, Comey, Brennan, McCabe, and Hillary are on book tours or giving interviews. Hillary had the audacity to say that it is obvious that Trump obstructed justice and if he were not the POTUS he would be in trouble. hahaha! This from the woman who deleted 30,000 subpoenaed emails, broke up her subpoenaed devices with hammers, etc. Wow! And Brennan is going through epileptic fits trying to unring a bell and stop the big reveal that is coming soon when Trump releases the unredacted proof of treason. There is going to be hell to pay and it would be nice to see some equal application of our laws being enacted on some really bad people.

  3. Grampa says:

    obama was only a figurehead placed to begin the decline of America. it takes more than the meager mind of obama to create and operate the demise of America. obama has handlers and he will be used as a fall guy as quickly as necessary if the demand calls for it. like any house made of clay will weaken and wash away with the floods of truth.——Grampa

  4. Edsel Fussell says:

    Hell may be more appropriate!

  5. The Real M says:

    Sing pretty, Rosenstein! I am expecting there will be enough canaries to form a huge choir after I. G. Horwitz’s report comes out shortly! I am waiting for the day we can all “sing” God Bless America, as these treasonous lying traitors go down like dominos! What they have attempted to do should never happen in America!

    • J Fargen says:

      That is so very True!!!!! God Bless America!!!! Drain that swamp Now!!!!! Sure looks like the lying DemocRats will finally get what they deserve !!!!! Thank you so much God!!!!! I will never ever trust a DemocRat AGAIN!!!!!!

  6. Kathryn says:

    If you look closely, it is self-evident that ALL the players (with the help of MSM) are laying the groundwork to justify the probe becuz Russians were meddling. Even Rosenstein saying Obama did nothing will not hurt Obama but it will be a great DIVERSIONARY tactic for everyone. Even Right is falling 4 the Russian meddling propaganda. If there was no real threat of Russians OR if they just used that as their justification then Intel & DOJ et al get off scot-free. THINK.

  7. Joe Wilkerson says:

    I and no one else should ever forget what obama said on a hot mike. He condemned his own self. If anyone cannot see this they should watch the video again an again until they get it. What he did was commit treason as far as I am concerned as he was selling our country out. I also believe he sold our country out more than once (apology tour). He is an anti-semite and is anti Christian and had it not been for God getting President Trump elected, the America we know and love would have ceased to exist.

  8. Kristoph says:

    Just the suggestion that Mr. Obama is being “Double Crossed” is evidence in most peoples minds that the DOJ and FBI has been weaponized against the Republicans and our elected President Donald Trump!
    When Erick Holder was US AG he referred to himself as BHO’s Boy, and his Wingman!
    The only thing Kerry ever did was order an Audit when he relieved Hillary as Sec. od State and found a unbelievable amount of TAXPAYERS MONEY unACCOUNTED FOR!

    • J Fargen says:

      Not surprised! The Democrats are all traitors, thieves, even murder by hire or how ever they decide. A lot of them need jail time or rope hanging like the Constitution states !The swamp needs draining !! AMEN!!!!!

  9. Ted says:

    Resident (not President) Obumble and his manwife Fishsmell, the former First Primate, are the lowest form of scum to ever see the inside of the White House. They never should have been there, and I wonder if the stink from them has fully been eradicated!

    • J Fargen says:

      True Obama should never been able to even run for President! Time for them to return all the money they all stole from Tax Payers, SS & any other ways they stole! Traitors need to be treated as our Constitution says !!! THIS IS AMERICA UNDER GOD!!! IN GOD WE TRUST!!!!!! WE ARE SO BLESSED!!! AMEN!!!!

  10. jack says:

    The whole obama administration, were either crooks, of terrorists. he hates this country, and should be locked up for treason.

  11. hayward stewart says:

    OBASTARD is a TRAITOR ! He should be arrested and HUNG !

    • Philip Simon says:

      Barack, why do you and Michelle just go on your way, you are not going to jail it will soon be Hilary the hilarious that is soon going to the kitten house for Russian Collusion Dillusion and the other scandal, the server, and the foundation of crafty money donors, stay away or you will go to the Barack and Michelle house of Uniform stripes, black and White.

  12. mike dar says:

    Done ‘Properly’, Brennan has to flip on all the corruption in the Intel Agencies.. and a couple more Agencies not being recognized as Intels and then some Congress people too… and Obama. Brennan, done ‘Properly’ can be facing a death sentence…. no one goes down alone.
    Brennan is the Brass ring as to corrupted people at the top and available for easily acquired targeting.. Brennan knows this as well as everybody in Government… including Barr, who is the only person with the authority to do something effective about it.
    I’m not sure if even Trump is prepared for the disruption that would happen,,, citizens may not care enough for the disruption to be endured… if not done things essentially remain the same.

    • Major Reed says:

      Maybe the most important, succinct reply I have read Mike.
      Will only add that NONE of these criminals expect to see a
      day in jail or loss of pay. We must be aggressive!

  13. Gayle Clay says:

    Do some personal research into everything that has transpired. A legitimate resource is Mr. Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch, which is a government watchdog so to speak. They have sued to get their information from numerous sources, taken them to court to get their proof. This organization has all the pertinent info. On who has done what and it proves all the deep State and Obama and Clinton’s have colluded in this government disgrace. See and learn for yourself, I dare u to take the time instead of believing all the democratic lies.

  14. Beth Massey says:

    I hope that everyone that was involved in the takedown of our President is investigated to the hilt for a witchhunt that should have never taken place in this country or to any sitting President. We have become disgrace to the world because of what the Democratic party has done and is still doing to our President and this country. All they care about is power and the hell with the true hardworking Americans of this country. They will do everything in their power to retain full control of every aspect of our lives and what I am saying is; putting illegals above legal citizens, open borders, aborting innocent children of God all the way up to birth and after, making taxpayers pay for transgender surgeries, continuing to force homosexuality down our throats, indoctrinating the young generations with their FAR-LEFT liberal evil ways, re-writing our constitution to suit their evilness, also they want to take away our right to bare firearms and if you are legal gun owner and you don’t release your firearms you will subject to be put in prison. The crap goes on and on about what the FAR-LEFT liberal Democractic party wants to do to us the true Americans of this country if they ever get the chance to retain full power again in this country. I have never known a party or any other party that hates America and Americans so bad that they will do whatever it takes to be in power again, even if it means lying to the Americans, stealing votes however they can get them, cheating on every monetary thing or policy they touch, I think they would even be capable of murder if came down to that and God I hope I am wrong about this one. So I hope come 2020 we will keep the red wave a rolling, if not I truly believe that this country will be doomed forever into OBLIVION permanently with no return. So please, I am begging every true and legal American to vote TRUMP COME 2020 IN KEEPING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. IN JESUS’S NAME I PRAY EVERYDAY FOR US ALL, OUR PRESIDENT, OUR VICE PRESIDENT AND ALSO THIS GREAT AND BLESSED FABOULOUS WOUNDERFUL NATION OF OURS THAT WE LOVE SO VERY MUCH. THANK YOU GOD FOR BLESSING OUR GREAT NATION FINALLY WITH A PRESIDENT THAT LOVES THIS COUNTRY SO AND IT’S PEOPLE THAT HE GAVE UP OF LIFE OF GRANDURE TO PUT AMERICA AND AMERICANS FIRST AGAIN AND THAT HAS NOT BEEN SEEN IN THIS COUNTRY IN A VERY VERY LONGTIME. I THINK THE LAST TRUE PATRIOTIC PRESIDENT WE HAD WAS RONALD REAGAN AND MOST OF THE PEOPLE ALIVE TODAY DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT A GREAT PRESIDENT AND COMMANDER AND CHIEF HE WAS. AGAIN, THAT IS WHY I AM SO HAPPY THAT WE HAVE ANOTHER GREAT PATRIOTIC PRESIDENT AND COMMANDER AND CHIEF TO LEAD OUR COUNTRY IN TO GREATNESS ONCE AGAIN.

    • jim joseph says:

      well said, love the sentiment.

      • Wilma L Hunter says:

        I could Not have said it better Beth. You hit the nail on the head of every aspect of what the Democrats have attempted to wrong this country. WE THE PEOPLE need to ban together and vote for the current POTUS and do away with the 5 people in Congress who are leading the way into HELL for this country. There is a REASON AMERICA was instituted with GOD as stated on all the things our forefathers believed in and named “IN GOD WE TRUST”……and so we ALL do regardless of what Religion you are….let’s vote OUT those who are against GOD…bring the Pledge of Allegiance and Prayer (even if it’s only a moment of silence) back into schools so kids know WHO they are and the Country they live in and the Flag that was fought so valiantly for….WE THE PEOPLE have a job to teach these kids about the History of where they came from and Why and How it all evolved. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND THE POTUS

    • H. R. Heyder says:

      Best response ever read on social media. S/B made into a 2020 commercial for the greatest President in 35 years.

    • Edie says:

      To Beth Massey:

      Thank you for telling it the way it is without being dishonest or corrupt in anyway. It is disgraceful we have sitting politicicians who have been in office for just too many decades. They want more power! And you are correct. Let’s not forget the most recent elected that lied to get there and want the same. In 2020, watch the voting houses or locations for fraudulent votes, I have a strong feeling that there will be meanderings because those that irritate us will not be getting another term. I’m tire of the ignorance and sick of how they say they love our country and all they want is money. What about our issues? Did they ever matter to these liars? I’m running for office and I seriously hope I win. Both sides of the aisle has much to do about nothing. Bless our current President he has worked hard and diligent. I respect him and I don’t want the whores I see running (for President) to win in the Primary; it would be nice to have a decent set of circumstances in the General Election debates. Seriously.

    • JAMES says:

      So. True. God bless AMERICA. and our president. DONALD TRUMP.

    • Brenda Little says:

      Well said

    • J Fargen says:

      AMEN, Amen, Amen!!!

  15. A S K says:

    This has been an orchestrated illegal effort to overthrow our elected president. This effort using our federal agencies as a national police force and leaking any information should not be left severely unpunished. This has seriously crippled a presidency of one Americans voted for to do the needed work for us. This costly time consuming misplaced priorities ignoring real threats to our republic demand serious accountability. Treason. Execution. Hanging examples for the world to see. Coup d’ etat is cause for heads to roll, or swing or both.

  16. Evalyn M Welsh says:

    We need the citizen question on the new census report , to make sure who and how many citizens in America is really voting legally In our U.S.A . I believe we lost our 52 Republican seats to Democrats because the Democrats CHEATED on voting in a lot of STATES in our last race.

  17. Sandy says:

    Mike, You spoke the ???? percent truth. The obumers still hate our country. I don’t know why them and their Hollywood friends just don’t pack up and get the hell out. And take those lying ass dumbcrats with them . ALL OF THEM!!!!!????????????????????????????????????????#MAGA#2020#DONALD TRUMP

  18. Larry says:

    Thank you for your service to our great country Mr. Sylvester. The Clinton’s have been the modern day “Untouchables”, or rather, “Teflon Dons” for way too long. Hopefully their reign of terror in and to the United States has come to an end. There is enough hard evidence already known to convict Hillary Clinton for several offenses. Hopefully Mr. Barr will uncover plenty on obama and his administration to earn them all federal time.

  19. Tom Curry says:

    Obama and Hillary and the DNC will all get justice served on them and it will get done sooner than anyone thinks!!! What needs to be done by us the people is to get all these Democrats out of office all across are country for they are the true enemy within are country and all those that have always voted Democratic need to open their eyes and see that these Democrats are not what they once were years ago!!!! There greed and power is all that really matters to them today and they have shown us that they are out to destroy are country with attacking are rules of law and are Constitution for they have attacked are religions, are freedoms, are rights and are traditions!!! These Democrats want complete control of are lives and are country and are minds and they will lie, cheat, and even kill to get what they want, and this is a fact and they have shown us just how deceitful they really are!!!!

  20. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Rosenstein’s just trying to save his sorry ass from the whirlwind.

  21. Bonnie Holloway says:

    Yes Virginia I agree. Our President has been harassed by the Democratic party long enough! He deserves Respect. Let the truth unfold. GOD BLESS our President and America.

    • Carmella says:

      AGREE with you Bonnie . President Trump didn’t get to be as successful as he us by being SPINELESS like obamination.

      TRUMP/PENCE. 2020

  22. Jesse says:

    Since the Russians atarted messing with the Election way back in 2014 and all of the mess belongs at Obozo the EGOTISTICAL MORONIC CLOWN ‘S feet. To cover that up he put another HONORLESS HACK in the FBI who followed his first HONORLESS HACK Mueller. Comey was one of the Leakers as well as in Hitlery’s corner. Obozo’s FBI spied on Trump’s Campaign so Hitlery would win m. The MORON MEDIA who has had their lips locked on Democraps RECTUMS sucking for all they are Worth since Slick Willie entered his first run at RUINING America helped with their rigged polls and outright LIES.

    • Nunyer Binnis says:

      The US messes with elections all over the world. What’s the big deal?

      • John says:

        No question that has happened in the past and maybe even as we speak in other countries and hopefully for a good reason? But it is not okay to insult our POTUS ,his family and create all of this chaos in the USA. As Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin have stated it is a big deal when there is a bunch or corrupt politicians who have one purpose or objective and that is to undermine and remove our POTUS. He may not be liked by everyone but he is a hell of a lot better than you know who for example the Clinton’s, Obama’s, Pelosi, Schummer, Shiffless, Nadler, McCabe, Comey and the rest of the Deep or aka Dark State cronnies.

        God bless the USA, our POTUS and real Patriots. Make America Greater by re-electing Trump in 2020.

  23. Richard M Morris says:

    We all know Obama was on a mission to bring us all to the point where we were dependent on the Givernment and that in turn would ensure power for the demonuts. Obama care is a disaster everything was done by him to break us and destroy the middle class who pays taxes and makes this country go round. What a pity that so many cannt see the truth. All Democrats care about is greed and power. They do not give a ding dong damn about you and me.

  24. Mike says:

    Always seems to be a tiny small percent that is still watching CNN to brainwash them on these votes against the truth. You can fix ugly but stupid is just plain stupid.

  25. Virginia says:

    Yes Obama needs to be held accountable

  26. notoislam says:

    BHO and Hitlery need to be on trial and out at Gitmo to the end of their days. Then the nazi/islamics need to be under the laws that we have on the books and many of the filthy criminals of nazi.islam need to go forever and or executed for all the TERRORIST ACTS THEY HAVE COMMITTED IN THE USA. It is time for the giant INFIDEL crushing guerilla push back!

    • Richard M Morris says:

      Amen Brother them two and anyone else that had a hand in the Russian trump collusion

    • I agree with you 100%, Both of they’re demoCRAP asses should be tacked to the wall and I can’t think of a single TRAITOR that deserves to be lined up against a wall for HIGH TREASON than oBONZO and kilLAIRy they both deserve nothing less than a FULL MILITARY FIRING SQUAD and a .45 slug in the head to make sure there were no mistakes. You can’t count the number of times these two asswipe’s committed TREASON. President Trump should had called for they’re arrest the very second he became President.

      • Terry says:

        He’s working on it.

      • Tinasha says:

        I still say to lock them in Gitmo and throw away the key. Life sentence with no possible chance of parole. To make sure Hillary gets full punishment, put Bill in the same cell with her. I guess that would be equalified punishment for both of them. Putting them in front of a firing squad would be too easy. Let them sit and think about it the rest of their lives.

    • Linda says:

      I totally agree with everything that’s said but I wonder if it will actually happen that all those who tried to overthrow our government will ever pay. They are traitors every one and should all be jailed or shot for what they’ve done. So much talk of what should be done but will it?

  27. Terry says:

    I agree with the above comments. I knew from the first time I saw Obama that he was evil, pure evil. As time went on, I tried to imagine who was behind this plot to introduce him and have him run for Presidency and destroy our nation. Mr Kidd, you are right that he is an agent of the Antichrist but who is involved with him? Mr. Sullivan, I believe too that President Trump was chosen by our creator to be president of our country and I believe he will be re-elected in 2020 and will turn our nation around and bring justice to our nation. God bless America! One nation under God.

    • T-pac says:


    • william says:

      I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Agree with you.. My baby sister voted for him and I haven’t spoken to her since.. Barry did do the one thing he said he was going to do,,,,,,,,,,,,,, change the nation.. His “TRANNY 2nd man,,,,,, set race relations back to pre 1960.. They hated the Am people and AM..

    • I know the Trump Haters need to get over it and do the Job they are supposed to be doing or they can go find another Job somewhere else and they can find someone else to do there Jobs!!!????????????????

  28. RexAlan says:

    Obama is a con man. It’s amazing how many lies he told and he did it so convincingly.
    The fact is, an ideologue can only rely on lies because the ideology in the case of Obama was never supported by empirical evidence and was doomed to fail!
    The lesson here is to avoid the Left in future elections lest we want to wave bye bye to our freedom and our great country.

    • T-pac says:

      Yeah he was and coned our country into hell! Look at his atheist party in think the facts and I repeat facts for those out there WHO CAN’T deal with them.
      and he needs to go down with all of his friends which would cover 2 pages of name

    • Terry says:

      Obama was groomed to run for president. After we drain the swamp or in the process of draining the swamp, the truth will come out! Lock em up and throw the key away or bring back the firing squad!

  29. hondo1046 says:

    Maybe, now that President Obama is seeing red, we can get to the “real truth” and to root cause of the Russian collusion. I believe that when Attorney General Barr finishes all of his fact finding, our former president and his cohorts, might be seeing orange.

  30. Bobby Davis says:

    Obamo is a traitor. Needs to be hung

  31. Timothy Toroian says:

    Ain’t no law that says an ex-prez can’t go to jail for misdeeds while in office.

  32. Tilly says:

    Obama should be run out of our country.

  33. SEPT says:

    “Deep State” is fiction. Total nonsense. Why do people believe this foolishness?

    • Ronald Gaydosh says:

      Because they can think for them selves ! Not like the Demorats that are told what to think and do!

    • Sarge says:

      Hey Sept pull your head out, and get some Fresh air???

    • Joe says:

      Speaking of foolishness you are a total fool, just wait every day more and more comes out and soon he will be exposed as the Clintons as well, then you will see the deep state spilling their guts to save their own buts begging for deals like the low life scum they are.

    • Reba says:

      Sept you and many millions like you have been fooled. Two important things you should google bozo traded berdalh the traitor for five talibans , ask yourself WHY, and on Benghazi, State Dept (Hilary in charge) was told to stand down WHY, because our rockets with sold to enemy and ambassador was told to recover it so she and bozo would not be in trouble because congress did not approve the sale

    • Blue says:

      Of course, you’re not serious, right?

    • Gayle Clay says:

      Do some personal research into everything that has transpired. A legitimate resource is Mr. Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch, which is a government watchdog so to speak. They have sued to get their information from numerous sources, taken them to court to get their proof. This organization has all the pertinent info. On who has done what and it proves all the deep State and Obama and Clinton’s have colluded in this government disgrace. See and learn for yourself, I dare u to take the time instead of believing all the democratic lies.

  34. Robert SYLVESTER says:

    Barack “Obozo” is a fraud – a deceiving – lying hypocrite – who managed – by his devious – deception and lies – to get himself elected as President of the US – that will be his most notable legacy – History will not be kind to him – maybe not in his or our lifetimes – the truth will be revealed someday and be noted in future History books and US archives. “Obozo” and Hillary Clinton both deserve to be held accountable for the wrongs they have perpetrated on the US. Of their many despicable – disgusting transgressions – one that truly upsets me as a Viet Nam Era Air Force Veteran – the loss of four brave Americans at Benghazi – two brave guys fighting for their lives on top of that embassy rooftop for hours-on-end – all night long – saying to each other “Help must be coming – They will not leave us behind” – which I can attest was pounded into our heads on a daily basis constantly in training at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas – “We will never – ever leave you behind under any circumstances”. Every Memorial Day – Flag Day – Fourth of July – and Veteran’s Day , when I raise my flag in memory of those who fought and made the ultimate sacrifice for our “Liberty – Freedom – and Happiness” , I salute in honor of their memory ! They deserved “so much more” !

    • H Vann Causey says:

      Robert, you put it just as everyone else should understand. Benghazi and other covert operations will eventually come to light. I hope the serious Americans put their foot down and demand complete and total accountability, nothing less is acceptable!! Thank you for your service.

    • Lori A Antilla says:

      Robert first and foremost thank you for your service,and you are 100% right,leave no one behind,sad that she left them all , karma is a bitch and that one as I call her killary will get what’s coming to her.

    • John Hull says:

      AMEN Robert!!

    • Larry says:

      Thank you for your service to our great country Mr. Sylvester. The Clinton’s have been the modern day “Untouchables”, or rather, “Teflon Dons” for way too long. Hopefully their reign of terror in and to the United States has come to an end. There is enough hard evidence already known to convict Hillary Clinton for several offenses. Hopefully Mr. Barr will uncover plenty on obama and his administration to earn them all federal time.

  35. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Has anyone seen the movie, The Trump Prophesies? It shows indisputable proof that Donald Trump was chosen by our creator to be president of our country to lead this country in the right direction.

    • Carmella says:

      Haven’t seen the movie Gregory, but i truly believe President Trump was chosen by God to bring this country back. He’s doing a great job. God bless President Trump

  36. Thomas Wayne Kidd says:

    I have suspected these things all along. Oboma set out from his beginning in politics to do as much damage as possible to destroyed this nation. He is an agent of the Antichrist as is millions on this country and around the world. Spiritual blindness is his MO. Oboma has never been Christian, he is the first moslem to sit in the Oval office, and I fear, not the last one. I know that not many will accept this, but our country as a free society is doomed. The one great gross sin is the murder of the unborn. We have surpassed many of the evil countries in this alone. Then to add insult to injury the condoning of the Sodomites and all other perverts sealed our doom. Repentance at the beginning might have prevented our destruction but not at this late hour. Individuals who claim Jesus Christ absolutely must prepare themselves before our Creator and Redeemer realizing that the world and it’s wicked systems are doomed to fire. Wake up, Wake up.

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