Barack Obama was left reeling by the results of this shocking poll

The media, every elected Democrat, and Barack Obama left Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election chances for dead.

They all figured Trump would lose and his Democrat successor would undo everything Trump achieved and restore Barack Obama’s legacy.

But Barack Obama was left reeling by the results of this shocking poll.

In December 2018, just 41 percent of Americans thought Donald Trump would win re-election.

CNN asked that poll question again and found that number shot up to 54 percent.

By comparison, at the same point in his Presidency, 50 percent thought Obama would win re-election.

The Daily Caller reports:

Americans have more confidence in President Donald Trump being reelected in 2020 than they had in Obama being reelected in 2011, according to a new CNN poll released on Wednesday.

The poll, which surveyed a total of 1,006 adults, found that 54% of those interviewed predict that Trump will be reelected, while 41% think he will lose in 2020. Comparatively, exactly 50% of people polled in May, 2011, believed that then-President Obama would win a second term…

… The numbers have improved for President Trump recently. In December, 51% of people thought that Trump would lose in 2020.

The poll also shows that the resistance could be losing confidence. In December, 81% of adults who dislike Trump stated that they thought the president would lose, but that number dropped 14 percentage point to 67% in CNN’s most recent poll. The numbers for Trump supporters have hovered at or over 80% in the same time period.

Trump’s chances improved despite a barrage of fake news from the so-called “mainstream” media.

Americans are taking stock of the strong economy as well as the insane field of Democrats running for the nomination and deciding that Trump is the safer bet to make sure the current run of peace and prosperity continues.

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167 Responses

  1. Frank says:

    Joan M Hampton makes a great point. calling people names and insults doesn’t reflect negatively on those you dislike, it reflects on you, and weakens your opinion.
    make the issues about the politics, not the person. Did you know that even God requires that we hate “Sin” but love the sinner?

  2. Joan M Hampton says:

    Again and again, scrolling theough the comments, I see many of you calling each other names. That gets very tiresome and repulsive! How about reviewing what you are saying BEFORE you post ? You MIGHT even have a chance of persuading someone to accept your viewpoint if you are polite and informative. By the way, informative means giving references to back up what you are presenting as facts.

  3. Christel says:

    And I would do it again!

  4. Christel Lea says:

    The DemoCraps are power hungry…period! We already have a number of people in Congress that are in the Communist party. Google gave me 82. Back several months ago ALL the names were listed. Checked again a week ago…the number was still there BUT the names were removed! Sure wish I had those names!!!!!

  5. dandy says:

    talk about a rigged election
    thanks to the traitor GEORGE SOROS and his dirty money
    rigged both elections for obama
    obama the queer must have taken care of old GEORGE SOROS
    and has been a PUPPET SINCE THEN

  6. despicable betty says:

    So true & SO well said! First time I saw him – didn’t know at the time who he was & that he was running for president – I had an instant dislike & distrust – gut level! Worse thing that has happened to our beloved USA! He & his ilk all need to die in prison! My humble opinion!

  7. despicable betty says:

    AMEN to that! Mine neither.

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