Barack Obama was left in ruins after a stunning betrayal no could believe

Barack Obama lorded over the Democrat Party since 2008.

But no longer.

That’s because this stunning betrayal left Barack Obama’s legacy in ruins.

Ilhan Omar keeps digging a deeper hole.

In an interview with Politico, the Muslim Congresswoman attacked a drone program to kill suspected terrorists.

She even accused Barack Obama of ‘getting away with murder’ and said he was not better than Trump policy-wise.

Politico reports:

As she saw it, the party ostensibly committed to progressive values had become complicit in perpetuating the status quo. Omar says the “hope and change” offered by Barack Obama was a mirage. Recalling the “caging of kids” at the U.S.-Mexico border and the “droning of countries around the world” on Obama’s watch, she argues that the Democratic president operated within the same fundamentally broken framework as his Republican successor.

“We can’t be only upset with Trump. … His policies are bad, but many of the people who came before him also had really bad policies. They just were more polished than he was,” Omar says. “And that’s not what we should be looking for anymore. We don’t want anybody to get away with murder because they are polished. We want to recognize the actual policies that are behind the pretty face and the smile.”

Democrats were stunned to see Omar go after a sacred cow on the left like Obama.

But conservatives were not.

They noted that Omar feels she is invincible.

That’s because the party’s left-wing base pressured leadership to back down on a resolution condemning her anti-Semitic remarks even though it never mentioned her by name.

However, Omar is playing with fire.

Obama is still very popular in the Democrat Party and this could be the excuse the national party needs to recruit a primary challenger to get rid of her.

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118 Responses

  1. dems are EVIL says:

    you are a fool

  2. dems are EVIL says:

    what about chuckee

  3. Patricia Hundley says:

    Omar seems to be digging her own grave . Leave them alone & they will destroy themselves.

  4. Both of them, Obama and Illhan Omar are palestinian The best way to handle the palestinians is to let them fight one another and not get involved When you don’t get involved, they will argue and fight each-others

  5. Josefina Gaspar says:

    You said it right

  6. Sue Rich says:

    Omar, Pelosi, and Warren must be replaced immediately.

  7. Michael Cohen says:

    But you can’t do everything yourself and you have to rely on and trust others to do right thing, to be just and righteous.

  8. newhon63 says:

    CNN lackey egg? Right?

  9. newhon63 says:

    so sayeth Reverend Norie, So sayeth the flock.

    The only people under the influence of Satan are people who are highly religious that say God will fix everything. Remember God gave us all free will. So the decisions we make are our own. It is probably time for everyone to take responsibility for their own actions and thoughts. Stop blaming it on Satan. Religious people like to condemn others for their actions but hide their own sins. You can’t hide them from God.

  10. Joan says:

    Lola, and you have proof of what you have commented on? For your information the Trumpsters try to get along with the Pigoskiers and the Slummers but that side just won’t even try just because Hitler-y lost the Presidency and it threw their take over plans in the garbage. It wouldn’t matter if a Dem won the election for president, they will be ruled by Pigoski.

  11. James F M Baur Jr says:

    As well as any other voting group which will help them to sink America, and its ideals. Notice how each group is eager to enjoy their newly found freedoms, while subverting the system which allows them to be free. If their native countries were
    so great, why did they leave them?

  12. jjofaz says:

    Remember, the polls said Trump would lose in 2016…He Didn’t! And he will win again in 2020. The Dems are too messed up to be organized enough to walk let alone run a campaign.

  13. Linda H says:

    Tommy, remember what the prof. had under his head gear in Harry Potter?

  14. Laura Cartledge says:

    Most were Obama appointed so they have just been weeded out slowly.

  15. Linda H says:

    Norine Levy- Hughes, Watash said that the Old Testament ended with Jesus. (paraphrase) If this was true then anything in the Old Testament is dead. I still believe that the Old Testament is alive and well. It is not just a history book. I feel Isiaiah 5 is a warning to us. A warning we all need to heed.

  16. Tommy Daugherty says:

    I would hope that some one in security is checking her head gear before she is allowed to enter the house chamber. Since she hates America and loves terrorist she could hide an explosive device under her head gear. Think about this for a second.

  17. Linda H says:

    Reality Check, Everyone to there own. I still don’t respect him. But this is still a free country and you have the God given right to respect anybody you want to. So do I.

  18. Tom says:

    Amen, Norine – – and Satan is the father of lies. Trump must rank very high with Satan because he is on record for telling over 9,000 false or misleading statements, to the tune of 22 per day! That is why all these investigations are going after Trump – – something like over a dozen TO DATE!

  19. Lola says:

    That’s hilarious that you say “unity” since Trumpers do not get along with any other groups – – including moderate republicans, independents and certainly the Democrats! Look how many people are rotated out of the Trump administration – – so few people can stay with him – -like FIVE communication directors now, that he has to unethically give security positions to his daughter and son-in-law. That Jared is criminal and has traded away USA secrets to the Saudis, who own his butt financially.

  20. reality check says:

    Obama won the presidency handily – -both electoral and popular vote (which Trump lost by over 3 MILLION votes) TWICE. Trump is the ONLY president in the history of the Gallup poll who has NEVER reached the 50% approval rating. A recent FOX poll found: “Number of the week: A new Fox News poll finds that only 38% of voters said they would re-elect President Donald Trump if the election were held today. A majority, 55%, said they would vote for someone else. That’s in line with previous Fox News polls, which also found that a majority of voters wanted someone else to be president.”

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