Barack Obama was furious that this fake news lie just blew up in his face

The fake news media is on the warpath.

Left-wing media outlets tried to smear Donald Trump over the chaos at the southern border.

But one lie they told just blew up in their faces and now they revealed a scandal Obama wanted to keep hidden.

Fake news reporters seized on the image of Border Patrol agents using tear gas to repel migrants attempting to invade America.

They presented the scene as an act of unprecedented cruelty personally ordered by Donald Trump because he enjoys torturing Hispanic women and children.

But of course, the fake news media did not tell the whole story.

When Barack Obama was President, the Border Patrol used tear gas on illegal aliens 79 times.

The Daily Caller reports:

CBP provided The Daily Caller News Foundation with figures on the number of incidents involving 2-chlorobenzylidene malononitrile, commonly called tear gas or CS gas, in each fiscal year since 2012. From FY 2012 to FY 2016, CBP under the Obama administration used tear gas on 79 occasions.

Use of tear gas dropped after 2013, falling from 27 incidents in FY 2013 to only three in FY 2016. Incidents ticked up to 18 in FY 2017, which included about the last four months of Obama’s presidency and the first eight months of Trump’s.

There were 29 tear gas incidents in FY 2018, which ended in September – more than any year from FY 2012 to FY 2017. Tear gas may have been launched or used multiple times in one incident.

This is another example of why Trump’s attacks on the fake news media stick.

The people who work at ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, The Washington Post and The New York Times are not journalists.

They are Democrat partisans with press passes.

And no one should believe anything they print or air.


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149 Responses

  1. Kara Wright says:

    I am glad Obama is getting FAKE NEWS of his own. He deserves whatever they can throw at him.

  2. Philip Simon says:

    Baracka acka , Hillary, Hillary bo billary and the Dems. are so fake, false, please do not listen to bad broadcasts.

  3. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Buck Ofama and EVERY SINGLE MEMBER of the steep date.

  4. Native Texan says:

    Dispensing with Obama and his insane boasting. Anyone who claims that CS (tear gas) is inhumane or torture are either ignorant or full of bull manure. CS is an irritant and a deterrent. All anyone has to do is stop what they are doing and move to an area of fresh air. Flush the eyes and face with water and within a few minutes they will be fine without any lasting affects. I have had vast experience with exposure to CS and am still in excellent health.

  5. This is what Obama did in 8 years

    • T-pac says:

      Reporting known to be FAKE News should be a crime!!

    • George Kehl says:

      Obama Bin Lying used tear gas on the ILLEGALS a whole lot more then President Trump. How comes the Fake News never reported this ? Oh that’s right the fake news has that double standard about them because of being LIPTURDS….

      • Jack Gajda says:

        George, you are absolutely right. Okenya used tear gas on illegals on the Mexican side of the border between 72 and 80 times in his 8 miserable years. That averages out to a little more then once a month during his presidency and the lefties are crying because, it happened once in President Trump’s 18 or so months in office. Oh please…

  6. Norman says:

    They are the biggest enemy of our form of government, a republic. If they continue to favor one political party the republic will eventually crumble from within not by foreign interference or war. This is the national tragedy we are now experiencing that Benjamin Franklin alluded when asked by the woman what kind of government the founders established, ” a republic, madam, if you can keep it.” The founders believed the media would be arbiters of truth not reflectors of bias for one faction over the other. That was one of the reasons for the First Amendment to the Constitution.

  7. Tony Bell says:

    We certainly are living in a time of extremes. Obama was never properly vetted, while Trump is vetted to the utmost. Obama would have never passed under normal conditions, while Trump would have passed without concern under normal conditions. What is next? Think about it, multiple genders, supporting illegal activities, honest people jailed, criminals set free. Everything is upside down. How and when do we fix this?

    • Patrice Jones says:


    • Jack Gajda says:

      Tony, this is great and President Trump is trying to fix it but, the lefties keep blocking him…

    • Norman says:

      We never follow the dictates of the Constitution, ‘natural born citizen.’ The only time the term was used in the document concerned the eligibility for the office of president. There was a reason it was only used ONE time and only concerned this governmental position! it concerned the importance of the office!

    • Nunyer Binnis says:

      All this was prophesied a few thousand years ago.

  8. Betty says:

    Nobody smears trump like trump every time that “Fake Human Being” in the Oval Office opens his Big, Fat,Stupid, Insane, Lying Mouth!

    • Linda says:

      You sound so ignorant. We finally have a good, strong president that puts our country first. Open your mind!

    • Richard Van Horn Sr. says:

      Hey Betty … if you don’t like it . MOVE to Honduras and see how long your big fat mouth stays open !

    • BETH GEM says:

      Are you sure your real name isn’t Hillary and your just using Betty as an alias?

      • G says:

        Beth Gem,

        • SweetOlBob says:

          PEOPLE ! Ignore the twat ! She signs on as female, but hr real name is probably Ralph or something like it. She is just like some of the other trolls that always open their flatulent remarks with absolute ridiculous insults.
          That’s all the democRATS have going for them. They surely can’t point to any legislative home runs in the last two years. Just a bunch of foul balls. And that’s when they’re at bat !
          When they’re in the field, it’s one error after another. Booted balls, fumbled catches, and throws to the wrong base !
          On top of it all, they always argue with the umpire ! I would have thrown them all out of the
          game ! ……. They all could stand a shower anyhow !

    • Bonnie L Dillenbeck says:

      Betty, how does Trump do this? I don’t understand what your saying. The media crucified Trump for being so horrible to use tear gas on women and children. They reported fake news. Most of the criminals that are invading our country are men. Just look at the pictures. If a woman jobs them knowing there’s going to be a big fight, that’s her choice and she gets what we throw at or do to them. Not our problem if its a woman. And if its one with children, they should lose custody for putting them in harms way. Again, not our problem and, the mothers choice. So the media plays it up and anyone with a brain can see its not the choice of America or its President, its theirs. And, why crucify Trump and not Obama for doing the same thing, 79 times. Please explain what you mean when you say Trump opens his mouth. In this case, as always, its the media. You don’t sound intelligent when making remarks like this.

    • Durham Wayne says:

      Betty, you’re the only fake human here.

    • Mike Hainsworth says:

      Hey Betty you should work for cnn

    • Nunyer Binnis says:

      ANOTHER leftist schistferbrains heard from. Democrats and leftists of all stripes must stop breathing.

    • Janice Hamman says:

      If you don’t like him, move to Mexico or Maybe Paris.

    • Joy says:

      You’re definitely wrong!

  9. Daniel Mount says:

    Everything about Barack Obama was and is fake including his Name. These evil people that put Obama in the White House back in 2008 are the very same scum that rigged the polls last month that put that Muslim woman in Congress now.

  10. Jack Gajda says:

    Lynn, I couldn’t agree with you more. Okenya is the king of the scumbags and Killary is the queen…

  11. Bill says:

    Only mindless idiots and fools believe anything that the big seven say or write. They have reported fake news for so long they actually believe everything they say. One day they will pay for all their lies and deceit.

  12. Carlos says:

    Aside from pointing out the usual liberal hypocrisy and Alinsky tactic of accusing your enemy of what you’re doing, let me add another reality. The fake news media ain’t goin’ anywhere, folks, and they have nearly half of the nation who are brain dead morons and will never disagree with their lies or believe any truth, even if we gave it to them via an enema. All we can do is keep our numbers up and vote every election. Even that wasn’t enough in 42 House races, much of which was made worse by GOP cowardice. I’d love to say a 3rd party will bypass the R & D mess but that will never work. Liberals are too f***ing stupid and vote in block. All a 3rd party does is dilute our vote and elect Dems. Liberalsim is a gutless choice and we are a nation of gutless imbeciles!

  13. Kenneth Boyd says:

    That lying , sorry , two-faced , ni–er ! Why hasn’t someone taken him o-t ?

  14. Truckman says:

    Hell they should use on these hate groups here like the ones attacking Trump supporters and the groups of muslems that are violent

  15. Scotty says:

    And the French Government used tear gas on their OWN people. Tear gas is a very good way to disperse a mob, bullets should be used to stop invaders.

    • Jack Gajda says:

      Right on Scotty, right on…

    • Lynn says:

      Amen to that. An Invader “IS” an Invader, PERIOD. NO IF’s , ands, or Buts.
      It is what it is.
      Remember, they’really out to KILL US,
      one way, or the other.
      Why should R LIVES BE at RISK.

      • August says:

        It’s a pity that tear gas wasn’t invented over hundred years ago when European invaders and intruders came followed by their slaveships…
        Naturally modern invaders use machine guns, grenades, tanks, artillery, bombers, missiles etc as everyone observed on the southern border. ????
        Only poor immigrants and asylum seekers with their hungry babies try to come without weapons…????

      • Sandra Lee Smith says:

        Yes, they are, by their own words, over the past several decades, both here in the US and across the border.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      Of course, typical of leftists, the tear gas was used in France on the wrong “enemy”; it should’ve been used on Macron, not those protesting him, similar to our own TEA Party in ’09 &’10, protesting the exorbitant prices/taxes.

  16. Jake says:

    They broke up the telephone company’s monopoly. The Public Utility’s Monopoly and several other disasters.

    But, they still allow and condone the worse kind of monopoly. The News Media.

    They investigate the life out of every small thing when companies want to buy each other out or merge. But, no one raised a voice when three companies bought up the entire news media. (TV, Newspapers,Radio, Stations.etc)

    I think it about time they ordered these conglomerates to diverse themselves.

    • Jack Gajda says:

      You are right on point, Jake. Think about it, the News Media monopoly attacks the Big Banks for monopolizing yet they are doing/did exactly the same thing…

  17. omegatalon says:

    The Liberal media think they can lie and cheat.. even 60 Minutes got caught lying during an interview concerning the separation of family members of illegal immigrants; Trump said he wasn’t doing anything that Barack Obama didn’t do and Lesley Stahl lied by saying Trump was wrong as he was the ‘only’ President to separate family members; when 60 Minutes lies, you know the entire industry is essentially corrupt.

    Mike Wallace is rolling in his grave.

    • Carl Smith says:

      The Liberal? No ! The Progressive Media all drink from the same Punch Bowl that is supplied by the DCCC filled with the latest talking points. Since I’m retired I have the opportunity to Watch/Listen to most of the bobble heads saying the EXACT same thing. Ask yourself – Where are 95% of ALL the so called journalist/talking heads located? Have you ever heard of ‘Group Think’? Can you visualize a TEAM, any Team that does not THINK the same way? Is the fact that 95% of ALL media, including HollyWeird is OWNED/CONTROLLED by 6 (Six) Conglomerates who all seem to attend the same ‘A’ List parties/fundraisers are located in ONLY major population centers seem a little strange? Does anyone question why even Fox news has aired Juan Williams, Geraldo Rivera, Bob Beckel, Lamont Hill, etc. ( Who are all about as Far Left as even the media can tolerate) ? Could it be that even the Murdoch’s Spawn are Progressive Useful Idiots too?

  18. Mike W says:

    If we are extremely lucky and the truth prevails – ALL of Obama’s and the Clintons LIES will be exposed and blow up in their faces.

    • Heidi Dietrich says:

      I can’t wait to see that!

      • Deb says:

        Yea, neither can I . It’s fun to see Bammer the simmmian behave like a madd one. We need to be careful though because mad ones can be dangerous.

      • Carl Smith says:

        You will have to SEARCH for the Truth because it will never occur from cnn, mslsd, or the alphabet networks. The all drink the same Kool Aide. The only hope is it’s the Jonestown Kool Aide.

      • John says:

        Yeah, all TRUE Americans are waiting to see that!
        Hope it happens very soon!

    • Jack Gajda says:

      I hope it happens before they are to old to realize what’s happening…

    • ahem tonto says:

      Federal penitentiary terms for each of them for all of their corruption and treasonous acts, we hope. That would be honest justice and return the rule of law to its proper place in our republic’s law and order scheme.

  19. The Redhawk says:

    SO nice to SEE the EFFETE ELITIST Lying manure Spreader getting HIT WITH A HOME MADE CHIT PIE!!!

  20. Proud vet says:

    Barack insane Obama is only upset, because he thinks everybody should be a stupid is he looks, and acts!

    • The Redhawk says:

      BE KIND to the BATH HOUSE “BOY” he has Trump living rent free in his empty hEAD hitting GOLF BALLS

    • Donl Longo says:

      100% right.

    • Walter says:

      Obamma thinks everybody still loves him For Obama loves himself And thinks that hes wonderful I like when he says the economy and everything is doing great because of what he did in the White House he didn’t do a dam thing in 8 years but make a ton of money by being a crook. Him and that man hes married to make me sick. They should just go lay down somewhere and shut up him in a method to Clinton Knuckleheads

      • Jo says:

        BHO did double the national debt . And there’s Eric Holder…don’t forget all his lies. Eight years of corruption. Thank God we have Pres. Trump

        • Carl Smith says:

          The media is still suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome and the Soros money is still flowing so don’t expect the media to even attempt to discover the Truth since it would totally destroy their indoctrination.
          Even the Social Media has been corrupted by the IYI (Intelligent Yet Ignorant) crowd so finding the Truth is going to require the few of us that still Believe we are a Constitutional Republic to search for the Truth.
          A Pastor in the 1800’s was asked if his prayer before Congress was for the elected and he responded that his prayer was for WE the People that trusted these people to Honor their Oaths of Office.

  21. Jerry says:

    Lies are the enemies of the country period. So why does these so-called news networks lie so much? Why do the liberals lie so much? The Bible addresses it!

    John 8:44 You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

  22. sally says:

    WELL said!!! Why is the muller crap still happening? When will people be held accountable? Why was money sent to Iran in the dead of night in crates in unmarked bills? Was there kick backs for these rats?

    I was a democrat but changed after I started seeing this flagrant evil behaviors. They are now demoncrats to me. I cannt stand them because they are ruining our country.

  23. Phillp Owens SFC Ret. says:

    It amazes me how individuals can listen to and believe someone who has repeatedly lied to them! Not only lied to them but has never been able to establish where he was born! So far all we have seen are forged documents! MORE LIES!
    I am 81 years old and am amazed at how easily many people are bamboozled by these liars and fraudsters, where has common sense gone, where has respect gone, where has accountability gone?
    The amount of fraud during elections! Accountability? Honor? Respect? Truth?
    Where are we headed? Is this acceptable to you?????

    • sally says:

      WELL said!!! Why is the muller crap still happening? When will people be held accountable? Why was money sent to Iran in the dead of night in crates in unmarked bills? Was there kick backs for these rats?

      I was a democrat but changed after I started seeing this flagrant evil behaviors. They are now demoncrats to me. I cannt stand them because they are ruining our country.

    • zee says:

      Dear Phillip Owens. 59 sec . obama TELLS ALL Where he WAS born.
      Here ya go.

    • James says:

      Not acceptable at all, but for where he was born, that’s easy. Take his grandmother work for it as well as his own word. She said she was there in a Kenya hospital when he was born and he was in Kenya doing a speech recently and said quote “I’m the first born Kenya to become president of the United States” I’ll take their word for it.

  24. Robert says:

    I just did. Why won’t you post it?

  25. Native Texan says:

    Many in the media don’t really care about the facts. They report what fits their own personal agenda and ignore any thing that does not. They also seem to thing that the American public all suffer from short term memory loss and not remember that that riot control CS (tear gas) was use just a few years ago during the last administration. they also attempt to make CS and its use to be a lot worse than it really is. CS is an irritant that will make the eyes water and the skin itch. It will certainly distract anyone from whatever they were doing at the time of exposure. But in the open air the affects are minimal and short lived. The best procedure when coming in contact with CS is to quickly move out of the CS to an area of clean air and flush the eyes and face with water. The person will be fine in a few minutes. I was personally exposed to various concentrations of CS numerous times over a period of more than twenty – six years and am still in excellent health. As for Obama; he is a self made man and worships his creator.

    • jake says:

      Native Texan,

      I disagree to appoint. “They report what fits their own personal agenda and ignore any thing that does not.”
      In my opinion. there are not very many true news reporters or programs.
      They are now all actors using the time of Journalist and/or Commentator, when in fact all they do is act out what their bosses have put on their monitors.
      The folks in Foolywood need to present a new Academy Award Category.
      “Best Actor in a Continuing News Series”

  26. Sue Jackson says:

    This is a problem that we have had since way before Donald J. Trump ever came into the picture. To say that the “fake News trolls” have quadrupled and they work in unison to propagate their fake news reports is obvious, but they were doing it when Clinton was in office, covering up for all the criminal actions committed by him and his wife. Then the Fakers jumped in on every thing GW Bush did, especially after the 9/11 terrorist attack. After that they got their biggest project which was an unqualified, ineligible and unknown President that they had to do overtime on in order to present him as the shining star on Democracy that they worshipped. Now, the media trolls are having a nervous break down because WE, The People decided to take back America by electing a very successful businessman, not a politician, which the Media mafia cannot control. The President showed them that when he gave Acosta a public smack down with 99% of Americans being very pleased with. I totally agree that when the President refers to the MSM Mafia trolls as the Enemy of the American People. This is why we all need to shun watching or listening to any of their reporting. It is biased, anti-American, anti-Trump and I don’t how else we can say it other than it is Just Lies, Lies, and Damn Lies. The Media decided to travel this road because Obama gave them what they considered the permission and the power to take the reins in running our country. WE DON”T LIKE THAT. America was not and will never be Obama’s or the Media idiots country to give away.

  27. Gail says:

    He is a typical example of a whining democrat. Seems he needs to really get it . Get lost ! No one wants to hear about you .Every Article printed says they hate Trump . Well I disagree . They hate us . And when he leaves office they will be back to asking for his money for their causes . They hate God above us all . They hate the truth . They hate everything that is good and pure . They hate the fact we are the last free people on earth . And our President happens to be out in front taking the first hits . Everyone of us must stand up against Obama’s of America . That’s why we can’t let this insane Congress make our lives a living hell . Anyone with half a brain saw through Obama. We had enough of him . He did nothing but destroy and yet he stands in front of people who remember what he really did . And takes credit for things Trump has done and they were alive to see that Obama didn’t do what he is taking credit for . The whole West coast is his legacy . Full of morons . Check out Oregon ! The second biggest cesspool if any country . New York City is Bloomberg disgrace hold . When the democrats are responsible for the total breakdown of a civil society .And we do nothing . America will be no more . Hold every single politician responsible for his/her actions . Stop putting the same kind of morons back in office . Use the brain Hod gave you . Education from our school system isn’t not the answer . Common sense is better !

  28. Gerry says:

    I really think the lame media (which has been a complete disaster since the early 60s) may be our #2 enemy- – I do believe our #1 enemy is absolutely the entire demoSCUM party. They are a total disgrace to this country, our government, the political world and to themselves. They are the biggest anti-American organization in this country.

  29. Mo says:

    I haven’t watched the Fake News Outlets since 2007 when they all became the Obama Propaganda outlets. They have basically been a wing of the DNC Propaganda Service since They supported everything that Obama screwed up and blamed it on Bush and they pushed every word of it as Gospel Truth. Obama committs TREASON while in office and nobody says or does anything to point it out. The Iran Deal alone should have him EXECUTED not to mention DACA being a totally ILLEGAL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL ORDER that is basically TREASON, and those two are just the tip of the iceberg. Jimmy Carter will go to his grave knowing that he will no longer be considered as the WORST PRESIDENT IN HISTORY, HE CAN’T EVEN HOLD A CANDLE UP AGAINST OBAMA MAGA!

    • LAWRENCE F BONI says:


    • Paul Scott Wright says:

      I agree. Both obuma and hillary should be tried, found guilty of treason and hung by the neck.

      • Lynn says:

        Amen to that. An Invader “IS” an Invader, PERIOD. NO IF’s , ands, or Buts.
        It is what it is.
        PROTECT US with BULLETS.
        Remember, they’really out to KILL US,
        one way, or the other.
        Why should R LIVES BE at RISK.

      • Marlene says:

        After one of Hillary’s debates with Trump went wrong she had a tantrum and said “if that bastard wins we will all hang”. Seems like she knew the cover ups would be at an end if Trump won.

  30. Proud vet says:

    Well the black rat and his whores in the media got caught with their tails in the rat trap once again! You see there is a God and us not the Democrat party,Even though Nancy Pelosi says they are!

  31. merridee says:

    All people whos work need to be accountable for their job and take responsibility when things go wrong. Obama Needs to be held accountable for all the money he sent to his terrorist buddies. Also the money for his daughter and wife’s trip to Spain and Myrtle Beach ..Most all the money Obama spent was to finance Islamic brotherhood terrorist groups Many Americans think it is time to deport all the anti organization groups out of America never to have any member touch the American soil again.Some of the terrorist groups and domestic terrorist have times with a group called. CAIR. We need to ST OP any terrorist country whose people join a caravan to be sent home, they should not be allowed to come into America. They are evil people I am tired of radical I slamics invading and occupying our country is very WRONG .The cross the line shot them, if they stay on the other side tell them to go home at their expense no our government. DEPOERT the DACA which Obama was going to do anyway but never got around to it, he was to busy golfing, especially when there was a crisis here in the states. No respect for America he wanted to build a mosaic where the twin towers was, how thoughtless is that. He is a Muslim and never should have been the President the JSA. PERIOD. No matter what President Trump does regarding anything The Fake News media twist what he is doing. Doesn’t matter if it is reducting taxes, bring more job back to America to the illegael immigration, they LIE LIE LIE. yet Obama did some of the same things just never followed through and not one negative comment, why can’t yu be fair and support President Trump are you that anti American, then perhaps you need to leave oru country, WE DO NOT WANT FAKE NEWS, your losing your rating, I won’t read or listen to you media, nor read NYT for same reason. Try telling the truth you may even like it. You talk the truth among yourselves, but tell the American people lies. Your evil, corrupt, and should be fined It is time this hypocrisy STOPS

  32. Marlene says:

    Needs to be an accounting of all the money Obumas spent. A good bit was used to finance Islamic terrorist groups, like the Islamic brotherhood. We need to kick all these organizations out of America. CAIR has ties to several terrorist groups and is a domestic terrorist group on our soil. In tired of radical I slamics invading and occupying our country. Deport,deport,deport.

  33. bagster53 says:

    so what’s new , trump hasn’t done anything oboma hasn’t done , that’s why all this phony complaining is b/s

    • Cliff says:

      Obama needs to be in Prison for Fraud, Gun Running, and giving away our tax monies to other countries behind our backs !

    • Steveur says:

      Bagster, do you have a job? All you do is bitch about what Trump does or doesn’t do. You probably spend the day in your parents basement and lighting up.. Trump does more in one hour than you do in a month. Get a job, quit knocking the wealth this President is giving the working man, you just like to grovel because you are not successful. You fit in to those lemon sucking RINO’s that we have , that call themselves conservatives in the mirror.

    • J. W. says:

      Well. I was asked, “What has POTUS Trump done for you, personally?”
      I said, “Well, my 401(k) was never this high during Obama.”

  34. renato says:

    the liberal media and the fake news did it again and they will never stop because they hate the president
    so much they are willing to do anything to smear the president trump and they think the people will side
    with the fake news. THEY ARE WRONG / WE, THE PEOPLE WILL NEVER TAKE THEIR SIDE because
    they think the voter is stupid and we are not. VOTE FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP IN 2020

    • Betsy Sharp says:

      You are so right!!

    • John Hickman says:

      I have disagreed Democrats an new media knows we are stupid we been putting democraps in charge of Congress for over 50 years an just put them in charge of the house now our President Trump going have a harder time getting things done

  35. Robert Higginbotham says:

    I wonder if there are any among the fake liberal journalists that have red faces. I rather doubt it. They will never admit their screw up because they are perfect and only others make mistakes, never them. Frankly, the liberal media is the most arrogant, brainless, unethical, amoral bunch of losers in this country.

  36. Daniel Mount says:

    Yes, Fake News is a very big enemy but Barack Obama and The Clinton’s are the worst enemies of These United States Of America.

  37. Jeanni says:

    I don’t even bother to watch the fake news media. It is all lies and bias plus when you watch it increases their ratings. Why would you want to watch a news station that only lies and tries to make our president look bad.

  38. BigJoe says:

    The democrats, lead by the Kenyan, are the enemy that needs to be defeated. They are the “deep state”.

  39. Jay says:

    How is a treasonous criminal usurper like bho not in Federal prison with Clinton, Holder and Rice for starters?

  40. Brian says:

    When is some news media going to point out that Mexican is no more a “race” than Canadian or American? Anthropolgically speaking 3 races: caucasoid, negroid, and Mongols; aka, white, black, and Asian! That goes for all of Latin America. Southern Mexico has more Indian blood and the North more white but Mexican is NOT a race. Being against criminal incursions into OUR country from South of the border is nothing more or less than being a law abiding American citizen.

  41. Terry Trammell says:

    I am sick of the self-righteous liberals and the whining titty baby gays. Trump is the best thing to happen to America since Ronald Reagan. I love Trump & am sick of the fake news. President Trump, keep on keeping on. There are a lot of us in your corner.

  42. FrankC says:

    The correct statement is “Fake News is the enemy of Free People”.

    People base their decisions on the information presented to them, if the information is wrong their decisions will also be WRONG. We will not be able to continue as a Free Society if the people are being mislead into making bad decisions that ultimately destroy the country.

    • Bill says:

      Totally agree with you 100%.
      Just think how much Trump and his Administration could have done if he were to have had the media behind him and the $10 trillion to freely spend as he pleased instead of Obama who has nothing to show for that $10 trillion in taxpayers money.
      Trump would been able to spend it on:
      The Wall and tightened up the Security at Airports and Water access areas.
      Upgraded our total infrastructure.
      Taken care of our Homeless problem.
      Would have added to our Space Program instead of closing it.
      Helped our Military instead of cutting there budget by a third.
      Could have gotten a long overdue pay raises for Teachers, Law Enforcement and our Military our backbone of America’s Teaching and Security.
      Yes all of this and more could have been accomplished with $10 trillion.

      Because Obama had nothing to show for his spending especially without any complaints from ouy majority Democrat Government and Media.

      I really think that We The People need to insist on a complete Audit on that $10 trillion and make it public as to the wareabouts of the Taxpayers money was spent on. Remember our Government works For We The People so as there employers we insist to know these answers.

    • Jack Gajda says:

      Amen Frank, Amen…

  43. russell says:

    Obama needs to let honest people who love America alone his division of our great country will take years to correct

  44. Mork Jungle says:

    Why do we keep bringing up the most useless pos president in history? Obummer should just go away. He destroyed our country and Im glad Hildebeast didnt follow him.

  45. M says:

    The “fake news” is and will always be in the pocket of the far left liberals. The people know it and expect anything from them at any time and we are NEVER surprised. They don’t report the truth except when it is good for liberals. We all are getting news that is the truth and it is given zero time coverage on MSM networks. I want every conservative Republican to please, pause when an outrageous story is reported by the MSM, think about what they have reported and wait for the truth and facts to come out because, guaranteed their report will not be the “real story”.
    Remember the children separated from parents by DJT was the most horrible inhumane thing liberals had ever heard of and the MSM beat DJT to death with it until the truth was reported, BHO and WJC had done the same thing. Now we have this tear gas episode being reported as the most horrible inhumane thing liberals have ever heard of and the MSM is all over it and then it comes out that BHO used tear gas and or pepper spray 79 times. GIVE ME A BREAK!
    The MSM wonders why we don’t believe them and why they are so disliked!

  46. Jeffrey A Sampson says:

    The media honestly doesn’t fit any model of fair and honest reporting far from it. The media is so deep into their own lying ways I am starting to think they actually believe the non sense they print and put on television. I never believe anything they report especially CNN AND MSNBC WELL ABC,NBC AND CBS all fit the model of lets report cheating, lying and intentionally misleading the public once we have a discussion that actually motives the people to crush the demonrats once and for all things wont truly change these fools in my opinion are pure evil that is the bottom line media accept it and let it be,known the people will crush the demons from the inside out its just a matter of time we will only be pushed so far I really do believe before its over the people will have to,crush these fools and be done with it.

  47. Randall M says:

    Why is it, whenever Trump does something, anything about illegal immigration, The Fake News media touts it as the most in humanitarian thing in history. Whe it comes out that Obummer has done the same…nuthin’ but crikets. I am sick of the hypocrisy!

    • Richard S says:

      Even a show I use to like to watch, “60 Minutes” puts their bias slant on events leaving things out in order to make President Trump look bad. What they have achieved is losing a viewer because of this. What the MSM are doing is not journalism, but communism reporting. Thank the lord that most Americans see through this ruse. If President Trump sticks to his mission, he’ll have no problems in 2020.

    • Lynn says:

      Why is this allowed to continue ???

  48. James P Hutchins says:

    The liberal media is and always will be the enemy of the American people.

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