Barack Obama stepped into the 2020 election with one announcement

Democrats are locked in a messy primary fight for the Presidential nomination.

Since Barack Obama is still the party leader, many Democrats are looking to the former President for guidance.

And now Barack Obama stepped into the 2020 election with one announcement.

The super PAC “Committee to Defend the President” has been running a TV ad in South Carolina attacking Joe Biden using word’s from Barack Obama’s 1995 book, Dreams from My Father.

In the ad, a narrator accuses Biden of failing to stand up for black voters and uses words from Obama’s book about “plantation politics” to imply Obama believes Biden was one of the Democrats who only care about black voters once every four years.

Lawyer Patchen Haggerty from the firm of Perkins Coie – the same law firm Hillary Clinton’s campaign funneled money through to pay Fusion GPS to produce the Christopher Steele dossier – fired off a letter demanding the Committee to Defend the President stop using Barack Obama’s “intellectual property.”

“This unauthorized use of President Obama’s name, image, likeness, voice and book passage is clearly intended to mislead the target audience of the ad into believing that the passage from the audiobook is a statement that was made by President Barack Obama during his presidency, when it was in fact made by a barber in a completely different context more than 20 years ago. To this end, the Committee to Defend the President must immediately remove this ad . . . further the Committee to Defend the President must agree on behalf of itself and all affiliated entities to refrain from future misuse of President Obama’s intellectual property or right of publicity,” Haggerty wrote.

Obama – through spokeswoman Katie Hill went even further and demanded South Carolina TV stations take the ad down.

“In the interest of truth in advertising, we are calling on TV stations to take this ad down and stop playing into the hands of bad actors who seek to sow division and confusion among the electorate,” Hill added.

Obama has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

But the rise of Sanders has many Democrat elites frightened.

Obama weighing on behalf of Biden to demand an attack ad get pulled down could be a signal to other party leaders not to throw in the towel and roll over for a Sanders nomination.

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38 Responses

  1. Rickster says:

    Obama needs to disappear before we do it for him! He’s a Soros puppet and he sold out our govement to the highest bidder with Soros his biggest client! He belongs in Gitmo ! Stupid Camel Jockey trash

  2. Karl Stecher says:

    If Obama cared about truth he woud admit that he was not born in the United States and was therefore not eigible to be President.

  3. Dennis Nichols says:

    As Americans we need to lay aside ALL of our differences. God made us in HIS image. We all bleed the same color of blood. According to the BIBLE: “Let brotherly love continue”.

  4. Mark says:

    Hey Barry. Call someone who cares. Whoever said what doesn’t matter. Your illegal actions and the cover-up from your administration is what you should be worried. Everytime the liberal media covers up or doesn’t cover at all a democrat’s alleged crime you are guilty og conspiracy together. Let all the truths come out and let’s see where the chips fall…even if it’s in Epstein’s cell. Solve that crime and hold someone accountable and who knows where that will lead after the snitch gets done talking. All IMO

  5. William Barrus says:

    Does Nancy Pelosey deseve 4 more days as speaker of the house?

  6. George says:

    Please look up Margaret sanger and see what she said about black people and started planned parenthood to kill off the black race Demon Craps received the Margaret sanger award Hitlery obummer and others how can Christians and black people vote for Demon Craps?????
    Kkk blackface bum pediatrician govenor Ralph nothing wants to kill living babies!!!!
    EDUCATED doctor who is DANGEROUS, trained to help children not murder them!!!!
    The Demon Craps booed God out of their convention a few years ago I guess that if He is not there then He won’t know what they are doing!!!!!! YEAH go ahead and believe that Demon Craps!!!! 60 million babies blood is crying out from the DUMPSTERS and car trunks of the MURDERING Demon [email protected]!!! Sell their PARTS make your evil money buy your comfortable lifestyle, eat drink and be merry for tomorrow you will face an angry God!!!!!! Obummer can’t help you with that, in Chicago he said that if a baby was alive in a failed abortion PUT HIM IN A LINEN CLOSET UNTIL HE EXPIRES!!!!!! EVERY THING COMES OUT OF DEMON CRAPS CLOSETS, SKELETONS,

  7. Anthony S SSadowski says:

    Obama needs to step away from the presidency,he is only hurting candidates.Mike Bloomberg must not be allowed to run for president because there is no one donating to his campaign.Joe Biden should step away from running for president because of his family members indulging in working for countries not involved with our constitution,and freedoms.

  8. Mac says:

    Demturds will never have anyone worth running, they are all low down money hungry devils who will sell out their own. They all sold there souls to the devil and soros is the devil

  9. Norman Lee says:

    1) Does anyone believe Obama has anything with Intellectual in it?
    2) If not used for commercial endeavors Books can be used therefore Audi books(unless playing for a monetary profit) should also be covered.
    3) If Obama stole these statements from a barber whole point is mute as it can be done by anyone that sounds like Obama and was not Obama’s statement to argue about.
    4) As long as credited to and stated is a quote from a public figure they have no leg to stand on
    Maybe Obama should sell his endorsement to Bloomberg while it’s still wort something. Just like he sold black Americans false hopes, no jobs, and into slavery to the Democrats for more “Free” stuff. Pretty much the same deal they got before a White Man abolished slavery(and he was a republican).

  10. Joe says:


  11. James Jackson says:

    I think it’s time for someone like Al Sharpton to jump into the race, because he has all of the handsome good looks, intelligence, charm, charisma, focus, drive, ambition, and a sure plan to lead our country into the future.

  12. Johnny Lee Stanley Sr says:

    Trump 2020-2024

  13. trapperwv1 says:

    nobody is looking to the nignoramus for anything he is a taker , faker and fraud.

  14. Carol says:

    To me the Democrat Party is like a abusive husband to Blacks. They have put us in slavery, hung us from trees, cut off body parts to keep us in line, burned down our homes and businesses to keep us down and to this day have not changed the Law to say that we are 100% human. After all this (the beatings) they hand out “Free Stuff” to keep us in check or to keep us in the Democrat Party to serve their will. I just don’t understand why my Black people cannot wake up and see things as they are and why they can be bought with a ” little free stuff”.

  15. Tony Winters says:

    I guess because I’m not Black I don’t understand what goes on in the minds of Black Voters. The Civil War was fought by the North and the South that was predominately Democrat. The Democrats voted against the Emancipation Proclamation, they voted FOR the Jim Crow Laws, they established the KKK to enforce these laws, they were against the Civil Rights and the Voter Reform laws. Blacks have exchanged the Slavery of the Plantations to the Slavery to the Federal Government and more importantly the Democratic Party who by the way is all for Planned Parenthood that has aborted more Black Babies then any other races. What the KKK couldn’t do Planned Parenthood is doing in record numbers.

  16. Mac says:

    Needs to go back where he came from cuz it’s not here

  17. Will says:

    The blacks should not really feel bad about this,, after all the Dummie craps , take everyone for granted ,, and not just during election time .. Promise you the moon ,, and give you nothing in return,,, that is the Dummie crap way ,, they have done it for years ,,

  18. Marshall Rosenthal says:

    Remember folks, Obummer’s name was Barry Hussein Obama, before he changed it to Barack. He fooled all the Dem voters for 8 long years, hating Israel all the while.

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