Barack Obama said one word about Rashida Tlaib that will make your blood boil

Barack Obama made his return to Capitol Hill.

And you won’t like what he did.

That’s because Barack Obama used one word about Rashida Tlaib that made Americans’ blood boil.

Former President Obama traveled to Capitol Hill to meet with the 63 freshmen Democrats elected last fall.

Tlaib tweeted out a picture of Obama from the get together and claimed Obama told her she made him “proud.”

This comment appalled millions of Americans.

Tlaib is a known anti-Semite.

And she caused a stir in her first day of Congress when she told attendees at a rally that she wanted to “impeach the motherf*****” – referring to President Trump.

That is not a record anyone should take pride in.

But Obama and other Democrats are “proud” of Tlaib and her fellow freshmen because they value identity politics and “diversity” above all else.

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