Barack Obama said one word about Rashida Tlaib that will make your blood boil

Barack Obama made his return to Capitol Hill.

And you won’t like what he did.

That’s because Barack Obama used one word about Rashida Tlaib that made Americans’ blood boil.

Former President Obama traveled to Capitol Hill to meet with the 63 freshmen Democrats elected last fall.

Tlaib tweeted out a picture of Obama from the get together and claimed Obama told her she made him “proud.”

This comment appalled millions of Americans.

Tlaib is a known anti-Semite.

And she caused a stir in her first day of Congress when she told attendees at a rally that she wanted to “impeach the motherf*****” – referring to President Trump.

That is not a record anyone should take pride in.

But Obama and other Democrats are “proud” of Tlaib and her fellow freshmen because they value identity politics and “diversity” above all else.


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139 Responses

  1. robert bizek says:

    I SEE Obam`s face in the morning then i twist that knob and swirl them down my Toilet and i say bye bye

    • robert bizek says:


    • Nellie says:

      I canceled my TV service before Obama was elected. 16 years of Clinton’s and Obama’s agenda was enough fraud to take our country down.
      God Bless Trump
      God Bless Our country
      Trump 2020
      The Squad must be removed from office.
      They are Muslim followers.
      Thank God for the wall.

  2. James Albion says:

    Why are people surprised Obama would be “proud” of Tlaib? I’ve been saying it since BEFORE he was elected in 2008 – THE MAN HATES JEWS – THE MAN HATES AMERICA and has an absolute disdain for Americans. He’s a “charming” guy who will smile while stabbing you in the back. The Left are like the Taliban or Al Quaida – subtle things done patiently over years to reach their goals, like the complete indoctrination of kids through our educational systems. Gen Y (Millennials) and Gen Z – ignorant Americans who are ignorant about America. Very VERY sad…

    • Nellie says:

      Obama is a Muslim. Gay Muslim. He wants our country under Muslim laws.
      San Diego county has judges appointed by Obama. They allowed prayer in public schools. Muslim parents sued the schools and won.
      Christian kids were not allowed to wear a cross. It might offend the Muslims
      Trump 2020

  3. libra says:

    I can only hope and pray that when AG Barr and his investigators are finished investigating– that we will finally know the truth about Obama–his heritage –his true ideology–his faith and if he committed treasonous acts along with so many others in high places and who paid his way to the top –some that still carry the highest security clearance in the USA have committed treasonous acts against the USA and her citizens.. Nancy and schumar –by not acting is a crime of omission–they are deliberately destroying the USA by allowing criminals–drugs–terrorists–diseases to kill Americans and bankrupt the treasury by having to care for these criminal invaders.. Many American citizens will die at the hands of these criminal invaders and we lay the blame on our negligent-criminal–mindless — do-nothing so called leaders in the house and minority leader in the senate. RESIGN RESIGN–GET OUT-if you cannot do your duty.

  4. Ivan Greene says:

    It cannot be that from President Bush (son) to Obama the country went so far left.
    Obama and his clan, like a puppy with a T bone in their mouth, were convinced they were going to achieve victory and make this a Marxist Republic. They made one slight mistake.
    They never thought of “what if we lose the election?”. Like a dog that tasted a Tbone, and had it pulled out of its mouth, they tasted victory but got defeat. And they are fighting
    still for their IDEOLOGY. They can’t take it. So close, but now so far. May Trump live
    a long and healthy life. THE WORLD need him. And no, not all jews vote for the democrats. I am a Czechoslovakian Jew. Always vote for the Republicans. This is
    not the Democratic party of Hubert Humphrey, LBJ, Kennedy, etc. These are far left
    RADICAL REVOLUTIONARIES aided by the media that is just like them. I am not
    a far right zealot. I am a middle of the road AMERICAN CITIZEN. And I love the USA.
    Make 2020 make minced meat out of all the traitors we have. Alandslide would be terrific. Even if they never give up. One or two more Supreme Court nominations
    in the next six years would be the icing on the cake. I will enjoy seeing these people
    suffer a bit more. They deserve suffering as they are destroying our republic.

  5. Kara says:

    She must be the woman he is having an affair with, that is mentioned daily.

  6. rufusvondufus says:

    Obama’s eyeballs are dark brown because he is so fos! He makes me sick just hearing his name.

  7. Wrenchman says:

    Ive truly never hated someone more….
    the media ushered this seditious malcontent into office by refusing to vet him and report the truth to America about who he was and is.
    You ask why all the craziness the last two plus years? The real fear was anyone but hiLAIRy winning would expose (after 2020) the truth of what took place 1/20/09-1/20/18. The Marxist was sure she would securely bury all his corruption and protect the Fundamental Transformation to continue.
    That man will be exposed more and more as we move further away from his 8 year assault to destroy this Republic.

    • Xander says:

      Obama is truly evil – but don’t let hatred canker your soul.

      • Mary says:


        • Bob Cullen says:

          Its probably not his family. He’s the biggest POS in the history of the USA.
          We deserved much better…..and we have it. Problem is, he has to battle the World plus the hysterical liberals and their media wing….such a shame.

  8. John H Bemis says:

    all these people are muslim brotherhood sympathizers and should be rounded up for treason, and violating their oath to support this country and our constitution.

    • Sitala says:

      John, isn’t this scary? There overall plan is to have the Muslims take over America and make it like there home in the middle east.

  9. James says:

    I don’t think you can simply take away their citizenship, but we could make for a cozy Muslim community somewhere in the middle of northern Alaska.

    • Ed Shick says:

      It gets much colder in Summit station , Green land !

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      Yes you can take away their citizenship for treason and trying to overthrow the government.

      • Sitala says:

        when are we going to have a “special council” to look into the Democrats. Many heads should be rolling. While Barry was in office they started the process of changing America to Iran (or whatever middle eastern state would would like to come up with

  10. Charlie Cruce says:

    Both Obama and Rashida hate America. To them it is all about payback and yet both have benefited from America’s greatness.

  11. Myt@yahoo.comake says:

    Obama is anti American and so is she. He should never have been President of our country. He is a traitor and a muslim. They think they can rule the world. He wants to be a dictator and this is part of his plan. He is a hateful, lying soldier of satan. He should go to Iran or some other country he loves.

    • nan says:

      I agree with you. this man was an illegitimate president in the first place and I don’t care what anyone says. I remember. AND, radical muslims stick together … he belongs to the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, make no mistake and wants to ERASE AND REPLACE Americans. for eight years, he, instead of being a real president (impossible), he organized AGAINST America and weaponized all of the federal agencies that WE PAY FOR, against ‘we the people’. a bad man, from the inside out. period. he hates PRESIDENT TRUMP because President Trump is EXPOSING all the dirt on Obama and his ‘tribe’. he’s EXPOSING how corrupt all of this has been, top to bottom (including George Bush). GOD BLESS AMERICA. GOD BLESS OUR PRESIDENT AND KEEP HIM STRONG in the midst of all of this BS

      • Mary says:

        you are 100% correct, I did not vote for NoBama in either election, my gut feeling was that he was and is evil, he hates America and would do anything to destroy our great country. The people who voted for him because he is “black” were used by him to get elected and they did not have enough knowledge to know any better.

      • Carol says:

        OBAMA WILL be EXECUTED because he is a TRAITOR! His medications are no longer working and he is dying from AIDS!

    • Tony says:

      He should have been arrested while he was there.

  12. says:

    Good idea.

    • Mark Pearson says:

      how about we ask the Israelis if they want him. After all he sent a number of people and ton of money over to disrupt their election. We must have an extradition treaty with them.

  13. Ronald C Watt says:

    Execute every muslim in this country for they are truly our enemy.

    • The Real M says:

      Ronald C Watt, I have an idea, delegitimize/take away citizenship for all citizen Muslim, then locate all who are not citizens and fly them ALL, every Muslim, back to their home countries, open the plane’s doors and put them out on the street. Don’t even ask them if they are in the city they came from, have money for a place to stay, we don’t care! It will be a fate WORSE than death when they have to live in their native country after having lived in America. In fact most if not all had rather be executed than be forced to go home!

  14. DANIEL says:

    How was he re-elected?

    • Joseph Inzerillo says:

      Look who he was running against ! He didn’t win . . . Romney lost ! . . . and as a result AMERICA LOST !

    • M says:

      Because most black people blindly voted for him based on race and did not have any idea who he was … along with all the democrates…. not hard to figure out

    • Mark Pearson says:

      As in both his elections he (those who are on his side) cheated. Prior t the presidency he never actually ran a campaign against an opponent, he managed to get them disqualified or embarrassed to the point they withdrew.

    • kathy says:


  15. John J says:

    Two anti American muslims, both are sub human morons

  16. Michael Brown says:

    The Democratic Party is rapidly falling into a revolutionary mob. I’m totally shocked that they haven’t found a Lee Harvey Oswald. If anyone says they are a honest Dem there is no such being. Belonging to a corrupt regime is criminal in and of itself. They’re like the Germans that didn’t say a word when Hitler was coming to power. Dems and MSM put non-productive people, illegals, and LGBTQ individuals above the tax paying American citizen. We are the slaves to the elite and the teat suckers. We have to take care of our families and the neighbor that lays around with free health care, free food, free housing, and free Obama phones. And yet they complain because there is a time limit on that phone. Americans, freedom loving Americans are fed up with it. Our President is getting ready to shut the borders and those Swamp Dwellers are having a hissy fit. I’m utterly sick and tired of the Dems. Adam Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, Tlaib, Ilhan, and many others like MaxieMouth, Cummings, Swallwell: they should be run out of DC. The entire Russian farce was put together because the ugly old pant suit hag was too exhausted to keep up with Trump. All the Kings horses and all the kings men (Soros, and Obama bin Laden) couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back in the WH again. I’ll never forget when that old crow said she’d be the one to answer the call at 3 in the morning. Well, there are some deaf soldiers that called and she was in a drunken funk. From Fort Marcy Park to Bengazi to the Dossier, she failed America. Trump is in office because he stands behind Israel. There are some Biblical pieces of the puzzle that need to be put into place before the One World Leader steps onto the stage. BTW when I say Evita Peron what new political player comes to mind? Okay, I’ll give you a hint Green New Deal.

  17. Rickster says:

    Looks like one idiotoic camel leading another! She has a stupid mouth and has no business in goverment and should have been thrown out for what she said 2 mins. After she was sworn in! Anybody sworn in with your hand on a Koran isnt legal anyway! Kick them all out!!

  18. DWIGHT V. MURRAY says:

    BOTH OF ‘EM–ASS-WIPES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • DCC says:

      Both should be tried as traitors, found guilty and stood up against the wall and executed. Also the goofy bitches Omar and Cortex(AOC) should be dealt with.

  19. dwight v. murray says:

    Both of ’em–ASS-Wipes!!!

  20. Herb says:

    Obama and Tlaib are both very poor excuses for human beings.

  21. Gar says:

    If one flushed them both down the toilet the city sewer would be so polluted!

  22. Stumpy says:

    Nothing that “Monkey Boy” does or said surprises me. He agrees with Tlaib anyway, both are NFG and they will get their comeuppance in due time.

  23. George G. Dovey says:

    Absolutely right! But he is the worst kind of one, a secret, clandestine, closet Muslim. Sneaky bastard.

  24. William S Graebe says:

    President Hussein is a Muslim, was born in Kenya to an American Muslim mother, his father was Muslim, his step-father was Muslim, his grandparents were Muslim, he removes his jewelry during Ramadan, his early education was in a Muslim school, he speaks the language and has offered his allegiance to the Muslims in his book “Dreams of My Father”. There are no school records of him nor birth certificates for his daughters. Add it all up! The black dude is a Muslim!

    • George G. Dovey says:

      Absolutely right! But he is the worst kind of one, a secret, clandestine, closet Muslim. Sneaky bastard.

    • joe patriot says:

      By EVERY measure he is Muslim scum

    • JoAnn Hurley says:

      It is true he is a MUSLIM, but he was born in Hawaii. He is not a natural born citizen, but rather a Naturalized citizen making him ineligible to be PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES. His mother left Hawaii to marry a Muslim man in Kenya five years before he would become. A natural born citizen. As an adult, he could have become a natural born citizen, but he left early and went to Lithuania. He was not eligible to be PRESIDENT.

  25. Original Anna says:

    It’s melting pot that made America great not diversity, Babe. Diversity has caused more wars than melting pot ever did because diversity keeps people in their old culture and stops people from accepting and melting into their new culture. Really, isn’t that why people come here. If they want diversity they should stay home and not bring their troubled cultural diversity into our successful melting pot of the U.S.

    • I agree with you! Obamacrapper likes her because she has the same agenda as him!! TRUMP 2020!!

    • Jason Casteel says:

      Dinesh Desouza, ( not sure if the spelling, but you know), was speaking in front of a class. He said America is the only country in the world where you can become American.

      He went on to making some great points. You cannot come to my country and become Indian, as much as I could not go to you country and become a Mexican. Because in our country’s, we are a people. The United States is an idea.

      What has happened? All of these idiots coming here have no desire whatsoever to become an American. That is why they set up in their own cities, no language, no anything that we hold dear. They will then try to rock the boat and take us to Court to do away with any thing or traditions that we hold dear.

      Then they start talking trash. Why would anyone want to come to a country like ours and not assimilate? I believe it is to game the system. A very broken system at that.

      Let me put the blame were it is due. BOTH sides of the aisle have not done S**t to correct this
      Travesty. BOTH sides need to put their partisan BS aside and do what is best for THIS country and it’s citizens. They need to come up with some new rules and make it strict. It cannot be like winning on a game show just for sneaking over our border.

      Right now, this minute, our country is suffering. People here, people who belong here, are in pain. Maybe from the loss of a loved one who was killed by someone here ILLEGALLY. Maybe it’s a parent of a sick child. A child who was stricken with a disease. A disease that we have not seen in this country in 60 years. Just because it came across our border by an ILLEGAL immigrant who was not screened when they got here like our ancestors were when they came here LEGALLY. Those procedures were put in place for a reason. To keep her CITIZENS safe.

      If your traditions and culture are so important to you, why did you come here? Perhaps you should have stayed home and fought as hard there to change things as you fo here. Fight as hard as you do here to get that nativity scene taken down in the town square because it offends you. I am sorry. So sorry that it offends you. But the fact that it offends you actually offends me. I’m sorry but this is my home. You are just a guest. An uninvited one at that.

      It offends me that this country just bends over not to offend someone who has come here from another country. You ever notice you can buy a statue of Budda at Walmart, but you can’t find a cross? THAT offends me.

      I can go on and on, but what’s the point? It’s going to get to a tipping point very soon. Look at what is happening on our border. Nancy and Sluggo Schumer better pull your heads out of your asses and take a look. You cannot say that is a Trump manufactured crisis any longer. Not without telling a bold faced lie. That tipping point is here. It’s here now. You had better do something quickly. Everyone knows that you just want the voters. But if you don’t act quick enough, there won’t be a country here for you to government. A country without borders, is just not a country any longer.

      So I say this to Nancy and Sluggo, and all the other Left Wing Nut Jobs, Right Wing Nut Jobs as well. Time is up. Time to get along is NOW. Put your investigations, your expensive and ineffective investigations, on hold and start doing something that will bring this country together, instead of dividing it.

  26. Barbara says:

    I can’t wait to see the muslim X-pres out of our hair and in rear in prison.!!!

  27. Paul G. says:

    Obama and the rest of them are nothing but bottom feeders !!!

  28. Dee says:

    For what reason she able to join other’s DEMs freaks to impeaching current President ! themselves is the ones commit a lot of unlawful damaging crimes against wholes Republicans party’s for a long times ! voters fraud , setup & frames falsely someone didn’t do , unlawfully refused the Wall to stops illegals entry’s , gave illegals applying State Federal license & benefits , uses underground tactics promote Central America migrants Caravan invade the US give a fault statement to other party’s , 3 & some of newly elected DEMs Congresswoman uses dirty filthy language shouting at President in the public’s , many many more in the Congress Representatives violations based personal emotional figures functioning in today’s politicians is wrong , all wrong ! If Obama praise again on Rashida’s act , than he is a Unfit to his job , a Traitor ! a Terrorist ! Betrayal our mandate principals & lawfully biding of the United States of America’s .

  29. ann says:

    ANTI-SEMITES “FLOCK” TOGETHER……Both part of the Muslim CONSPIRACY to disarm & take over America………Both can go to hell! VOTE TLAIB OUT!!!!! She should resign. And her son should be ashamed of her HATEFUL language against MY PRESIDENT.

  30. Mona says:

    Nothing this Muslim does or says surprises me. It is still hard for me to believe we had enough stupid people to elect this creep to be our President. Obama said this isn’t a Christian nation any more. We sure don’t have as many Christians or he would never been elected. I am so thankful that we have someone with sense as our President now.

  31. james says:

    We are surprised? Obama has been a Jew-Hater, anti-Israel, anti-semite all his life (read the damn book). He treated Netanyahu like crap, pressured Israel to retreat to pre-1967 borders, gave $150B to Iran, KNOWING most would be used to fund terrorism against Israel and the US. He has a clear disdain for the American culture and history. How Jews voted for this guy TWICE still amazes me; how any Jew can vote for any Democrat troubles me.

  32. Tom says:

    We need Rashida and her home girl Ilham to ensure a Trump re-election victory

  33. jemb says:

    You have to wonder if she’s intelligent enough to realize she’s being used and abused by the former President Obama. He’ll use her as his pawn to stir up trouble with President Trump, the House and the Senate. She’ll be destroyed or imprisoned before he’s done with her. Former President Obama must be barred from Capital Hill. He’s history, and has no business there.

  34. Michael Shevchuk says:

    Why be surprised, Obama is also an Antisemite. He hated Israel when he was President.

  35. Harvey Schneider says:

    I have a two words to American Voters that I want to pass on to them regarding her, “BE PRUDENT!”

  36. Leejin says:

    Allah is a pos, and a fake, amoung a whole lot of other things

    • Doug Story says:

      Fake, I agree with…allah was invented by Mohammerhead, pisslam’s prophet

      • Barbara says:

        I agree with you! Mohammerhead invented everything in the 600^s AD since there was nothing going on for him. Then satan appeared before him to create a pretend holy book which is quite unholy! I’ve read enough times to know that its sick, twisted and resembles Judeaism just enough to maybe made them convert which they never did so them .Mohammerhead just became the biggest warlord outdoing Stalin, Hitler, Napolean and Mao.

    • Ferne Scully says:

      Thank you for seeing through this nonsense

  37. Banshee 803 says:

    There is nothing but TREASONOUS, Seditious and fifth Columnist behavior on the part of the Progressive Democratic party: period. Don’t take my word for it: READ Chapter 18 of the U.S, Code; especially sections 2381 -2385 defining and giving the penalties under Constitutional Law for these evil offenses. It is stated in legalese but, comprehensible to those who can read and have average intelligence who peruse it with eyes open, ears that hear and a brain that functions when not being sat on as is the case with these leftist lunatics. Once YOU have read these references; ask yourselves why ALL those on the left who have comported themselves in such illegal and disgraceful fashion and the biased media that reinforces their deceit and false allegations and denies due process, HAVE NOT BEEN indicted, charged and prosecuted for a variety of such crimes. That includes the ENTIRE Obama Administration, the DNC, FBI , Leadership, compromised agents Strozk and Page and all involved at every level of the COLLUSION, NOT BY TRUMP, but by them. Obama is not an American oriented individual, was NOT qualified to BE President and was the Worst unequivocal excuse for a sitting American in my 74 year lifetime AND, I have had a degree in Government for 52 of my 74 years which is 20 years LONGER than House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been in Congress. You tell me who has credibility and I am also a 100% disabled Vietnam vet, made so by our Government’s use of Agent Orange and NOT enemy action. Then, ask yourself WHO the real enemy of freedom and Justice in THIS country is! I would personally like to see Obama and all those aforementioned held both RESPONSIBLE AND ACCOUNTABLE for their Anti-American Citizen behaviors as the SOLE reason any of them were or are in office , is to serve We, The People and NOT themselves! If the Justice system were equitable, THAT is where they WOULD be, BUT, there is a dual standard in operation: one for the Oligarchy of the politically privileged and powerful and another for we peasants; and it has to be stopped! Remember THAT, when next you go to the polls and, if you value individual liberty and freely made choices, :

    • Niteowl says:

      Well presented. I agree with you totally. Obama set a number of records. Being the first half black, Kenyan born, Muslim President. He should be tried for treason and put before a firing squad. He spent 8 years advancing Islam while demeaning Chrisianity and dividing the country.

  38. vincent postiglione says:

    …………WAKE>>>>>WAKE<<<<UP AMERICA

  39. Edward Lee Osler says:

    Obama has shown his true colors (no pun intended). From the first words out of her mouth regarding her disdain for Israel, Jewish people, Jewish religion, Tlaid, Omar and AOC should contribute to one universal thought: If you hate the USA and everything it stands for, then pack your bags and get the hell out. I do not know why the Democratic Party are kissing these three behinds, but they should get their respect heads out of their own behinds and start doing the right thing.

  40. Patricia J. Pinskey says:

    They are Muslims. Once a Muslim always a Muslim. The only way out is to DIE. You can only show allegiance to Allah. No one else. So they cannot show allegiance too this country. They have to put their hand on our Bible, which they did not do…. Cause it is against Allah.

    • Michelle taylorr says:

      Yes I don’t understand why so many (even the media) caters to this. Are they too ignorant to understand what this is all about?

  41. Richard says:

    Birds of a feather flock together. If you know what I mean

    • Terry says:

      Trump needs to press the issue on Obamo on Treason so he will be going to jail or the firing squad with his associates

      • Valli Neal-davis says:

        Not soon enough to rid the United States of these treasonous traitors Obama should be first to run out of America. Obama is not the first black president of the United States but certainly the first black president to sell out the United States.

  42. Texas Belle` says:

    Muslims of a feather stick together; he’s proud of her because she, as a Muslim, dislikes this country and Trump, just as he does.

    • D rae says:

      Amen a serious threat to the Americans. Get rid of her and the other freaks.

      • Valli Neal-davis says:

        Not soon enough to rid the United States of these treasonous traitors Obama should be first to run out of America. Obama is not the first black president of the United States but certainly the first black president to sell out the United States.

        • Eva12 says:

          No, do not run bho or whateverhisnamereallyis, out of Eva12the country, he would just make trouble wherever he is. He needs the traditional punishment for treason.

    • Patricia J. Pinskey says:

      She and He are muslims. Once a Muslim Always a muslim. The only way not too be one is too die. You must show your allegiance to Allah. No one else. So our electives in Washington who put their hand on the bible…Was wrong. They did not put their hand on Our Bible. They put it on the Koran. They cannot show allegiance to this country. So they are lying.. I tried to put this on Facebook and they took it right off.

    • maser gunny sgt USMC says:

      I always new ooboma was not a amercian.He hates the people of this great country.Iam a retired Master gunny sgt USMCwith 30 year of combat service and I am proud to have served. We need to deport obama and the Rag Heads now.This country is going to hell and it is damn time to get off our ass and do the right thing for our country before it to late. Semper Fi

      • Jason Casteel says:

        Thank you, Top. For your words, your service, and your Patriotism. You see it as well. Time is running out. A shame these liberals are doing this to this once great nation. A nation we served so faithfully. She is too fine s lady to go down like this. Something must be done. At least there is still hope with President Trump. I believe if a liberal gets into the White House, well then, at that point I am afraid all will be lost.

  43. C. Wilson says:

    She has no right being in congress,it’s not a place for traitors.

  44. Ron says:

    Who in this world cares what that lying, treacherous, treasoning dick says about a worthless pos thing that is ALSO here in America trying to bring our country down. Two POS’s in a pod.

  45. KB says:

    he and his ‘associates’ certainly tried (still trying behind the scenes) to fundamentally change the country (bring it to its knees/destroy).

  46. The “little king of DARKNESS” and his “little” sisters and brothers….At least we know now for sure of “who” he really is…..!!!! Just SAD that it took America 8+ YEARS to figure this out…..!!!!!

  47. Ronald Harston says:

    I bet he’s proud of Smollett too.

  48. Marek Dreik says:

    2 Islamic Anti-American terrorists on this picture is still not in jail for their crine.

  49. Jose says:

    This was the perfect example how our country made a mistake when people who vote for any individual are not completely understood where the politician is not properly vetted. These so called lawyers has their own agenda and not to their constituents.

  50. Cerberus says:

    Simple, “impeach the motherf*****” ” was what he was probably so proud of.
    After all, it does now seem that he was in on the coup of his replacement.
    Was probably just happy that there are some who’ll try to “take over”, after Lindsey Graham exposes the “old” bunch for what they are.

  51. John Galt says:

    I do not understand why Jews continue to vote Democrat. The Democrats are anti-Semitic.

    • doris prycodzien says:

      john galt, That is what this poster has been mentally debating and questioning with Jews for quite some time. Glad to finally view that another poster has the same viewpoint and has posted concurring remarks that deal with such a topic.

    • Gregory Sullivan says:

      Because they are extremely ignorant and because of this, they turn their backs on their own country as Vladimir Posner (who is Jewish incidently)
      The Russian puppet did.

    • Carl C. says:

      I have always wondered that too. Most are smart, make good money, and yet always vote for the DemonRATS. They will live to regret that in the next few years if the damn libtards gain more control of the govt.

    • Dewey says:

      Why would anyone with a speck of a brain vote for any Democrat now days. seventy years ago there were some pretty decent Democrats but they are all dead now and there will probably never be another.The ones we have now is like Obama. They want to make our country like the other poor countries.

    • Roseann miller says:

      John Galt, that’s one no one has been able to figure out. Rahm Emmanuel working for Obama??? Makes no sense.

  52. says:

    Oboma is a legend in his OWN MIND!

  53. DANNY says:


  54. American 1st says:

    He is proud of his fellow muslim! Muslims from some parts of the world are antisemites!

  55. KB says:

    Treasonous …right up there with his wife’s ‘proud’ comment.

  56. It Appear’s that Es-President Barack Obama deserve’s the best Actor Award? IN MANY Categories!

  57. James G. Mothes says:

    Now there is a village somewhere in Kenya that is missing two of its idiots!!!!!

  58. It takes one No count Muslim to another Muslim he is an Anti- Smite and should never been Presedent he was and still a no good RAgHEAD and should be in GETMO with the wrest of thoes Terriests in CUBA PRISON and the Key throb a way. Some one out KIDNAPE hem and send hem to IRAN and let them take care of hem. He will go down as the worst President that ever entered the White House he will never live down the Disgrace that he has brought to the USA. His Children will have to go through life being laughed at the wrest of there life. Having a Father ho Disgraced our Country. Our Founding Fathers who wrote the Delectation Of Independence or Rolling Over in there Graves that this great Country has Ben DISGRACED by Electing a Muslim for Presedent and Elrcting thoes Muslims in to Congress we have got to be the laughing Stock over the Entire World Will we ever live it Down.

  59. Mark Pearson says:

    Demographic “diversity” is a notion often defended with fervor but seldom with facts.
    Thomas Sowell
    When she says “Serving our country,” What country is she talking about?

  60. Luwahana says:

    I cannot believe we voted Obama in, and I do believe he got in
    The last election illigal! Think about it!

  61. The Real M says:

    OH BROTHER! All I have to say is “consider the source”!
    Both of them are un-American, unpatriotic and his comment should not surprise a true American patriot in all of America. Besides, I am sure he IS proud of a fellow Islamist who is also an attorney, her relates to her. They are a threat to America. both of them. We should and must never forget that!

  62. Cliff says:

    This is another anti-American RABID ANIMAL that should be removed from office, and booted OUT of this country. (and should take her RADICAL MOOSLIME “friends” with her. (as well as OBUNGHOLE the GAY MOOSLIME FRAUD POS that INFESTED OUR WHITE HOUSE for 8 years. After all, there ARE 57 MOOSLIME SH**HOLES MORONS like them could choose from and leave US alone.

  63. vince says:

    0bozo and ALL THE DEMORATS ARE FOOLS and scum bag traitors to the American people and America

    • Clarence says:

      Why should Obama be getting any publicity. He sells media and other UnAmerican drivel. I have one President and I support him. Don

  64. Nate says:

    Yea! Barrack said one thing to Rashida Tlaid all right. It was “Bend Over”, we need more ISIS members!

  65. Sgt. P reston says:

    Well, I am not pleased with any of them, starting with Obama and working down.

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