Barack Obama made a surprising announcement about his 2020 plans

Democrats have been waiting around for Barack Obama to make up his mind about his intentions for 2020.

They finally have their answer.

And Obama wrote an email that revealed a surprising announcement about his 2020 plans.

Joe Biden served Obama as his Vice President for eight years.

But Obama will not endorse Biden in the Democrat primary.

Obama closed the book on the idea of supporting Biden with an email announcing the creation of the “Democratic Unity Fund,” which will support whoever ends up winning the party’s nomination.

Fox News reports:

Former President Barack Obama on Friday waded into the burgeoning presidential race by announcing the formation of a Democratic National Committee “unity” fund that will support the party’s eventual nominee against President Trump in 2020.

In an email to Democrats, Obama urged donors to contribute money to the “Democratic Unity Fund,” which launched Friday.

“The Democratic Unity Fund is a promise that whoever earns our nomination, he or she will have a strong, united, and well organized DNC ready to spring into action the moment the general election starts – a DNC hat’s ready to lift us all to victory in November,” Obama wrote in the email.

The focus on Democratic unity follows the drama in the 2016 Democratic primary, when supporters of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders — who is running again in 2020 — accused the DNC of being biased in favor of Hillary Clinton winning the nomination.

Obama’s refusal to endorse Biden could be a drag on his candidacy.

Voters will naturally question why the man in politics who knows him best refuses to back him for President.

And while Biden is riding high in the polls for now, questions like this will dog Biden as the calendar turns and voters focus in on the campaign.

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