Barack Obama made a surprising announcement about his 2020 plans

Democrats have been waiting around for Barack Obama to make up his mind about his intentions for 2020.

They finally have their answer.

And Obama wrote an email that revealed a surprising announcement about his 2020 plans.

Joe Biden served Obama as his Vice President for eight years.

But Obama will not endorse Biden in the Democrat primary.

Obama closed the book on the idea of supporting Biden with an email announcing the creation of the “Democratic Unity Fund,” which will support whoever ends up winning the party’s nomination.

Fox News reports:

Former President Barack Obama on Friday waded into the burgeoning presidential race by announcing the formation of a Democratic National Committee “unity” fund that will support the party’s eventual nominee against President Trump in 2020.

In an email to Democrats, Obama urged donors to contribute money to the “Democratic Unity Fund,” which launched Friday.

“The Democratic Unity Fund is a promise that whoever earns our nomination, he or she will have a strong, united, and well organized DNC ready to spring into action the moment the general election starts – a DNC hat’s ready to lift us all to victory in November,” Obama wrote in the email.

The focus on Democratic unity follows the drama in the 2016 Democratic primary, when supporters of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders — who is running again in 2020 — accused the DNC of being biased in favor of Hillary Clinton winning the nomination.

Obama’s refusal to endorse Biden could be a drag on his candidacy.

Voters will naturally question why the man in politics who knows him best refuses to back him for President.

And while Biden is riding high in the polls for now, questions like this will dog Biden as the calendar turns and voters focus in on the campaign.

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160 Responses

  1. where is my comment?????

  2. Mark Hopkins says:

    Yeah, but what nutsack and all commies don’t understand is that “freebies” come with a huge price for those of us that actually work for what we get. Much higher taxes, loss of our freedoms, no more incentive to work because it’s all being stolen from you. The communist leftists are like leaches; suck you dry and give back nothing but a sore spot that never heals.

  3. Hillary lost, get over it says:

    I’m thinking President Trump will leave office in 2032, cuz its going to take that long to fix what obunghole broke. Then, Trump Jr. Then maybe Baron, then, well, who knows.

  4. Hillary lost, get over it says:

    What do you expect, Mark? Nutsack gets all those freebies obunghole was giving away. Last night’s debates, were only a debate of who will give the most free stuff away. Has nothing to do with policy, because they have no policies, except what would you like to see as your inherent right, so freebies can keep on flowing.

  5. Obama is one piece of Black scum. Needs to go back to Kenya an stay in a hut.

  6. Ri Ti says:

    I think obama and the dems are going to put michelle in the running at the last minute…I think the obamas will do anything to get back in the White House to finish what they started.

  7. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Anyone who thinks that his Islamo-communist president is some sort of a hero had better throw their crack pipes away and face reality.

  8. Tom says:

    Well Said, Michelona… Apparently they are BLIND and DEAF!!!

  9. jo says:

    I personally think, anything less than the Death Penalty is to little for this terrorist, muslim, piece of filth.

  10. Mark Hopkins says:

    You’re very welcome William. It’s great to see there are still many thinking “real” Americans out there.

  11. Notalib says:

    I hope Obama ends up in jail! He deserves a long, long sentence. Treason? Does it apply? Yea, I think so and I think he is still committing Treason. He is not smart enough to shut up and let it go. His dislike for America keeps him in his game and he should pay big time for what he did to our nation.

  12. Thomas Ross says:

    Good go to Venezuela

  13. William Hayes says:

    My thoughts Exactly Mark Hopkins. Thank you

  14. William Hayes says:

    Get a f_ _king life Libtard! Obozo IS/WAS the WORST President of all time. BAR NONE!

  15. William Hayes says:

    We can only Pray for this outcome for the ISIS leader.

  16. William Hayes says:

    This comment was a reply to N Michelenas comment on the Evil of Democrapic leaders.

  17. William Hayes says:

    Thank you Ken Marx.

  18. William Hayes says:

    I believe your comment to be Very True if the Democraps get enough Muslims into America.

  19. Miles Puckett says:

    Obummer will be in GETMO we hope by the election date

  20. carolyn exposito says:

    The Paris Peace Accord had nothing to do with “peace” . The name was given to dupe you into believing it isn’t an attack on the success of the American economy. Designed to make America destroy its business model by not allowing us to use our vast energy supply while the filthy metropolises in China and India belch fumes and poisons into the air unabated. I suppose you would be happy to pay $7 or $8 a gallon for gas and triple the cost of heating and cooling your home to make not a speck of difference in the amount of carbon in the air. By the way, trees and green plants need carbon dioxide to live. Maybe instead of concrete jungles we need to keep more green space and let nature do its job.

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