Barack Obama just lost everything because of one stunning betrayal

Barack Obama was the unquestioned leader of the Democrat Party.

But now Obama is seething after facing this massive challenge to his authority.

And Barack Obama just lost everything because of one stunning betrayal.

Barack Obama waded in to the 2020 campaign with a plea for Democrats to reject the radical candidacies of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

Obama argued America was not a revolutionary country and that if Democrats veered too far to the left, Donald Trump would win re-election.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – who endorsed Bernie Sanders in the 2020 Presidential elections – immediately fired back at Obama.

Ocasio-Cortez argued that by pursuing policies such as the “Green New Deal,” a socialist health care takeover, and massive tax increases, the left was actually pushing the Democrat Party to embrace its radical roots.

There is no question that Ocasio-Cortez’s endorsement – as well as those from fellow “Squad” members Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar – saved Sanders’ candidacy.

Sanders was floundering the polls and eventually left the trail after suffering a heart attack.

But three members of the fabled “Squad” endorsing Sanders injected new momentum into his campaign.

And even though Sanders’ radical platform renders him unelectable in a General Election, he stands a strong chance of winning the nomination because – as Ocasio-Cortez points out – Democrats are a radical party at heart.


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  1. douglas miraldi says:

    YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jeff Brodhead says:

    When your enemy forms a circular firing squad and is taking aim at each other, let ’em shoot it out.


  3. Keren says:

    AOC it’s completely insane! She cost 25,000 jobs lost in New York City and another company she tried to start a union and cite the employees who are all let go because of her. Her screwed up new green deal is such a joke.

    Ask the children of Africa what they think about electric cars.
    This is how sick her thinking is.

  4. Mick Healy says:

    AOC wants the demoncrat party to go back to the days of the civil rights act!? This shows how ignorant she is because it was the REPUBLICAN party that saved the civil rights act! The KKK was started by the demoncrats.

  5. Ron Portzer says:

    I do not rule out that AOC may be a blessing to the Republican party since she has revealed what the Democrats are. Hopefully, the Dems will be phased out.

  6. Sue Rich says:

    If AOC does run the Democratic party, she’s doing a really lousy job of it.

  7. Tracy Lynn Velasquez says:

    When will someone-anyone-remove that ‘humanoid’? Please, escort her out of Congress & OUR COUNTRY!

  8. JG says:

    The story is right!!! The Dems are a radical party,but they won’t win in 2020!!!@

  9. Save babies from dems says:

    Why isnt the soros clan dead yet. They are clearly terrorists and we need to defend ourselves and our countryagainst them and dems

    • Pat says:

      Yes we are a republic not a communist country

      • J.W. says:

        You’re right, but far too few Americans understand that; they think we’re a democracy instead. Remember what Ben Franklin said when asked what form of government had been established? He replied, “A Republic if you can keep it.”

    • veda says:

      ISN~T there a GREAT possibility that This Soros ”Bunch of SOURED Grapes” ..ARE Going TO Be Totally ‘ EXTincted’ Very SOON >>By Token of FACT..THERE Is NO possibility THAT This Putrid Bunch Will not be Hunted down AND Put OUT of OUR country >AS SOON AS OUR President TRUMP IS RE-ASSIGNED OUR CHOSEN President FOR Another FOUR YEARS>>IN 2020 !! THE Citizens OF this USA ARE FED up with That Creepy bunch of Wannabes !! I DO Believe Our ? secret Service KNOWS Who Everyone OF Those “”Traitors ARE..AND..Where TO find THEM.


      I agree

  10. Culper Ring says:

    If not for the crash of 1929 and the way that generals Dwight Eisenhower and Douglas MacArthur, acting on the orders of Herbert Hover, treated the “bonus army”, FDR probably would not have become President of the United States, The Democratic Party maybe wants to crash the United States economy so as to trick the American people into approving New Deal 2.0 or Great Society 2.0, but it probably would not go that way again, since the Democrats refuse to back away from supporting the illegal foreigner presence and measures that go against the right of the people to keep and bear arms! They do not seem to know the first thing about emulating FDR or LBJ.

    • Culper Ring says:

      Correction: Dwight Eisenhower was a major at the time, not yet a general.

    • J.W. says:

      A close examination of FDR’s presidency would reveal that he was a commie sympathizer and he bailed out the Federal Reserve scum. Having a central bank like the FED and the progressive taxation that finances it are the primary requirements of Marx’s Manifesto. The confiscation of the people’s gold was a scam as well, one designed to bail out the FED, but the American people largely didn’t know the legal definition of the word “persons” meant corporations.

      Then we could discuss the sacrifice of Americans at Pearl Harbor to get this country into WWII, which he was itching to do.

    • Culper Ring says:

      O, undoubtedly. FDR may have been a “great president” but at the same time as being anything but a “good president”. FDR was, with stark exception of JFK, greater than a lot of the Democratic Party United States Presidents who came before or after him. One of the foreign policy things that FDR was popular for is how he was critical of the gleichschaltung in the years leading up to the Third Reich invasion of Poland. On the other hand, maybe the criticism plainly enraged and emboldened Adolf Hitler before even larger numbers of “non-Germanic” inhabitants of Germany were incarcerated and either outright terminated or neglected to death. The world of tyranny in the former half of the twentieth century is somewhat bewildering.

  11. George says:

    Occasional cortex has a role in an upcoming Shrek movie as donkeys girlfriend, shes a perfect match! With that good news out of the way… I was considering how this could actually divide the democrat party and unite the good party. I think its refreshing to see them fighting among themselves, it will take years for them to reorganize and bring back defectors and voters that have exited the party. Once you see the light its hard to emmerse yourself back into darkness, some eventually will as a dog returns to his vomit. But personally, im sick of policy being hijacked by minority groups and shoved down our throats. So shifty, keep it up! Nancy and Sluggo, keep it up! Please dont listen to the man behind the curtain, hes full of it, stay the course! The edge is near, keep blindly following each other! Oh and you media guys, keep the journalism sloppy! Thats the way us dumb Americans like it, we dont bother with pesky facts, and truth, who needs it? Yeah stay the course guys, the edge is near!

    • Peter says:

      Just state publicly that they are on A MISSION OF MERCILESSNESS.. Among other things they think their iron clad alibi is public humiliation disgrace and ruination… They don’t deal with public humiliation well.. They think that’s their high card (their WILD CARD – unbeatable..)

    • William Levi Havtawaite says:

      Mr George don’t you mean occasional ashol cotex the new yolk chicken butt.

  12. Robert Glade says:

    Aoc doesn’t run anything but her mouth. George Soros money runs the Democrat Party.

  13. 32 eagle says:

    OhCaseeeOhCoronas would make a damn fine leader of the demOhCraSh!t Potty

  14. Mary Johnson says:

    Just by endorsing Sanders he should be dead in the water but because they the squad are running the Democratic party that is what they think will be the run off of President Trump. Sanders has had a heart attack which in its self makes him not healthy to be President. The President is to be in good health. But just because they want Sanders does not mead he will make it there are more than four Democrats in the party and they think they are running something but in fact they are not and two of them should have been deported already.

  15. Peter says:

    She should look at a bar as a kind of integrated locker room to get better perspective the infamous “locker room talk”.. If she’d worked that long there you’d think she should know about terms such as “blarney”, and “small talk”.. everything should be taken with that “grain of salt”.. She was young so she was still naive now she’s in over her head.

  16. Ernst says:

    The influence of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez makes the Democrat Party a gang that can’t shoot straight. Her passionate but stupid ideas are gaining followers just like the Pied Piper of Hamlin, and the DemocRATS are following her over the cliff.

    • Peter says:

      She’s undercover embezzler.. (remember Elijah Cummings? Poor boy until he got into office.. son of a share cropper no less.. See how they incriminate themselves so shamelessly? And they even tell you to your face “no shame to my game”.. all we have to do is replay some of their tapes.. It’s that case of the most obvious being the most neglected.. It’s self-evident that any man who makes his money in politics is by text book definition AN EMBEZZLER and he (Cummings) unfortunately was able to take it to his grave without being challenged.. Let’s not let the rest of these scoundrels get away with what he did..

      • Will says:

        Cummings was a crook and everyone knew he was ,, But now they want to ,, run his wife for his chair ,, at the table ,, and she is nothing but a crook herself ,, Guess they must want to keep the family business , going ,, only the Democrats can pull this crap and get away with it ,, they all should be shot on sight

  17. neo anderson says:

    Everyone that thinks this IDIOT can come up with a health care plan that the government runs ought to research the Veterans health care and their problems with having to wait weeks/months to be seen by them….THEN multiply it by at least 10 times for the amount of patients wanting an appointment….DO YOUR RESEARCH…. The ONLY thing the government excels at is driving up the cost and driving down the quality of service on ANYTHING they take over from the private sector.

  18. neo anderson says:

    A.O.C. is a legend in her own mind….I think she has a “pickled brain ” from finishing off all the customer’s drinks while being a “bar maid”

  19. Eileen Trent says:

    What I want to know is how did Alexandria Occasional Cortex, “The 3 branches of government r House, Senate, and Presidency” –YIKES!!– become a millionaire?!

    ROTFLOL!! 😂

    • Diana S. says:

      I don’t know how but I remember before she took her seat in congress that she was was complaining that she couldn’t afford to rent an apartment in Washington.

    • Peter says:

      Apparently on the same “trail” as the Democrats EMBEZZLEMENT as per “redistribution of the wealth” into their favorite “charity” THEIR OWN BANK ACCOUNTS! But having been a “bar tender” and being “kinda cute”.. well? It’s not my thing… but BUGGY DOWN BRONX??? ANYTHING GOES?? MANHATTAN??? Hmm.. I guess your guess is as good as mine but I wouldn’t rule out having been “on the stroll”… so to speak (local jargon).. Maybe “hooking” more than drinks.. but “millions”.. I think she’s hoping for a long career.. Like Cummings who just past and was quoted being also a millionaire with a father as a share cropper and he doing most of his adult life as an elected official.. I guess some facts speak for themselves…

  20. Will Penny says:

    Ok all of you DemonRat retards , this Sham Show of yours , is just a bunch of made up Bull ” S ” . As we all saw n heard watching the hearings . What a waste of time and tax payers money and for what . I’ll tell you what , not one Damn thing except jealousy and Hate , that’s what . To hell with this bitch AOC , She’s just a blooming Moron . She along with the rest of you treasonous liberal SIMPLETONS need to be Charged , and then CONVICTED , and then Hung by your Necks at the Gallows till Dead , for Treasonous Crimes against God n Country . End of Story !!

  21. Chenz says:

    Obama took my health care my doctor, I have MS. he replaced it with Obama care
    I was left waiting almost four months with brain swelling. I’ve offered to be a congressional wittness, unlike the whistle blower I can veriify.

  22. Leon Keller says:

    There is no doubt about it the demoncraps are officially the newest version of COMMUNISTS. ..! President Trump please perform your solemn oath to protect America and her people from all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC.

  23. vgf says:


  24. John Boanerges Redman says:

    Stupid, evil me, I just want them all dead, on camera if possible, grasping at their necks, deprived of O2 and loosing body contents right and left. Sorry to be such a hater but control freaks affect me that way.

    • John Boanerges Redman says:

      How bout that California legislature, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine and Wisconsin, too. Kill most if not all, yes? These “people’ are the same as MS13, so Nancy says.

    • Robert Hellen says:

      …..and on TV and on the White House lawn with popcorn and beer!

  25. Larry342516 says:

    “Obama just lost everything”? Wasn’t that the subject of this article?

    • JeromeTeresa McCluskey says:

      I thought so also
      but so far I do not see what he lost I hate lying headlines!!!!!!!!

    • SweetOlBob says:

      Yes, that was the title………… If you believe all the dramatic, kindergarten trash that the headline writers are actually PAID TO WRITE !
      My insurance company is seriously considering doubling my rates because of the
      BOMBSHELLS that plague my internet ! They claim that I need a “Bombshell Rider” at a small extra cost (of course). And aside from that, I have sprained an ankle on one of the many dropped jaws. and recommended counciling for all hose poor people who are violently “furious” because so and so happened.
      I have sent flowers to those people who evidently passed on before their time. because it was reported that they were “DONE” or they had reached “THE END”.

      C’mon ! Youse guys ! What did you do with the money mama gave you to learn to write headlines. You’re sure lucky she didn’t find those magazines you spent it on under your mattresses !

  26. John Boanerges Redman says:

    Its “Radical Roots” and constant guiding light is the KKK. Good going Sandy.

  27. David Kennedy says:

    Aoc is a blithering idiot. If she thonks for one second that a demorat canidate is going to get elected on a green new deal platform, well give me some of what she has. She needs to get back to the motel six blue room and keep swinging on the brass pole like always. She certainly does not speak or have an idea what the American people want and need.

  28. Deplorable Lanie says:

    The question should have been “Does Alexandria Ocasio-cortez THINK she runs the Democrats?” That would be a yes, but she doesn’t run anything. And she will in all probability be a One-Term Congresswoman!!!

    • Herman says:

      However she will have a retirement income for life at our expense.

      • Tom Gibson says:

        No you are wrong ! you have to serve at least 5 years to be eligible for a pension .I don’t think she will make that and the Democrats want rid of her too.

        • Will says:

          Hmmm ,, I didn`t know that ,, you made my day ,, as I was thinking I would not learn one new thing today..
          But that also ,, makes me ,, want only at most four years for anyone serving ,, if they won`t leave then just bury them

  29. Edward C. Olivares, Sr says:

    Under Article 5 of the Constitution, the House can expel Schiff, or AOC, or any of the Squad members, by 2/3 vote of the members of the House! Let’s get a 2/3 majority of GOP, plus Independents, plus Libertarians elected to the House in November 2020, and expel the traitors and idiots in January, 2021!

  30. Sheri says:

    No she doesn’t! If she thinks she does gooooood old Nancy Pelosi will put her in her place!!!!!

    • Roy Sutton says:

      Pelosi hasn’t been able to contain the squd at all. She was bullied into Impeachment and has lost any control or influence over them. When this really goes bad, I believe anyone expelled or impeached will lose their pension.

      • Will says:

        I hate to stick up for any Dimo wit ,, but AOC, and the Squid ,, should be tried for crimes against the elderly ,, Poor poor OLD Nancy is once again become a victim from within her own party

  31. wil says:

    I believe in TERM LIMITS. . . 1 term in office, and 1 term on Death row for their crimes against America and our Constitution. Democrats have historically been the terrorists and traitors to America. . .from being turncoats in the revolutionary war, to being the aggressors against America during the Civil War, Being the Ku Klux Klan after the Civil War, being 5th columnists during world wars I and II, being Communist supporters during Korea and Viet Nam, Traitors and terrorists during ALL of Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom, Selling 20% of America’s nuclear materials to Russia so Russia can make new NUCLEAR warheads for their missiles, illegally placing the Terrorist and Traitor Obama in the White house to prove “their strength”, trying to install “Queen Hitlery” in power in 2016. . . continuously pushing for Race War/Civil War again in America. . .Obama’a 80 FEMA Death camps complete with “Massive heating units” (crematoriums) and 4.5 million FEMA Coffins, each large enough to hold 6 full grown men. . . or more than 2500 cremated remains each. . .which is for the greater part, CARBON. All set now for the “Carbon Sequestration” genocide against America, with the evidence buried deeply in Government held and controlled Nuclear waste dumps. The Democrats want to enslave America because we had the audacity to take their slaves away more than 100 years ago

  32. Joe Bustani says:

    These so call damaging witnesses. Have openly admitted before the congressional hearing, The first witness admited he got his information from second and third hand sources. The LT. COR. opening admited he PRESUMED, it was quid pro quid. They are the most flimsy, embarrassing witnesses, that makes laughing joke of this hearing for impeachment. What idiot reviewed these guys before allowing them to make a mockery of the Democrates case for impeachment. If this is your best shot then throw in the towel, and stop the bleeding.

  33. Peter says:

    AOC may “lead” the party because of her youthful enthusiasm but she’s no Nat Turner or John Brown.

    • The Real M says:

      Peter, The Dem party is lost! They are floundering without direction. The only ones who have a possibility of winning are so radical and far left they are unelectable in the Presidential election and the entire party has lost its mind. The only people they hate more than each other is DJT and us, Republicans! Who ever thought the Dems would turn on BHO who has been like a messiah to most of them? I hope the Dems know the weak leadership of Nancy Pelosi has caused their dilemma! Big mistake caving to the extreme left liberals led by AOC. Even BHO understands and agrees! There is big trouble in the Dem party!
      Of course, zero to none of us Republicans care even a smidgen about the Dem problems!

  34. George L. Randle says:

    Obama, has always been the puppet of George Soros and he is still the puppet leader. but history tells us AOC is dead right in her assessment. Thomas Jefferson the basic founder of the Democratic Party, embraced the radicalism of the French Revolution that created the ideology which is communism that we know today. Also Jefferson did everything as vice president to subvert John Adams’ Administration.

  35. Dr. J. D. says:

    Well, at least 34% of the poll respondents have some sense and know AOC not only does not run the Democratic Party, but most of us Democrats are shocked so many of these P.P. articles pay so much attention to her. She might have sway among young voters, but hey, they don’t tend to vote in great numbers. But AOC does show some of us older voters what the young voters think . . . they do not support conservatives and moderate values – – and are VERY committed to addressing climate change (whereas, of course, conservatives have bought the false BS of Oil and Gas industries and deny the dangers of climate change. Did you guys believe big tobacco and pain meds companies too?).

    If you have been following the hearings in the House, every single witness has confirmed the whistle blowers complaint and testified that Trump did demand a “Quid Pro Quo” even though he denied it! Even the witnesses the Republicans brought forward – – Sondland got his orders from Trump and people witnessed Trump doing this first hand.

    • Robert says:

      With no proof and ALL hearsay and woodland said it was his presumption none of these testimonies would be allowed in any upstanding court of law.

      • SL says:

        Uncompetitive by listening only fake unproof information and spread lies won’t help you. Better be quite. At least noone will be accused you in not understanding real facts.

    • Vincent says:

      You have not been watching the hearing at all or you would not be so stupid with your comments. I have watched all of them and know you are either lying or just going by what you have heard from the Fake news.

      • Pierre says:

        👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍They only watch the FAKE NEWS ..Stupid ..Anyone that really watches what REALLY WAS SAID KNOWS .THEIR LIES ON THE TRASH MEDIA IS GARBAGE.

    • The Last Conservative says:

      I don’t know what you’re a Dr. of . . . but that school you graduated from should be condemned ! You CANNOT be serious that ANY of those (so-called) witnesses held any credibility nor did they indict the president with anything they said. All were either line-towing Democrats or never-Trumpers, blinded by pure hate and looking to take down a duly-elected president. But, by all means, keep it up . . . it will make the smoothness of the next election, like a silk glove ! Just show up at your local polling place on election day (if you can find it) and cast your vote for whatever fool on the Left wins the nomination . . . your party is destructive to America and we fair-minded American patriots will fight your sinister plans of taking down this country. You idiots piss me off !

    • Kat says:

      Every single witness admitted their thoughts are PRESUMPTIONS not facts.
      The whistleblower complaint says nothing.

    • The Real M says:

      JD, You obviously were not watching the impeachment conspiracy, attempted coup hearings in the same universe as the rest of us on planet earth! Or, your powers of comprehension are not what they once were!
      Nice try but no buyers!

    • Michael says:

      The transcript speaks for itself. I guess you believe in little fairies too. Climate change? If you had two brain cells to rub together, you would remember these
      are the same idiots that swore we would die from the coming ICE AGE. We’re still waiting for that.

    • Rogelio says:

      Most Demoncrats??? That’s because almost all of them have but a SINGLE BRAIN CELL and most all of them have IQ’s approaching a NEGATIVE, 3-DIGIT level, eh ? Including YOU !!!!!

  36. renato says:

    if AOC is the leader of DNC that is a god gift to the RNC because the DNC will go far too left
    and their ship will sink like the TITANIC forever which is very good news to the RNC.

  37. blt says:

    this woman is ans idiot. half the time she does’t know what she’s talking about. she needs to go back to bar tending i’m sure she wasn’t to good at that job either and maybe she can get goofy bernie sanders a job as well. since she thinks their such a good team.

    • jim says:

      hey even idiots have a brain this woman has no brain just a big mouth

    • tony says:

      she can’t go back to her old job, when they passed the 15.00 an hour in new york her boss had to close because he could not make payroll.

      • Bob says:

        When did happen that one day your shaking your ass at a bar for tips then you are voted in to Congress and that qualifieds you to subpoena people and all u have is a piece of paper from the ratt school in Boston college of morons. How the hell did we the people let this happen

  38. Carol Murray says:

    If you are without Intelligence, Sense and lack the difference between Good and Evil… You might choose her!

    • Ric B says:

      Seems the people who cannot admit to Trump’s numerous law violations are the ones who cannot tell the difference between Good and Evil and/or don’t care because they put the good of the party over the good of the country. That is EVIL.

      • The Real M says:

        Ric B, Same old troll with same old bill of goods aka BS!
        The Dems are the party of nonbelievers and atheists which should also mean you do NOT believe in good and evil since those terms are synonymous with God and satan……..

  39. KATH says:


    • Frank2525 says:

      We tried that with driving Flake out of Congress, and he still hangs n with his items to discuss. Same with Corker. Bernie and Nancy will still hang around, just as Obama is. Other Presidents came to realization they did not do all hey could, or had done too much, to change where Country did not need the change.
      ——As for the others in Washington, they are the same no matter where they are. They gossip, talk about issues, but hold on to heir opinions, no matter what is said, or done. And note too, those who have been in Washington for 30, 40 years eventually get their way, right or wrong. Only time will tell if the changes they make, are good or bad. I am convinced hat Donald did not mention Prid Pro Quo. Did not have to, since Republicans and Democrats, in talking to others, was convinced that is what he meant. They use words as CODE, and if you are in he loop, you know it.
      ———This is where voters have to establish when someone has been there, too long, and vote them out. Even then, most will stay around to lobby, for their issues, good or bad.

  40. Benjamin Blumberg says:

    To be where she says she wants to be, AOC forgets that she would have to be coming out of a depression and going straight into a global shooting war. My preference is to start her out in the war, on the front lines. Maybe the good folks of Queens can start sharpening their pitchforks for when AOC returns from the swamp to stand for re-election..

  41. T. Bell says:


  42. Ronan Warren says:

    VOTE TRUMP 2020!

  43. The RedMan says:

    AOC is hot. I want 72 virgins that look like her when I go to be with Allah ahahahahahaha

  44. Truckman says:

    she thinks she is but she needs to watch her back because there is one woman democrat that is known to have people die around her

  45. Junius says:

    AOC, will lead the Democrats to their demise. May she also be destroyed by her actions!

    • Taylor made says:

      You live in fantasy land. Trump is helping the Democrats wake up and go in large numbers to go vote – – which they did in record numbers in 2018 and 2019! Trump is also driving the female vote to the Democratic party, along with young people because they see him hurting their future lives.

      • Peter says:

        That’s true but extremely “telling” on the Democrats.. # 1 They’re all extremely impressionable which makes them very poor judge of character.. # 2 It doesn’t really matter who gets elected in a way because our government is SELF-government with checks and balances.. These begin in the home on the streets on our jobs… Democrats have paved the way to HELL with their “good intentions most particularly “redistribution of the Wealth”.. BARF! They’re lying cheating and their politicians are all embezzlers most of them (viz a viz Elijah Cummings) who spend their life in elected office wind up millionaires and billionaires.. THAT IS BLATANT CORRUPTION AND MOST SPECIFICALLY EMBEZZLEMENT.

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