Barack Obama just launched a disgusting new attack on the Second Amendment

Barack Obama has said that not enacting gun control was one of his biggest regrets as president.

So after the Parkland, Florida murders Obama went on offense to push for gun control.

But what he just wrote about the Second Amendment in this 406-word essay will make your blood boil.

TIME Magazine published an op-ed by former President Obama praising Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School students David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez, Cameron Kasky, Jaclyn Corin, and Alex Wind.

These are the students the media most exploits to push their anti-Second Amendment narrative.

Obama writes in TIME:

The Parkland, Fla., students don’t have the kind of lobbyists or big budgets for attack ads that their opponents do. Most of them can’t even vote yet.

But they have the power so often inherent in youth: to see the world anew; to reject the old constraints, outdated conventions and cowardice too often dressed up as wisdom.

Obama thinks the Second Amendment is “outdated.”

But what he fails to understand is the right to self-defense is not granted by any government.

In terms of human history it’s the idea that individuals are subjects of the state that is truly outdated. The Second Amendment is at the core of what makes America so great.

Obama goes on to jab the NRA, but the truth is, gun-grabbers have the entire national media, nearly every celebrity in Hollywood, and billionaires like George Soros and Michael Bloomberg all touting their cause.

Obama didn’t stop there.

As these young leaders make common cause with African Americans and Latinos—the disproportionate victims of gun violence—and reach voting age, the possibilities of meaningful change will steadily grow.

Our history is defined by the youthful push to make America more just, more compassionate, more equal under the law. This generation—of Parkland, of Dreamers, of Black Lives Matter—embraces that duty.

In his closing lines, Obama can’t help himself but to heap praise on so-called DREAMers and Black Lives Matter protesters.

With this carefully crafted sentence, he’s essentially telling readers that Second Amendment supporters are racist.

This is yet another despicable attack on law-abiding Americans by Obama.

He’d rather praise people that break the law and riot in the streets than show any respect to Americans who “cling to guns and religion.”


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110 Responses

  1. Don Keadik says:

    The patriots in Venezuela and France wish they didn’t have THEIR guns confiscated.

  2. Bob Rice says:

    obozo,why don’t you just shut up,and blow away ?????????

  3. walter harvey says:

    BHO needs to keep his nose out! Obviously he still thinks he’s the Dick-tater in charge!

  4. Mike H says:

    For a so-called president like Obama .Why are all his records sealed.?How could the Democratic Party get away with this stuff ..where the hell was everybody at when all this was going on.The Democratic Party should’ve stood up for this. You would think they would want to know who they’re putting in as president but apparently they don’t care. Let’s see all these records ,why are they sealed anyway what’s he got to hide.First time in history we ever let this stuff happen on any side.A total disgrace to our country.

  5. Wayne says:

    I think if these young people think they need to get ride of the 2 Amendment that they should not be allowed to vote until they reach the age of 21 or older.

  6. Barb says:

    Read up on Secular Humanisum….this one world order has been BREWING for a long…1960’s…ie Madelyn Phase. Get rid of God, Prayer, or any mention of God or cymbals ie crosses. If they can rid us of our moral values we have nothing to base our beliefs on, nothing to back us up.

  7. Barb says:

    Web have been very lazy… allowing our Liberties, Freedoms, Our Judao- Christen beliefs be taken from…this Great Country was founded on those principles!!! Yet allow them to be voted down… ie Madelyn O’Hare…If we don’t learn our History….and learn From History, we will only repeat it. It appears we are doing it…We voted in a would-be dictator… Obama …. and look what those 8 yrs got us. OF COURSE THIS HAS BEEN BREWING QUITE WELL SINCE 1960’S..

  8. “Obama thinks the Second Amendment is “outdated.”

    I guess Mr. Obama as an American citizen, has the right to his beliefs, but does he really think his outdated thoughts have any influence on ‘we the people’. He speaks for no one but himself, and why exactly is he being given a forum to vent?

    • Harold says:

      The question really should be, Is he really a natural born citizen? Was he ever eligible to run for president of the USA> His father was never an American citizen, which makes him ineligible to be president.

  9. Michael J. Clark says:

    Sad Day in the USA when a magits like the OOOObamas act and talk like they always do they are the LOWEST humans ever to set in the w. house. they are just plain stupid period……. Jail could come sooner then LATER…………………mjc,ia.

    • Aline says:

      I am SOOOOO SICK to hear his name, see his lying face, and hear what this piece of crap has to say! GO AND BURN IN HELL ALREADY OBOOMER!

  10. Jon says:

    This is an as-hole who has never worked a day in his entire life so I think he should shout mouth and go hide I’m his home the tax payers paid for

  11. ROBERTW says:

    Obami should shut his stupid filthy Mouth. Hes not Dictator anymore. Hes a Monkey looser.

  12. D.H. says:

    Obama? Eh, so what. He’s a has been that needs to shut up. He tried to sell us out globally, he ran the most corrupt organization in the world… the democrats and at the time, the United States and now he’s trying to claim relevance. So he needs to go away. Go back to Kenya, or wherever he was truly born and get another Schoom mobile. That way he can enjoy life with his weed and his boyfriends just like he did back in his hay-day days in Hawaii when he was being groomed by the affluents at the time.

  13. Dolores says:

    obama is NOT president anymore (never should have been), so wish he’s just shut up and go away.

  14. dobber 1029 says:

    obama is even more irrelevant now then when he was in the White House….. except the media will continue to prop his ass up as if its important

  15. El Tejas says:

    We are still waiting to see his education records. And receive an explanation as to why his social security number does not match his place of residence at the time it was issued.

  16. Jack says:

    Why does he want confiscation of all guns owned by law abiding American citizens??? Come on media, can you pin point an answer as you do about every thing else!!! History might be a start, but you don’t believe in it because it does not fit your ideas of your world.
    2nd amendment has served us well for 200 years plus——why fix something if it is not broke????
    B. Obama would do better to purpose something positive for America (unlikely after 8years of lies)—–I mean the last big gun grab resulted in Nazi Germany—-now he pushes for Nazi America or worst???? The man never says, just goes round and round the truth!!!

    • because once these a holes get their foot in the door, especially with regards to our Bill of Rights, they are going to bend us over and do things we don’t want. I can’t believe our elected officials had a taxpayer funded slush fund to hide their impecadildoes! billie must have cost us millions!

    • Bill Wilson says:

      Obama was the closest thing to nothing as president. Since leaving office his comments on various subjects convinces me that he remains a nothing.

  17. The only thing that doing away with the second amendment does is make it so the communists can come in and take over.

    • Bill says:

      Wht are we still having to hear this irrelevant worthless lying socilaist and basically communist blacl POS? he’s irrelevant and needs to be tried for emebezzelment and theft of public fiunds among other things for his 8 year vacation on the American taxpayers dime. Frankly I’ sick and trired of hearing about this anti American traitor and his ‘moochella’, nuff said, move on!

  18. Ken Wilson says:

    The title of this is miss leading – as no where do I read, in the printed details, below the title, about an attack being made on the second amendment by Obama. All I read is a statement that the students are going to be future voters and will probably influence changes to reduce gun (mass?) violence. I should point out the success that Australia has in eliminating mass shootings , the past years, when they banded (enacted a law after a mass shooting with assault gun) the sale and possession of military/assault type rifles (except licensed gun ranges??). I assume it is illegal, for them, to personally buy or own an assault rifle but legal to own hunting rifles, sporting rifles, hand guns, antique firearms etc.

    • Robert Whitis says:

      The second amendment has nothing to do with hunting, shooting sports, or any gaming variation! The second amendment was to ensure the citizens of the United states had the ability to fight back against Tyranny in government! A government who was not going to abide by the constitution, but rather instill control over it’s citizens to maintain its power in government (a dictatorship) which rules absolutely! The framers wanted all citizens to be armed and ready to join together (in a militia) to fight against tyrannical rule! They thought it so important, they made it 2nd in priority to Free Speech!

  19. Charles says:


  20. TooLateNow says:

    The Second Amendment is not needed until it is. When the Government comes to take our weapons, then we will see why the Second Amendment exists. The Second Amendment is America’s guarantee that a tyrannical Government shall never exist!

  21. anniedawn says:

    Guess world history isn’t taught in America anymore. In the 20th century 170 million civilians died AFTER their governments enacted and enforced gun control. There are several steps in gun control but the last step is ALWAYS confiscate ALL guns an then you have a police state. Think: Stalin, Mao Hitler Rwanda, Armenia, etc. Good book to read Death by “Gun Control” The Human Cost of Disarmament by Aaron Zelman and Richard W. Stevens

  22. truckman says:

    That basturd needs to have his supposed US citizenship striped and his income forfited and all money and anything of value seized and him shipped back to kenya on a cargo plane and put on no fly list

  23. Bob says:

    Obummer is the reason so many police officers are being killed. That sorry assed bastard blamed police for black thugs being shot while committing crimes. What do they not understand about obeying the law and police officers . When 13% of the population commits 67% of all crimes what are police officers supposed to do. They want to live and go home to their families. God bless every police officer out there. Blue lives MATTER

  24. H f says:

    it is a shame we conservatives do not act like this bastard if we worked like those democrat bastards he wpold be gone by now! The democrat party killed president Kennedy and then blames a man who had nothing to do with that killing ,then they had him killed in a police station so no one could question him .if you will watch the video of jack ruby shooting Oswald in the police station you can see the two Dallas detectives push Oswald out in front of Jack ruby so he could him without hitting those two detectives. The whole Dallas police department, secret service , fbi and cia were involved in the plot and killing of president. Kennedy

  25. Andy says:

    You know Obama, Do your self a favor, And go fry some Chicken..

  26. Andy says:

    You know Obama, Your turning out to be a piece Sh–t .

  27. Shannon says:

    When will he realize that most of us do not care what he thinks? I didnt give a rats ass for 8 years what he had to say. It was so obvious what he was trying to do to this country and what gets me is people are still blind to his atrocities. He is the poorest excuse for a “President” this country has ever had. He makes Nixon look like Lincoln. Just pour yourself a tall glass of shut the F up Barry and just go away!!!

  28. Marie says:

    Will bee ever be rid of Obamas. He should be in prison and she just need to disappear.

  29. BRANDY says:


  30. OMEGA 2 says:


  31. Joseph says:

    Obama should never have been president. Look at the damage he has done to the nation and especially the law enforcement of the US and the reputation of America worldwide. He is a prime jerk, a total embarrassment.

  32. Capn Jack says:

    OB and Hellory should hold hands and find a bridge to jump off of.

  33. Richard says:

    He never gives up trying to tear apart our Nations Constitution does he.

    • Caroline says:

      I would add he better be careful on any street in this country because he is asking for it.

      • Aline says:

        I’d love to have the guts, and the personalty! All I can do is pray! Pray for this son of a bitch to meet his maker…satan! This piece of stinky crap WILL ( no doubt about it) WILL burn in HELL where he belongs, with his husband / wife, michael! WILL LOVE to hear the screams!

  34. Houcho says:

    The first thing we the people need to do is to take the education system in this country back. The indoctrination of the children we send to college for an education and learn about our history and the greatness of America. It’s a shame the things the liberal professors are putting in the heads of our children. Most of the kids graduate from college thinking our country and everyone in it are terrible. They usually know nothing about the Constitution and the reasoning behind it. But yet people keep sending their children off to be brainwashed by the liberal professors. That’s the way globalist destroy a country. Through the youth.

    • CinciJim says:

      Unfortunately, the indoctrination starts well before college. Some grade schools in this country now have teachers telling their students that Trump is bad and guns are evil. The left has a great start on controlling the youth, already controls the mainstream media, tried to control healthcare. They know they need to repeal the 2nd Amendment before they can complete their takeover. If they succeed in disarming the law-abiding citizens, they can then do whatever they want. The entire U.S. Constitution will become optional at that point and they can appoint their dictator for life. God help us. Long Live the Republic.

  35. Shelba J Holmes says:

    Leave it to Barrack Obama to encourage that little brat and those like him. Proving one more time just how little common sense this man has. Trouble is he thinks he is the smartest person around and certainly the best President we ever had. Delusional America hater.

  36. Roger says:

    Obama just proved our Founding Fathers right. That the Second Amendment is the last line of defense from tyranny. When they pass gun confiscation hope law enforcement tells the ones passing the laws to go knock on every door first. Molon Labe

  37. Mo says:

    Traitors such as obutthead are the reason the Founding Fathers put the Second Amendment i place. He is the perfect example of a wanna be Dictator and the reason we need to keep and bear arms. He is a TREASONOUS TRAITOR who should be EXECUTED FOR HIS TREASONOUS ACTIONS WHILE HOLDING THE OFFICE OF PRESIDENT.

  38. Mike W says:

    STFU Barry whoever the hell you really are – YOU are outdated in fact in case you haven’t noticed you passed your expiration date over a year ago – and you are really starting to stink. 10,000,000 Africans ran you out of Africa when you tried to force your gay agenda down their throats – YOU are not invited to the Royal Wedding – the welcome mat is being pulled out from under you – once your corrupt administration has been fully exposed you may well be living in Government Housing again – not quite as lavish as what you had before and your meals will be slopped onto your metal tray.

    • zee says:

      Yeah Mike W. = STFU Barry. Thank ‘G_D ‘ he inked this Instead of ‘preaching’ in a Commencement Address. Baaad ‘stuff’ .

  39. Carol says:

    We have already lost our freedom of speech because of obummer. He started the ACA knowing that it would fail so that single payer insurance will take over. People need to open their eyes and wise up to this phony. He started acting like a monarch towards the end of his reign. He wanted Hillary to be president so that he could still rule. However, we won’t let him or his cronies take away our 2nd amendment. In my lifetime, he was the worst president we ever had.

  40. Ely says:

    Obama would love to get all the guns. His ISIS buddies could then start cutting heads off of Christians. Don’t let this Muslim fool you. He is the enemy of our rights and freedom. An the communist democrat party isn’t our friend either. They fought a civil war to keep slavery. The GOP whipped their tails off and freed the slaves. Do you want to be a slave of the democrats? The slaves this time will be the poor and middle class. The rich like Hillary, Soros, and Obama will be our masters. Think people think!!!

  41. William Vital says:

    FIRST thing that HAS to be done is take ALL of he armed guards away from Obummer and family! Then he can talk…

    • Lolajmay says:

      I’m not a violent person, BUT it would make me happy to slap that ”arrogant, smarter than anyone” Look off that face. It is none of his business now, so he should just go away

  42. David Atherton says:

    BO needs to go back to Africa

  43. Bob Knapp says:

    If Obama had even an ounce of class he’d have congratulated President Trump and quietly left the scene to return to doing what he did before getting into politics, handing out pamphlets on the corner of Foster and Kedzie.

  44. Brat says:

    If Obama wants us to give up our guns is he going to give up his secret service security detail? I guessing the answer is a resounding not just no but hell no!

  45. Chastran says:

    Barry ‘Takkiya’ Soetoro and his ilk and programs are one of the primary reasons that our forefathers wrote the 2nd Amendment…

  46. Fat sam says:

    How will you fight back they’ll come at you one at a time. Have you started your local militia yet get together now call your senior ask that he or she start putting these people from last administration in prison

  47. Larry says:

    Typical liberal outcry ! Obama /want to take away the right of American citizens 2nd Amendment rights in the worst way ,but I do not believe it’s for the reason they continually spew !! They are completely untrustworthy as far as I am concerned and most of all ,OBAMA !!

  48. Earl says:

    To say that the 2nd is out dated will then give “THEM” a chance to say that the rest of Constitution is also lout dated.

  49. Houcho says:

    Obummer doesn’t think the Constitution is outdated and obsolete. He has no respect for the country or the people or anything it stands for. The bastard needs to be tried for treason

  50. Robert Krause says:

    Same bozo that had DOJ drop 500,000 felons off the do not sell list in NICS.

  51. Jon says:

    Barack Obama was a lousy President and an even worse citizen he should keep his mouth shout sense he supplied weapons to the DRUG CARTEL MEXICO.

  52. Leonard says:

    Numb nuts is trying to give all our weapons to his illegals and probably isis too. How can we get rid of this ¥£€><#? Traitor?

  53. Sara Horvath says:

    I see Obummer as a domestic terrorist and we need our 2nd amendment now more than ever it will never be outdated but he has long been the outdated one and needs to get the hell out

  54. Rivahmitch says:

    Obeymes idea of “equality” will come at the barrel of government guns is NOT “equality” but serfdom.

    • Erich says:

      Of course Obunghole wants the second amendment gone. So he and his cronies can rule without fear of the populace coming in to hang them for the treasonous acts they commit. These are disgusting human garbage, and deserve nothing but contempt from us.

  55. lawrence houde says:

    obama wants us disarmed so his islam buddies can defeat us i will get as many as i can when they come god bless america.

    • Dave says:

      I left parts of me in ‘Nam so this asswipe exprez can spew his hate . He is so down on America, whites in general, his hatred for his mother boils over. To be half white burns him to his soul(if he ever had one) He will not be happy until everyone is diss armed and his commie friends can take over. I say come and get you some.

    • MARYANN33 says:

      We will all fight to keep our right to bear arms..Without our guns, the likes of Obama will never be out dictator.

  56. Roy kinder says:

    Probably most of these people who think that the 2nd Amendment is out dated also think that the Bible is out dated also but if they do they are wrong about both. The constitution of the United States has worked for over 200 years and is still working. the Bible is as binding today as it has ever been God said that he was the beginning and he is the end. The constitution of the United States should be considered the beginning of America and without it America would be no more.

  57. Susan says:

    Who cares what this low life thinks!? You are no longer president and you really weren’t a legitimate president anyway the election was fixed in your direction just like what you tried to do with HIllary! Mitt Romney should have been the real president! Anyway there were at least 8 shootings while you were in office and you sat on your ass and did nothing! So why are you out running your mouth now!? The only thing you were interested in doing when u were in office was to take away things from all the white people and play golf and take lessons from Tiger Woods that the taxpayers paid for! Just go away I’m sure you will be arrested for meddling and wiretapping the Trump campaign! And yes it came out today with your name attached to the wire FRAUD yes just like you Obama …FRAUD !!!!

  58. Vincent Cane Jr says:


  59. CaptTurbo says:

    If the truth ever comes out and the people learn of it, that America hating, communist, bath housing, community agitating, White House usurping, Trojan Horse Muslim will be hanged for treason. This BS is right out of the communist manifesto. Indoctrinate the youth to destroy the republic.

  60. Charlie says:

    The second Amendment is not out dated , however Barack Obama is out dated ! Our Bill of Natural Rights is not a “living document “. Our Bill of Natural Rights are part of Our foundation of all of Our Laws . Barack Obama tried his hardest to forever ruin our great nation , it was only by the grace of God that Barack and his followers did not succeed .

    • Obama was outdated when people put a Muslim in office and one term wasn’t enough it had to be two terms for the piece of scum that crawled out of the sewer.he is no longer president and needs to shut that half and half mouth of his.the devil incarnated and hopefully soon he will crawl back into the hole with the devil nine years has been long enough for his Muslim Kenyan mouth.we the people need to tie his hands tape his mouth
      and set him in the corner somewhere so his mouth could be shut for aleast a week

    • MARYANN33 says:

      I think Gualiani will make short work of Obama our non president ever.

  61. Gail says:

    Obama is .Where is the Mofia when we need to make this idiot leave for good .Hes too stupid to know we really don’t want him anywhere near Washington .Hes illegal in the first place .He uses three stolen Social Security cards .If he were an American he would have his own .I only wonder why Americans are not ready to tar and feather this bum ?

  62. Dominic says:

    Obama had about 8 school shootings while president. Now he is running his mouth?? Why you didn’t open your trap then asshole?? Just shut the hell up & fade away.

  63. DreamtheSpiritofAmerica says:

    So, Oblabber mouth, dismissed all his ARMED personal ?

  64. Mike H says:

    As if this guy didn’t cause enough trouble. He won’t go away. He won’t be happy until he takes the country down for his Muslim brothers.Has anybody looked at Detroit Michigan lately look it up see for yourself.

  65. Tjgatto says:

    Obama thinks the public still looks at him as some kind of leader ! He is wrong more and more we realize what a sneaky underhanded person he is and how the likes of he Clinton and the DNC want to reshape theUSA into something else .they want to erase the past the civil war the confederate states of America the revolutionary war soon WW1andWW2 we see them and we know what they are about ! We are headed into a new civil war if they can’t be stoped

    • Paul Powell says:

      Bamba boy has already tried to rewrite the history on WW2 by saying that it was caused by the USA, and only the USA, bamba boy even tried to say that hitler came from this country as well. Yeah bamba boy has and will always side withthe those that are evil because he himself is of an evil nature. Bamba boy has nothing but hate for this country yet he HIDES behind those that have guns, he has all the bravery of a mouse.

  66. Terre says:

    1st – he quotes from….children…..not adults, but children. Isn’t that telling? 2nd – since when is being able to defend oneself ‘outdated’? This should be a BIG RED FLAG to all humans; ask yourself, ‘WHY does the govt & its supporters want the people unarmed? Well, let’s face it, if you have no means by which to defend yourself, you’re a target, a sitting duck, easy prey – for the govt, who can then do to you as they please, which, if you look at the past, present & understand what this’s all leading to, isn’t good for our future. Folks, let’s get real. Let’s take off the blinders, rose colored glasses & anything else that keeps us from knowing the truth, & for cryin’ out loud, let’s SEE what’s going on RIGHT UNDER OUR NOSES! This all leads up to 1 thing – the left’s ONLY agenda & goal – a 1 world govt & religion – what they call a new world order. They’ have & will continue to make it sound like such a good thing, it’s for our good, they’re only thinking of us, doing their best to make this a great world for us – but reality is quite different.

  67. Tom says:

    Obama/Soros have learned the teachings of the Fuehrer quite well. Take control of medical care (check), dis-arm the population so they present no danger to the storm troops (in progress,) take control of the food supply (next on the list). Why aren’t these people in Gitmo where they belong?

    • Paul Powell says:

      Read agenda 21, that will tell you all you need to know about what these globalists are doing and will continue to do.

  68. Mike says:

    Obama is still on his path to fundamentally change America!!
    When and who’s going to stop him?

  69. Look at all of Europe that has lost their guns, they’re about to fall to a death cult, and when you lose the 2nd A, the 1st always follows! By outlawing BUMP Stocks, it just opened the Door to everything, and if the Dem. Progressive Party (Communist Party) takes the house at midterms, they will push for gun control to push the Obama agenda, and things will get very ugly, FAST!! God Bless America while we still have her!!

  70. Maynard Altizer says:

    These young people…..unknowing young people……….are being lead around by their noses by the likes of Soros, Bloomberg and Obama for the sole purpose of a mass Democratic vote. Nothing else.

  71. Joanna says:

    When was Obama . President of America? I remember him being the destroyer of America!!!!NOT PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    Fact is, the 2nd A is MORE timely today than our Founders ever imagined; and more necessary to retain fully! Our own gov’t has become the “enemy domestic” against whom many of us took oaths to defend the Constitution; it seeks to replace us with foreign nationals, to kill us when we won’t go along with its murderous schemes, and to silence our voices by any and all means it can.

  73. Michael Papke says:

    If the 2nd Amendment is outdated then you might as well say that the Constitution as a whole is outdated.Is that what you want?
    You can’t pick and choose people.

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