Barack Obama just dropped one big hint about what he plans to do in 2020

The one big unknown in the 2020 race is what course of action Barack Obama will chart.

Americans got one step closer to receiving an answer.

And that’s because Barack Obama just dropped one big hint about what he plans to do in 2020.

When Joe Biden entered the 2020 Presidential race it stood out like a sore thumb that Barack Obama did not endorse him.

Since that point, doubts have only continued to grow about Biden’s candidacy.

And in the latest blow to Biden, former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick seems poised to enter the race.

The New York Times reports:

Former Gov. Deval Patrick of Massachusetts has told Joseph R. Biden Jr. and other Democratic officials that he is considering making a last-minute entry into the 2020 presidential race, according to three Democrats familiar with the conversations, the latest evidence of how unsettled the party’s primary is less than three months before the Iowa caucuses.

Mr. Patrick, a respected two-term governor and one of the highest-profile black leaders in the party, has told some of the Democratic officials that he doesn’t think any of the candidates have established political momentum and that he thinks there is an opening for somebody who can unite both liberal and moderate voters, according to Democrats who have spoken to him.

He and some of his top advisers had a meeting Sunday in Boston to discuss what a campaign would look like, according to two Democrats. And on Monday, Mr. Patrick personally began reaching out to potential staffers, telling them he was strongly considering a bid and asking if they’d consider working for his campaign.

Patrick even floating a trial balloon about running would never occur without first reaching out to Obama.

Obama and Patrick are very close and The New York Times reported that in August 2017 Obama urged Patrick to get into the race.

Patrick’s hinting of a run now is further proof that Obama sees Biden — and the rest of the field — as fatally flawed candidates who cannot defeat Donald Trump.

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99 Responses

  1. hart isaacs says:

    Nancy Pelouzy should be retired. End stage senile dementia has definitely taken its toll. She is unable to perform her job properly.
    Obumer, without a doubt our worst president, is a traitor to the U.S. and must be treated as one- jailed and death by firing squad,

  2. Wondering Woman says:

    Don’t think she woulfd get as far as Biden becsuse of her close relationship with the worst & poorest excuse for a president this nation has ever seen.

    President Trump has now shown those paying attention the difference between a community organizer & someone who knows what they are doing & does it. Trump hasn’t wasted his time on blaming any shortcomings on his predecessor – but set about undoing & correcting his mistakes so well that Obama who said “thpse jobs are not coming back unless you have a magic want to wave” – Obama then began trying to steal Trump”s success by saying he started it!
    Three things Obama will likely have for a legacy is blaming all his failures on GWB, trying to claim Trump’s successes. “if his lips are moving, he’s lying” & probably also as the biggest HOAX ever foisted on the American people!
    Don’t recall any of the dim candidates requesting Obama’s endorsement – but have heard sosme comments wondering why he didn’t endorse his former VP!

  3. Wondering Woman says:

    Suggest Obama & most of his appointees lawyer up, but suspect most of them already have found already talked with more than one.
    Think Pelosi, Schitf, & many others also need to lawyer up! Strange how many of these new world order puppets & deep state establisshment traitors are lawyers theirselves!

  4. james says:

    Obummer was a imposter and the weak American people gave a non-american muslim with a dead man’s social security number from conn. not one but 2 terms and if his wife throws his hat in I hope the American people does not fall for his unworthy trickery soro’s will be funding michael trying to finish turning this country into communisn

  5. Kara Wright says:

    Oh yes he will if his wife runs.

  6. jdalabama says:

    At the last minute, Michelle Obama will decide to run. That’s why Obama has not endorsed anyone else. She will run, and she will win. And we will be doomed

  7. Robert Ewing says:

    Obama will be likely be in prison or worse before the 2020 election

  8. Ernst says:

    Barack Obama suggested years ago that he saw Deval Patrick as a viable successor to own Presidency. I see Deval Patrick joining the long line of Massachusetts Governors who have failed in a run for the Presidency.

  9. LANI says:

    This all started when DemonRats started taking God out of schools etc. They have also wanted to take “In God we Trust” off our dollar bills & off police Cars etc. Notice they been trying to take crosses down such as the one in San Diego that is a War memorial. San Diego has spent millions fighting the Atheists DemonRats who seem to get triggered when they see a cross. And of course they have taken anything Christian out of Gov buildings. They have done this one at a time & eventually the fact that our country was founded on Christianity will b erased. Its time Americans rise up against this take over because if we don’t the Muslims will b able to take over. They r moving in a lil at a time & they won’t stop. Sharia law is their plan. Wake up America for our children & grandchildren future.

  10. LANI says:

    Obozo gave Iran $150 BILLION all in cash & other currency. The $150 was stacked on planks flown to Iran in the dead of nite in an Unmarked plane. If that Anti America fraud of a Pres. Along with Hitlery, Kerry & the rest of the Traitors aren’t arrested & spend the rest of their pathetic lives in Prison, there is no justice????????????.

  11. Obama says that he wants to retired in Cuba Why he is not keeping his own words ?

  12. Jerry says:

    Obama, Family, and all followers are traitors communist racist deplorable trash scum bags

  13. T. Bell says:

    I hope the half breed muslim kniger’s main plan is to commit suicide.

  14. I certainly don’t. Soon as I hit Powerball gonna put a bounty out on OBAMA #1 MUSLIM terrorist

  15. Hit the nail on the head SOB MUST GO

  16. Glenda says:

    Obama did not give 1.8 billion to Iran, he gave 150 billion dollars to Iran, in cash!
    Then he gave Iran another 4 billion, in cash, to release 3 American hostages, even though America is not supposed to bend to Ransom!
    Obama knew this money would be used by Iran, to buy nuclear weapons, to use against America, and Israel, but he did it anyway.
    If there was any justice in America, Osama Obama, Biden, and Hilda Beast, would all be in jail right now, for Treason!

  17. Ronald says:

    Iran says that they have enough weapons, money, and military forces to wipe out Israel. Obama gave 1.8 Billions to Iran and millions to Muslims, while bringing in 2 million Muslims to America. Hillary didn’t want to be left out, so 30,000 Famous Emails with Top Secrets ( where Weapons at, how much, access codes to enter Top Secret Bldgs, etc.), and of course! Uranium Rights ( to build Nuclear Weapons). Obama weakened our military and economy, while bringing Muslims here. Don’t worry! It’s all paid for with Hardworking American taxpayers money. Don’t get mad! When they get the rest of their plans? They’re Thank You. Hillary was supposed to finish the job. God, Promised Abraham that whoever Blesses his seed? God would Bless them! Hillary had our Marines killed, and Jews. Ordering Hands down ( Don’t Shoot your enemies that hates and killing you!). A couple of Muslims, 2 planes, = 2 twin towers? Only Religion that cuts people’s heads off is? Only Religion that hates CHRISTIANS and Jews is? One World Leader, One World Money, One World Religion. Only reason why people can’t look at this, is? Because Christian Americans wouldn’t believe that anyone would be that Evil, and Heartless?

  18. Robbie says:

    You said that right, Marion. Who gives a rat’s ass what Odumma does from now on?

  19. Abdallah Faraj says:

    The only thing left for Barack Odumbo is flee to Saudi Arabia like a former leader Idi Amin did way back. The money(gifts) that he was given by the late king of Saudi Arabia will be returned to give this bludger a safe haven. Otherwise he should be put in prison as a TRAITOR.

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