Barack Obama is under fire now that this link to the coronavirus outbreak is public

Americans are looking for answers on how the coronavirus pandemic started.

Their eyes are turning to China.

And now Barack Obama is under fire now that this link to the coronavirus outbreak is public.

U.S. intelligence increasingly believes the coronavirus did not originate from a Wuhan wet market where it transmitted from bats to humans.

Instead, the latest reporting indicates the virus escaped from Wuhan’s state-of-the-art virology lab as part of an experiment gone tragically wrong.

But the story got even worse as during a recent press briefing President Trump was asked about the Obama administration sending a $3.7 million dollar grant back in 2015 to the Wuhan lab thought to be ground zero for the coronavirus outbreak.

President Trump promised to look into the grant and end it.

Former Vice President Joe Biden will be the Democrat nominee for President this fall.

In debates and on the campaign trail, President Trump will hammer Biden for being part of an administration that funded the very laboratory that potentially caused global economic devastation and hundreds of thousands of deaths.

Biden can only hide behind fake news cover-ups for so long.

Eventually he will have to answer this question as well as others about how the Obama administration left America poorly prepared for a viral outbreak by never replenishing the national strategic stockpile after the 2009-2010 swine flu pandemic.

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74 Responses

  1. Vance says:

    Yea, and line Puff the magic Negro up with Adam Schiff on the line too. He’s even more guilty.

  2. DUANE says:


  3. Vegas Anton says:

    Vengeance is the Lord’s and he is showing up … evil lookout!!! Evil leaders evil advisors shall bow to the name of Jesus!!!!! They will pay for their treason

  4. Will Penny says:

    O Bummer/ Barry the Kenyan Tribesman , funding the lab in China , that the virus Corona 19 escape from , right , escape my ass , the damn idoits did this knowing full well what was at hand . The Demonrat Party of Liars and treasonous crooks , all need to be put in front of the Firing Squad .

  5. L. Smith says:

    Obama, Hillary and all their corrupt cronies should be tried
    for treason and, if found guilty, executed or at least spend
    the rest of their miserable lives in prison.

  6. Teresa says:

    obama needs to be punished for what he did while running our country. life in prison at the least and all of his cronies right there with him. shame on you all.

  7. Kathe Gilbert says:

    Not only Obama but Dr. Fausi too as it seems there are quite a few people under the Obama Administration that need a closer look. Unfortunately, Obama and the Obama Administration,both Terms, lied and deceived the American people. Because Dr. Fausi was apart of that Administration I have no confidence in him. There is something wrong with all of this which is obscure and hard to pinpoint. I would dearly like to be wrong, but unfortunately, this whole coronavirus business just keeps changing, continues to point to Obama and his Administration and many working under that Administration.

  8. Glenn says:

    oBozo knowingly financed a Chinese bio-weapons lab. He bares 100% responsibility for the release of the CoronaVirus.

  9. Democrats have blood on their hands says:

    Well you Democrats deserve this. You’ve been screaming trump has blood on his hands becuase your perception is the trump could have done something a week or two sooner.

    Ok turn about is fair play.

    Obama gave the wuhan lab a $3.7 million dollar grant to research the corona virus. Then when the virus escaped the lab obama said nothing.


    You can bet biden knew about the grant too.


    There you go democrats once again your stupid games and BS lies come back and slap you in the face. Well except for biden we all know he wants to do some ass slapping.

  10. Belinda Mitchell says:

    Obama, his cabinet, Hillary, Brennan Tapper, Susan Rice, all of them Comey and those who took part in the FBI should all be in prison for life! They have put the American people through enough and cost of billions of dollars for their games and corruption! Hell isn’t hot enough for all of them! They need to spend their lives in prison and even that isn’t enough! I have always known that Obama was the Anti-Christ and now he has proved he is as evil and I always knew this creep was! Sickem!

  11. Marie H Postlewait says:

    What an awful thing to politicize people’s lives and causing so much suffering to all innocent people, even Chinas own people. I believe it backfired in their faces and they tried too hard to hide it and then it was out far and wide. Shame shame. BRING ALL US COMPANIES BACK TO AMERICA NOW!!

  12. Randy says:

    Think the democrates couldn’t bring Trump down and they are behind all this.

  13. Alan says:

    I wonder what the Obama and the Clinton clan got out of it .They had american up for sale for eight years .They dont want Trump for 4 more years .they know Trump is ill expose them and will pay for being traitors to the american people.the swamp runs deep and u cant see most of the player in congress but it goes way outside of congress to the rich deep state, china investers and puppets..

  14. DEM777 says:

    What Obama did. He should be tried for Treason.

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