Barack Obama is terrified this ugly secret will bring him down for good

The day is fast approaching when the American people will have all the facts about the origins of the Russia Collusion Hoax.

The clock is ticking, and the guilty parties are nervous.

And Barack Obama is terrified that this ugly secret could bring him down for good.

William Barr and United States Attorney John Durham are investigating how the Russia Probe began.

The results will not be flattering for the Obama administration and the FBI.

North Carolina Congressman Mark Meadows appeared on Sean Hannity’s program and dropped the bombshell that, within weeks of opening the Russia Investigation in 2016, the FBI knew there was no evidence of Russian collusion.

The Daily Caller reports:

North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows said Friday night that the FBI knew within 60 days of opening the Trump-Russia probe that the investigation was “built on a foundation of sand.”

“Within 60 days of them opening the investigation, prior to [Robert] Mueller coming on, the FBI and the [Department of Justice] knew that Christopher Steele was not credible, the dossier was not true, George Papadopoulos was innocent,” Meadows said on Fox News’s “Hannity.”

“When you look at that foundation, it’s all built on a foundation of sand. That’s going to start to show up soon,” the Republican said.

Meadows, a close ally of President Donald Trump, did not say why he believes the FBI knew within two months that the investigation was on shaky ground.

Meadows’ revelation leads many Americans to wonder, if this is the case, why did the FBI continue the investigation?

Many Americans believe the FBI and Obama Justice Department kept the Russia Probe going because it was – as Peter Strzok claimed – an “insurance policy” against Trump winning the election.

Even if Trump became President, the Obama administration and FBI left a mechanism in place to try to remove him from power.

As these facts spill out into the public, an increasing number of citizens are demanding answers about what Barack Obama knew about this attempted coup and when he knew it.


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78 Responses

  1. Daniel Mount says:

    Barack Obama was and still is The Muslim Brotherhood’s Manchurian Candidate sent to these evil Democrats to be actually put into The White House as the President. If you think Barack Obama legally won this election you are wrong because these evil Democrats had fixed to Voting Polls in favor of Obama and how they did it was by Voter Fraud and George Soros because he owned the Voting Machines and fixed them for Obama to win. That is why I have always said that he was put into office.

  2. Alan says:

    The Democrats are confessing everything they did, by trying to accuse President Trump and the Trump administration of Democratic wrongdoings. This is how the left and Communism works. If you break the law, put the blame on anyone who opposes your ideas.

    • Bob says:

      Alan, you are correct. What I do not understand is why doesn’t the majority of our US citizens see this and if they do see this, why don’t they care? Democrats are experts at projection, (the art of doing what one accuses the others of doing). The demonic media is out there telling everyone that the polls say most of the Democrats running for president defeats President Trump. I do not believe this for one second because the polls were wrong in 2016 and they are just as wrong today. Everyone, do not believe the polls.

  3. Maxx says:

    “Barack the magnificent” or more appropriately “Bathhouse Barry” was involved in the creation of this hoax from long before Trump was even the nominee. His entire administration was probably involved as well. Clinton was supposed to succeed Obozo to finish was Oblowhard didn’t finish; the complete destruction of America. He and his followers deserve only one thing; execution for treason and subversion. Nothing else is enough.

    • Bob says:

      Maxx, you nailed it. Barry Soetoro is behind the Russian Collusion hysteria, but there are so many people (Democrats and RINOs) protecting him that he will never suffer for his illegal activities. In an ideal world Barry would be in prison with all his co-conspirators, but unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal world. RINOs and Democrats still control our country. President Trump needs 4 more years to put a huge dent in their control, but if he pursues Red Flag and gun control, as RINOs and Democrats want, he will never be re-elected because his base will not show up and vote for him. This is just a warning to the president and Lindsey Graham. Graham is stupid, and shows he is still a liberal, for teaming up with Da Nang Blumenthal to sponsor Red Flag and gun control legislature.

  4. Obama, Hilary, Pelosi, Maxine, and almost half of the Democratic congressmen, are crocket and have violated many laws. They should be tried and sent to prison.

  5. Gary says:

    I like the majority of Americans want to get to the bottom of who and why the ongoing Russian Lies was initiated. But as we all know as well regardless of who did it, nothing will be done as usual. Obummer and Clinton will skate once again. What concerns me more is that after all this time we still do not know who Obama is and where he came from. All of his personal history has been covered up and WHY???

    • Richard says:

      I would venture a guess that Obama was recruited by the far left just as AOL was. It makes you wonder how many operatives have been inserted into the top levels of our government. They all must be uncovered and removed.

  6. howard buckley says:

    get odummer and the rest of the as+holes=dumb-a-rats for TREASON for helping odummer get elected because they knew all along that odummer wasn,t from our country and they cheated to help him, all of the DEEP STATE should be in jail or hung by the neck for TREASON.

    • Bob says:

      howard buckley, you are correct. Pelosi certified Obama was eligible to run for election and no one, not even Republicans, and expecially RINOs questioned this. We must get all Establishment types out of our government. That is why President Trump must get re-elected in 2020. Out with all Democrats and RINOs.

  7. h8aliar says:

    44 is not afraid of anything (including God). As long as the Dems control the house, he is completely safe and they will control it for years to come. They have a large majority and 80% are reelected historically. It takes years for control to change. 44 knows this.

    • greyfox says:

      The democratic mantra: Don’t like the results? change the rules, impeach everybody and his dog, silence all the opposing voices and boycott anyone else. A country ruled by democrats is a country doomed to failure and collapse, the examples abound everywhere. Power is their God, nothing else matters. Along came Trump, you are all on the verge of being eposed.

    • Bob says:

      h8aliar, wow, what a moniker! Perhaps the last 4 digits of your name tells us all about you. Anyway, the Republicans had a huge majority in 2016, but lost the House in 2018. It is called history. Meaning, historically, the ruling Party has a hard time holding on to the House at the mid-term of a president’s run. If all the fraud, you know take the dead people and illegals from voting, and Republicans win going away. Voter IDs are necessary to cut down on illegals voting in our elections. Democrats complain about Russian involvement in out elections, actually they had no affect on the election, but the biggest problem is voter fraud and Democrats are experts at voter fraud.

  8. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Looks like that sub-human bitch “Betty” is back in town. I wish I knew that piece of buffalo s*** and where she/he lives so I can call her local funny farm to take her away forever. Want to piss her off? Simple just don’t answer her two bit cheap shots of Donald Trump and his family and eventually that imbecile will go away and crawl back into his/her shell and stay there and hopefully permanently.

    • Linda M. says:

      Gregory Sullivan: Yes she is!!Well, the rest of the mad dog pack will be spewing their hate soon. Thank God I try I take their comments as children throwing a temper tantrums. Nothing more….

      • Gregory Sullivan says:

        Linda M:
        You said it all on that one. They will eventually go away and drown in their tears because Hillary didn’t win and turn the rest of us into leftist democrats.

  9. I thought Bath House BarryHOMObama’s secrets were his relationship with openly gay professor, Lawrence Goldyn at Occidental College and what happened to the 3(2 underage) men he had homosexual relations with at Trinity United Church in Chicago (Larry Bland, Nate Spencer and Choir Director Donald Young) and how they were murdered, execution style so they wouldn’t tell of Obama’s perverted sexual activity as he was being groomed to run for Senate in Illinois.

  10. Harry says:

    Obama became president with no money and left a multi million air after making only 260 thousand a year. How do you do that and IRS dont care. Non of them will see a day in jail. Many will die before that happens. Washington is dirty and no way to clean it up , I have lost all faith in any of them to do anything. I am 74, an Army Vet from vietnam and see us following into the same pit as in vietnam and too old to do anything to stop it . Trump is our last hope but their are things they will never let him do. God is the only way out and they are killing belief in him. may he come back early so I can see the winner this time…They forgot us in Nam and I hated coming home.

    • Michael D Bryant says:

      Hookum, Bookum lock them up…Yep but when I die I will FB from HELL and see them checking in….

    • Tom says:

      First let me thank you for your service, I was in the Air Force, but I saw no combat. Now getting to what I think, I think that William Barr is going to do a thorough investigation, and he and that other person (I can’t think of his name), are going to kick tail, Trump said that he was going to do away with the Deep State, and think that he really serious, the main problem he has had , is that he just started off with the wrong people, he hired Jeff Sessions as the AG, and that was definitely a mistake, but now he’s got Barr as the AG, and I think he is going to kick A$$, but we’ll see, one thing I really want President Trump to do is nail Hillary,she is so guilty of so many crimes (and I understand over a hundred murders),I think she is even guilty of Justice Scalias murder, I think she either wanted to Obama replace him, or, she was just positive, that she was going to follow Obama into the Presidency, and then she would appoint a Justice of her choosing, but anyway I hope we are about to see some drastic changes in the years to come.

    • Amberdawn Richmond says:

      I too, served in military and I am a disabled homeless veteran because I served. I have been denied from VA for 27 yes. I am honorable discharge.

  11. Vasu Murti says:

    “The day is fast approaching when the American people will have all the facts about the origins of the Russia Collusion…”

    For it to happen, the American people deserve to see the entire unredacted Mueller report!

    What is the Trump Administration hiding?!

    The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

    • Gregory Sullivan says:

      That the address that you gave us should be renamed
      “Democrats for the end of America” which is a more fitting name for them.

      • Linda M. says:

        Gregory Sullivan:Bravo! V.M.” seems” very knowledgeable. But it is colored by his Democratic mind set. There is another that posts on all these websites, that also tries to impress everyone with her vast knowledge.Another Democrat unwilling to see what their party” now” stands for….

    • Jan says:

      Vasu Muri…You’re way behind time. Just wait ’til the Barr investigation of the Investigators surfaces? Better stock up on popcorn…and for you, TYLENOL as well!

    • Comeonman says:

      You are an idiot

      • marleen davis says:

        Typical liberat comment. You never have anything viable to say, just hurtful rhetoric b.s. Go suck eggs.

    • joan dean says:

      trump has repeatedly said the whole report can be given to the american public. he gave barr permission to unredact it, if that is a word.. either way he has given his blessing that america should know. so stop with the bs pretending he is hiding anything. he has nothing to hide.

    • James Mercogliano says:

      Vasu You are Delusional the Mueller report will tell you nothing about the true Russian collusion. it was Hillary and the rest of the Obama Officials who colluded with Russia not the Trump Officials. Mueller is also included he is Guilty as Sin. so please get your facts straight before you Speak.

  12. Justin Case says:

    Obama Administration was communism at it’s finest.

    • Rick Dawson says:

      They do not have the balls to go after Obama and Crooked Hillary or the rest of the criminals in Washington DC because half of them have dirt on everyone else and they all are bought and sold and are afraid they will be next on Crooked Hillary’s hit list to die. No balls with these spineless politicians which both Democrat and Republicans are both crooked and are being paid off by the mob, the cartel, and drug smuggling. It’s all about the money and pay offs they are getting that people do not tell you about. They don’t get rich off just their salary they get rich off the payoffs. This is why we need term limits.

    • joan dean says:

      and still going strong behind the scenes. well we hope something comes of this that will wake up the rest of america.

    • Betty says:

      And the trump Administration is INSANITY at it’s finest! Everybody who knows the Real donald trump knows that he’s Nothing But a WACKO!

      • marleen davis says:

        And you get your expertise from where? Sounds to me like you are the wacko. Do you have any understanding of the real world instead of believing what you hear on TV from the bribed and overpaid media and celebrities?

        • Bob says:

          marleen davis, I second everything you wrote about Betty. Unfortunately, the United States has too many people like Betty. How can anyone believe and put up with what the Democrats in the House of Representatives are attempting to do to our president? My take on this is, they are obfuscating in order to take the pressure off their failed former president Obama. They are afraid many of them will be fined, and or put in jail for what they tried to do in 2016. We must never let a political Party do what the Democrats did in trying to overthrow a duly elected president.

          • Linda M. says:

            Bob:You,Marleen, Gregory and many others are the voice of reason.But others(Democrats) like Betty, Moses and a few more just try to belittle us constantly.Never telling the REAL truth about what’s been, and still is, happening in the USA.All they spew is their hate of Trump.Then there are others that “appear” to be knowledgeable on all topics but still just spew their Democratic nonsense. If you notice they never discuss Omar, Tlaib and Cortez.Why? Because these women project what IS representing their party.If we don’t expose the truth soon, I fear our USA will disappear forever…..

    • Jo Deplor says:


    • Jo Scott says:

      Agree !

  13. Rich says:

    Y E S ! ! ! ! Open up the Obumrat’s credentials and documents… that should tell all about his history and intentions! (as if we didn’t already know!!) Every decision he made “under false authority” should be remanded and tossed in the trash can which can be his “presidential library”!! and sure put it on some filthy
    street corner in Chicago… his (second) home town!

    • Rick says:

      I agree with you 100%, Rich!!! Bummer bragged on a Youtube video, after he left the White House, of course, that he was the first Kenyan to ever become the President of the United States As if that were a big secret that no one suspected!!!

    • joan dean says:

      and let’s see all of his college transcripts, etc etc etc. there’s so much that was hidden. how soon they forget and accuse trump of the bs that was obama. yes let chicago name streets after him. that would be befitting.

  14. David Muench says:

    Obama Should Have Been Buried inside the walls of Leavenworth prison soon to be ultimately excuted for his treanous acts. He was undoubtedly the very worst low life scum ball President that this country has ever had, without question.

  15. Merlin Wood says:

    they have proof obama was born in kenya add that to all of his criminal activity while in office and put him in a cell in cuba for life

  16. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Does anyone remember that Comrade Obama wanted to imprison anyone that didn’t believe in the “climate change” myth?He dropped his mask that time and revealed who he really is. A true communist who thinks he has the right to tell people what to think. Sounds like what the leaders of the former Soviet Union did. This a violation of the first amendment to our constitution and thereby illegal which he should be held accountable for.

  17. As a college history major and former teacher I am especially interested in this information. Thank you. LaVonne H.

  18. Guy says:

    Nothing, investigative should be off the table. Investigate the entire Obama administration, the house and the senate for anything related to the coup attempt. No one gets away Scott free.

  19. Nathan Lang says:

    What did Obama get for costing dow our shuttle program and paying big bucks to Russia for our rides to and form the space station?

  20. Blue says:

    obama will go Down in history when the Truth comes out!

  21. George says:

    This crap must stop. Thank God for Trump and Barr and all the support behind the scenes for all of us American Citizens who Love the United States of America and the Constitution of the United States of America.

    • VJ says:

      What constitution ? It has been revoked or haven’t you noticed ? We have members of the house and other political office who practice doctrine that is in opposition to that constitution . IF the constitution was still valid they’d not only not building office but would be deported .

  22. Robert Sylvester says:

    “Bozo” Obama is not only a fraud for how he got himself elected President – he will go down in History as the most corrupt President. His most lasting legacy will be “First Black President” – a footnote in History books.

    • Luis says:

      He’s a Muslim. Was one, is one, and will complete his circle of life as one. He is not even an American citizen. A list and scammer. The wheels of justice move slowly but they do move. Each day a little piece of their house of toilet paper crumbles. The rats are going to start showing their pure ugliness very soon, they’ll start to eat each other. Only the biggest smartest rat will survive but he will have a disastrous finish. You get back what you dish out. Man’s EGO is his greatest downfall.

      • Bob says:

        Luis, you are 100% correct. However, it seems Democrats never get punished for their crimes because there are way too many lawyers, politicians, and judges looking out for them.

        • Linda M. says:

          Bob: You are so correct.Sadly. They ALL have been very busy covering their corruptness .I commend Barr and President Trump for trying to do the right thing. Especially since Trump had to prove his innocence, and been ridiculed over and over again.Heaven only knows how all of this will play out. But I fear our country will no longer be the USA.

    • Gregory Sullivan says:

      I think that Clarence Thomas should have got that job instead of that flimsy excuse for a half black American AKA Comrade Obama

    • Glenn Amburgy says:

      You really should study American history he was not the first black President but a lot of people think he is.

    • joan dean says:

      were the truth known the election was probably corrupt though people wanted to see this great young black man succeed. we all wanted him to succeed in making america what trump has had to do. i didn’t trust him from the beginning; and making the inauguration a greek temple said it all about his ego. goodness what an ego. there’s so much more that will come out. i hope i live to hear it; it may take 25 years or so.

    • Betty says:

      And d. trump will go down in History as the very President who is & always Such A Sick Minded WACKO HIS MOST LASTING LEGACY WILL BE HIS INSANITY!

  23. Linda M. says:

    I really would love to believe The TRUTH will finally come to light about the corruptness surrounding Obama, the FBI and the Clintons, and they will be held accountable. But I don’t think it will . The Democrats have done very well by having protection by Soros and others that want their new world order to come to pass. God help Barr and President Trump in this quest….

  24. Steve says:

    When the authorities ever close in on this terrorist criminal , “enemy president ” , he will just run to Iran to join up with the rest of his terrorists .

    • NavyPO2 says:

      What are you talking about?

      • joan dean says:

        well starting with college? no records of college can be seen. they are hidden/ealed. why on earth do that unless you 1. didn’t attend, 2. were a foreign student , 3. grades? i don’t know. i doubt he attended or graduated. be interesting to find out he isn’t even a lawyer. and what about all the marriage stuff, where is it? where are the girls he dated? none came forward? that’s because there were no women. the one guy i recall who attended chicago baths with barack was killed. i don’t recall how but he is no longer. he had times with barack. and what about michael? hmmm. don’t want to go back there. there’s lots not known about this guy.

        • Sheetzmt0 says:

          I too seen his YouTube video where he’s talking to a group of people & he starts out by saying I am a black man born in Kenya. FACT. Never even flinched saying it. Check it out. Period! Lol

  25. jjofaz says:

    Talk about “lying between a barack and a hard place”. Because he sealed all his personal papers, he was never to be trusted.
    A man that hid behind smoke and mirrors…doesn’t really know who he, himself is. No legacy, no guts, not a real president.

    • A Seeker says:

      It is now TIME for President Trump to make an Executive Demand to open up the Obama Documents! There must be some very FSISH STUFF for t hat SECRECY! Only Evil needs to HIDE in the DARK so that no one could sees its ugliness with TRUTH!!

      • James H Humphrey says:

        That may very well happen but, today is not the right time. This process needs to go a little further and drain the swamp a bit more, there are many that still think that B.O. is still hot stuff. They will fight tooth and nail to keep everything hidden. The time to put forth an E.O. will be after he wins the 2020 election. If and when he is re-elected, I think, the ball will really get moving on ALL investigations on the whole mess, heads will roll and with high hopes some prison sentenaccs will be handed out like free money.

      • Betty says:

        Like trump hides the Evil Ugliness Of some of His DARK DEEDS by covering them up with another of His LIES that Nobody Regards As the TRUTH except Him with His SICK MIND & DISEASED BRAIN!

    • Betty says:

      Three Cheers for you, jjofaf, every word of your above posted message was a 100 percent perfect description of CRAZY donald both as a Fake President & a Fake (Human)? Person!

      • Bob says:

        Betty. Have you thought about seeing a psychiatrist for your ailment? I am sure there are some good ones in the city in which you live. President Trump is not the one who tells lies; it was your previous president (Obama) who told 1063 documented lies. He lied about his birth certificate, fast and furious, you can keep your doctor, everyone would get $2500 reduction is their health care insurance, The Muslim Brotherhood, and many more, Just google President Obama’s lies and you will educate yourself. You do not have to thank me as I believe it is my civic duty to inform.

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