Barack Obama is making one huge power play to censor Joe Rogan

The American Left wants to remove Joe Rogan from the Internet.

Pro-censorship leftists just got a huge boost.

And Barack Obama is making one huge power play to censor Joe Rogan.

Barack and Michelle Obama were not wealthy when they entered the White House.

But the Obama’s are now oligarchs after leaving office, thanks to cashing in on a variety of no-work deals with streaming services like Netflix and Spotify.

In June of 2019, the Obama’s signed a rumored nine-figure deal with Spotify to produce podcasts.

Barack and Michelle Obama barely did anything.

Barack Obama hosted eight episodes of a podcast with aging boomer rocker Bruce Springsteen.

And Michelle Obama hosted a handful of her own shows.

But now, with the deal coming to an end in several months, the family is looking to flee Spotify.

“Former President Barack Obama, 60, and former First Lady Michelle, 58, are looking at new podcast deals with companies aside from their current partner Spotify, a report claimed Thursday, as the former first couple’s current three-year agreement runs out,” Breitbart reported.

“Three podcast industry sources told Insider the duo’s Higher Ground Audio company inked a multi-year deal with the music and podcast streaming giant back in June 2019, but sources say it can be a struggle getting the go-ahead for broadcast,” continued Breitbart, adding that “the agreement that bound the Obamas to Spotify was estimated by some industry observers to be in the ballpark of nine figures.”

“Moreover, the Obamas seek ‘young new voices’ to air rather than carrying shows themselves, according to Vanity Fair, which first aired murmurs of the couple’s dissatisfaction,” Breitbart concluded.

The Obama family leaving Spotify comes at a time when relics of the past like Neil Young and others are demanding Spotify take down their music if the platform refuses to censor Joe Rogan’s podcast over so-called “vaccine misinformation.”

Spotify already slapped a warning label on Rogan’s podcast.

But that was not enough.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki claimed Spotify needed to go further and actively censor Rogan’s podcast.

Pro-censorship liberals will seize on Barack and Michelle leaving Spotify to claim another high-profile celebrity is fleeing over Rogan’s so-called “misinformation.”

In reality, the Obama’s are just looking for another sucker at a streaming service to pay them over $100 million to produce no podcasts of their own.

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