Barack Obama is about to get the bad news he never expected to hear

Robert Mueller is on the verge of a major decision.

No one can believe who his next target could be.

And now Barack Obama is about to get the bad news he never expected to hear.

Barack Obama likes to repeat the lie that his administration was “scandal free.”

That was always false, but one of Barack Obama’s former White House counsel members – Greg Craig – looks like he is about to be swept up in the Mueller probe.

Federal investigators looked into Craig for the same illegal foreign lobbying work that Mueller charged Paul Manafort with.

In fact, Manafort directed lobbying work on behalf a political party in the Ukraine to Craig.

The New York Times reports:

A long-running federal investigation into a former White House counsel in the Obama administration is reaching a critical stage, presenting the Justice Department with a decision about whether to charge a prominent Democrat as part of a more aggressive crackdown on illegal foreign lobbying.

The case involving the lawyer, Gregory B. Craig, was transferred in January from federal prosecutors in New York to those in Washington. The previously undisclosed move was driven by Justice Department officials in Washington, and reflects an eagerness within the department to prosecute violations of lobbying laws after the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, focused on foreign influence in his investigations.

A decision about whether to prosecute Mr. Craig, who was White House counsel for President Barack Obama during his first year in office, is expected in the coming weeks, people familiar with the case said. The investigation centers on whether Mr. Craig should have disclosed work he did in 2012 — while he was a partner at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom — on behalf of the Russia-aligned government of Viktor F. Yanukovych, then the president of Ukraine.

The Craig case is a litmus test for the Mueller probe.

If he refuses to charge a prominent Democrat then it will confirm that his investigation is a partisan witch hunt with different rules for Democrats than Trump supporters.


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100 Responses

  1. Grampa says:

    he transposed his words and misspoke. he meant to say his administration was a free scandal. all scandal was free to operate freely throughout. it has been clear to most that he did many things that were covered up. what America needs is a justice system that tries and convicts any and all who violate our laws.——Grampa

  2. Carol Kelly says:

    They should be charged and tried beginning with Hillary all the way through to AOC

  3. Mac says:

    I think it is time the people discharge Congress , the “Justice Dept “( FBI heads, NSA Heads, and CIA heads and a constitutional crisis be initiated by trump. Then everyone has to truly pick the side of the fence.. justice, or continued criminalization and abuse of our whole political process down to basic voting rights, particularly those that are illegally here. AND FREAKING VOTING. I assure you if the Demi’s were to somehow eliminate the electoral college, it is armed game on. Time for We The People. Sometimes the only thing ignorant and wise bullies understand is a kick in the mouth, literally. Arm yourselves all who believe in the Framers of our Constitution and fight to preserve it. I’ll be the first in line. Had enough of this foolishness and ridiculous media, Hollywood, Progrssives, Workd order idiots. You people understand that Workd order means no US and one company worldwide with tentacles based here and there that control whether water, oil, electricity, food sources are available and if so, at what they consider fair( rape). I’m fighting to the end!

    • Emma says:

      Haven’t you heard yet? The United nations is putting data chips in people in Europe already and plan on having it in full swing every where by 2030 .
      I said no way will I get one.
      Thing is if you don’t take it you will be as a one of the homeless today.
      You can’t buy,sell you can’t get credit cards housing nothing I mean nothing. All your information will be on the chip.
      People need to be ready.
      Because the Democrat’s isn’t the only enemy we have.
      The data base for this chip is in Switzerland ,guess where in Switzerland ..
      People there is a lot of people these day’s after total control of us all.

      • Mama says:

        heh. Welll, i’ll be ‘dead’ by then.
        & ‘glad of it’. ___
        As for the ‘younger’?
        >IFFF i WAS a ‘younger’ & ‘knew’ the TRUTH,

  4. Albert Witte says:

    Don’t you know the dems are pretty much exempt from most laws of this country! They can do whatever they want with impunity! So where is the justice Republicans? Would you prefer the populace take over and administer vigilante justice?

    • Steff says:

      That is probably what will happen given where we are. We need to take over the selection of candidates to run for the office away from the RNC whether it be federal or state committees.

      • Arizona Don says:

        Why may I ask do you say or think that? Is it because Trump is president?

        • Steff says:

          No, I wrote the suggestion because we seem to be keeping too many RINOS running and getting elected.

          • Hawk says:

            You Ask? Gov. ‘by the ppl’?
            WHEN ‘Demographics’ Tipped
            & 0NGOING. Then What? RULE
            by immis’ & iLLEGAL (10’s of Millions)

  5. Banshee803 says:

    Barack Obama was in the eyes of this Vietnam vet, a treasonous troll and enemy within from the day he took office and he was without a doubt, the meanest, most negligent and incapable, anti citizen and Constitution American President to ever defile the office since in my view the man was NOT qualified. His record speaks for itself, . His Administration was one of deception and outright lies from start to finish and Seniors suffered the loss of immense amounts of THEIR tax dollars to create the disaster known as the ACA and they will be further violated when their Medicare premiums are increased by $500 come next Jan 1st in Obama’s last gift to them: the HIT tax, unless Congress repeals it and it SHOULD! He aided and abetted ISIS and Iran financially and in accessing weaponry. Scandal free my backside. ! From Deep Horizon through Benghazi, the Iran Nuke Deal and Uranium One giving the Russian Nuclear Agency 20% of OUR Uranium, this man should have been charged , indicted and punished but we have no equitable system of Justice; AND IT SHOWS, if one but looks with open eyes at the pragmatic reality. He and his party of Globalist goons and worse, the Progressive Democrats, are by everything they say and do, pure Marxist in thought , word and deed but they are NEVER held responsible or accountable to We The People, their sole reason for being in the offices they hold to our everlasting detriment. They are: THE ENEMY WITHIN, and their pitiful performance records prove the contention. He and they ARE a terminal cancer to individual liberty, religious freedom the right to dissent or to defend against one’s enemies with firearms though all are Constitutionally GUARANTEED; as are many OTHER reduced or impaired RIGHTS! They should ALL be impeached: NEVER TRUMP!

  6. Ellie says:


  7. Brad G. says:

    Robert Mueller will never bring charges down against the Democrats as he’s working for them. He’s got a hidden agenda which is feeding Russia’s banks & George Soros wallet quite well.

  8. Grampa says:

    What a waste! a black man was handed the opportunity to do something great for America. his name and fame secured in the history of not only this country but every other as well he would have had many statues, parks, schools and buildings dedicated in his honor. he chose a path of revenge instead. A path to make the people pay for what they did to the black man. revenge focused upon a subject so narrow and filled with false innuendo has provided himself with a name but will it be remembered. sure it will but by people in desperate need of a hero. He could have accomplished so much and with the backing and approval of a nation. sadly he will face a nation charged with low crimes unfit for a president. he will be remembered in the history books. one that is written within a sentence, the length comparable to the one he may get when convicted. He could have had an entire chapter devoted to the good works he chose not to do. Indeed I will be assaulted with claims of the great president he was and the wonderful things he did. well name them and tell me who they benefited? for something to be great, it must be for the entire nation, not just a few and because of race or religion. the final question is was our nation better off when he left office than when he started? Am opportunity missed? or was it intentional?——Grampa

  9. howard buckley says:

    it,s about time dumb-a-rats get back what they,ve been pulling on the american people especially odummers.

  10. Ralph Valente says:

    I am pissed at Fox news, they hire a left wing radical who belongs on CNN and they suspend a real conservative Judge Pirro, who is running Fox now? Shepard Smith,Chris Wallace,Juan Williams??
    Brett Baer, is no bargain either, starting to look like CNN lately.

  11. john f says:

    Muller should repay the people for every cent he was paid for his fishing trip.

  12. Tim Evans says:

    Even if he did, the fake news would do a complete black out of it.

  13. Jay says:

    Uh…It was Mueller who delivered the Uranium sample to Russia. The same Uranium that Obama and Hillary sold to them. Hillary came out with millions donated to their FAKE Charity and Bill Clinton made Thousands making speeches in Russia! Do you think for one minute, Mueller is going to bite the hand that feeds him? OR maybe he just doesn’t feel like committing suicide????

    • Jeanne says:


    • madscientist says:

      You tell Mueller about the Uranium deal. He will ask you.What are you talking about???????
      Because, he got lot more than what he expected from his retirement.What abeautiful country america is!!!!!!!

  14. Phil says:

    Boy! Oh boy! This witch hunt is sure morphing into all kinds of garbage. From the first Charge of Trump Russian Collusion? To everything that has nothing to do with Trump! But. If it means Obama is going to go bye bye! I’m all for it! If that happens? Then it should be a domino effect? Then the whole Democratic Party is going kaput! It would be about time. But. In reality? That will not happen. I guess we shall see?

    • patricia Overbey says:

      Phil, I agree whole heartily with you & I am sure a lot of others do also. I just do not understand why the democrats get away with so much. Never have ot pay for what they do & say that is wrong. God bless us & God bless President Trump.

    • James Mercogliano says:

      After this witch hunt is over Hillary ,Obama, Mueller, and any other person or persons involved in this witch hunt should be prosecuted and hopefully convicted and sent away to prison for the rest of there lives. and there are some who will say why. i will tell you why because they conspired to overthrow a duly elected President and that is Treason.

      • Brat23 says:

        I agree with you to a point but why keep them alive? Did Obummer & Killary save our Ambassador and Soliders in Benzahgi? The answer is NO they called her and she said No what kind Secretary of State was she. She wasn’t worth a damn

  15. Leslie says:

    I only hope after President Trump has competed his 2nd term we don’t elect another corrupt professional politician to replace him. Please people take care and elect someone not tainted by corrupt politicts.

  16. gary says:

    I voted no. Please Please make me wrong!

  17. ron says:

    More facets in the beginning of bringing down a president. All of the deceit , lies and scandals are just beginning to catch up with him. Obama’s legacy library will be built at his new home in GITMO. It’s against the law to spy on the opposite party’s campaign . Who has the authority to order that? The amount of evidence is ridiculous. What say you Bill Barr?

    • jim says:

      we can only hope and pray its gitmo or a noose

      • Betty Delph says:

        I don’t think that the noose statement is appropriate. Even Obama prefers the guillotine. You dont believe me? Search the web to find information regarding the guillotines that were ordered and received under the Obama administrations.

        • Phil says:

          You have a point? But why let him off so easily? Don’t you want him to know what pain and suffering is all about? Maybe a week? A day? Or a weekday? ????????????????

      • Rod says:

        I vote for a noose. It doesn’t cost as much as time in GITMO & it can be used more than once.

      • Robert Pelno says:

        lets put him in Gitmo and water board him until he tells all and then water board him some more

  18. THE QUALITY MAN says:

    Agreed in Prison in the Soviet cold

  19. bagster53 says:

    congress has turned into a day care center for a bunch of spoiled rotten rich children , it’s to much to ask them to do their jobs for the good of the country , they prefer to waste their time ruining it

  20. sept mcdade says:

    Thus site will not allow people to post anything against Trump

  21. mit says:

    How did Trump bribe the Electors?
    One of these days the truth will surface.

  22. 1-MAC says:

    No one in Washington, Republican or Democrat is interested in anything but taking down Donald Trump. Most Republicans would be happy if he was gone. They could keep the wide open borders, high taxes and generally do nothing like they had done before he was elected. Sadly no one in interested ion investigating any Democrat for anything. Double Standard, nothing will happen.

  23. why would they ?they have muller to defend them. it hasnt in 2.5 years why should it happen now or this year

  24. Jean says:

    I know Mueller has made some serious mistakes in the past few years but I think his career is being challenged and he needs to be honest and fair .

    • A S K says:

      Honest and fair? You have the wrong Mueller. Robert Mueller is known for being dishonest unfair biased and political. Mueller needs to be charged and prosecuted. TRUMP 2020

    • THE QUALITY MAN says:

      Mueller hasn’t been honest from the Start if he was he would not have been given the job by the deep State. He was given the job by the Deep State just in case some thing came up and they could have a prosecutor all lined up. what they didn’t count on was the problems with the Sharia (ISIS) Muslim Obama planted immigrants Getting edgy and opening their Sharia mouths. Per Muslim History since 900AD when the Muslim Religion tried to ban the Sharia and were unable to do it. The Koran as Basic Muslims is believe the Quoted words dictated to Mohammad by God cannot be Changed the Sharia prepared by the Muslim Military claims it can change the Koran. Logically the two documents are incompatible. Trump tried to vet out Sharia Muslims early in his Presidency but was overruled by Obama Federal Judges And Democrat Congress that will take votes from anywhere illegal or not.

  25. Lorraine says:

    Dems are exempt from obeying laws or rules. Yes, they should be charged and jailed, but we all know they ALWAYS dodge the bullet and get away with criminal activities.

  26. John Galt says:

    The Mueller probe was designed to target Trump. There will be no Democrats charged, or even investigated. This is all a conspiracy, based on a false “Russian dossier,” to destroy Trump. There was no Russian collusion. But we now know that Ukraine interfered in our 2016 election to try to get Hillary Clinton elected. Wake up patriots – the United States is under a serious attack from the leftists.

    • mit says:

      We know that Russia interfered to get Trump elected.
      Problem: We the People do not elect a president.
      Trump probably bought the election.
      One of these days we will know how he bribed the Electors.

      • Jan says:

        MIT…Apparently you haven’t been following the news within the past several days or you woud not have written what you did!!!

      • jug says:

        Mit, you are totally delusional!

        Or a “Useful Idiot”!

        • D.A.N. says:

          I wouldn’t even use “useful” in the same line with his name.
          Mit, we know that it was the DNC that was using the Russians to interfere in the election. And it all leads to Hillary Clinton, and the crooked top people in the DOJ and FBI. Including Lynch and Obama.

      • Esther Klein says:

        Maybe some aliens from Mars interfered with the election?! Get over it! You even stopped looking for Obama’s birth certificate or the hospital that he supposedly was born in. That’s a story in itself! The name of the hospital was changed many years after he was born, and somehow it was that new name that someone created! President Trump cares for and loves our country. It’s all of you that hate the country and what it stands for that wish the President would be a pushover. Thank G-D he’s not. TRUMP 2020

      • Dan says:

        MIT you do not know that, Russia did not want Trump to be our president, Trump represents a strong military, increased Russia’s sanctions.

        • Jean says:

          Would love to see Obama’s school records since there’s indication that he got into college on a foreign student visa. Something is very wrong for his records to be sealed. He is either not an US citizen or he lied about being a foreigner.

          • Jay says:

            Obama was born in Kenya, as told by his Fraternal Grandmother and his half brother! He made up a false Birth Certificate “Borrowed” from someone else’s record. He is using a Deceased man’s Social Security number and “Their” daughters belong to someone else, who is BTW, suing them! What else do you need to convince you this country was FLEECED by Obama!

          • Rod says:

            He might be in the witness protection program or had committed felonies as a juvenile. Those are the usual reason to seal one’s records.

          • Albert Witte says:

            All the above!

        • Gregory Sullivan says:

          Yeah they wanted Hillary to win as the Russians knew she would be easy to manipulate.

      • Rod says:

        Sure, & fairy dust comes in 7 different rainbow colors mit.

  27. John Galt says:

    The Mueller probe was designed to target Trump. There will be no Democrats charged, or even investigated. This is all a conspiracy, based on a false “Russian dossier,” to destroy Trump. There was no Russian collusion. But we now know that Ukraine interfered in our 2016 election to try to get Hillary Clinton elected. Wake up patriots – the United States is under a serious attack from the leftists.

  28. Emma says:

    Mueller will get a few Dems, but no one that really is anyone. Couldn’t risk getting too close to the Obama’s or Clinton’s.
    Might just find himself “Suicided”

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      Always remember: What goes around, comes around bye and bye….. I sure hope I see Obama and his administration and Hillary get what’s coming to them before I expire.

    • Steff says:

      You are so right! But maybe it could come to a good end and they would finally get caught for all the “suicides” they actually committed.

  29. Pamela Upton says:

    Mueller may just surprise America and these demonrats yet-Reminder, AG Barr is in there now and they were friends-or, used to be. I am hoping good prevails and that every Democrat gets there just punishment like the Republicans are getting-Obama, Lynch and Clinton man have done many criminal acts and they do need to pay-America deserves that much!-Period!

  30. Mitchel says:

    I think Mueller should man-up and take down all of the crooks in DC, of both parties. It is terrible how our leaders are acting in general. Obama, said he was going to be transparent he did nothing buy lie and do things under the table. Trump, is doing good things for the country in general but his lack of tact and being too transparent is not good for anyone.

  31. Bob says:

    Well, I Think Mueller Is A Little Smarter And In A Very Bad Position, If He Does Not Want To End Up In The Bar Hotel He Better Go Strait On This, He Already Knows That The Obama And Hillary Along With The Rest Of Their Gang Are Guilty, Now Does He Really Want To Join Them. Now In That Type Of Position I Do Not Think He Wants Too. The Truth Will Come Out And He Knows This, So He Best Cover His Ass By Putting The Guilty In The Bar Hotel. !!!

  32. wi8lliam young says:


  33. JC says:

    Obama has been arrested and is under military tribunals. Why dont you know this.?


    Lets not forget, Obama is responsible for the proliferation of the Muslim religion of hatred in the US and around the world

  35. Russell Woodruff says:


    • Brat23 says:

      Mit, apparently you are unhappy Killary killer of American Ambassador, civilians and soliders in Benzahgi didn’t get elected. How can you in good conscience support someone who turned their back on American soliders and cilivans in Benzahgi and left them to die.

  36. Estell says:

    Mueler has no intentions of getting democrats for their crimes.

  37. H MAN says:

    Theres always street justice.

  38. John T Gray says:

    The puppet masters have been putting people in place to control political outcomes for a while .Money in the hands of high rollers have been bank rolling unknowns for a long time.

  39. Julia Gurule says:

    I have to agree!

  40. Karl says:

    The whole Mueller probe is nothing but an attempt to frame innocent people and cast doubt where nothing exists. The deep state with it’s head being the most crooked president ever to hold this office, obumba, have been attempting a coupe in this country. The obumbas along with the clinton’s and the rest of the conspirators should be in prison not living high on the hog in masions paid for by the taxpayers.

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