Barack Obama asked this one question that nearly ended Joe Biden’s career

Joe Biden is running for President as the heir-apparent to Barack Obama’s political legacy.

In fact, that could be a major problem for Biden.

That’s because Barack Obama asked this one question that nearly ended Joe Biden’s career.

Biden and Obama were never the “buddy cop duo” from the movies that the Fake News Media portrayed.

In fact, they had quite an uneasy relationship.

One example was in the 2008 campaign when Biden’s repeated gaffes drove Obama to the point of frustration where Obama raged wondering “how many times is Biden gonna say something stupid?”

Breitbart reports:

In the wake of such gaffes, Obama purportedly told his staff to “fix this problem with Biden,” but refrained from getting involved himself. All of that changed two weeks before Election Day, when Biden claimed at a fundraiser that Obama, if elected, would stare down an international crisis in his first six-months
. . .
Mark my words,” Biden told the crowd. “It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy … Watch, we’re gonna have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy.”

Biden’s remarks proved to be a red line for Obama, as Heilemann and Halperin detailed in their book.

On Obama’s nightly call, the candidate hit the ceiling. ([Chief strategist David] Axelrod was already up there, needing to be peeled off, having let fly a string of F-bombs when he first found out what Biden had said.) ‘Golly, man!’ Obama said, with more anger in his voice than ‘gollys’ normally carry. He was, in fact, as pissed off as most people on the call had ever heard him, more so than he’d been at even the wickedest jabs from Hillary Clinton. ‘How many times is Biden gonna say something stupid?’”

Revisiting stories about Biden not being able to control his verbal gaffes are not what the former Vice President wants right now.

His campaign staff took him off the campaign trail for a week because the 76-year-old candidate struggled with the rigors of a campaign and his repeated verbal flubs turned into a media narrative,

And every mention of Biden’s age, his gaffes or his inability to maintain a Presidential campaign schedule reinforce in the minds of voters that he is not physically or mentally capable of serving as President.

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31 Responses

  1. KatRob67 says:

    She’s definitely a drag quees, Mama.
    As for Joey boy, “Hey, Joe, guess kissing all that affirmative action ass didn’t help.”

  2. The Real M says:

    Bender, Well good morning Demon Diane!

  3. Bender says:

    It crashed in 2008 under Bush stupid then Obama’s stimulus turned it around. It doesn’t happen overnight it’s more complicated than you simpletons can understand. Now under cadet bone spurs we are giving farmers welfare and manufacturing is declining again. Look it up.

  4. Paul Aldredge says:

    Ha ha ha ha! Hilarious! Dignified? He BRAGGED about “Leading from behind.” That’s not leading, that’s cowering. It’s been proved there’s no collusion, keep up! Obama’s economy? President Trump eliminated most of Barack’s policies and don’t forget, Obama said the economy wouldn’t get better, that President Trump would need a magic wand. Can you not understand that he admitted the economy was bad and he believed it wouldn’t get better!

  5. Mama says:

    Ever NOTICE in Many photos, ‘o’s EYES ???
    Always appears ‘stoned to the Bone’…
    (& it Ain’t ‘coke’ , maybe ‘rock’ BUT NOT ‘coke’)
    &&& Will Always ‘carry’ w/him
    “CHOOM Gang Days” …
    > You ‘o’ supporters SHOULD KNOW
    the Real schnitt ___ & (michael IS a whole
    Nother Issue) Joan Rivers ;died’ on her
    Reveal . Don’t Be Stupid/ Ignorant/ Un-informed.
    good nite.

  6. Mama says:

    ‘o’ Played MORE Golf than POTUS. Factoid.
    ‘o’ Had to Go play Golf – WHERE?
    ( at POTUS ‘Courses’ ) ???
    >POTUS Play Golf At HIS Place(s) & Takes
    NO SALARY. (donated) DID ‘o’ Donate?
    NOOOOO. Did ‘o’ Take Salary & ‘run w/it? YESSS___
    > GOLF (by ANY POTUS, that ‘knows’ How to Play,)
    IS LONG USED for ‘DIPLOMATIC’ Comm’s ___
    >Don’t show ‘ignorance’, Bender. You ‘silly’.
    >Even mama ‘knows’ THAT.

  7. Jack Handy says:

    > IS ‘it’ 0bvious that ‘o’ Does NOT ‘Support joe’ ? LMA0.
    & ‘that’ IS Against ‘party line’.
    ‘traitors Unto Each 0ther’. Wow.
    > Much ‘Past’/ some current discussion re what you say.
    >Audios from ‘ barry ‘o’ Saying ‘kenyan’ . ( i have
    posted this link MANY Times. ) Right 0UT of his own
    Mouth !. if u want link AGAIN, i will post. Reply/Ask.
    You got it.
    > Anyway – ALL of ‘o’s Executive 0rders ARE ‘INVALID”
    & MANY (In 0ffice) Including POTUS, KNOW THAT.
    > Current POTUS has spent Much Time, UNDOING
    ‘o’s KrAAp. msm Does Not Report. & that’s 0k, i guess.
    > KNOW YOUR POTUS : Example – Ev’ry Single TIME,
    he tweets etc, Says ‘stufff’ To get ppl (left/media)
    RILED UP’ (lol) IS For a type of ‘Distraction’ –
    Meanwhile, He Has
    Just put Into Place a ‘New Protection’ For USA ( That
    goes unnoticed by msm) Capish,no? Yes?

  8. William Rook says:

    Well, yes, Biden spent a lot of years in politics BUT, what good did he achieve? I WANT to say bummer took him as co to make himself “look good”. I can’t. Consider: a porch monkey gets snuck in by democrats. All records sealed. No proof of any of his bragged victories. His 8 years PLAYING President is the rich backers of the democrat party. I believe all was planned. Bummer screws up, people want him branded traitor and treated as such. My guess is those sealed papers reveals that bummer really is Kenyan, not American. If not American 1. He never had a right to serve as President. We only had the say of democrats. 2. Not being American he never took the oath to stand by OUR Country, meaning, can’t try him as traitor. We CAN try him separately for each crime he did which should add up to as much, if not longer than a charge of traitor. I don’t think there is much doubt bummer made Hitler look like a choir boy?

  9. Will says:

    Obama was in office for eight years , right ? Then why did it take him going out of office ,for the economy to improve ? if he was so great you would think this would have happened during his term . Obama was not smart enough to do what Trump has done and is still doing for the country. All you dim wits need to take Epstien`s lead and get it over with

  10. Bender says:

    Depends what kind of president. A dignified one who actually could read or Putin’s puppet who instead of riding Obama’s improving economy is doing whatever he can to f it up. When he’s not golfing or yelling at the TV during executive time.

  11. Joseph says:

    Where did he come from…?

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