Antifa radicals just made a horrifying threat against Kavanaugh

Leftists embarked on a character assassination campaign against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

But he’s still on course to be confirmed to the Supreme Court.

And now these Antifa radicals are plotting a new scheme to stop him.

Emily Gorcenski is a left-wing extremist and often participates in Antifa violence and rhetoric.

She recently went on Twitter to incite violence if Kavanaugh is confirmed asking her followers, “y’all gonna be down for a violent general strike?”

Far Left Watch reports:

Following Thursday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing with Judge Kavanaugh and his accuser, leftists on Twitter began discussing the need for a “violent general strike” if he were to be confirmed. This comes just days after a violent Antifa group confronted Senator Ted Cruz and his family at a restaurant and then made credible threats against the lives of Senator Cruz, Judge Kavanaugh, President Trump, and others from their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The original Twitter thread (archive here)
came from Data Scientist and left-wing activist, Emily Gorcenski.

In this thread, Emily asks her 32K Twitter followers if the confirmation of Kavanaugh would finally be enough for them to organize a “violent general strike”, not just a “general strike” but a violent one. Emily is an outspoken proponent of Antifa and their often violent tactics. She claims to be an anarchist but also appears to be at least somewhat sympathetic to authoritarian ideologies like Communism. She also appears to be supportive of the violent Antifa group that confronted and threatened Senator Ted Cruz and his family, Smash Racism DC.

The Left’s new playbook is to intimidate conservatives by any means necessary.

That includes calls to violence.

Another leftwing activist tweeted:

Their goal is simply to win power.

They don’t care who gets in their way.

And they’re now looking to communist dictatorships for the political blueprint.

Comment what you think below, and be sure to participate in the poll.


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202 Responses

  1. Bruce Larsen says:

    The answer to “Tell me again why we shouldn’t confront Republicans where they eat, where they sleep, and where they work until they stop being complicit in the destruction of our democracy?” is actually quite simple:


    We are a Republic, pure and simple. A Constitutional, Representative Republic.

    (and why are you Commies all screaming for ‘Free College!’ when you can’t even remember that very lesson, from the Pledge of Allegiance, in elementary school: ‘…and to the Republic, for which it stands…’ College cannot fix your kind of stupid)

  2. Sue Jackson says:

    How many would be surprised to know that sons and daughters of some our of Senate & Congress members belong to the gang of thugs and criminals known as Antifa? Virginia Senator & Hillary Clintons VP running mate, Tim Kaine’s son is a very active violent member of Antifa, being the one that assaulted the young woman while she was leaving a Trump Campaign rally in California. He was also instrumental in the deadly riot in Charlottesville VA where one person was killed and many historical monuments were torn down. I hope the people in VA will remember that when they go to vote in November, sending Kaine home so he can do his job of raising a decent human being rather than just another street thug.

  3. Robert Higginbotham says:

    The Antifa, including this big mouth hoe, are all cowards that hide behind masks and only come out when they have overwhelming numbers. They do remind me of the democrat created KKK and BLM. Most of these despicable mobs are financed by the most vile, Satanistic egomaniac and America hater George ‘the felon and former Nazi collaborator’ Soros.

  4. jean says:

    notice they all hide behind black face masks never mind jail just put them out of their misery before they hurt someone

  5. Ken Senzig says:

    These threats by the latter day Brownshirts, are the reason the second amendment was enacted. Alinsky’s street soldiers, which are today’s Brownshirts, have simply traded the black and red armbands for black facemasks.

  6. We are guaranteed freedom of speech by the first amendment. And the right to peaceably assemble. This conveys the right to peaceably assemble and peaceably protest. But this is not what ANTIFA does. Wherever they go there is violence instigated by them. They hide their faces to prevent identification. They attack our freedom of speech. They act violently to shut down anyone that does not agree with their ideology. They are domestic terrorists! There is every reason to believe they are the militant arm of the DNC.

    • Wahotsdad says:

      Have anyone noticed that the antifa fascists only go on their rampages in areas where the possession of firearms is heavily restricted or banned. They have never pulled their tough thuggery in areas where concealed carry is legal. They only pick on the defenseless because they are candy-assed little cellar dwellers that would wet themselves in an equal confrontation! As it happened in Washington state when the ‘proud boys’ started fighting back they ran like little schoolgirls! Bring it on nerds! I dare you, it’s only going to go so long and you’ll cross the line and Americans will defend their rights and you’ll be a stain on the pavement and a minor footnote in history as a minor inconvenience to American freedom and life. Go ahead make our day we’re waiting for you to cross the line!

  7. cathylovesyou says:

    Antifa are the KGB of the Democratic Party, now know as the Democratic Communist Party. They are made up of Thugs and Mercenaries. Is this about right ?

  8. Dan says:

    As American citizens, we all have the legal and moral right to protest What is wrong though is when that protesting threatens the rights of others and their liberties. When the protesters take on the methods and actions of terrorist it is no longer peaceful protest but a road to anarchy. If they choose to cover their faces so as to not be discovered for who they are, what they have done and are doing, then they all they are doing is in serious suspect. They are not warriors but cowards!

  9. Ernst says:

    Antifa threats are attacks on the peaceful lives of the attacked. These threats should be answered with law suits and criminals charges.

    • gator1246 says:

      They have been allowed to get away with a lot of crap , but that is soon going to end. They are going to confront a bunch of deplorables that won’t put up with their crap , and they are going to find out that the money they are being paid is not worth what is going to happen to them , and covering their face won’t protect their back side . The deplorables are coming .

  10. Antifa is a terrorist organization, if they do anything radical they should be arrested.

  11. Steve says:

    There are plenty of us “redneck” veterans from red states that would be happy to shut these a$$holes down. Free of charge of course! You flipping communist keep wanting a fight and you just might get one. I can guarantee that there are a lot of patriots ready and waiting for you to bring it on. Don’t think for a minute that we won’t go down swinging before we let a bunch of trash like you take over!

  12. What on earth is a Data scientist? Sounds like a disillusioned secretary, who believes that she is entitled to sit in the company president’s chair, when in fact she barely has the credentials to push a broom.

  13. Fr Tom Martin says:

    I find it hard to believe there are no laws to stop these threatening remarks. Waters and the Antifa are putting people in danger.

    • Paul says:

      It is painfully clear that the Democrats and all leftist including ANTIFA (which I think is nothing more than a home grown ISIS) believe they can rule by intimidation. Every time you saw an Obama Biden or a Hillary sticker on a car, you knew it was nothing to get in a twist over. But, Put a Trump sticker on your car, and suddenly, you need deep scratches repaired or a new window. Democrats talk of the Trump Administration being fascist. While in reality, they are only missing brown shirts and armbands with Swastikas on them

  14. Craig Murphy says:

    By dint of that logic, would conservatives be justified in ambushing Lefties and bashing their brains in, assuming they have brains?

  15. Dave says:

    Where is the FBI and law enforcement? Are they all corrupted and worthless as dog dudu now? These radicals need to be rounded up and placed in a holding cell while George Soros is located, charged with obstruction of justice, creating a riot, and other charges, his citizenship revoked and deported to Hungary where he came from. Further his Progressive Insurance should be shut down or sold off as it’s a worthless insurance anyway.

    • Steff says:

      Just like an old NAZI Jakiw Palij was stripped of his US citizenship in 2004 and finally deported to Germany on Aug. 21, 2018. He would have been deported earlier but none of the European countries would take him. Personally I think he should have been sent to Israel for trial. George Soros lied about his past to gain entry and citizenship in this country. He also should be stripped of his citizenship and deported to Hungary for his NAZI crimes against the Jews. I am sure Hungary would be glad to take and try him on War Crimes.

  16. Jill says:

    Antifa, who claim to be anti fascist, is the definition of fascism. Hitler had his brown shirts and Stalin had his green shirts (I believe they were green), to threaten, assault, and squash anyone who opposed them. Look what happened there. The things just want a reason to go out and hurt people and they’ve convinced themselves it’s for the “cause”. Get a clue Antifa. Read some real history books for once.

  17. Joan Landreth says:

    American citizens do not cover their face. If this is the case, and any inconvenience is being put upon another person, the “face hiding anti-American” will be arrested. This lawlessness must stop NOW! They are becoming more brazen everyday. Let law enforcement to do their job again and protect our citizens safety. Voting Republican will better the lives of Middle America, Dems will never help us. It has been made very clear, the DemoRat Party will help themselves ONLY!

  18. Carvalho says:

    To Ian Millhiser: Liberal idiot. scum like you are the people ,who are destroying America with your call for violence.

  19. al says:

    Get rid of the Second Amendment, take away the guns, then they will take over the Government!

  20. Hydro says:

    Why leave a comment – you simply put up a note that states you already said that. Either you want honest comments or not. If you are managing what you want to hear just come out front and say so – I can express my opinions elsewhere

  21. David says:

    The Nazis used to do the same thing leading up to their taking of power! We must stop them! they are the ones hell bent on destroying our nation! We must stand up to them whenever we can!

  22. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    High heat producing but low radioactive fallout nuclear device or Thermite bomb dropped right over center of less than worthless components of toxic waste is what is needed.

  23. Bill says:

    That is why I carry a gun (legally), as a retired Police Officer I would I will protect my family Maybe when one or two get shot maybe they will go away

    • Herbert Woodbury says:

      They want to get violent, I will teach them how it is done.

      • Rivahmitch says:

        Ditto. actually,I’ve ben waiting for years for them to begin the violence. PBIMF!! Semper Fi!!

        • Paulnam67 says:

          Maybe old but don’t let the gray hair fool you. I still know how to kick ass. You never forget what the military teaches you. Not just how to fight. More violent then that.

          • Steff says:

            OOH RAH!! Welcome to the jungle, Antifa, or to the desert, or to the mountains, or to the skies, or to the seas!! We the people are willing to take you on if necessary!!

  24. William J Vital says:

    When are our elected officials going to agree that ANTIFA is a terrorist group and they should be treated as such. If you have a mask on you should either be arrested or shot…

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      They have been officially categorized as a violent group but just as Globalists and their crusaders who are guilty of crimes against mankind they are not held accountable for their crimes a case of the evil protecting themselves and because they have all the wealth the Common Good are powerless.

  25. Roger says:

    If this group were to actually start a violent uprising I believe that, first, the National Guard would be called with weapons free for self defense and, if it went beyond that there would be a no limit hunting permit issued to ALL patriotic Americans.

  26. Joe Inzerillo says:

    First of all . . . we do not have a DEMOCRACY . . . we have a REPUBLIC ! Secondly, we no longer have a two party, opposition party (Democrats). They have graduated into the anarchy that they believe will be the solution to moderate, sensible governance. The Anti-Fa movement is dangerous and with politicians as weak a Jeff the FLAKE and the insanity of Mad Max(ine) Waters . . . we are now put in a position of self-defense. I tend to be outspoken and an unabashed patriot. I will now be carrying a can of mace with me to access when and if I feel threatened by street idiocy. We are in a civil war, people . . . be prepared or be a victim of attack. CHOOSE !

    • Taz says:

      I agree except for the mace. You should be carrying a 1911 with two spare magazines.

      • Steff says:

        I prefer my Glock with 10 spare magazines. OOH RAH!!

        • Taz says:

          Glocks don’t fit my hand or my eye, but if it works for you go for it. John Moses Browning’s 1911 has never been better than it is today and I have been carrying one since I was issued my first one in the military many years ago.

  27. Taz says:

    It’s way beyond time to fight fire with fire when these Antifa thugs show up. After they get a taste of true violence they will skulk back to their mothers’ dens and suck their thumbs while they cry for a blanket and a safe space. There should be no safe space allowed for them. They need to be de-hooded, photographed, doxxed, and hounded to the gates of hell.

    • Joseph Toth says:

      I agree with you, their long past due for a smack down, and I mean a hard smack down. One that will last in their memory for a long long time. I’m sick of these people and their bully tactics. And if it were up to me, I’d slap the tar out of the parents for being mental midgets when it comes to raising children!

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      Cowards attack in disguise and in mass, deeply intrance automatons with no chance of being brought back to reality there is only 1 hope for the enlightened, which I will leave for you to ponder.

  28. James P Hutchins says:

    Lock Up these terrorists and give them life sentences.

    • M says:

      James P. Hutchins, No to life sentences, that would be too expensive! We have to legally exterminate them. If we travel in groups of three or four to provide sworn testimony of self defense that should work, ya think?

  29. Richard says:

    This organization should be identified as an internal terrorist organization and shut down before it does any more harm to this country, and those funding it should also be identified as such! Hello Mr Soros are you listening?

    • jim says:

      One more negative element of society! I have lived a long life of relative quiet, no nonsense, mediocraty with nothing short of complete acceptance of my fellow man, but now it has become of a race to see who can outdo the other with their idiotic anti-social societies abounding and thriving in our streets and anywhere that they can be a negative thorn in our once quiet and respectable lives. I, for one do not like what has happened in America! The men and women in blue that put their lives on the streets every day that they work, the emergency teams that respond instantly to any emergency calls, without thought of their safety, and any other public employees that are not sure of returning home to family at the end of their shift, have earned, many times weekly, monthly, and yearly my utmost respect and admiration!
      The people that join the ANTI-AMERICAN groups that think it OK to stand in peoples way, shouting at them and preventing them from going about their daily lives, from stopping traffic on the roads and highways, (HINDERING EMERGENCY VEHICLES FROM ANSWERING CALLS) and GATHERING ILLEGALLY, should be arrested and made to answer in a court of law, and to make it easier for them, it could be a “NIGHT COURT” so they could just answer for their activity and go home. ANY GROUP THAT COVERS THEIR FACES SHOULD BE GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY TO REMOVE THEIR MASKS< AND BE PHOTOGRAPHED, SO THEY GET THEIR 20 SECONDS ON TV WHICH IS WHAT THEY WANT. IF THEY REFUSE TO UNMASK, THEY SHOULD BE ARRESTED IMMEDIATELY, AND CHARGED WITH ANTI-AMERICAN ACTIVITY! If they knew the meaning of the GOLDEN RULE, they would NEVER BEHAVE IN SUCH AN UGLY MANNER!

      • Pam says:

        TOTALLY AGREE – Round them up and ship them to Alcatraz where they can rot!

        • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

          Just annihilate them, why should they be a burden to law abiding hard working patriots.

        • Steff says:

          If you are going to permanently incarcerate them, here are some options: GITMO, Venezuela, Syria, or Iran would serve the purpose. ALL Antifa and BLM members on the streets who are masked and armed should be charged with sedition, treason, or both and immediately be unmasked and disarmed. They should then be transported/deported to one of the above.

          • M says:

            Steff, Don’t think deporting them is a good idea based on how many deported criminals are slipping back into the Country. Law enforcement must be allowed to do their job including in sanctuary cities and states. DJT is going to have to remind sanctuary places they ARE in America and our laws will be upheld, period, end of story!

      • Pam says:

        Round them up and ship them to Alcatraz where they can rot!

      • Fred Behling says:

        Jim, you’re spot on! I’m 77yrs old, l’ m buying a weapon, because l will no longer sit idoly by and watch these communists “phucks” take over our country! I’m an old Army vet! I was issued an old M1Garand, it’s accurate, has an 8 round clip, l qualified “sharpshooter”, come get me you communist phucks, l know the first 8 will be DEAD! Is this the 1860’s all over again? Is President Donald Trump destined to be our centuries Abraham Linclon? I hope not, but l’ll lay my life down to save this great United States of America, as did our fathers, grandfathers, and “Forfathers”! We owe them that, don’t we…..?

  30. bagster53 says:

    so why ain’t they being arrested , if it dresses like a terrorist , if it smells like a terrorist and if it talks like a terrorist , it’s probably a terrorist ,what is wrong with law enforcement these days , the fbi should be all over this , if i made terroristic threats against a black man , they would brake down my door and drag me away

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      The FBI and CIA have been infected by the NWO/OWO ideology but, it seems the only federal law enforcement agency and intelligence gathering agency that is not part of the goal to enslave the vast majority is ICE, I have a toll free telephone number for ICE, but I am left wondering if calling them if I knew of illegal aliens in my midst what would it accomplish, I know that at the very least that local law authorities will do squat unless the infection starts to spread through committing crimes other than being here illegally, and even ICE back when they were INS would claim they were simply too overburdened to deal with those illegal aliens who behaved themselves.

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      I knew of an entire family a few years back everyone an illegal alien, none were confronted by local law until 1 of the boys was involved in a crime then they finally deported is worthless hide back to Mexico.

  31. Michael Hughes says:

    From the picture at the top of of this article any rational person would conclude that, since their costumes are identical, anti-fa should be considered to be the domestic version of ISIS. As such, the LEAST that should happen is that ALL anti-fa members should be arrested at a minimum. If we did not live in such a nation as we do, governed by laws, they should all be executed, lest they breed.

  32. Eyeball says:

    If you see this dog, tell her we INVITE her to bring her scratchy, flea-bitten ass down here to Mississippi. We’d love to have her here. (We got a season on antifarts — it’s year-round and open.) Ask her if she can run and hide wearing her l’il ghosty costume? And bring the other dogs and cayuses. They’re on the list too.

    • Don says:

      Is an out-state-of-license required? I’m just across the line in Tn. We have too many libs in N-ville and Memphis to have even a season.

  33. Francis VanDevender says:

    they are no more than thugs,arrest any who show up with face covered,like a hold up man,they break the law ,then break them.throw them in jail for 90 days,no bail,no if’s ands or buts about.We need to take back law and order now.The Dumbocrats are fuelingg these riots.

    • Don says:

      I’m with a lot of folks that feel that antifa should be considered TERRORISTS and sent to Gitmo, or hanged as traitors. I have a preference for the latter.

  34. Rebecca says:

    First off..the person that logged in as;
    truthistruth, you wouldn’t know truth if it slapped you hard!
    Second: every Antifa rat that is so coweredly to hide behind ISIS like really dumb rags on your heads and face, all black like that’s intimidating, should be arrested and booked as terroists and that will be carried with you for the rest of your life just like a sexy offender!!!!! You’ll never ever be employed by anyone, government won’t hand you a check once a month, you’ll be forced to move to another country that Absolutely won’t put up with your insane crap…maybe even kill you for your asinine, hatred!! Good luck in the future, it’s just a matter of time before your just a stain of something the majority of population was so glad to be rid of!!

  35. THE GOOD NEWS IS … WE do not have one friend or family member that will EVER vote Democrat. Their behavior is disgraceful. .May God Help America.

  36. Ron Myles says:

    These cowardly punks in their black shirted PJ’s are just a bunch of stupid Fascists. They had better watch out because there are a lot of us military veterans ready to take action and eliminate them should they engage in violence of any kind.

  37. Carolwells says:

    I think the nation would be safer if this radical group was handled like Fergerson Missouri was handled! You know I guess there is no other way but to fight fire with Fire!

  38. Gary says:

    Emily G are you really as stupid as you sound. Did you make it past the 6th grade, I doubt it.

  39. truthistruth says:

    Kavanaugh’s Drinking Problems
    A former Yale University classmate of Brett Kavanaugh’s says he is “deeply troubled” by what he says has been a blatant mischaracterization by Kavanaugh of his drinking at Yale. Charles “Chad” Ludington now teaches at North Carolina State University. He says in a statement released Sunday that he was a friend of Kavanaugh’s at Yale and sometimes drank with him.
    Ludington described Kavanaugh as “a frequent drinker, and a heavy drinker.” He says that on many occasions he heard Kavanaugh slur his words and saw him stagger from alcohol consumption, and was often belligerent and aggressive when drunk. (Newsmax, 9/30/18).
    Ludington says in one instance, Kavanaugh initiated a fight that led to the arrest of a mutual friend: “When Brett got drunk, he was often belligerent and aggressive. On one of the last occasions I purposely socialized with Brett, I witnessed him respond to a semi-hostile remark, not by defusing the situation, but by throwing his beer in the man’s face and starting a fight that ended with one of our mutual friends in jail.”

    • Paul says:

      Hmmm, if Kavanaugh was so bad in this alleged incident, why was the “friend” arrested and not Kavanaugh? Could it be something else was and is at play here in this story? Could it be that Kavanaugh acted in self defense perhaps?

      • truthistruth says:

        You are missing the point. But Kavanaugh repeatedly insisted he didn’t drink to excess, which is a fact genuinely refuted by over a dozen genuine witnesses to his drinking in high school and college. Lynne Brookes was classmate of Kavanaugh’s at Yale, a fellow athlete, and fellow Republicans. She was also the roommate of accuser Deborah Ramirez. Brookes stated that Kavanaugh’s attempts to classify himself as a moderate drinker who enjoyed a few brews “grossly misrepresented and mischaracterized his drinking.” Brookes: He frequently drank to excess. I know because I frequently drank to excess with him.”
        Daniel Lavan, who was in Kavanaugh’s Yale dorm his freshman year, put it even more clearly: “I definitely saw him on multiple occasions stumbling drunk where he could not have rational control over his actions or clear recollection of them. His depiction of himself is inaccurate.

    • Pam says:

      Do not believe a word of it – why didn’t he come forward with this YEARS AGO!!!

      • Dr. J.D. says:

        Because K did not lie about it until now on national TV on Sept. 27, 2018. Don’t be an ignorant cultist . . . the classmates description of Judge K tells the exact same story about K being a belligerent drunk!

        • Wahotsdad says:

          And of course not one of these coached ‘victims’ isn’t a card carrying leftist, RIGHT? You are the one reading fake news, just another Lemming spouting BS, just like their programmed. Go back to PMSNBC where all the news are lies!

    • Pam says:

      Do not believe a word of it!

    • Chuck says:

      “Charles “Chad” Ludington now teaches at North Carolina State University.” My oldest daughter went to NC State and she says that, with two notable exceptions, every professor she took classes from was a card carrying liberal. So if you put any credence in the ramblings of a publicity seeking sycophantic liberal professor you should consider yourself part of the problem.

    • Chuck says:

      And as for the truth, “You can’t handle the truth.”

      • Dr. J.D. says:

        Clearly you cannot handle the truth. Did you realize all K’s accusers, his high school and Yale classmates all pretty much tell the same story? just because you are not a card-carrying Trumpon does not make you dishonest.

    • Susie J Smith says:

      Soros pays them. . .including bail for jail

    • M says:

      truthistruth, I understand a young lady who recently graduated from NCS said that there were two professors there who were not extreme left liberals and this was not one of them. Based on that info his uncorrabarated statement means nothing to a truth seeker. You liberals are so desperate to destroy you will do anything and spread any lie to suit your purpose. You are truly a sick pathetic bunch of low lives without shame.

  40. Let these little INBREDS do what they have to do, in time they will all commit SUICIDE and we will pursue street justice for the remainder.

  41. jondarmes says:

    The best thing about these fascist bastards is when they march, riot, or just generally decide to cause trouble and give someone grief they are always clustered up, even if you are half drunk or stoned you can still score a lot of points. BUILD THE WALL, DEPORT THEM ALL, MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

    • truthistruth says:

      First, Emily above only mentions a response IF Roe v. Wade is overturned. Second, I have seen more threats of violence from this conservative Patriots Pulse postings than anywhere else. You guys are the gun nuts and violent people who send cars into crowds of leftists.

      • Wahotsdad says:

        No one here is discussing violence, only self defense and defense of the innocent. Where as you and your cretins are advocating violence as a form of getting your way! Big difference, I realize it’s a lot for your little leftist brain to take in.

      • Paul says:

        “Second, I have seen more threats of violence from this conservative Patriots Pulse postings than anywhere else. ” Most of the comments I see are made in reaction to threats of violence from the Left. Most of them are a promise to defend and protect, the4 Leftists, on the other hand make offensive threats of violence to take down people, institutions, the whole damned country if they don’t get their way.

      • david says:

        Wow, you really believe that. I feel sorry for you.

      • Pam says:

        Knew you were a libtard!

  42. steve says:

    lets see how to stop this problem its very easy they do violent acts toward you or people you love give them the same violent acts back. THE END…If ur government want help cops to scared an all the other BS that is being said then take matter into ur own hands. Stand up an fight for whats right you now that’s how AMERICA was built………….Just saying quit talking an waiting go an take back this country. I for one would be will spent TO LEAVE ME BE………But then again I WELCOME all of ANTIFA to make that fatal mistake………………SEMPER FE………………..

  43. Leweva says:

    Antifa Thugs should be Arrested at the very least! Personally I believe the police should be told shoot to Kill. They also should be kicked out of the Country before they get stronger and never be allowed to return. We are being to weak!

    • Jeffrey says:

      Agreed 150%!

    • Jose V. Vega says:


  44. Ron says:

    Get our Military involved to protect Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his family if they threaten or act on their leftist “violent general strike” / violence actions or threats.

  45. John Soroka says:

    If antifa does violence then just give them what they ask for. Give the police orders to shoot to kill if necessary.

  46. JC says:

    Emily’s arse is going to be in jail with a stick up it too! This is not going to accepted and Antifa will be crushed like the vermin they are in their tracks.

  47. Paul says:

    There are laws on the books that deal with sedition, insurrection, subversion, inciting riots, destruction of property and a host of other crimes these groups (ANTIFA) is committing across the country. It is way past due time to enforce those laws.

    • Leeroy Smith says:

      The only problem I see is the politicians do not have the “GUTS” to enforce the laws that we already have.

    • Steff says:

      It may end up that we the people will need to defend ourselves in the public AND at home. I hope the weapons of all the conservatives are kept loaded and ready! This insurrection will most definitely require President Trump to declare Martial Law and use our military to back up the police as well as citizens in fighting these commie thugs. In addition remove the communists from our government no matter where they lurk!

  48. Don says:

    Be more than happy to support and defend that family any time anywhere so bring it punks. You scare no one.

  49. Wahotsdad says:

    Dang! Sounds like hunting season is coming early! You wear masks and attack people and destroy property chances may be getting better that you’ll eat a bullet! Let me get my 458Socom broken in first!

  50. jerry van- holden says:

    I’d like to let these women whom are holding the elevator know that we heard their cries, and they can go to HELL.

    • Paul says:

      I hope you noticed that were saying that “Kavanaugh refuses to take responsibility for his crimes.” That is very similar to the accusations leveled at POW’s in Vietnam, that woman even sounded like one of them. Anyway, the other point is that they just assume and believe he is guilty of these accusations, why? Because they are presented that way in the Fake news.

  51. Daniel Mount says:

    Why is it that the Government is allowing these ANTIFA Terrorists to do what they are doing? They are threatening terroristic threats towards a US Judge. How can this go on in America and nothing happening to arrest these Terrorists? They should all be shot down in the streets because they are Anti-American Terrorists.

    • Cp123 says:

      My thoughts exactly. They become more emboldened by the day. Arrests are in order.

    • Hydro says:

      I’m not as young as I use to be – but a 45 always wins against a club. As a Vet that protected this country – removing trash by any means necessary is what all Vets took an oath to defend against any enemy foreign or local. It is time for our Government to step up and put these punks – that’s exactly what they are in their place. I’m positive there isn’t a Vet except maybe John Kerry that wouldn’t step up.

  52. Ed says:

    If the Republican government doesn’t begin arresting these people and protecting the freedoms of all citizens, then they no more deserve to be the ruling party then the Dems do. Obama destroyed justice in this country when he ordered the government to to attacks organizations which disagreed with his policies. Then we watched as BLM begin killing cops without repercussions and now they still operate without fear. If equality in justice is not restored in this country it’s a dictatorship no matter what you call those in charge. Trump has done a lot to reverse the damage done and I do believe he loves this country. Yet he hasn’t repealed or reversed one law, policy or regulation that took rights from the people guaranteed in our constitution. Not one terrorist has been arrested through NSA spying and Trump himself was attacked because he disagreed with current policies, yet all those illegal laws, and they are illegal when they collect your data without cause, stand to this day. It’s obvious Trump is a business expert and his business policies have improved conditions in the US. Mr Trump if you want to be truly a great President, restore the people’s rights guaranteed under the Constitution and restore justice in this country. Until then, even though you were the correct and only real choice as President, your just another dictatorship waiting for circumstances which justify your actions.

    • Wahotsdad says:

      Fortunately for them the conservative government believes in the law, if it was against a leftist regime they would be put like at Ruby Ridge, and Waco Texas, or even like the old couple in New York city that held up a sign that hurt Obama’s feelings and he had them arrested! No the government is handling it right. Me on the other hand, bring it! Just give me a reason to ‘defend’ myself! I understand your frustration totally, but the government stepping in is the wrong thing at this juncture.

  53. Timothy K. Toroian says:

    I keep wondering if her head is bat resistant.

  54. Andy says:

    If not put them in prison the social media should censor them like they do conservatives.

  55. Butch says:

    If some is has a mask on is up to no good or intents doing no god and are hiding their Identity from cameras that would to their arrest for something they did that was illegal like rioting,looting, setting fires, damaging property attacking people on and on etcetera………………………….!

  56. john says:

    Da PO lice gonna be UP fo yo violent strike!

  57. Mott says:

    These so called “People” are nothing but TERRORIST! And need to be treated as that!

  58. Donald Dellmann says:

    Why aren’t ANTIFA members all in prison?

    • T-pac says:

      IF LAW ENFORCEMENT IS GOING TO SIT AROUND WITH THEIR HANDS IN THEIR POCKETS AS USUAL WHILE THESE CHUMPS LOOT ETC. well then I won’t be surprised when someone from ” WE THE PEOPLE ” take matters into their own hands!!!!

  59. K says:

    These little cowardly ANTIFA twits May rewrite their ad to ask, ARE YOU WILLING TO DIE FOR YOUR Cause? Face hiding cowards hardly stand. Chance against responsible gun owners who also happen to be excellent shots. That’s the last thing I wish to see -BUT- if they think we will sit idly by and watch our fellow patriots be attacked, theyre dumber than they look & sound!

    • Jim Gug says:

      These people are acting the same way Hitler’s brown shirts acted, during his wrain
      when they were going after the jews and anyone who didn’t agree with them. One thing I could say about the brown shirts: they didn’t cover their face. I believe why covers their is face is because they don’t want their parents to find out.

  60. Frank Brogan says:

    This woman should be arrested and brought to trial for sedition as she’s calling for a VIOLENT OVERTHROW OF OUR GOVERNMENT.The problem is that our government is to busy pissing money away on these silly assinine witch hunts to take care of business as they should be,

  61. Erin Larson says:

    You haven’t seen anything yet!!! When K. if confirmed there will be organized riots nationwide. When DOJ starts arresting corrupt Deep State operatives, there will be riots. When the republicans gain more seats in the house and senate, there will be riots. Trump will declare martial law at some point and Antifa is going to find itself facing the US Marines as well as the National Guard.. It is a BAD time to be a member of Antifa!! Just watch and enjoy the show!

  62. Herbert G. Chapman says:

    Isn’t there laws to against threatening the President and elected officials ? There must not be for the elected officials to threatening the president other wise they wouldn’t do it I would think. I guess this is the reason for them to postpone the confirmation vote , to give them more time to organize this thing.

    • Teresa says:

      Sure if you had threatened AliOBlama, but Trump ? Trump derangment syndrome taught in schools across the country now, makes it manditory to make up lies and go on MSNBC & CNN and spout it like a expert…
      Flake caving in, just made Mad Maxines point get a group corner them and get your way..he just made it open season on every patriot in America ! Why I will be carrying because I will not be a causualty of his spineless act.

  63. Ron says:

    Do not be surprised if the radical left, aka the Demorats, do NOT regain congressional control in 5 weeks abandons their tacit approval of these anarchists and we see all out anarchy nation wide. The left’s goon squads, Antifa and BLM, are already organized and ready to go. Meantime, do not be surprised to see these thugs attempt to to turn voters away from the polls on election day, especially in precincts heavily Republican.

  64. Joe says:

    If I see someone coming at me in mask, I’ll shoot them outright and say I was in fear of my life

  65. Warren Hahn says:

    Common sense people, good American people are really getting tired of all these radical groups. Dems seem to be part of the problem but that is just a small handful. The rest of the Democrats are like the Republicans, they don’t have the balls to stand up to them. When the time comes the “good” people of America will stand up and when that happens it won’t be pretty and all these foolish protest events will end. All the money George Soros can throw at them isn’t worth dying for.

  66. M says:

    Somebody please put an email address in these comments where we can start demanding that something is done to stop Antifa and other domestic terrorist groups before people are injured or worse. I am all for first amendment free speech but not for riots and destruction of property. These violent protesters are in more danger than anybody because people are tired of them. Better that law enforcement handles them. Email and other addresses please.

    • Ron says:

      Problem is, many police departments are in cities favorable to these thugs and will be ordered to stand down! That has already happened in numerous “sanctuary” cities!

  67. John C. Smith says:

    Anyone protesting with their face covered should be arrested and put in jail for a min sentence of 60 days on a first offense; second offense 1-year min. Any violence of persons or property should be a min of 2-years up to 5 years and reimbursement of property and medical expenses

  68. ANTIFA! What a misnomer! Like so many false labels used today; the exact opposite of what they are. They are the violent militant arm of the DNC. They undermine the Constitution and the rule of law. They attack the first amendment. They attack our freedom of speech and our right to peaceably assemble. They are enemies of the American people.

  69. Eric Granberg says:

    It’s fun to watch the whiny right get all flustered when the left threatens to use tactics the right has used for years.

    • Ron says:

      You lying sack of crap! Since when has the “right” used violence to advance their agenda? You referring to the KKK? If so, that further demonstrates you prevarication! The KKK was spawned by the Demorats!

    • Shen says:

      You are mistaken. Conservatives are a civil people and that is who the Left is attacking. Conservatives have never harrassed people as you and yours do. We are about a peaceful and productive America. The goons you find to be fun are about overturning the foundations of America — as Obama campaigned on in 2008 and posted on the main page of his campaign website. That tyranny has to STOP.

      • Ron says:

        These thugs and their supporters like Granberg are counting on us to remain peaceful, compliant, and rolling over and accepting their rule. The day is rapidly approaching where each American is going to have to make the individual, personal decision of whether to live on their knees to an omnipotent government, or die standing is need be as a free man or woman. I have made my decision!

    • M says:

      Eric Granberg, You must be a member of antifa, blm or some violent group of masked thugs or maybe you are just insane and need to be institutionalised for the balance of your useless life. Whichever, who cares, just stay away from decent people unless you have the courage to expose your face or you may be the first one laid out!

    • fezoj says:

      Eric you are MORON !!!!!!

  70. rich z says:

    They don’t have the balls to show their faces ,some one will know who they are and put them in there place.

  71. Chuck says:

    Infiltrate Antifa and bring their house of destruction to ruin. Lengthy prison sentences in solitary confinent also appropriate.

  72. Mike Langer says:

    This Democrats have turned into a buat5 nuts!! It is my belief,they were probably involved in the Kennedy assassination and the attemt on Regan. If I had proff I’d share it! If I’m in a restaurant and some idiot attacks a Republican Rep. God help them I won’t allow it.

  73. Richard McClure says:

    The Constitution says You have a Right to Assemble and Peacefully Protest .
    Not Violently Oppose they need to start suffering for their Actions and she should be the first in a long line that really started with Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn The Unrepented Terrorist’s.

  74. Jesse says:

    Antifa should be declared what they are that being a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION. Round them all up and toss them into a cell at Gitmo and leave them there.

  75. Ann says:

    Are people so stupid. There have been 63 million abortions. Only by democrat women or do they think some republican women also had abortions. Roe V Wade has been around for sixty years and it isn’t going anywhere…even though you would think by now parents would teach their kids how to protect themselves….lake they do in Europe….Women carry their own condoms to hand out

    • Judith says:

      Roe v Wade has not been around 60 years, January 23, 1973 started all the murdering of innocent babies!

      • Shen says:

        How about women learning to keep their legs together. A little bit of pleasure in exchange for a baby’s death is pretty LOW LIFE.
        There are other means of birth control. Abstinance is 100% effective. There is rythm. Though it is not taught in U.S. universities, my biology teacher who practiced it taught it anyway. Next to abstinance, he gave it the highest percentage of effectiveness The UN teaches women in India rythm using a beaded necklaces. Globalists prefer Americans kill their children so that there will be a need to import workers from other cultures
        to handle the diminishing workforce. Weakens Western values and ideals.

  76. Call out national guard, arrest these crazy powe hungry idiots regardless how much power , rich or not they be ,Our freedom , country is at stake here .

  77. Brian M. Randall says:

    ANTIFA is a extreme radical terrorist group and should be treated as such.

  78. Rebecca says:

    Tell me why, if the antifa thugs are so pleased with themselves, they don’t have the guts to show their faces. Typcal of that type of group is to muster 20 or 30 to go after one or two folks. What cowards.

  79. der Alte says:

    WHEN are these pukes gonna be dealt with in the manner they deserve? It’s time to beat the crap out of this scum who hide behind masks!

  80. Jan13 says:

    if American citizens are dumb enough to support the dem o craps this November, you can expect more of this, this may be BHOs citizen army he wanted, to subvert the country.
    It’s time we start kickin* some a$$ and pull the masks off these punks.

  81. DB says:

    In 1941 it was the Brown shirts of the NAZI’s that did this same thing. We all know how that brought the world to war. Lets look at who today was a part of that era, oh by golly it was George Soros who also even turned in his own family to the NAZI’s and made a fortune with them. We all know he owns Progressive Insurance, so if you have it you are also fundamentally supporting a NAZI influenced radical who was allowed to immigrate of the US, took an oath to defend and protect the USA and not unmine it. Well, how has that worked. In my mind, he has violated his naturalized citizenship oath so he should be arrested, his citizenship revoked and deported back to his home country, Hungary with his sons. Let Hungary deal with him. All these protests are being funded by George Soros. He is a plague on our way of life and society.

  82. Seth says:

    Antifa has already been declared as a Terrorist Group..i still dont know why they arent being put in prison indefinitely under the NDAA Patriot act.. i guess the govt wants a civil war..thats ok because im down for shooting these bastards!!!

    • Randy Lewis says:

      They are criminals and need to be treated as such. I wish they would put out an agenda so that some of us could greet them properly!

  83. Capn Jack says:

    Another threat? Try it and that list of ID’s and pictures will be released and you will have to be concerned about your safety 24/7.

  84. Helga Miller says:

    Show us who you are fascists! We can see that you are hateful cowards! You are not saving a Democracy, you are sabotaging all the good people who make this Country work! The wolves should be arrested and charged because the sheep are just stupid followers who got no lives of their own!

  85. John Riis-Christensen says:

    Antifa is a terrorist organization and they should be treated and handled as such. They need to be treated the same as Isis.

  86. Dave L. says:

    Tell me again who is destroying democracy ! Libtards are destroying America, if we don’t agree with your liberal ideals, you protest and burn and destroy.

  87. Lew says:

    If they confront this Republican, they will bleed.

  88. Antifa is an palestinian terrorist group who want to grab everything from US included the History They should get out officially

  89. Randall clark says:

    May GODS HAND be upon ANTIFA… REMOVE them from their EVIL WAYS, and that the KAVANAUGH FAMILY would be PROTECTED by the HAND OF GOD!! ANTIFA NEEDS TO BE TAKEN DOWN!! Those FAKES need to take off their masks, and reveal yourselves!! ALL OF YOU ARE GUTLESS AND PATHETIC!! GO BACK HOME AND SUCK ON YOUR TEESERS!!!

  90. Were the Hell is the FBI on this one. Out Drinking and having a party to a serine to the Muslim democrats that protect them as they do nothing for the country. The same as they worked with the democrats to have a school shot up because they all knew about it as well as the local Government

  91. Judith says:

    Freedom of Speech should be from the mouth and NOT physical actions. Burning looting destroying are acts
    NOT speech.

  92. ch says:

    Nothing but a bunch of punks who cover their faces. If you are so great, why don’t you want people to know who you are? I know, because you are wrong and are afraid others will do the same to you.

  93. Retired Marine says:

    Time for a little “Dungaree Liberty” on these leftist retards. If you don’t know what that is, ask a Vet or current Military member. This group of pukes would be done most Rikki Tick.

    • I’m a retired Marine also and I agree with you whole heartily. I would be my extreme pleasure to unscrew their heads and S*** down their neck. My thoughts are let them bring it on. They have never been in a real fight but I do believe this is what it is going to take to get their attention.

      Semper Fi

      • Retired Marine says:

        Damn straight. Put the bodies under the category of LESSONS LEARNED.
        Keep the faith My Brother.
        Semper Fi

        • Cowdoy Randy says:

          Fix Bayonets that will clear the streets fast they have no idea how to handle a trained Fighter Marine or Army I was Army in Vietnam but I would stand with ya in a Fight Marines Semper Fi

  94. Raymond Martucci says:

    It is typical of these cowards going after Republicans why don’t you face true Americans straight up without the police protecting your pansy asses. Antifa you are nothing but a weak little party from the democracts that needs a good beating. Why don’t you Antifa punks bring it to real fighters see what happens to you

  95. Bill says:

    Line up all those leftist radicals in a firing squad with rubber bullets and watch them dance and holler for a good reason.

    • Bandit says:

      Why use rubber bullets, just use the real thing and see them really dance, those antifa creatures are just things to put an end to so put do just that end the terrorism that they start.

    • John Gross says:

      forget the rubber bullets –use the real thing–play with fire and you get burned! kiss your a-s goodbye!

  96. Grizz Mann says:

    The old Democrat Community/Alinsky Organizers, KKK, OWS, Antifa, BLM, DNC, LGBTQ+ ,ISIS, etc., tactic of intimidation and hate on display. They never fail to maintain their image, do they?

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