Antifa just issued a terrifying threat to Border Patrol Agents and their families

The domestic terrorist group Antifa has made a name for itself by targeting conservatives.

They label everyone they don’t like as “fascist” and use that to justify their own violent actions.

Now, Antifa is putting Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers and their families in danger.

The Daily Caller reports:

An Antifa-linked Twitter account has taken doxxing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers one step further by publishing their home addresses Wednesday.

The names, pictures, spouses and home addresses of seven ICE employees in Oregon were originally tweeted by user @NAmirite, who identifies himself on Twitter as Nathaniel Amirite. The account was retweeted by the Pacific Northwest Antifascist Workers Collective and @PNWAWC on Twitter.

“It’s the public’s right to know the faces of the gestapo and who is creating, enforcing, and filling concentration camps in our name,” Amirite tweeted on Wednesday after he published the personal information of the employees.

Antifa members claim that their activism poses no threat anyone’s life.

So why are they publishing the home addresses of these officers? What good comes from giving this information to the public?

Regardless of where one stands on the border, it is fair to say that the spouses and children that live with these ICE agents are innocent, and do not deserve this unwarranted attention from radical leftists.

Antifa’s recent activities are alarming.

They have graduated from protesting conservative free speech events, desecrating statues and private property to endangering the lives of those they disagree with.

Ultimately Antifa is an organized criminal (and often violent) organization with a radical political agenda.

Law enforcement may need to get involved to put an end to their dangerous efforts.


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187 Responses

  1. Don says:

    Get the military after these terrorists and shoot on sight! They don’t deserve to live as they kill others who deserve to live! THIS GROUP OF ANTI-AMERICAN IDIOTS MUST BE STOPPED IMMEDIATELY!

  2. Robert Polans Lt. ret. says:

    They were afraid to face me alone against their entire cell, the same with a brother combat Marine in Tallahassee. I think we’ll take it out of their hands this time. As he says go for their souls if they have one.

    • M Tisdale says:

      Hey Robert Polans Lt. ret. Thank you and God bless for your service for our great Country and us. I am comforted knowing that all of you vets are out there ready to protect again should the need arise. I am concerned about the possibility.

    • BEverly says:

      Thank you for your service. At this time in our country, do we have to start arming our families and homes with guns to be safe. And then their is Dem. SWALELL(CA) says he is proposing the taking away of all guns. When asked what he would do if gun owners refused, he said “very boldly” we still have NUKES smiling. IS this the world we live in, where we have to protect our families from our government officials who threaten us? I guess the answer is “yes” according to Swalell.

  3. Don says:

    This bunch of brain-less hoodlums are a menace to society! THEY MUST BE STOPPED NOW BEFORE IT GETS WORSE!

    • Joseph says:

      Any of these people caught near a home of any agen should be arrested and jailed! Anyone that publically attacks one of these agents should be tried and convicted with the maximum penalties against them!

  4. It’s time to end Antifa. No more Mr. Niceguy. Get the job done, shut these folks down. They are a small group of extremist people who are enjoying great notoriety because we allow it.

  5. ccb says:

    They won’t show their cowardly face’s but want to show every one else’s face and family . Nothing but low life communist bastards.

  6. Marlo says:

    Antifa members should be arrested for being a terrorist group. They are nothing but a bunch of COWARDS who will not show their faces and hide behind rags just like ISIS!

  7. Larry Gaines says:

    Antifa is a terrorist organization. there is nothing peaceful about them . They create violence everywhere to go. They run around with their old western bandana covering their face. Their favorite tactic is to have 5 and even 10 to one odds in their favor. They are not big enough to face anybody one to one unless they are kids in 3rd grade. To bad it is illegal to shoot them on sight.

    • ccb says:

      They won’t show their cowardly face’s but want to show every one else’s face and family . Nothing but low life communist bastards.

  8. Jim says:

    This organization MUST be destroyed. Take into custody the leaders and raid the office’s of their Organization and check the books for illegal activity as well as the names etc. of it’s members and then publicly publish the names and addresses of it’s members etc.. Prosecute it’s members whenever and wherever you can.

  9. allanallen says:

    the difference between ISIS and ANFITA ? We shoot and kill ISIS and play pattycake with these damn ANFITA…we need to shoot and kill them as well

  10. Mikki says:

    Antifa members need to suffer some real consequences. Until they do they will not stop causing violence.

  11. madmemere says:

    Since antifa has already been classified a “domestic terrorist organization” I do believe that gives US permission to “shoot on sight”! If it doesn’t it should.

    • Susan says:

      They ought to classify the Democratic Party as a Terrorist organization since the attacks on all of the members of the Trump administration lately! Round them up and lock them up! Enough of this BS! The Right is finally fighting back and they can’t handle it!
      We could always bring in Bikers for Trump if we need to and clean up the riff raff like Antifa which are planning on harassment at the border!! Also bring in the National Guard Enough of this crap

      • James says:

        Time for locking them up is over. It is time to put them on a C-130 with a parachute and push them out over Iran or North Korea.

  12. wyomingman says:

    The next time they act in a threatening manner shoot a few of them and see what happens. Might be the beginning of the next Civil War but I think they are pushing towards this thru their actions. They have no right to threaten people that are doing their jobs and protecting our great country. Love it or leave it.

  13. Don says:

    Good comment tc, but they already are roaming the streets of Dearborn, Michigan and in a couple other places. They even shut down traffic streets in NYC and other major cities when it comes time to pray, at least 5 times a day. How is it that they can get away with that? Antifa is just another Muslim terrorist group filled with dead-minded American young people who are nothing but gullible persons who are swayed by anything that sounds like something that will benefit themselves, not America. I believe the military should be called down to the troubles border areas to give assistance to our Border Patrol.

  14. tc says:

    Exterminate antifa. Problem solved.

  15. Bill says:

    Make a prison camp and call it ANTIFA LAND arrest all of those anti-American idiots and now a threat to those who help provide security in America. Once in there camp under heavy guard spend 5 years and $10,000 each for damages they have caused in the past 2 years.

  16. Bill says:

    when they come screw the tear gas use live rounds and leave the body’s where the lay F**k-um

  17. Richard Nyberg says:

    ANTIFA is nothing but a terrorist group and should be treated as one and they should be shot on sight. They are using the same tactics that the Nazi brown shirts did in the late 30’s at the start of the Nazi Party. They are the Nazis of the Democratic party

  18. Jarhead says:

    We are being invaded. Our Military should be placed on our border to halt the invasion. And they can practice War Games by firing all automatic weapons/machine guns pointed South every 15 minutes………Liberals should be asked daily TSTFU……..
    We OWE the illegal immigrants NOTHING.

    • brenda says:

      I highly suggest since the democrates loves ANTIFA GANGS they should take them in to live with them in their big mansions!!!

    • True Believer says:

      I just love it when these bleeding hearts keeps talking about due process. Get this through your thick skulls, illegals DO NOT HAVE due process, that is for citizens only. An illegal has no rights under US law in our country. The only right you have is not to come here in the first place. Go back to one of the 22 consulates in Mexico and apply for asylum that is if you have a good reason which most don’t.


    • James Phillips says:

      I agree shoot ANTIFA on site like coyotes which they really are as there is more real American citizens with arms that will take them down than there is police and ICE agents so if they start it we will end it.

  20. john says:

    They are working hard to destroy America, they are a terrorist organization and should be treated as such!

    • Jyrine says:

      Antifa isn’t taking into account the huge number of regular citizens who would back ICE up. They may as well put a sock in it.

    • TooLateNow says:

      Peter Fonda (anybody got his address?) should be in a Russian Gulag after inciting antifa copycats to violence.

  21. Dave says:

    It must be time to post the names, addresses, telephone numbers, and pictures of all the members of ANTIFA. Then we say, “Let’s roll!”

    • Frances King says:

      in this case the exposing of names and addresses is a violent threat. The honest part of the FBI could at least do the same for Antifa as they did for Manafort. Jail and no bond after scaring the hell out of his family with an early morning raid on his home. Turnabout is fair play. He isnt a terrorist and Antifa is

    • Dee says:

      This needs to be done quickly.

  22. Steven says:

    We the people need the names and addresses of these disgusting punks. They are cowards that wear masks. If we could get their names and addresses then we could meet out justice

  23. Larry Moore says:

    This organization needs to be outlawed, along with several others and eliminated.

    • Jon Smith says:




    • Stan says:

      Would we let Isis or the Taliban roam the streets of Seatle or Boston??? NO, because they are a terrorist group, well so is the Antifa as they have harmed other people and damaged property, right?? LOCK THEM UP!!! Get them off the streets. Folks, we are in trouble as a nation, and all this unrest is NOT just about the border, its all about the hate for President Trump! He told us when he was running all about the “SWAMP”and all this dirty, hostile stuff going on now just proves what he said is TRUE! Hang in there Mr. President, and thank you for what you are doing!

      • BwaHa says:

        Stan, the city council, mayor and most, if not ALL of Seattle’s city guv’ment is not only allowing this cowardice to continue but they’re encouraging it! Seattle has become the armpit of the Pacific Northwest at least. I agree, we need to lock those antifa freaks up and charge them for what they are… domestic terrorists. It’s time to end this shat.

    • Doris says:

      They are outlaws! They are also getting away with it. Now is the time to throw George $oros and his Merry Band of Malicious Munchkins and BLM into jail to rot. These beings are turning our sovereign Republic into a gulag of terror, and the Money is coming from $oro$$$$.

  24. Jim says:

    I was under the impression that that was confidential information and the publishing of that information is unlawful. This POS that obtained and published that information needs to be arrested and put in prison! God help him is ANYONE from a ICE family is harmed because of this. Just the fact that he has informed people to harm the families of ICE Agents and published their addresses should be at the minimum simple assault. I never hide from my neighbors that I was a cop but I served in a different time when we were at least respected. If bad-guy found out my address he was ‘encouraged’ to forget it very strongly.

  25. allen blaine says:

    ANTIFA better be careful. We have the guns and we will use them to defend ourselves and all law enforcement. The left hates guns so they shouldn’t be armed. C’mon ANTIFA, lets dance. This is why the Hitler lefties want to take our guns away. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

  26. Jerry says:

    Antifa should be investigated and members put on terrorist list, before it gets completely aout of hand as did with M13.

    • brenda says:


    • Hydro says:

      I believe if you expose the money men paying for theses brainless sheep and hold them accountable for antifas actions – they will quickly go by the wayside. They haven’t got an honest thought between them and are easily led. Take the Kock Bros. and Soros’s in the world and hold them responsible for their flocks actions.

  27. ANTIFA is the militant arm of the DNC. They are violent thugs and enemies of the American people.

  28. Mott D Dorn says:

    Treat them like ISIS for that is what they are, TERRORIST!

  29. Gordon says:

    I saw a picture in an online paper last weekend about an Antifa demonstration against Christian holding a prayer rally in a Federal plaza (since when was Christianity fascist? Their true colors are shining through) turned violent in Portland, and several of the the male terrorists were wearing full-length black leather trench coats and jack boots. I instantly thought (looking at the picture before reading the article), “OMG, what are SS stormtroopers doing in 2018?” Seriously, who wouldn’t come to a similar conclusion? So, YES, they are domestic terrorists…they were shooting fireworks at police officers and throwing rocks and bottles. What I can’t quite grasp is do they understand that they are dressing like the SS–an elite, private Army who each pledged a blood oath to Adolph Hitler, while simultaneously accusing others of fascism? Is this some kind of dark amusement to them or are they really that stupid. I think they are really that stupid and indoctrinated. And dangerous.

    • cliff says:

      THAT is why I posted before, the time to be the “bigger person” and “turn the other cheek” is OVER.
      “police” have been ordered to “stand down”, and let them destroy this country, so, unless you want to DIE at the hands of these NAZI-WANNA-BE TERRORISTS, the time has come to defend yourselves, your families, AND your country.

  30. Sue Jackson says:

    Maybe it is time for the American citizens to assist our Border Agents by watching their back as they do the very dangerous work of protecting us from this Soros funded group of misfits. They are probably drugged out of their already simple little minds so it would be very easy to just kick them out of our way as we protect our agents.

  31. RD Baird says:

    They have sticks with black cloth…. I have guns with lead projectiles… Hmm Ok, sounds like a fair fight to me… bring it on. Let’s get this Civil War II started. The anti-gun group can help them out too…

  32. Deanne says:

    Why do people get away with the threats they make every day? Why aren’t they put in jail when they threaten the President, his wife, his kids, his grandkids? I don’t understand why the people like the actors/actresses can say the things they do and not get thrown in jail for harassment? What in the world has happened to our judicial system? You couldn’t say and do the things the liberals do now say 10 or even 5 years ago? Because these jerk Antifas threaten ICE and their families, we will probably see some get killed just like they decided policemen should be killed. Where is the sanctity of human life? We have republicans that are supposed to be conservatives voting like liberals because they are acting like babies not getting their way because who they wanted to be president didn’t get it. We have a president that is trying his hardest to do his best and even though I don’t agree with everything he does or how he responds, he is getting things done. I wish we could find the love for America that was so strong on 9/11. It is so sad!

    • M says:

      Great comment Deanne. What has happened is called liberalism . This mindset pansy attitude has allowed this Antifa group to rise up and terrorize. Liberalism was caused not only by Dems but RINO GOP as well and we must VOTE them ALL out. EVERYONE MUST VOTE CONSERVATIVE GOP (REPUBLICAN) IN NOVEMBER MIDTERMS. Check around and see who needs transportation to the voting places. SAVE OUR NATION AND CONSTITUTION, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE. NEVER BEEN MORE IMPORTANT!

      • Hydro says:

        Another reason for the mess were in comes from allowing liberal progressive teachers/professors to teach their ideals to our children. They basically spew their retiring unchallenged. It has created a group of snowflakes unable to think for themselves. Examples: many can’t add,subtract , multiply or divide without a calculator. Many believe the retiring Bernie Sanders was promoting – everything should be free – someone has to pay for the teachers and the books along with maintaining the campuses. He and many like him lay that cost on the tax paying American. We As parents have promoted this by not staying involved in our children’s lives.

  33. B. J. Lee says:

    I’m thinking I’d like to see all of Antifa members names and addresses listed.

  34. tc says:

    We the American Citizens, along with our police, and military need to put an end to antifa.

  35. Cactus Cleve says:

    Reverse their tactics back on them. They HATE that!

  36. God Bless & Protect America from obama says:

    These are ISIS antifa created, founded & funded by FAILED DISGRACE CORRUPT PATHOLOGICAL SERIAL LIAR OBAMA and all his corruptcrooked demonRATs.

  37. Legal Law Abiding Immigrant for Pres. Donald J. Trump says:

    Antifa are demonRATs supported by demonRATs party who are haters and wants to put down American Lives. We have already seen & observed so much. These are the biggest treat to the American People that demonRATs like crying corrupt pathological serial liar demonRATs schummer, Pelosi, Schiff who supports the illegal aliens & criminals rather than American Hardworker taxpayers. I AM A LEGAL LAW ABIDING IMMIGRANTS and wants America to rise again.
    FAILED CORRUPT DISGRACE, HATERS, LOSERS, PATHOLOGICAL SERIAL LIAR OBAMA PUT OUR COUNTRY ALMOST TO A BANKCRUPTCY DEBT FROM $8 TO $21 TRILLION DOLLARS, SOLD AMERICA TO IRAN, 20% AMERICAN URANIUM TO RUSSIA. NOW, OBAMA IS MUCH MORE RICHER THAN ROMNEY. THIS IS THE REASON WHY THIS demonRATs wants to be in power for personal enrichment. Just check ALL of the demonRATs personal finances. These is the reason why they want to get rid of Pres. Donald J. Trump, whose main goal is to MAKE AMERICA GREAT “AGAIN”. WAKE UP AMERICA FOR THE TRUTH. demonRATs will not protect US, American. demonRATs wants open border, lawless, abolish all the laws etc.

  38. Mary says:

    Black clothes masks cover their faces. Looks alot like cowardest terrorist probably paid to do and say what they. Do or will do. Yes they are destroyers of any thing peaceful. Reminds me of pics of isis terrorist. Wonder if they are paid for by Soros. We need to make sure are law enforcement officers and their families are able to protect them selves. We all need to show them our support.

  39. Jack says:

    RICO charges from the top to the bottom.

    • Kerry says:

      Better, shoot on sight. The moment any of them show up any where, they should be shot on sight. Be that at the border, or at the home of any ICE officer, they should be considered to be hostile, with the intent to do bodily harm to those they are approaching. The right to self defense should be the bottom line. For those they do not shoot, with intent to do mortal harm, I would advise hollow point, or better, frangible bullets, unmask them, and photograph them, and broadcast it everywhere. Their identity protection should be cancelled. By the very fact they are doing what they are involved in, makes them a national threat and should be responded to as such.

  40. Rodger Shull says:

    Time to take-em out to the DOUBLE KNUCKLE FREE LUNCH.

    • Michael O'Connor says:

      Why are we not arrested these people and shooting them. They are trying to create anarchy in our country and against our citizens. They do not deserve to live.

    • Kerry says:

      No, no punch outs. Shoot on sight. They show up, that should be seen as an automatic intent to do harm, if not to kill. That should be dealt with by lethal force. Those not shot, should be exposed, and their identities spread everywhere. Who they are, where they live, occupation if any, pictures sent out with all of the information available in the articles. They should be either dead, or so exposed that they dare not show their faces anywhere. The law makes allowances for self defense, it should be used.

      • Tom says:

        When did “shoot on sight” ever become self defense? Ask any good Cop, he will say, the minimum amount of necessary force is the Right amount of necessary force-. There are consequences to such deadly force, and such person will probably be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for manslaughter.

    • Jerry Lambert says:

      I am thinking sheet party for each and everyone, while it is going on expose their faces, photograph what happens and put it on soros website, they should be easy to find just advertise a large Christian gathErin and teach their sorass a lesson

  41. mousekiller says:

    Hello America, turn about is fair play. publish some of the leaders of antifa home address’ and phone numbers and Emails. Someone will get revenge. If they were a legitimate group they would not wear masks to hide their identity in public.

    • Ed says:

      This is Obama’s Army he told us he would have. Bigger than our Military within the confines of the United ls think this is going to be a Stalin and Hitler movement States. Don’t these Liberal Fools remember hearing this?

  42. Rich Kenny says:

    Organized crime should be met with organized crime prevention squads!!! they are endangering the lives of our law enforcement agencies…. they need to be met with billy clubs and hand-cuffs then charged with treason and dealt with accordingly. Find G. soros and charge him with financing these activities… and punish him as well…. take away his American citizenship and hie passport and incarcerate him or deport him to another country who despises him as much if not more than the U.S.of A. does. He deserves justice and the same as the justice he bestows upon all those with whom he has encounters. He is a snake which should be cut off at the head, and his stolen Billions returned to the people from whom he stole it, if not the actual persons… at least what remaining family can be found. ANTIFI MUST BE STOPPED!!!

  43. Beth Mulvihill says:

    Antifa pansies in tights! Make alot of threats and are cowards! They should be labled traitors and terrorists and sent to gitmo,but no they are allowed to walk around free on American soil to threaten anybody they want! This is libtards best weapon! Pansies in tights!

  44. zee says:

    1 0r 2 Patriot ‘mercenaries’ =
    WHERE R U. hmm. didn’t take much for JFK.

  45. Don says:

    Get the military down there to help protect our border patrol agents. I believe this terrorist group is an offshoot of one or more Muslim terrorist groups working even as I write this comment. Our borders must be closed to any kind of person who wants to come here as an illegal, or even as a legal and stir up trouble against any American or American group, including Republicans, Christians, Jews and any foreigner who came to this country legally seeking a new life. This group will continue to grow if something isn’t done to stop them.

    • Nancy says:

      Don’t mess around with these evil beings. If they come at the border guards and their families, shoot them on site, give the border guards machine guns, and grenades and mow them down. The majority of the Citizens who love America will applaud the Government for doing this. This kind of display of a terrorist group created by the last Muslim Regime should never be lawful in our country!

  46. Rich says:

    I keep waiting for them to run into the wrong guys, maybe a company of regular
    Army Rangers that are on pass and having a good time.

  47. M says:

    I am seeing comments from folks who are ready to shoot Antifa on sight. Now, they probably deserve it but please, before you start shooting or doing injury of any kind to them please pause and realize what this will mean to your life, your family, and your friends. You will be throwing your life away for a piece of crap that will be replaced by another piece of crap and paid for by Soros or some other piece of Dem crap. So if you are ever faced with having to make this decision please stop and think about what you.are about to do and that it could cost your life or your freedom. Instead of making a horrible mistake, let’s all start a campaign until the proper trained people hear us and stop these domestic terrorists.. These are people who want our Country to fall so, we don’t want to help them make us a lawless nation any more than it already is.. Bless you for for loving the USA.

    • GA says:

      Thanks for the cool head, wise advice.

      • Hydro says:

        But we don’t need to be bullied – we can meet these cowardly morons face to face with the weapon of their choice. If it’s clubs then so be it – using guns should only be if they chose that weapon. We need to pull their masks off and expose them to their families and friends who most likely don’t know they are involved with such vile behavior.

    • Reb says:

      That’s OK until one of these asswipe moron ‘s tried to do me or my fam harm,then it “me or them” !! Guess who’s going to lose !!!

      • M says:

        Hey REB, That is a whole different story and is called self defense and it’s game on. We must protect our self and family.

      • Nancy says:

        I AGREE, cool heads don’t save good lives when you have savages coming at you with killing on their minds. I am a Christian, I love America, I love our military, and I put God, Country and Family before all else, I am 72 years old, and if you didn’t thing this has been tried, think again. Savages don’t give a rat’s red patootie about words when all they have is killing on their minds and will do it without blinking an eye.

        • Fred says:

          I’m afraid I must disagree with you milady! Cool heads are exactly what is needed in this situation. Going off half cocked will most certainly get innocents injured or killed when as they say, stuff hits the fan, whereas cool heads can do the least amount of collateral damage while ” takin’ care of bizness”!

          • Wildmann says:

            Spray ’em with DM [Sickening Gas]! Hard to fight with your pants fulla Krap, and you’re puking your guts uot!

    • Cliff says:

      That is a “nice” comment, but remember, If they shoot to KILL YOU FIRST, you won’t have a “chance” to “turn the other cheek” and be the “bigger” person.You will be DEAD… The people you refer to that are already “trained” to take care of the “problem”, have already been ORDERED to “stand down” . These ANIMALS are allowed to do what even the hell they want, and attack anybody they want, without any interference from “law enforcement”so if the Law-abiding citizens don’t start fighting back, to defend THEMSELVES and their families, who in the HELL is going to step up?? Certainly not “law enforcement”. They are already Neutered.

      • M says:

        Hey Cliff, I think you were being sarcastic with the “nice” comment reference about my words. If you would re-read my comment you will see that I was in no way advising anyone to turn the other cheek if some idiot is coming at them with a weapon. That would be a stupid tactic for anyone to do with a terrorist or any other criminal type coming at you with a gun, knife or other weapons and, stupid I am not. I would use self defense in heartbeat if needed. I don’t know where you live but law enforcement where I live would take them out in a heartbeat. What I want is for the decent people in America to band together and stay after the govt. until they do something before a war with domestic terrorists and the citizens is started when Antifa kills some folks. They should have already been stopped and it is a political thing that they have not. There is so much bad stuff going on in the Country that everyone, I believe, is hoping this Antifa thing will die a natural death, but it is not going to. The GOP and Dems are wanting to focus on the midterm elections and not be sidetracked with this. Also, the GOP is going to have to stop worrying about bad press when the Dem libs raise cane as we are making a situation better. This crazy bunch has gone too far threatening border agents and families and now is the time for the govt. to do whatever it takes to put an end to them terrorizing the public. My comments were trying to prevent some good folks from ruining or losing their life by shooting on sight and not to try to reason with a terrorist bent on killing them. I obviously failed to make you understand my comment. Maybe next time. 🙂

        • cliff says:

          I live in COMMUNIST N.Y. State where our “governor” that thinks he is a KING and would let these animals do what ever they want, I was referring to the scenes I have seen on live TV where there are “law enforcement” standing watching as property is destroyed, people are attacked with fists, rocks and bottles are thrown and NOTHING is done.
          Arrests were SUPPOSEDLY made, but not one of these animal were charged. They are allowed to do what they want. It will only be a matter of time before someone is killed and THAT is what DEMOCOMMUNISTS WANT.
          They will finally have THEIR police “swoop in and “save” the country from these animals, (but not hurt them of course) and everyone will THEN want DEMOCOMMUNISTS (their “saviors”) in power again, which will be the downfall of this country. This is all a “political ploy”.

          • M says:

            Hey Cliff, I understand why you are angry and feel you cannot depend on the govt. You do have a tough situation in NY with the majority being liberal. As to the law enforcement being ordered in some cities to stand down,, In almost every situation I have heard officials state that they will never do that again. Americans ALWAYS think people are basically good and they won’t do terrible things, not in their city. WELL, NOT!!! They quickly found what will happen when a mob of angry terrorists come to town. So, in most places there will be a different story in the future. You are correct about it being political, or I agree with you. Sad but, so many many of the bad things are politically based. Cliff, You have a good weekend. Blessings.

          • True Believer says:

            Cliff, the same thing happened down here in Florida at the Parkland school, where the police stood down and let Cruz shoot up the place. What was even more alarming, is that the authorities knew all about Cruz 3 months before the shooting but because of an executive order by Obama nothing happened. He didn’t want any of the authorities to arrest young people because their records would hurt them in the future. He should know that Idiot but he hid all of his. Hmmm, I wonder if one can seal records of their youth?

      • JW says:

        Cliff is correct. The police were ordered to stand down in Charlottesville VA and allow the white supremacists rally get out of hand. Antifa had free reign to incite and exasperate the fighting to point of people dieing. When law enforcement was allowed to engage it was way too late. This is exactly what the libtards wanted.

    • hmm says:

      >APPEASEMENT___ Has it Ever Accomplished Anything???
      > We Are INTO ‘brass tacks ‘now.

    • Joseph Pizzi says:

      We,who took the oath, took the oath that never ends. Semper Fi

    • Fred says:

      Fabulous idea, but, like most sensible ideas, the “properly trained people” will be kept from their duties by incompetent and corrupt public officials !

      • Paul Nam67 says:

        Properly trained are not local police but military. We pledged to defend our country from global and Domestic threat and there is no experation date at all.

  48. Bill says:

    Shoot them on sigfht

    • Joe E Williams says:

      Enough is enough we need to start outing these antifa thugs. If you see one of these people, a loosely used term, do what you can to find out thier name and lets do all we can to get thier name and address published. You see one of these masked criminals pull off thier mask and take a picture of thier face. Lets quit being the victims. Lets turn the tables on these bastards and then we will find out how many get fired from thier jobs just like employers are quick to fire people on the other side. Fight back people. Lets quit being patsies and lets make a stand.

    • Nancy says:

      I agree, they are EVIL, Good overcomes EVIL. They are Satan’s Army, you think they are going to listen to us?

  49. Ernesto Sanchez says:


    • Reb says:

      I like your idea However this gang is living proof of how much the FBI and DOJ have been corupted !! Why is Sessions not acting ??

      • Fred says:

        Because he is another incompetent Trump appointee!!

        • Hydro says:

          Please keep your Democrats concepts to those that share your thoughts. As a Republican I’m very happy with what Trump has accomplished. Some of Trump’s choices just go to proving he is not a politician. He is learning quickly how corrupt the Swamp dark state really is. He needs help in nullifying the obstructionist actions by placing men and women in our government that will govern for the American people no matter which party one is affiliated with.

  50. missourisam says:

    Antifa members are targeting law enforcement officers. In my opinion there needs to be an open season on antifa members. If a citizen kills one of them, their ammo should be replaced and tey should get a coupon for a free meal. Right now these law breakers, antifa, are being protected so they can continue to break the law and be a threat to law enforcement officer’s family. It is time to take the fight to them and see how they like it.

  51. Timothy Toroian says:

    Real smart people. It takes intelligence to threaten people who can legally carry firearms virtually anywhere in the country. I still think a bounty on black face masks is a good idea. these are clowns who need force met with force, semi-automatic force.

    • Matthew G. Zatkalik says:

      ‘It takes intelligence to threaten people who can legally carry firearms virtually anywhere in the country.’ How does your comment address this: “The names, pictures, spouses and home addresses of seven ICE employees in Oregon were originally tweeted …” Are you suggesting the officers stay home to guard the household and house? Or to arm the spouses? A bounty for vigilantes? Where does “force met with force” fit into the picture?

  52. Rico says:

    How will they react when the National Guard turns them around and sends them running for cover?

  53. Cynthy says:

    They should be designated a terrorist group and citizens should be allowed to shoot on sight. I’m tired and thorough pissed at what the democrats have become and what they are supporting. And as for Soros, he should have his citizenship revoked and shipped out on the first plane available and to keep his progeny out of this country his descendents should be shipped out also. Then the judiciary should grow a set and prosecute and CONFICT the traitors, obama, killary, slick willy, Kerry, Brennan, lynch, jarret and the others participating in the “deep state”. Plus this November drain the swamp once and for all!!

  54. Bob Suyak says:

    Antita = related to the democratic party. Shows the low character of democrats.

  55. Thomas Brickner says:

    When a few of them get shot, clubbed, stabbed, beaten within an inch of their lives they will change their tune real quick, right now they think they are playing the heros but when the real truth hits them it will be a different story.

  56. Marlon says:

    Time to relieve the public of these “Domestic Terrorists”……… Wake up America call on Congress……
    This is why we need the 2 amendment and militia………

  57. renny says:

    I will bet Obama is behind all of this as well as Sorros . Follw the money and top punk and gorernmet officials and go up the ladder all crimes lead straight to the Obama White House

  58. I like Mike’s idea, they want to make threats on our people maybe we should return the favor and place their address on the internet and let our people return the favor. I would not be shocked if they find that Soro is responsible for the financing the group and if it turns out to be true the US should freeze his assets in the US and find him and throw his ass it jail for a very long time.

  59. Pete Dosado says:

    These Antifa terrorists are really brave against unarmed students and conservative speakers, but they will find real terror when they try violence against an armed and trained Border Patrol Agent protecting his family and acting in self defense by sending volleys of bullets towards these loudmouth Antifa!

    • D W says:

      If just ONE of them would shoot any agent or his family member or create anything that would harm any of them, Trump should send the Marines after every one of them and wipe them out completely. I know, that will never happen but it should come close.

      • Trump should hunt them down now and try them for treason and hang them all. This is just another hatefilled UN AMERICAN arm of the Obams/Clinton/Soros/Pelosi Socailist NWO. They have no idea of what they are doing. They are just paid for gangs being used a simple paws, and hiding behind their NAZI/Muslim headdress as a bunch of pussies they are. They should be out getting an education, so thay can have a future as there is no future in what they are doing now. Show your faces you wimps.

    • Wildmann says:

      Antifas ARE the Fascists Like Hitler’s Brown Shirts!

  60. Berengaria says:

    The Putrid Son of George Soros was photographed at the Berkeley Fracas earlier, so this Terror Group
    Must Be Funded by Soros. If ANTIFA consisted of disgruntled American Conservatives, the FBI would have organized the biggest Manhunt in America. No Rock Unturned, until ANTIFA was destroyed. I sighted the FBI because their Dirty Fingers seem to be involved in both Foreign & Domestic Terror. Soros funded the Terror Groups, BLM & now, ANTIFA, but FBI remains Dormant!

  61. truckman says:

    why are these people still allowed to use twitter accounts twitter by there own rules are supposed to delete and close these type of accounts

  62. Daniel Mc Knight says:

    Terrorists should be dealt with as “terrorists” regardless of citizenship………you do the crime, you do the time, very simple just enforce the freaking existing laws. These A-holes are just another valid reason for birth control.

  63. Allen Cruce says:

    ANTIFA, The Klan, Mozlem Jihadis; different groups of Assholes with the same foul breath. The Klan hides under tightey-whitey robes, Mozlem Jihadis hide under red or black checkered tablecloths, ANTIFA under black hooded sweatshirts and bandanas. All Terror Organizations, All a threat to Civilized Societies. The only tangible difference, Funding. The Klan, not certain who funds them. ANTIFA – Funded by George Soros and the Liberal Democrats. Jihadis, funded through drug sales, theft, Obama, Iran, Assad, Saudi Arabia, etc.

  64. Margaret Heller says:

    Why are these criminals allowed to get away with these threats to men, and women of ICE upholding the law? Thr Antifa participants in Berkley were arrested but not convicted, even after the destruction they caused during their “protest.”. We are approaching anarchy. WE MUST STOP THEM NOW! When they show up, the National Guard should be there, too, assisting the police to control the “protest.”

    • Ron says:

      They want anarchy! Anarchy is the surest way to collapse society. Once society is collapsed these anarchist can build their own society on the rubble.

  65. zebra dun says:

    The new Red Guard and Brown shirts rolled in one. Buy a gun for your family teach them to use it, Double tap.

  66. Chastran says:

    If law enforcement authorities do not come down hard on these masked creeps, then American patriots will. It won’t be pretty when they’re annihilated, but sure as hell will be effective…

  67. Jan13 says:

    Should be easy to find, aren’t they from that liberal cesspool called Berkeley?
    Wasn’t it about a year or so ago, Antifa tried their crap in a Southern state and had their asses kicked? Haven’t heard of them trying that again.

  68. Michael Van Volkenburg says:

    I have something for any antifa that screws with me , my wife or our little dog. Its called steel!

  69. Shelba J. Holmes says:

    I hope law enforcement everywhere has a zero tolerance for this crowd of terroist.

  70. George E. KIump says:

    Kenneth Jones: AMEN!

  71. Thomas says:

    They need to be hunted down and eliminated along with their leader George Soros. Terroristic threats is a major crime.

  72. Kenneth Jones says:

    There is no significant difference between Antifa and the Klan, except that they advocate a lot more violence, and now, murder. Every member who can be identified by law enforcement should be arrested and charged with sedition, and should be held without bail until they’re tried in a court of law. If they’re convicted, they should receive the maximum sentence allowed by law, and with no credit for time served. And no parole!

  73. Daniel Mount says:

    ANTIFA fags do not scare anyone. They are a bunch of crybabies that did not get their own way so they throw a tantrum and beat up old women and little girls. But they all need to watch out for who they mess with.

  74. Lila says:

    COWARDS, they say people should know who the agents are but they cover themselves up so no one can see them. The need to be arrested as nothing good is going to come of this with so many crazy people around, EXTREMELY DANGEROUS FOR THESE FAMILIES with whom the agents are doing their job & trying to rid those who break our laws.

    • Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve says:

      give every agent an AR-15 and ten thousand rounds of ammo, then after thousands of them are lying in the streets, pull the masks off and I.D. them and then bury them in a mass grave without a marker.

      • Kenneth Jones says:

        I say pile them in the middle of a field and burn them!

      • M says:

        WOW Flomorton, That will discourage them, unless they are too stupid to understand. I can hardly believe that us honest, hardworking, God fearing American citizens have been pushed to the point that folks are ready to arm up and fight in our streets. Somebody had better do something to get things under control and tempers soothed before it is too late. Do you hear me screaming for help POTUS, Congress, Mad Dog Mattis/military. Do something about Antifa before it’s too late because it will be too big for law enforcement to handle.

  75. If Antifa shows up at the border, arrest them. They belong in jail for making treats. If Soros is still funding them arrest him as a traitor.

    • Michael Snyder says:

      Traitor? Hell this Soros been a traitor toward the whole world. He needs to be hanged or shot dead. He is a coward for funding antifa. Antifa leader needs life in prison if not dead yet.

  76. Bob Higginbotham says:

    When I was in school we would say (paraphrase) the worst and lowest of the low were lower than whale droppings. The Antifa is that in addition to being the biggest cowards in the western hemisphere. Anyone that has to wear masks and only acts if they have a distinct numerical advantage or are hidden (like the ISIS) when they make their threats are definitely lower than whale sh*t.

    • Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve says:

      Set them up with about 100 former Navy Seals dressed as old folks with MAGA hats on. Watch and cheer the good guys destroy the bad guys. NEXT??

  77. allan allen says:

    the FBI is useless, the AG same, Judges lame, time for VIGILANTES
    or Military Tribunals…..

  78. Johnny says:

    Instead of patriot groups asking for money which is a cowards way of handling the problem how about forming up maliitas and bring violence and death to the scumbags ANTFA they’re cowards who attack innocent people at Trump rally’s show some backbone I’m willing to organize a group in my town patriots around America Need to do the same plenty of former veterans to lead these groups,Seeing how our government doesn’t have the guts to solve this problem Of violence against our people

  79. Old Pioneer says:

    Any one with half a brain knows that Antifa is nothing more then a bunch of losers who refuse to show their wussified, chicken Sh*T faces by wearing masks. They are undoubtedly funded by Globalist George “Nazi” Soros who should be arrested for Treason and Sedition with all his assets seized and used to build the southern border wall while “Nazi” Soros rots in Guantanamo!!!

  80. Helga Miller says:

    Antigua are the real terrorists and they need to be squashed and we don’t care if any of them end up dead in the process. So many of our Best have paid with their lives so you can exercise your undeserved First Amendment rights. You are nothing but POS and common thugs and this Country does not need the likes of you!

  81. True Believer says:

    I read somewhere they were being financed by both Soros and thru the new Obama foundation OFA and he is running it out of DC I forget now how many offices they have US wide. Just think folks we really are funding it because they don’t pay any taxes. I am totally against foundations and trusts that are totally there for political reasons to be tax free.

    • Cliff says:

      True Believer,
      Probably not the “wisest” thing to do..(attack an ARMED officer) that is unless you want a fast-track to hell with a BULLET HOLE between your eyes. The time is long overdue to stop pandering to these terrorists and start taking them OUT. Don’t expect “law enforcement” to do anything, they are told to “stand down” because of “PC RULES”. Lock and load.. get it done.

  82. Francis says:

    Where is the great FBI/DOJ. Running to the hills do what they are paid for or activate the military they will get the job done. FBI to busy they will run for cover citizens need to be protected

  83. Russ says:

    It is time for this bs to stop. Time for these bastards to get a wake up call.
    A late night visit with a few shots to the head.

    • Zap says:

      ANTIFA if a terrorist group. Just like ISIS in Iraq and Syria, they need to be shot on sight. I you are unlucky enough to capture them, it’s Quantanamo

  84. M says:

    I think 99% of these thug terrorists cover their faces because if they let it be known who they are the following would be revealed, they have outstanding arrest warrents, they are illegals, they have committed crimes, they are people working for the people financing this “terrorist mob”, and, etc. I believe the powers that be could stop Antifa and any other groups doing the same or similar unlawful acts. Lord knows there is enough video proving what the group has done, while they are doing it. The entire group could be charged as accessory after the fact. If they are locked up they would start talking and we could find out who, what, where, when, and where their financing comes from.

    • Richard McClure says:

      I read a piece a few a couple of months back that most of these people are the Children of Rich Affluent Liberals who have nothing better to do in their spare time but cause Trouble. One of the Professor’s that was leading AntiFa at last years Hi Profile Incident claimed he pointed his AR-15 at the driver of the car BEFORE he gunned the engine and ended up Killing the Girl. This Professor hasn’t been charged with any crime. This is why they think their Unstoppable a lot of them need to be Hospitalized and charged for crimes than convicted but this isn’t going to Happen because they’re committing their crimes in Liberal controlled states .

  85. Wills says:

    These morons need to be labeled “Terrorists” and treated accordingly. No tolerance.

  86. Joanna says:

    This group looks exactly what are a terrorists group … Why the covered faces?!? …….. This group definitely needs to be investigate!!!! come on Sessions put your sleuthing hat on!!!!

    • christine says:

      It “may” be time for law enforcement to get involved. I would say it is past time for them to get involved in investigating Antifa
      and making arrests and public identifications of Antifa members.
      Time to take their masks off which may intimidate some these bullying cowards into changing their attitudes.

  87. Lance Lucius says:

    This is a group of cowards, so ugly they must hide their faces behind masks. They really are only cowardly demoncrats that will run in the face of true opposition. They are now terrorists. We can kill terrorists.

    • Joanna says:

      Remember they have to have a LEADER!!!! Who is doing the funding ?!?!??

    • Ken says:

      ANTIFA is another enforcement arm of the Democrat liberal communists, exactly the same as their other creation, the KKK. Cowards through and through. Liberal communists ARE NOT AMERICANS and should be rooted out and deported or jailed as terrorists. ALL OF THEM, ALONG WITH THOSE POLITICIANS WHO AID THEM.

  88. Mike says:

    They are a terrorist group that needs to be dealt with! But then we would have to have an AG and politicians with enough balls to do something about them!
    Maybe someone should post their names online and let patriots take care of them and their families.

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