Antifa just issued a terrifying threat to Border Patrol Agents and their families

The domestic terrorist group Antifa has made a name for itself by targeting conservatives.

They label everyone they don’t like as “fascist” and use that to justify their own violent actions.

Now, Antifa is putting Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers and their families in danger.

The Daily Caller reports:

An Antifa-linked Twitter account has taken doxxing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers one step further by publishing their home addresses Wednesday.

The names, pictures, spouses and home addresses of seven ICE employees in Oregon were originally tweeted by user @NAmirite, who identifies himself on Twitter as Nathaniel Amirite. The account was retweeted by the Pacific Northwest Antifascist Workers Collective and @PNWAWC on Twitter.

“It’s the public’s right to know the faces of the gestapo and who is creating, enforcing, and filling concentration camps in our name,” Amirite tweeted on Wednesday after he published the personal information of the employees.

Antifa members claim that their activism poses no threat anyone’s life.

So why are they publishing the home addresses of these officers? What good comes from giving this information to the public?

Regardless of where one stands on the border, it is fair to say that the spouses and children that live with these ICE agents are innocent, and do not deserve this unwarranted attention from radical leftists.

Antifa’s recent activities are alarming.

They have graduated from protesting conservative free speech events, desecrating statues and private property to endangering the lives of those they disagree with.

Ultimately Antifa is an organized criminal (and often violent) organization with a radical political agenda.

Law enforcement may need to get involved to put an end to their dangerous efforts.

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189 Responses

  1. Steven Cohn says:

    Why are Antifa threat posts not censored and deleted when positive Trump (mostly trueful) are?

  2. Claudio Cifoni says:


  3. Don says:

    Get the military after these terrorists and shoot on sight! They don’t deserve to live as they kill others who deserve to live! THIS GROUP OF ANTI-AMERICAN IDIOTS MUST BE STOPPED IMMEDIATELY!

  4. BEverly says:

    Thank you for your service. At this time in our country, do we have to start arming our families and homes with guns to be safe. And then their is Dem. SWALELL(CA) says he is proposing the taking away of all guns. When asked what he would do if gun owners refused, he said “very boldly” we still have NUKES smiling. IS this the world we live in, where we have to protect our families from our government officials who threaten us? I guess the answer is “yes” according to Swalell.

  5. noah Jonas says:

    I agree. They should all be rounded up and sent to Gitmo, forever, along with any politician who claims to be a Progressive Democrat.

  6. M Tisdale says:

    Hey Robert Polans Lt. ret. Thank you and God bless for your service for our great Country and us. I am comforted knowing that all of you vets are out there ready to protect again should the need arise. I am concerned about the possibility.

  7. Robert Polans Lt. ret. says:

    Ooora, they don’t have to show their faces, they are listed on the internet.

  8. Robert Polans Lt. ret. says:

    They were afraid to face me alone against their entire cell, the same with a brother combat Marine in Tallahassee. I think we’ll take it out of their hands this time. As he says go for their souls if they have one.

  9. Don says:

    Right on, Joseph!

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