This anti-Trump Senator just screwed the pooch with this move

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake has carried the torch for anti-Trump RINO’s in Washington, D.C.

After publishing a book bashing President Trump and seeing his poll numbers crater, he threw in the towel and announced he wouldn’t seek re-election.

But his latest move was his ultimate betrayal of grassroots conservatives.

Flake tweeted out a picture of a $100 check he cut to Democrat candidate Doug Jones, despite the fact that Jones has taken a hardline pro-abortion stance.

On the check’s memo, Flake included the phrase “Country over Party.”

After President Trump nominated then-Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, it opened up his seat for a special election.

The conservative grassroots rejected Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s hand-picked replacement in the Republican primary, Luther Strange.

But polling for the December 12 special has become tight as allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced against Judge Roy Moore.

This week President Trump officially endorsed Moore for his pro-life stance and his commitment to vote for tax cuts.

Since the 2016 campaign, Flake has tried to rake President Trump over the coals.

Flake couldn’t help himself but to take one more potshot at President Trump as he tries to stay relevant.

It’s even been rumored that he’s considering a presidential bid – perhaps running as a third party candidate.

When asked by the media (he has had many appearances on MSNBC) Flake hasn’t ruled out that possibility.

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6 Responses

  1. Alma says:

    Jeff Flake, Please just go away, far, far away, and take Hillary, Obama and all of the other baby-murdering traitors with you. Every one of you are a disgrace to humanity.

  2. James Kirksey says:

    I live in Alabama. Hopefully both Senator Jones and Senator Flake will soon be gone from our government. Jones was only elected after an unproven, untrue attack on Judge Roy Moore. This was much the same process as Justice Kavanaough experienced at the hands of Democrat activist. Justice Clarance Thomas also had the same experience, years ago. When activist throw big bucks to build a false case against a candidate, the voters are abused.

  3. Walter F. Scott says:

    Susan says it all

  4. Walter F. Scott says:

    Susan says it all…
    you go girl..

  5. Henry C Beam, Jr says:

    He couldn’t win dog catcher!

  6. SUSAN DANI says:

    well Flake, you DO HAVE A GOOD LAST NAME, it Shouts who and WHAT you are….a Total Flake…and WE, the AMERICAN CITIZENS do NOT want you anywhere

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