Anti-Trump “reporter” is in deep trouble for sending a tweet about assassination

Jemele Hill kept her job at ESPN despite attacking President Trump and calling him a white supremacist.

ESPN eventually cut ties with her because no one watched her shows.

But now she sent one tweet that put the Secret Service on high alert.

Leftwing news site, The Atlantic, hired Jemele Hill last fall to cover “issues related to sports, race, politics, and culture.”

After President Trump’s State of the Union Address, Hill sent a tweet that alluded to assassinating the President.

In a now-deleted tweet, Hill wrote: “GETCHO HAND OUT MY POCKET.”

This was a reference to the assassination of Malcolm X. A man in the crowd reportedly yelled those words to distract Malcolm X’s bodyguards leaving him vulnerable to attack.

That’s when Malcolm X was shot.

Hill claimed her tweet was just a joke, but her past statements about the President reveal her true feelings.

The Washington Examiner reports:

The Secret Service has been informed of a tweet about President Trump by former ESPN personality Jemele Hill that referenced Malcolm X’s assassination.

“While the Secret Service is aware of the subject’s comments, we cannot confirm or comment on the absence or existence of specific investigations. We can say, however, the Secret Service investigates all threats related to our protectees,” the agency told the Washington Examiner via email.

The White House did not immediately respond to the Washington Examiner’s request for comment.

Hill, who now works for the Atlantic, made the allusion to the minister and activist’s violent death in 1965 in reply to another Twitter user. That user had joked that liberal firebrand Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., should have shouted, “Whose mans is this?” during Tuesday night’s State of the Union address. That phrase, in popular culture, has come to denote a boring person.

“Nah, she gotta yell: GETCHO HAND OUT MY POCKET,” Hill responded in a since-deleted tweet.

Jemele Hill later tweeted that she was not implying that the President be assassinated.

After receiving more backlash, she deleted the tweet and issued a forced apology.

It’s no secret that Jemele Hill hates President Trump and wishes him ill.

Hill knew exactly what she was doing.

She tweeted a joke about assassinating the President and it blew up in her face.

If a conservative reporter had tweeted implying that President Barack Obama should’ve been assassinated during office, they would lose their job.


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97 Responses

  1. JAMES f BARRY says:

    If Trump is a gentleman he’d have a heart attack and spirits all the embarrassment of his resignation but trumps no gentleman like the third Mrs Trump is no lady

  2. JOYCE SULLENS says:

    JEMELE HILL Should be fired. Secret Service should check her out.

    • Slidenglide says:

      If she had been on an airplane and had she said she was going to blowup the plane, she would be arrested for domestic terriorest. I don’t see a difference with what she said. She should be arrested!

      • Lisa Glabere says:

        In my book she should be arrested for treason, isn’t that what it is when you in affect threaten the life of a President? There are quite a few others that should be arrested for treason, like the Hollywood celebrities who who have said that someone should shoot the President.

  3. Don says:

    Well, this type of trash gets away with their criminal behavior because the have no true justice system in this country anymore. The justice department is just as criminal and complicit in all of the crimes of the deep state. Start putting THEM in jail for their treason and get some adults in place. Then we can address these idiots properly.

    • Donna M. says:

      True. Think back to the 2012 election. Did anyone really believe charges would be brought against the Black Panther group for their voter intimidation crap in Chicago and other big cities in the US. Of course not since it only helped not hurt the sitting President get re-elected. Same thing with Clinton and her private server. Comey wrote the report before he even started the investigation. The left is so scared Trump is putting conservatives in the highest legal positions because then they can’t get their agenda against the freedom of the average law abiding American. It is fine for them to put radical left wingers in high positions but not even one conservative is going to be appointed without first trying to ruin their reputable names. We have to stand up and start demanding to be heard just as loud as they are.

  4. n. wilson oliver says:

    Individuals like this are where they are not because of outstanding qualities but because they have been given a pass, i.e., black privilege, ostensibly to adjust for past injustices.

    Many of these individuals have migrated successfully into the middle class and above and are contributing to a just society and receiving their just rewards.

    On the other hand, there are those who have played the “affirmative action” card to get elevated placement, and held critics off because of their shibboleth “racism” which they use as a cudgel against just criticism. The majority of whites have bent over backwards to avoid being tarnished with the smear no matter how undeserved the accusation might be.

    Well, suggesting assassination is a matter rising to the level of terrorist threat and this bitch better be stripped of her cloak of immunity and CHARGED to the extent of the law.

    The drivel of racism as an accusation belies the facts that Blacks suffer from their own far more than from the imagined slights of other races–They kill each other, terrorize their communities and disparage those who seek to not follow suit, improve, or escape. They, not others, are the reason why they languish and no amount of “affirmative action” can make up for their sub-culture that values “street creds” of violence, bling and showy excess rather than wise spending, and adoration of abuse and disrespect of their own women.

    So long as they are given a free pass, this society will grow farther apart and sink farther towards the cesspools that distinguish failed cultures.

  5. marleen davis says:

    If you can’t or won’t prosecute her, sic Roseanne on her ass! Go Roseanne, get this witch!

  6. Tom says:

    throw her ass in jail for treasonus remarks

  7. Elwin H Page says:

    What in the name of simple common sense, makes people like Hill, and Betty the evil way they are? No other president int he history of this great country, has done more to better the world, then president Trump.

  8. James says:

    Tis funny that this ‘Lady”, and I use the term loosely, can get up and say this kind of thing, and because she is “MEDIA” person, she is not held responsible for making a statement such as this. I you or I made a statement such as this the troops would be at our door with guns and stuff. Yet, because she is of the “MEDIA” nothing happens. When are these people going to be held accountable

  9. Ernst says:

    Jemele Hill is an incompetent bimbo trying to gain notoriety by outrageous actions. In that she has been successful. Aside from that she exhibits no creativity, humanity, or integrity. Mostly, she should continue to be ignored – not paid for her stupid, evil actions.

  10. Rafael says:

    Russia sponsored Investigations against Trump.
    They want to weakness of USA.

  11. james harrison says:

    This woman should be put n jail. if id said that the cops would have been at my house in five minutes to arrest me. But her and all these celebrities that says assassinate or hang him and rape his wife. and these people are still walking around that shows you the FBI. and Secret Services are just as corrupt as the Democrats

  12. Banshee803 says:

    How do you like this terminal cancer as the result of the “Obama Legacy?” We , as a nation, never had this degree of internal turmoil until the assassinations of the Brothers Kennedy and Martin Luther King in the early and mid 60’s by the Globalist conspiracy of the Illuminati, Bilderbergers and the scurrilous U.N. which SHOULD be defunded and thrown out of this country. We should pay only our fair share and nothing else and, I as a Vietnam Vet who fought to preserve all now being attacked on every level by the pure MARXIST left run by Schumer and Pelosi as the heirs apparent of Obama since even the attempted RIGGING of the 2016 election was a failure as they all are!I had a degree in government WHEN I served under a black Brigadier General commander, Franklin B. Davidson in the 199th Light Infantry Brigade in 1968 at the height of that year’s infamous Tet Offensive in the capacity of personal assistant to and protection for MOH awardee for valor CHAPLAIN, Charles Angelo Liteky. I met Martin Luther King on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in 1965 as a college Sophomore and “Freedom Rider,” from Winooski, VT to Selma AL. Both General Davidson and Dr. King were black and unifiers; whereas Obama was and remains A PROGENITOR OF RACISM , WAR ON LAW ENFORCEMENT AND DIVISIVENESS. Ms. Hill and Kathy Griffin and all like them SHOULD be held responsible and accountable for their actions as as should EVERY political leader in both forever be damned parties who serve no one and nothing but themselves in self-aggrandizing schemes to enhance personal wealth and political ambition as well as party agendas.; ALWAYS AT THE EXPENSE OF WE, THE PEOPLE! We need to fumigate and then sanitize OUR HOUSES of these swamp slime career parasites and the only difference between Hill , Griffin and those in Congress in those parties is that the Congressionals are elected and the others are not! Now , the left wants universal voter registration OVER THE INTERNET, which we CANNOT allow or we lose control of our own destiny when it is taken from us by those whose first act on this soil is to violate our laws! Those pushing such sedition and HIGH TREASON on American Citizens whose COUNTRY this is and whose taxes support our most corrupt Government SHOULD be impeached, NEVER TRUMP; and punished to the fullest extent of the Constitutional law they so despise , disdain and IGNORE or, twist to fit their Communist, New World Order Agendas as what they in fact are; THE ENEMY WITHIN! All one need do to see the TRUTH is look at it with eyes open but most haven’t the courage to do so for fear of retribution. That is NOT the American Way, nor should it be!

    • Patsy K. Miller says:

      “Banshee803”: WOW!!! POWERFULLY STATED….AND SOOO RIGHT!! AMEN and AMEN….I LOVE to hear TRUTH STATED from a sound mind and good judgment, with the backbone and courage to speak the TRUTH!! GOD BLESS YOU!! And MANY, MANY THANKS for all that you contributed to our Country through your service!!

    • Bud Grounds says:

      Banshee 803: First, I would like to say thank you for all you went through in Vietnam. I know what you encountered as I was there in 1968 and my brother in law was in the 196th Light Infantry Brigade. I have been harping about the same issues you spoke about regarding Soros and the Bilderberg Group and his quest for a New World Order (NWO). Many still do not know that the European Economic Union is his experiment for it. The United Nations clearly voiced favor of it a few years ago and Joe Biden let it slip that the Obama Administration did as well. The good thing is both have made no progress toward achieving it and in fact flailing now.
      The American citizens were aware that Hillary would carry on the desires of George Soros and old George is sending all his organizations out now to sow dissent against this President but he is again making a mistake in getting radicals elected to Congress as the citizens will wreak havoc on his Party in 2020.

    • Don says:

      Hoo Raw finally someone shares the correct views ,the same as me , YOU GOT IT RIGHT , Thanks for your service !!!!

  13. Rick says:

    Jemele Hill should be put in jail. Someone like this can trigger some democrat nut to be famous….

  14. dlmstl says:

    Where’s Oprah? After watching that over-ripe Georgia peach ,Stacy Abrams, give the Dem response and then seeing this J Hill dumpling, I’d say the O has two prime candidates for her Weight Watcher’s challenge. Still waiting for the female, AA ‘royalty’ to chime in with their opinion, on what Lt Gov Fairfax did to a couple sista’s. Or as the Right Reverand Wright would say……’He’s riding dirty’!!!!

  15. Terry Wilson says:

    Send her to Levanworth prison

  16. John says:

    They Secret Service should raid her house 5am…20 or so armed to the hilt federal agents full tact gear and flash bangs the full premium service with Fox News there on a hunch to record it all.

  17. JD says:

    she should be in GTMO

  18. Ridingalone says:

    Hey everyone, we all know the left-wingers can get away with anything they say,especially when they are a minority. Remember she did apologize, we conservatives are so dumb that non of us can see and interpret what they say. Most likely nothing will happen to her, even though her penalty should be a heavy fine, loss of her job and a felony charge for threating that can never be removed from her record. Obama and Clinton should have been in front of a firing-squad for what they did. What makes us think she will get anything!

  19. John Decker says:

    I just posted a comment that someone should do to Maxine Waters what she told us should be done to Trump and it vanished. Double standard much?

    • Louise says:

      I have noticed too that you can’t say anything about Obama , Hillary Clinton or any of the evil Democrats. George Soros owns everything. Facebook is the same way. I deleted my Facebook and Messenger. I wish everyone would delete Facebook.

  20. Hardy Spires says:

    What has President Trump done to these people to elicit such hatred? The left has become a bunch of wild dogs that attack because they can, not because they are hungry. They kill and slaughter because they are wild dogs, not because of the necessity.

    • Richard R. Pope says:

      He can’t be bought by the communists aka democrats. They had hitlery in their back pocket. She had been bought and paid for by george soros and the other communist billionaires. President Trump is honest and a Patriot. He puts America first. hitlery puts the communists first. This is WWIII and we had better win it.
      America: Love it or Leave it!
      GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  21. Johnny Patriot says:

    And isn’t she just plain butt ugly!

  22. Czerny says:

    Illiterate black female dog can’t even speak proper English.

  23. Dianna says:

    why isn’t she in jail for threatening President of United States? everyone is supposed to be equal & this “person” seems to be she’s “special”! she should be put in cell all by herself, feed bread & water, no communication with outside world & let her think about what she supposedly believes! God bless America & God bless President Trump!

  24. Joe Masefield says:

    What does the Secret Service being on high alert mean? Have they arrested Jemele Hill, questioned her, put her on their most dangerous list? Or is she just another of the long list of mentally disturbed murderous liberals who can say whatever they want about President Trump, including holding up is cut-off head, and continue to be the darlings of the Totalitarian insane Democrats!

  25. Rickey Caldwell says:

    She’s black so she can’t be racist! I’m not understanding why she has a problem with Trump. A lot of the Baby killing trashy liberals said he was a racist and all of that rhetoric but the proofs in results. One, Obama continued the Uncle Tom actions for Negros by keeping the reduced standards for military entry, college entry and state and federal job of 10% required placement of minority’s. So that to me is racist saying they can’t compete the same to qualify. I saw Trump had taken some of that away for college so I’m proud that we are in the land that is trying a little equality, not just lying about all of it in its glorious hypocrisy. As far a Jemele, who knows. Her hate for Trump May be her actual hate for her white father.

    • Sheron says:

      Never heard any racism from the president, that’s Trump, not O Bumma .I Love how they can get away with it. Talk about racism. Whoa.

    • Dana says:

      She definitely is a racist! She should be fired a long time ago! Maybe even in the jail, because she is a criminal!

    • Lisa says:

      I think that most not all African Americans are the ones who are racist. It’s too bad that we can’t all just get along and live in peace. They say that the white people blame most crime in the Blacks,and cannot see that that is because it is a majority of Blacks who are committing the crimes. That’s not say that other races don’t commit crimes, but if you live in all Black community then of course it’s going to be mostly Blacks committing the crimes. Or an all white or all Hispanic community ,it would be the whites or the Hispanics committing the crimes!

  26. Steveur says:

    Slammer time for the Fool! Notice how the left when they give out their sick irrational comments, they have a tendency to wrap themselves in the Flag, God and Country, all of who they hate. They burn and crap on our Flag, the desecrate the very God in our lives we worship and they hate the very Constitution that keeps them from going to Jail. because it defends even Morons like Jemsmelly Hill and her follower, Vacant Brain Betty .

  27. don says:

    LOL screening my comment well that is normal be ssay any thing bad about the democraps

    • John says:

      Pretty sad….everything (TV media, social media, learning institutions and more) has become a petri dish of alt-left liberalism or worse…its catalyst.

  28. don says:

    think it is time for Freedom of the Press to be re-looked at . It is being abused under the 1st amendment as free speech way to much
    the White House press corp should be eliminated done away with they are rude offensive
    why can any demcrap say ANY thing they want about our President when if one challenged Obama on anything you were a racist

  29. John says:

    Why is she not in custody? Why isn’t the secret service doing their job? If I made a statement like that they would be on my like stink on Adam Shiff

  30. Larry says:

    Why isn’t she in jail she made threats against the president and should be in jail no excuses enough is enough what’s fair for one is fair for all. LOCK HER UP. If not it’s racist plain and simple

    • Ric says:

      The old double standard remains rock solid in America. Indeed, she should be indicted and tried for advocating, threatening the assassination of Trump. We all know the answer, like most Leftist-Fascist, the laws of the Republic do not affect here. She and her hate-mongering like are enabled by the equally radicalized leftist authorities and the judiciary. The fact, she is a minority adds more weight to a non-indictment.

  31. Larry says:

    She should be locked up

  32. Texas Belle says:

    Oh, don’t you know, blacks can’t be racists; only whites. The atmosphere in this country is so poisoned by the Liberals that I don’t think we can ever recover civility, honesty, virtue, or just plain good manners. When people like her are allowed to be on TV with their uncivil comments it gives free rein to those like BLM who think they can physically attack those with whom they disagree politically. Or decline to serve food in a restaurant to those of opposite political leanings. How is that different from refusing blacks like what occurred in the past in this country. I thought we had gone past the racial and divisive actions but it seems the Leftists have taken it to a new level.

  33. Tony Bell says:

    Freedom of speech is a cherished right, when people hide behind it while issuing death threats and false witness, then we have a problem. The abuse of our free speech right needs to be dealt with swiftly and with severe penalties. Stand up for what is right and just. I we don’t, who will?

    • Cliff says:

      Making assassination threats against a sitting President is NOT “free speech”. This hag should get the same treatment as Roger stone..Haul her ass out in the middle of the night complete with camera crews on scene to “record” the whole event. Until this DEMOCOMMUNIST “double standard” of “justice” is halted, expect more to come…Stay tuned..

  34. Rick Barry says:

    Not only should she be fired but she should go to JAIL for Conspirering to kiss the President of the United States, as she should no matter who is President !!!

    • CC says:

      That’s just what would have happened!! but, now…the “media” is in bed with the leftists, the progressives!

    • Charles says:

      50 years ago this idiot would have been in jail already to threatening a US President . What has happen since then that you can getaway with threatening a US President ? like holding the make believe severed head of a US President that one comedian thought was so funny .

  35. Ricci Anderson says:

    I believe most Americans would be taken into custody right away and questioned.
    Shes racist and hates Trump and should be considered a threat!

  36. Paulette says:

    She should have already been arrested. Stop talking and get results. These reporters are out of control. Until this is DONE we continue with the saga

  37. manuel govea says:

    All this hate is getting out of control I wonder what would happen to her if she made that comment in a communist country like China she would immediately be arrested. This has to stop she should be arrested now……

  38. Harold says:

    There isn’t much you can say about these ‘people ‘ that most of who are rational human being s don’t already know, she is just a dumb N————!

  39. SickOfLibs says:

    It’s way past time for this racist b*tch to be arrested and thrown in prison for her blatant threats against the president! She is one of the biggest racist morons in the lamestream media and the Deep State protects her, no matter what she does!

  40. Babbo says:

    The virulent racist Jemele should be fired and never hired at any station or channnel. She is full of hate and anger and has no business on television. A freshman broadcast or communications major would be far better than she.

  41. Gary says:

    When did it not become a federal offence to makes death threats against the president? Anybody who does this should be arrested and serve jail time.

  42. Katee says:

    Just start doing something about this now, it’s time to make an example of someone, anyone, this is so ridiculous and out of hand!

  43. Richard McClure says:

    Now think about it ? If a White Person had used that Phrase while Obama was in Office ? They would been Arrested Jailed had a Trial and put in Prison for life in under 24 Hours!!!!!!

    • Archer says:


      • BigJoe says:

        You’re not a racist if you speak the truth. People that don’t want to admit the truth will call you a racist because they’re too scared to say what they think.

  44. Rodney says:

    The more this behavior is allowed, the more apt it is to become the norm. I would never endorse any actions to stifle the 1st A, but there is FREE speech, then there is reckless, dangerous speech (fire in a crowded theater). If these attempts to stretch the bounds is not stopped, we will see incitement to violence commonplace.

  45. Dewey says:

    Throw her ass in Jail.
    She must be smoking the same brand of Camel Sh— that AOC and the two Congretional Congresswoman smoke. Their is no way she should not be arrest!

  46. Joe Feeney says:

    Why isn’t the Secret Service investigating this?

  47. Leslie Smith says:

    The mob mentality continues to escalate within the DEMONRAT party and the
    MSM who simply try to outdo each other being outrageous. Not for a minute woiuld ANY of these people who make these horrible threats find it acceptable if the person being targeted was someone they loved or respected!!

    Stop rewarding these no-talent “reporters” with our attention!!!

  48. sheldon Nadler says:

    Arrest her fat, ugly, black ass!

  49. Stephen S says:

    All of these liberal morons who get jammed up have claimed that their stupid comments were a “joke”. Who was it who said in the weeks leading up to the 2016 election “words have consequences”? Oh yes, it was Hillary Clinton. Well it’s past time that loud mouthed Libtards learned the consequences of their words. It’s also past time for The Secret Service to step up and make an example out of somebody’s “joke”.

  50. Richard R. Pope says:

    jh is a communist aka democrat traitor and should go to GITMO for the rest of her miserable life along with the other 30+ million commie traitors. High Treason during Wartime is a Capital Offense.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

    • Grace says:

      I like your thinking Richard — if these unhappy people don’t like the President of the country, I suggest that they go live in Venezuela. Oh by the way, take Pelosi and Schummer with you.

      • Richard R. Pope says:

        I appreciate your support. I include np, ew, cs, aoc, and the others of their ilk including brackkie the muslim and hitlery the killer in this list of commie traitors.
        . . . . I am a retired Auto Technician that is living on Social Security Disability. I also served in the AF but my disability is not service connected. I am trying to raise the money for me to be able to move back to Texas. I was born there. I am concerned that I may not be able to survive another Wisconsin winter. Here is the link to my GoFundMe page. Please help me out.
        America: Love it or Leave it!
        GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

    • Gary Von Neida says:

      Liberalism is a mental disorder;but, that should not make Them immune from prosecution.

  51. Terry L Earl says:

    If we never saw or heard from this POS again it would be a blessing!!!!

    • Betty says:

      Correction, terry, if Americans from the West Coast to the East Coast Never Saw or Heard from that Oval Office Brain Dead Blond Orangutan Ape, that White House WORTHLESS WORM & His Equally WORTHLESS White House WHORE, that is what truly will be GOD’s Blessing on this country

      • Joan says:

        Your lack of class and your ignorance are showing very nicely. I suspect you know little about God and His blessings.

      • Don Dellmann says:

        Betty, it’s people like you who have NO CLASS whatsoever that are destroying this country. You and your democrat friends make me glad I’m getting old and don’t have to live much longer in the cesspool that YOU have created.

      • Steveur says:

        Too bad your mommy did not have an inside to Planned Parenthood, you are more than disgusting you rabid fool. You no class insult to humanity, you should be the poster child for the Ignorance of the Fetid Left , that you so aptly represent.

      • BigJoe says:

        Please have your family notify us when you die. It’s always good to know there’s one less asshole in the world.

      • Louise says:

        I have noticed too that you can’t say anything about Obama , Hillary Clinton or any of the evil Democrats. George Soros owns everything. Facebook is the same way. I deleted my Facebook and Messenger. I wish everyone would delete Facebook. You need to be arrested you are full of crap!

      • Louise says:

        Betty , if I were President i would put you in a crate and ship you to the Middle East. You are a slimeball! Useless piece of nothing you are ! Your grand children have no one to be proud of!

  52. Dave Miedema says:

    Jemele Hill is one of the most obvious Trump-haters in the liberal media, and an unrepentant racist. She should be fired, at the least, and the Secret Service should pay her a visit and read her the riot act.

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