Anti-Trump FBI agent is about to pull the worst stunt ever

FBI agent Peter Strzok is a key player in the Deep State conspiracy to bring down Donald Trump.

Strzok held lead positions in the investigations into Hillary Clinton’s email server and Trump-Russia collusion.

And now Strzok is about to pull the worst stunt ever.

Congressional Republicans have been clamoring for Strzok to testify into front of Congress ever since Inspector General Michael Horowitz revealed the true extent of Strzok’s bias.

Strzok – who signed off on starting the Russia investigation – told his lover, FBI agent Lisa Page, in a text message that they would “stop” Trump from running.

This confirmed every Trump supporter’s worst fear.

Top FBI officials were committed to using their positions of power to rig the election against Donald Trump.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte announced he was subpoenaing Strzok to testify publically, but the rogue FBI agent stunned Americans when his lawyer announced he may ignore the subpoena.

The Daily Caller reports:

Embattled FBI agent Peter Strzok may ignore a subpoena demanding his testimony before Congress July 10, his lawyer said Tuesday.

“My client will testify soon, somewhere, sometime. We just got this subpoena today, so I don’t know whether or not we are going to be testifying next Tuesday in front of these two particular House subcommittees,” Aitan Goelman, the attorney for Strzok, told CNN’s Chris Cuomo Tuesday.

The House Judiciary and House Oversight and Government Reform Committees subpoenaed Strzok on Tuesday to testify at a joint hearing hosted by the committees on July 10.

Strzok has claimed his text messages were innocent banter among friends.

But ducking Congressional testimony will only fuel speculation that he has something awful to hide.


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133 Responses

  1. Jim says:

    I write posts and you don’t post them. They are based on the truth., but it is obvious the truth scares you or you are trying to hide it, or you are afraid of the Deep State and what it might do to you if you published what I wrote. I will not waste my time here anymore, seeing how you are censoring everything that is written before posting it. What I wrote was intended to move Patriots to take action to save our democracy and our nation. You obviously do not care and do not possess the courage real Patriots have. This is why our country is in so much trouble. So sad, because the Truth is what will set us all free.

    • M Tisdale says:


  2. Ernie Mondragon says:

    President Trump was elected to drain the swamp and that’s exactly what he’s doing. After we put in more republicans in congress in November he will have the power he needs to finally clean up these agencies that have been corrupt for decades. We have to get out and vote for more republicans everywhere like our life depends on it. We must encourage even our liberal friends to help out. I think this is do or die in November. I am convinced we will have a giant red tsunami and the swamp creatures will be exposed to dry dirt. If you think President Trump is busy now watch when Americans give him full power!
    2019 will be the year of the complete draining of the swamp.
    Slimy creatures will be popping out by the dozens!! By the hundreds!!
    If you are in awe of our great American president now, watch out when he finally has full power! It will finally be the greatest cleansing of corruption in Washington ever!
    God is blessing our country!

  3. Yadja says:

    Well if anyone can pull a stunt it is this guy, he is arrogant, sure of himself and knows he can say and do anything with out fearing any problems.

    • Shell says:

      If he and all those who have been removed from their offices still have “clearance” they still have access to the classified info from their old jobs. ANYTIME a PERSON IS REMOVED, or THERE MAYBE A REASON FOR REMOVAL THEY SHOULD HAVE THEIR “CLEARANCE” TAKEN AWAY….PERIOD! That is Loretta Lynch, Comey, Hillary, Strzok, Page, ad infinitum!

  4. trapperwv1 says:

    While all the attention is diverted to these players and the congressional investigation, who is watching to be sure files and recordings of events yet to be uncovered are not being destroyed as we speak.

  5. Talk about TAKING AWAY our RIGHT to have HONEST presidential elections or ANY “honest” elections to that matter….!!! I am convinced that THIS was also done in 2008 and 2012 and I will NEVER STOP saying that Obozo was NOT, NEVER elected, it was ALL total, utter FRAUD and the MEMBERS of that ” PARTY of FRAUD” (NON-democrats) need to go to PRISON, ALL of THEM including Soros who was and STILL is the BANK ACCOUNT for these CRIMINALS…..!!!! THIS is ALL “COMMUNISM” PURE, this is HOW “DICTATORS” are being “elected” through CORRUPTION, NOT PEOPLE VOTES……..!!!!

    • Jose Cuervo says:

      Yes yes yes… its great to see someone as emotional as me.

    • Gunny1951 says:

      Hi Angelika- to me the scariest part is that their voter fraud schemes almost worked again. If DJT has not been elected by a major electoral college win we still would not be aware at all of the depth the election extended. The deep state cannot allow any of these players to testify truthfully or their entire house of cards will tumble- and that is exactly what this country needs to happen if we are to endure ac a country. One card at a time or all at once, makes no difference to me but it needs to be toppled and that is what President Trump and more than just a few true conservative members of Congress are trying very hard to accomplish.

    • Robert Casper says:

      I agree, but the real issue is We The People need to get out and vote at every election and we need to be very savvy in how to vote. There are many so called conservatives that need to be voted out and new ones voted in. We can only accomplish during the primary season. People need to stay focused with a commitment to get the job done. If we are serious then we need to understand we need a super majority in the Senate and a majority in the House. We also need to keep each and everyone of them accountable. No one can have favorites. Each one of our representatives need to toe the line. If they do not they are gone. We also need to keep voting recorders of each candidate and during election seasons we need to make them available for everyone to see. They also need to hold sessions where they tell us where they stand. If they go off topic they are gone. This is why our government is missing the market because we are not keeping them in check. The message of trust and verify goes for everyone we elect. And we do a lousy job of this so we can only blame ourselves. If we can get control of this, then we will never have to worry about a left wing liberal managing our country again. So now you know what the job is!!! DO YOURS and out country will be in good hands!!!!

  6. B Taylor says:

    I am puzzled! I always believed the President was charge of the executive branch under our Constitution. If the President is indeed the chief executive why has he not fired all the top corrupt officials at the FBI and fired the useless AG from Alabama. Jeffy has not even been seen for weeks, is he still alive! In my opinion the FBI has always been corrupt from the days of J. Edger Hoover. Then along came WACO and 80 plus women and children had to die while the FBI was trying to arrest one man. I have considered The FBI after the WACO deal to be on par with Hitler’s SS, same for the ATF. Every time one of the FBI and ATF die is a good day in the neighborhood.

    • Marian says:


  7. Proud vet says:

    First off no government agent is above the law and secondly if he listens to his lawyer Congress should not worry about the subpoena but they should go and arrest him and the lawyer put them in prison for a minimum of 10 years that’s for the lawyer and life for Mr. Strzok! That’s the message I sent back in a heartbeat

    • Scott says:

      Hang them both

      • Gunny1951 says:

        H*^l Scott- the whole bunch is treasonous! Saw a comment here somewhere about enough rope to reach from earth to the moon and back not being enough to take care of all that are really involved. Pretty sure that would be the truth. We’d lose a bunch of forest getting enough wood for that many gallows. I’ll kick in the nails!

  8. von Potter says:

    FBI, CIA, DOJ, have been corrupt since WWII…………After reading what they did at that time convinced me that they never do anything to help the USA, but do plenty to help themselves………

    • Gunny1951 says:

      vonPotter- maybe just a little more digging is in order here. The alphabet agencies you listed have been corrupt since their very beginnings. All of them were built upon the business of keeping the population in the dark concerning the activities of our government. ALL of them. They were given authority and powers that would be able to circumvent the three branches of our TRUE government with little to no oversight or accountability. Nothing has changed except for the public’s awareness of this when the corruption reached the point of attempting control over who decided the Highest office of the Land

      • Gunny1951 says:

        As long as we had people in charge who truly believed in the Constitution and their oaths there were few problems. Now there are many who do not take their oaths seriously-why should they, they don’t believe in God or morals-obviously as evidenced by their personal lives- and all of the oaths only apply to someone who does trust and believe in God Almighty.

    • Thomas Mitchell says:

      You think John Edgar Hoover was an honest “G” man, Ha!

      Seems they have always pulled strings.

      Disband the FBI!

    • David Taylor says:

      Certain FBI agents have proven beyond a reasonable doubt they are willing to do anything necessary to bring down a president.
      I remember a POTUS being “brought down” and a VPOTUS (about to be dumped from the ticket) moved into the POTUS office. Sorta adds credibility to the conspiracy theory that LBJ was behind the assasination of JFK and in ’64 the assasinatkion of RFK.

      • Gunny1951 says:

        It also lends credence to the distinct possibility that he had the assistance of another of the “alphabet agencies” in doing so. This is also becoming more believable as more and more documents pertaining to those assassinations are being declassified and pored over by all of us. The deep state runs very, very deep. We may never truly know for certain just how deep it actually runs. We have to keep digging though if we wish to endure as a country.

  9. It is simple, just throw the a…. in prison for contempt and forget where you put him+_)(*&^%$#@

  10. He is as guilty as sin, do not forget he was one of Obama’s cronies, so subpoena obama to testify also. NO one is above the LAW

    • Gunny1951 says:

      Totally true-no one is above the law. Regardless of their political status. We have to hold these investigators to the highest standards of the law, and not hold still for the frivolous garbage they’ve tossed out so far. Keep the letters to your Congressional representatives flowing. Flood their desks with letters written without the type of emotional garbage the left is guilty of. Leave the name calling and childish comments to the imbeciles on the left as it just reinforces our view of them. We are moral and right in our views and need to relate that to our leaders without the craziness that the left would love for us to embrace.

  11. Alan says:

    We really should be building scaffolds at the Washington Navy Yard, as they did for the Lincoln assassination conspirators. I have some nails and hammers. Anyone got Rope ?

    • Ed says:

      I agree. These are the worse type of criminals any Country could have. The Communist Manual of Stlin must be their personal guide book. Communism use to be outlawed in America until the Democrats gain power back in the 60’s.

      • Ed says:

        Stalin Guide Book.

      • Gunny1951 says:

        Well I know fir s fact that I saw and kept a copy of a photograph of Miss Rodham proudly holding a copy of that red book manifest while she attended a meeting of the Communist Party of America before she switched to Young Democrats and before she became Mrs. B. Clinton. It was/is enough evidence for me to understand how she operates. Clear as a window pane to me. The weaponization of the alphabet agencies by political candidates is straight out of S. Alinsky’s books. And straight from Stalin,Lenin, and Marxist manifestos. This year may be our last chance to stop them in their tracks. Please write your Congressmen/women, and make sure to remind all of your like-minded friends, family, and acquaintances to go and vote in November.

    • jason says:

      You got that right. They us e to hand Traitors.

    • Proud vet says:

      I think you would get enough rope they would go to the moon, it would probably take that much to hang all the corruption in the agencies that were created on the surface for we the people but really were created to protect the Eliets From We the people

  12. Kara Wright says:

    If and when the FBI wants to redeem themselves they can get Peter to talk before the people who pay his salary or if he will not, take him to the front and kick he out and leave him with no pension or benefits cause he is a THIEF and a LIAR and just as Crooked as Comey and Hillary. There is a place for everyone as we all know and they are such loyal representatives of the Devil that place is HELL and if there is justice for all that is where they will end up. No more books or speaking for pay as no one will want to remember them. Please everyone support the GOOD people in the world. As the Bad are making us look like fools.

    • You are so right. There seems to be no way president Trump will ever be allowed to work in peace. The entire Gestapo Mueller plan was begun trying to rectify all the lies and corruption committed by the corrupt democrats. Trumps is plagued with the black death caused by the evil democrats. Just look at the satsn drone Obsma hanging around Washington doing his dirt. He will never be in out political system again. Patriot Americsnd will see to that. Those committees should be close now. I hate to see the picture of the 2 Gestapo agents on the news Gestapo head Murller and the head of security Himmler identical to those 2 demogods

  13. Marlo says:

    Bring him to Congress to testify — in handcuffs if necessary — like the inept criminal that he is. Lawman my butt!!!!!!

    • Wynette says:

      He’ll just plead the 5th anyway. But I believe there should be enough evidence that a Grand Jury can be called, and if found he colluded with others in the FBI and DOJ to exonerate Hillary, and smear President Trump with a false investigation into Trump for collusion with Russia, then try him for Obstruction of Justice and for Treason.

  14. N says:

    Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi’s party at work here!Don’t forget the RINOs(Ryan, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp, Pres Trump!

  15. If Strzok ignores the subpoena he should go directly to jail, for life.

  16. M says:

    I hear the frustration in your words and I feel your pain. As “hoakie” as that may sound, it best describes. We have not gotten any of these criminal lowlife dirty rotten scuzballs behind bars at this point but, until we do there is a very value tool we have been provided. They are exposed and their treasonous behavior is out in the light of day for all the world to know. On a daily basis more Americans are coming to understand the leftwing nuts really tried to destroy POTUS and committed crimes in doing so. POTUS has not lost support he is gaining more support as he goes about his work MAGA. I understand Dems are leaving their party to join us. You would never know it from the noise and attacks from the leftwing. If you believed them they are destroying President Trump on an hourly basis. They are very noisy and even violent with their lies and propaganda. But deplorables, do not believe them! NOW, THE REAL BENEFIT WE HAVE AT THIS POINT IS ADDED SUPPORT TO USE IN THE VOTING PROCESS. IT HAS NEVER BEEN SO IMPORTANT AND EVERY VOTE COUNTS SO, GET OUT AND VOTE CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN. INCREASE OUR MAJORITY AND SAVE OUR COUNTRY. GOD BLESS PATRIOTS.

  17. Gunny1951 says:

    All this talk about ignoring the subpeaona and going to jail or solitary like Manafort. I’d love to see everyone of these traitors under the dang jail! But it ain’t gonna happen for ignoring a Congressional subpeaona- not that the Congress wouldn’t love to imprison him or anyone else that ignores their subpeaona. They just do not have powers of arrest. Their subpeaona hold no legal weight! Quite unfortunately. That’s why Comey was able to dodge their subpeaona with impunity, why the Clinton illegal email server team is not in prison after they ignored the congressional subpeaona. Mansfield was subpeaona’d to appear before a federal court judge- those guys do have arrest powers! In fact I’m their courtroom they are GOD! Contempt of court- automatic conviction, sentence, and jail. Not so with Congress. I wish it were like the courts but it’s not. If he refuses to honor subpeaona the Congress has to refer the case to DOJ, who then must decide whether to prosecute or not, gather evidence, do a year long investigation, hire dozens of lawyers…… when it comes to Congressional subpeaonas anyone in the country would be better off, safer even, to just ignore it rather than sit through hours if being grilled by Congressmen and then found guilty of perjury because they were off by a minute or two about when they met with someone.
    Don’t get me wrong-the slime ball belongs in jail, it just ain’t gonna happen for ignoring a Congressional subpeaona.

    • jonathan says:

      a few weeks in a super max prison for their safety from the rest of the deep state will correct the keep quiet and lie mantra of the democrat farleft

  18. Marlene says:

    None of these people will face any justice, especially Strzok. He is part of the swamp and can’t be touched because he knows where the bodies are buried. He probably has enough dirt on all involved to blackmail the judges and anyone involved in charging him. If he has dirt on Hillary I predict a convient ” suicide or accident” in his future.

  19. COMMUNISM at it’s FINEST…DON’T, by any means necessary, let the PEOPLE vote/make the decision WHO will be President, nowadays it’s the crooked FBI and other SCUM BAGS who will make the decision FOR the PEOPLE……!!! SO THEY “THOUGHT”…..!!!!

  20. Jim says:

    People need to understand that prior to this, an FBI agent was privileged to ALL kinds of information not generally passed around. Sort of like going to a large party and listening to all the grips and BS passed around amongst friends. Some toxic, some lies, some innuendo. This guy and his friends have lived in the highest level of “superiority” in the nation and he probably knows who slept with who, how paid who, and who shot peter Rabbit. With his democratic leaning (bought and paid for) you can be sure that they don’t want him getting the treatment given by Mueller, but administered b y Ted G.

  21. mrp says:

    Wouldn’t believe a word out of the mouth of Strzok. After years of lying to his wife about his concubine, he has become an accomplished liar and could compete with Bill Clinton for the biggest liar. First he offers to testify before Congress and now that he gets subpoenaed, he’s trying to weasel out of it. He and McCabe and Page and Mueller and Weissman (king of prosecutorial misconduct) and Lynch and Rosenstein are disgraces to our country and should be brought to justice. Rosenstein got scorched before Congress by Jim Jordan so he resorts to what he does best–goes after his accuser with a 20-year old false claim. I believe Jordan and also believe he is being falsely accused in retaliation for going after Rosenstein the Rat.

  22. zee says:

    Also, Mueller et al Are Destroying the Integrity
    of USA Justice Dept. Running amuk & laughing
    re it. The Violation of P.Mannafort to Solitary
    Confinement could ‘trickle down ‘ to Anyone !!!
    ( No Murder, No Drug Cartel, No Running Arms
    No Treason etc &
    Mannafort in SC??? ) & Strzok et al ARE Free?

  23. zee says:

    IGNORE SUBPOENA ??? Well then,
    Perhaps Solitary Confinement as
    P. Mannafort. (of whom did not Ignore

  24. mike6080 says:

    ignore the subpoena and go to jail , stop f n around with these criminals . People have had enough and are really ready to end all of this

    • Bumba says:

      Where do we sign up and join the WeThePeople to take our country back?

    • Gunny1951 says:

      Mike6080- while I agree with you 110%, it’s a Congressional subpeaona we’re talking about! People don’t get arrested or sent to jail for ignoring one. They just get to go on book tours around the country and fly to the UK to spew a whole lot of anti-American crap. Both J Comey and Shrillary’s IT fellow just blew off their Congressional subpeaonas and neither one has spent so much as a single minute in jail as yet for that. DOJ won’t arrest him for that – he has too much dirt on all of them- AG, same thing- who does that leave to do the deed? Congress can’t, they don’t have powers of arrest. That only leaves a federal court, and Strzok probably has access to dirt on those justices also. Most likely he’ll skate just like the rest of the dirt bags at the top of this s**t pile.

    • YES WE ARE Mike.

    • brenda says:


  25. Joe says:

    Why isn’t this lying puke, Strzok in jail?

    • Gunny1951 says:

      Hey Joe- reason he’s not in jail is because the FBI will not charge one of their own with a crime they helped him commit!! It’s the problem of having a fox in charge of hen house. This is the biggest debacle since TeaPot Dome, and we have to continue to pressure the the party in power to do the right and just thing and that is to see that every one of these criminal bastards is behind bars!!
      Semper Fi, carry on

  26. Mary Jo says:

    I just thank the lord that Jeb Bush isn’t our president. Trump has given the USA a reason to fight for our country.

  27. Mike H says:

    This was Obamas democratic corruption from top to bottom.I don’t think regular Democrats know how much corruption they caused this country.

    • Gunny1951 says:

      “But ducking Congressional testimony will only fuel speculation that he has something awful to hide.”
      Yes, ma’m, however there is no need for speculation, we know he has something awful to hide- it’s called acts of treason and it was committed by the previous administration at multiple levels including the highest and involving extremely large numbers of bureaucratic appointees from at least three previous presidential administrations.

    • With the HELP of Hillary as Secretary of State, she HELPED a lot with the THOUGHT of being the NEXT POS in the White House…….!!!!

  28. Carol Lusby says:

    Maybe Congress ought to have a 4 AM raid on his home to make sure none of his computers or other information is destroyed…….

  29. Capn Jack says:

    Quit screwing around and hang him. I bet he would sing like a canary with a rope around his neck.

    • CAN’T do THAT anymore, nowadays “CROOKS, TRAITORS, the CORRUPT” have to be PAMPERED as they are, calling it being CIVIL, well, I in my mind CAN’T be and DON’T want to be CIVIL anymore when I hear about these CRIMINALS and NOTHING is being done to put THEM where they clearly belong….in PRISON….!!! They have been TRYING to use GESTAPO/STALIN TACTICS on us, now it’s time to do the SAME to THEM, ALL of THEM……!!!!

  30. Gunny1951 says:

    Unfortunately for us Americans Congress does not have arrest powers. Would sure be nice if they did. They can and should recommend to DOJ that Strzok be arrested fir the contempt charge should he fail to comply with the subpeaona. Otherwise it’s just really impressive sounding words on some pieces of paper

    • Patriot 78 says:

      With the evidence that has been uncovered Stzrok needs to be referred to a grand jury, That’s the only way this criminal will be sent to jail for his treasonous actions.

    • Gunny 1951, I think it is time to bring back waterboarding. Let everyone shut up and watch them sing.

      • Gunny1951 says:

        That works for me Paul. And Gitmo would be a wonderful hotel to take care of that. And the once it was done the gallows are right around the corner.

  31. Babsan says:

    In the old days this kind of traitors were hung on a public square.Let’s adopt this old routine and stop the Democrats cold and headless in their tracks

  32. Tom says:

    This investigation alone gives the citizens of our country reason enough to get out and vote Republican whether we are Democrats or Independents we must vote all Republicans into office, for the DNC, DOJ, and the FBI have shown us just how corrupt they really are with all the covering things up and refusals to give vital documents and testimony, not only that they made it imperative that we have a special investigation with a nongovernment agency to investigate Hillary and all those involved with Hillary for this has just become way bigger than Watergate ever was !! I believe we the citizens of this country are going to find that the corruption runs so very deep in our country and that a whole lot of people are going to be exposed and sent to prison for a hell of a long time and the investigation by Muller needs to be shut down for you can bet this is also a conspiracy made up to get Trump in any way possible, and even the media have been after Trump and the only thing they give us is what he did 30 years ago or even longer or who he had an affair with before he was even a candidate!!! All of it is just showing us the hate all the liberal media have burning in them!!! We all need to get out and vote to get our Congress and Senate the number of votes our president needs to get his policies passed for he has not let us down yet and has continued to try and keep his promises but these unconstitutional Democrats keep obstructing his promises for border control, fixing our immigration policy, building the wall, and getting rid of these sanctuary cities and states, and now these Democrats want to end ICE take away our Second Amendment rights, plus the liberals are trying to take away our right to free speech unless they approve what someone is going to talk about!!! I ask all Americans what more do we have to see or hear before we wake up and end this attack on our country from these liberals and Democrats!!!!!!!! GET OUT AND VOTE

    • M says:

      You tell it, Tom! You are sharing the same frustration and impatience that I am seeing in a lot of true American patriots! Your comment is so good and I hope everyone reads it. I totally agree with you and am constantly imploring people to get out and VOTE. Bless us all with strength to endure and save of great nation!

    • Gunny1951 says:

      Tom- I whole-heartedly agree with your statements. I truly pray the obstructionist RINOs would back up for a few moments and see the damage they are doing with their own failure(s) or unwillingness to get behind the man that the citizens-“we the people”- elected to the highest office of the land!

    • Bryan says:

      The Democratic party of today is basically a party of seditionists and traitors and have no place in our government. They only want to “fundamentally transform” America from “the land of the free and home of the brave into the land of the slave ruled by a knave.

    • trapperwv1 says:

      We need to move away from party politics and shutdown the dnc and rnc corporations, there is not a dimes worth of difference between the parties, any of them. Register non affiliated and vote integrity instead of for a politician that only cares about what a party leader says.
      George Washington did not believe in parties and stated they would divide the country which all the evidence is in and they are the most divisive groups we have. It will be a long hard road to do it but just imagine being able to pick between an honest citizen and a lying pandering politician whose thinks his or her job is to screw you and me out of as much as they can.

    • Jeanne Stotler says:

      Amen and VOTE Rep 2018 not only to keep House and Senate but to make them stronger, MAGA

  33. Dave says:

    1. Contempt of Congress citation; 2. Jail until he agrees to testify. 3. Zero amnesty for any crimes committed.

  34. Jan13 says:

    Personally, I like to wipe that smirk off Strzok’s face. I wonder, how much longer are us patriots going to stand for this crap?
    Rush today was commenting on the treatment of Manafort in prison, they don’t treat murderers like that, beginning to look like we are in a banana republic .

    • Mimi says:

      Manafort’s “punishment” seems to be more like Communist or Nazi treatment.
      I resent having my tax money spent on this witch hunt against our duly elected President. The liberals will have hell to pay for many years to come.

    • Bryan says:

      Mueller needs a 50 gallon drum of ass whup poured on him. He is a disgrace to the USMC and I wish the Corps would officially disown that domestic enemy of our Constitution.

      • Gunny1951 says:

        Semper Fi, Bryan- right on! Mueller is a complete and total disgrace to everything he has ever been involved with, and from where I sit he will never change! We need the gallows set back up on the mall in DC so the tribunals can begin. The guilty cannot be allowed to continue to investigate themselves. A public hanging or two would instill the true respect for the people’s wishes that we deserve.

  35. Anne Gerrard says:

    If he refuses a direct subpoena throw his butt in jail and make his closed door interview public.

  36. bagster53 says:

    nothing like letting the criminals do the investigating , a bunch of left wing clowns with orders to find something and don’t stop till you do , this is all a houks to give democrats something to throw at trump in 2020

  37. johnny murphy says:

    The worst is not that another government would try to interfer with the US election it is that our own government the FBI and DOJ is dedicated to destroying this President. To get him out the Deep State would be safe. Come on true citizens of the U. S. Stand behind this President.

    • M says:

      Hey Johnny M. I can feel your frustration coming in with your words. Just want to say I believe POTUS has lost none of the votes that put him in office and from what I hear he has gained in GOP and even Dem libs are leaving and coming over also. It may not feel as if he has more support beecause nothing makes more noise than a sore tail cat and that is what the Dem libs.are. They are making threats, are angry, mean, and just
      noisey in general. We definitely have DJT ‘s back

  38. If the common citizen acted in this manner the FBI would jail that person and throw the key away.

    The USA citizens will never forget the FBI criminal activities in this era. This will be the FBI’s eternal heritage. I have never forgotten that Hoover was nothing more than a sexual maniac: i.e. homosexual.


  39. According to Qanon they are all going down. IMRAN AWAN WENT TO COURT AND WAS ONLY CHARGED WITH LYING ON A BANK LOAN.

  40. Rita Lustig says:

    Lawsuit against RogerStone is thrown out! Because the DNC was asked to bring their server out of hiding! As material evidence this server would incriminate & clarify the real truth about ‘Russian Collusion’! Long live the memory & sarifice of Seth Rich!

  41. Gary Watt says:

    The whole damn Democratic party is in collusion on this.antiamerican criminal bastards. TREASON is what they are doing to america

    • Gunny1951 says:

      And treason is exactly what it is. This traitorous, left wing rogue was never acting completely unassisted or without the guidance of higher ups in the FBI and the administration it was cow towing to. If we are ever allowed to actually follow the deepstate corruption all the way to the top of the true collusionists it is certain at this point that nearly the entire previous administration is/ was at the forefront.
      One of the reasons I personally voted for DJ Trump for POTUS was his promise to make sure that these criminals- and they are every bit criminals- are brought to true justice and imprisoned for their treasonous actions. So far President Trump has done very well at staying true to the his campaign promises, let’s hope he can follow through on that one ad well. Let’s continue to help him “Make America Great Again” Hanf in there Sarah- we’ve got your back!

  42. james says:

    Thank God Trump won! Had Hillary won we wouldn’t know about any of this!!! And when it’s all said and done, you’ll find that Barak Houssen Obama engineered and ordered all this crap that is going on with the fake Russian collusion, Hillary’s Get out of Jai FREE Card and the involvment of the Deep Swamp FBI Crap!!!! Anyone that has worked for a corporation knows that “underings” don’t launch this king of “stuff” unless their “upline boss tells them to so that their own ass is covered! Obama IS the culprint in much, if not all!

    • You certainly would know about it when the Democrat hunted down Republican for just be Republican and then accusing them of all sorts of crimes.

    • I wish Trump would dissolve FBI and DOJ. Top to bottom and start all over as our President sees fit. They are not all bad people working for these two entities. The question is where does the lying treasonous crap stop ??? FBI and DOJ are ruined agencies. How can they ever be trusted again. I would not waste two seconds interviewing rosenstein and his lying smirky bouncing condescending attitude. He needs that slapped off his face. If strozk feels he’s just too important and prissfied to go before these over site committees put his sorry tail in jail until he decides jail just ain’t all its cracked up to be. Getting the truth out of Obama’s liars will not happen. But there’s enough paper flying around that somebody some where ought to be able to make a citizens arrest of this whole group of clowns that have robbed our government and continues to do so with every Lie that comes out of their mouth. Hang a few of these goofs for treason…start with Obama. Then hillary…let the other heathens decide if they want to reveal some truth before their turn come up with the rope. This is serious business folks. It’s our Country they’re messing with. We need to stop playing with these sorry idiots and get down to business. It’s past time.git er done. Stop wasting time and money.

  43. CrustyOldGeezer says:

    Just an idle comment on the subject of COLLUSION.

    ALL of the evidence that is wide open to everybody paying attention, points to a bunch of SERIOUS EPISODES OF COLLUSION, and ALL of them are the FBI and the DOJ in COLLUSION with each other to DENY AND DESTROY A DULY AND LAWFULLY ELECTED Administration through SUBVERSIVE MEANS.

    Better known as ESPIONAGE AND SABOTAGE to DESTROY THE UNITED STATES and overthrow the Constitution itself.

    THAT is an ACT OF WAR and Properly becomes the Jurisdiction of the US MILITARY because no “legislated laws’ are being violated, but numerous INTERNATIONAL LAWS AND PACTS, among which in the Geneva Conventions.


    The Geneva Conventions DENIES ANY RIGHTS of any kind for people that fall into the category of Spies, Saboteurs and persons not in the employ of a foreign nation.

    • When is the United States going to take George Soros’s dual citizenship away, he is a former NAZI informer hates this country and spends MILLIONS of US taxpayers and his own money to disrupt and destroy this democracy, his “Progressive” insurance company’s CEO is an avowed Communist and those who buy his insurance are assisting his in his quest to destroy this country. He should be tried as a TRAITOR.

    • Randall Hart says:

      Collusion with Obama giving Soros millions to overthrow other countries. This came out this week but very little coverage.

    • Debi says:

      Well said!

    • This is the only post that make sense and applies. Unfortunately our government would never move forward with the proper action. This country is in such trouble that we might as well have the US Military take out all the Democrats and confine them outside this country, which they’ve proven they hate. As for DOJ and FBI, fire everyone of them, they are all part of a rotten barrel of apples.

    • You are one intelligent CrustyOldGeeser!! This is exactly the truth and all needs to be followed. Amen to what you have shared so well.

  44. Susan says:

    Idk why he thinks he can ignore a subpoena! Could any of us just say no to a subpoena!? That is what is wrong with Congress quit letting them run this investigation! Haul his ass to jail if he won’t cooperate! He is guilty as hell and this is outrageous!!

    • christine says:

      Actually, I believe one CANNOT ignore a subpoena, not without very serious consequences. Question: Will his Democrat friends in Congress
      risk possible consequences to themselves to shield him?

  45. A Grimm says:

    he should be jailed, till he talks, he is not anything better then every other citizen in the
    USA. And then he should be fired without retirement, because he is a disgrace to the
    average FBI employees and the whole country

  46. FIREBALL XR5 says:

    Nobody’s goin to jail here. This is all busy work .
    The FBI knows where all the bodies are buried
    The entire system is dirty.
    President trump may be in over his head..

  47. Put the SOB in jail and keep him there until he decides to co-operate with our ELECTED OFFICIALS. In fact put him in solitary just like Mueller has done to one of President Trump’s former campaign worker. We’ve done that to news reporters, why not do it to a criminal law enforcement official ?

  48. Babs says:

    If you don’t believe how crooked they get the book or CDs by Jonathan Cahn and hear what he has to say

  49. GySgt Lew says:

    Would you vote for Barack Obama for a 3rd term? Pardon my language but F_ _ k NO !!, I didn’t vote for his first or second term – he destroyed our Country – He’s a born Muslim …

  50. Julia Gurule says:

    If he refuses to testify, throw his butt in jail!! Keep him there!!

  51. Edward Halford says:

    Are We the People powerless against the FBI? Will the FBI now dominate who POTUS is and what he will stand for? At what point will we put a stop to this or is America lost forever? Read Revelation chapter 18, tell me what you think

  52. John Illinois says:

    Can you imagine how long it would take for the US Marshals to come knock down our door if we “refused a subpoena from congress”? They’d probably have us in chains before the 6 o’clock news was over.

  53. CaptTurbo says:

    If the DOJ has no balls, or is too corrupted to arrest thee maggot, maybe President Trump should empower and appoint his “Space Force” guys to go collect the garbage? lol!!!

  54. Michael says:

    The stinking Clintons get away with everything from bribery to murder….That dirty bitch Crooked Hillary said “so what if a few Americans died, what difference does it make now”….this dirty Bitch knew she was walking before she set foot in her interview with those LIARS at the FBI.. Her attitude and arrogance know no bounds….Mr Trump needs to de-classify these documents so that piece of dirt Rosenstien cant hide it any more…I have always said Rosenstien is the BAD GUY in this….
    I see that piece of crap Comey is getting cocky again…somethings up…the only one I trust to put an end to this lying, stinking like the swamp, Clinton-FBI cover up is Mr Trump….unclassified, unredacted documentstion with the swipe of his pen….the pen can be mightier than the Clintons

  55. Francis says:

    This is what happEns to some people with the power they loos their marbles and can do no wrong

    • Jeffrey Cahoon says:

      No matter who hires and fires who in the US Government, they seem to forget, We the People hired ALL OF THEM to do their jobs! We DEMAND they do their jobs! Stop all of the BS and wasting OUR money! If Ol’ Pete takes the fifth while testifying, LOCK HIM UP! They ALL should be in jail, They reserve it! We the People have two options, the first is the power of the vote. Since that is not working so well, We need to go to option two, which is CIVIL WAR, and the Democrats will not like it! No one will

  56. Ed says:

    If everybody doesn’t understand the Democrats were manipulating the election with what happened to Bernie Sanders then there is no hope for them. Yet what I don’t understand is we have a sitting President who knows illegal actions were taken against his campaign, yet he refuses to restore citizens rights and put an end to all the illegal spying on Americans. What more proof does he need to understand the laws need to be restored to before 9/11 standards. If this can be done against Trump then you have to wonder how many people have been railroaded into our private for profit prison system. To top all that off according to those in charge not one terrorist attack has ever been stopped through NSA spying. What good does it do to drain the swamp Mr. President if your not willing to dam the flow of illegal actions by the government? The swamp will just refill the next storm that arises.

    • True Believer says:

      In due time my dear. There will be many many indictments issued before the mid terms and the courts are going to get very busy but we have to have iron clad cases so they don’t escape and they are really good escape artists making Houdini look like an armature.

      • Craig says:

        We have been hearing that for over a year yet “Bathhouse Barry Osama” and “Killary Succubus Bitch Clinton” are still in charge of the Deep State which has dedicated itself to enslaving true patriots.

  57. Michael says:

    Yea they tried to tip the election to help Hillary! Give me a break Trump won based on Comeys comments against Hillary.

    • True Believer says:

      No he didn’t, he won based on all the corruption and lies the Demoncraps did and said. All the scandals that came out during the election. Can you imagine if she had won what she would have sold to our enemies. But of course to she and Obama, Iran was not an enemy. The NWO could have pulled all of their strings if they paid which they had figured out unfortunately. God was just no ready yet to call his believers home but all you demoncraps, communists, etc. will one of these days in the very near future and can have the whole world for a short time, 7 years to be exact. Then you will wish you had not poopood your Christian friends (True Believers that is)

  58. Bill says:

    This can get interesting. Strzok fails to appear, the House passes a contempt order, notifies the DOJ to arrest Strzok, Rosenstein refuses to arrest Strzok, Trump orders Sessions to fire Rosenstein for dereliction of duty… then what?

  59. M says:

    Of course the plan was to deep six DJT. The scary thing is, they did their job very well and had they had someone other than HRC they might have won. Fortunately for us HRC beat herself. If DJT had not won all this treasonous, spying, lawlessness, lying, etc. might not ever have seen the
    light of day. I wonder if a presidential election has ever been manipulated to a victory. Now that, my fellow patriots, is a scary thing.

    • M says:

      Oops, I forgot to check the box to get comments. This is to. correct that boo boo, sorry

    • True Believer says:

      It already happened, that is why they knew how to do it, remember Obama for eight years?

    • tom matt says:

      It may be time for “martial law” to be invoked . There are too many events that defy the rule of law. It is not possible for our elected individuals to correct the problems due to the fact that they are the problem.

  60. True Believer says:

    Tried to tip the election to Hillary. Anyone who doesn’t believe that to be the truth has not been paying attention in the US. They thought they had it in the bag and did until 8:00 pm in the evening when the Republicans got off work. What I don’t understand is how you can get out of a subpoena. Have any of you tried? It is not that easy and the side issuing the subpoena has to agree with whatever excuse you are putting forth. The only thing that worries me is that they have move time to destroy the evidence.

    • Gunny1951 says:

      The subpeaona is to testify before a Congressional committee, not Federal or State court. Think Hillary’s IT guy who just plain refused to honor the subpeaona to appear before Congress and found that Contempt of Congress charges hold absolutely no teeth- no arrest, indictment or conviction of any type. So I guess Strzok would probably. W way better off ignoring the subpeaona than showing up to testify and getting tripped up by trying to CHA and committing perjury while doing so.

  61. Debi Johnson says:


    • Archie Burson says:

      when the civil unrest gets bad enough Trump can then declare martial law and he can throw the whole bunch in the dungeon and leave them there. With Mad Dog Maddox and the United States Marine Corps by his side they can then go on the offencive capture and detain them in Guantanamo. Then we can let the military tribunals begin. Convict the treasonous murdering traitors and then HANG THEM!!!!

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