Anti-Trump Billionaire wrote a check that could be Trump’s worst nightmare

Democrats are lining up for the chance to take down Trump in 2020.

However, some liberals are predicting he won’t even make it to the election.

And one anti-Trump billionaire made an announcement about impeachment that is bad news for President Trump.

George Soros and Michael Bloomberg unloaded millions on the 2018 elections.

And Billionaire Tom Steyer poured millions into a campaign to impeach the President.

Now, Steyer just announced another massive $6 million “investment” into impeaching Trump.

The Daily Caller reports:

Billionaire Tom Steyer is dumping more money into his campaign to oust President Donald Trump as incoming Democratic lawmakers consider jumping on board the movement to impeach the president.

Steyer is plowing another $6 million into what some Democratic leaders worry is an ill-fated attempt to impeach the president, The Daily Beast reported Friday. Some liberal progressive lawmakers are warming to the idea, while House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi pushes back.

He remains focused on “getting Donald Trump out of the White House,” Need to Impeach strategist Kevin Mack told reporters. “We’d like to have that happen through impeachment but if we have to we’ll beat him at the ballot box in 2020,” he noted, referring to speculation of Steyer’s political ambition.

Steyer is the most prominent Democrat funding the impeachment effort.

However, Steyer’s contributions may have an agenda outside of impeaching Trump.

Rumors are growing that Steyer could throw his hat in the ring for the Democrat nomination for President in 2020.

If and when his impeachment campaign fails, he could turn the lists of far-left activists he built into the beginnings of a presidential campaign.

So the latest $6 million check he cut to impeach Trump won’t be a total waste.

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107 Responses

  1. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Tom Steyer is a retarded cockroach as Batty Booby whose worst nightmare will come in November 2020 when Trump walks all over sloppy Joe Bite me in that election. Guess both of them probably will commit suicide when that election is over. If that happens, good riddance to both of those flimsy excuses for a human beings.

  2. Felipe Gomez Jr. says:

    It has nothing to do with all that! They hate Trumpbrxause he screwed up their NWO plans! A light bulb just light up or what? Otherwise. You’ll never get it? ???????? Can you not see with your eyes and hear with your ears and smell the pure bullcrap the Demonrat’s are soewing? It’s piled up high up to their forehead’s! In excrement. Only a Demonrat Satan worshipping fool follower. We eat that crap up and lick their boot’s clean. Then push that nose right into the crack of their asses!

  3. Felipe Gomez Jr. says:

    Reality check! These Demonrat’s are all wasting Trump’s time. None are anywhere near competeting against Trump! They think if they all throw all their money at the 2020 ekection? They have a chance? Well. None of them what so ever gave a damn thing to offer! But. Slavery Pain and suffering!! the ultimate insult is to destroy America and the Constitution. Plus we are the majority! They are not! This is what they plan on doing! They’ve already let the cat out if the bag!!They are frothing at the mouth. They’ve already tried many assassination attempts on Trump and now Mike Pence. They will continue their internet blackout of any information for Conservative communication’s and continue the bussed mainstream news media misinformation and lies! They will continue with their voter fraud again in 2020! Since they got away with it in Trump’s Presidential Election and the mid Term Election’s thefts of seat’s and stole the House of Representatives. This is exactly what we are facing in the next election. Do what do we do to prevent this crap from happening in 2020? Trump is fine. It’s the other races! Just saying! I don’t know what Trump is waiting for? But. These Demonrat’s and all their minion’s need to be arrested and executed! For treason , Conspiracy , Espionage and Sedition.

  4. Harry Reeves says:

    Dear Betty; Your comment is one of the most vile remarks I have ever read. I proclaim You Queen of all Septic Tanks.

  5. haha says:

    No 0ne Would Want to Come Into betty’s ‘unlocked doors’.

  6. Jon Bon says:

    Tom Steyer $ Millions will not impeach TRUMP, where are the votes to do so in the US Senate… Tom is wasting his money, Give it to needed Americans to buy, books, computers, and other better things to create incentives, and a push forward

  7. EaglesFly says:

    Hi RicB, you ‘own’ Betty et al. ‘0n Your Side’.
    good representation. Proud ?.
    Don’t ‘squeal’ when SHTF. & N0 ‘back to ride’.
    Enjoy your ‘time’.

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