Anti-Trump Billionaire wrote a check that could be Trump’s worst nightmare

Democrats are lining up for the chance to take down Trump in 2020.

However, some liberals are predicting he won’t even make it to the election.

And one anti-Trump billionaire made an announcement about impeachment that is bad news for President Trump.

George Soros and Michael Bloomberg unloaded millions on the 2018 elections.

And Billionaire Tom Steyer poured millions into a campaign to impeach the President.

Now, Steyer just announced another massive $6 million “investment” into impeaching Trump.

The Daily Caller reports:

Billionaire Tom Steyer is dumping more money into his campaign to oust President Donald Trump as incoming Democratic lawmakers consider jumping on board the movement to impeach the president.

Steyer is plowing another $6 million into what some Democratic leaders worry is an ill-fated attempt to impeach the president, The Daily Beast reported Friday. Some liberal progressive lawmakers are warming to the idea, while House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi pushes back.

He remains focused on “getting Donald Trump out of the White House,” Need to Impeach strategist Kevin Mack told reporters. “We’d like to have that happen through impeachment but if we have to we’ll beat him at the ballot box in 2020,” he noted, referring to speculation of Steyer’s political ambition.

Steyer is the most prominent Democrat funding the impeachment effort.

However, Steyer’s contributions may have an agenda outside of impeaching Trump.

Rumors are growing that Steyer could throw his hat in the ring for the Democrat nomination for President in 2020.

If and when his impeachment campaign fails, he could turn the lists of far-left activists he built into the beginnings of a presidential campaign.

So the latest $6 million check he cut to impeach Trump won’t be a total waste.


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108 Responses

  1. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Tom Steyer is a retarded cockroach as Batty Booby whose worst nightmare will come in November 2020 when Trump walks all over sloppy Joe Bite me in that election. Guess both of them probably will commit suicide when that election is over. If that happens, good riddance to both of those flimsy excuses for a human beings.

  2. Jon Bon says:

    Tom Steyer $ Millions will not impeach TRUMP, where are the votes to do so in the US Senate… Tom is wasting his money, Give it to needed Americans to buy, books, computers, and other better things to create incentives, and a push forward

    • Felipe Gomez Jr. says:

      Reality check! These Demonrat’s are all wasting Trump’s time. None are anywhere near competeting against Trump! They think if they all throw all their money at the 2020 ekection? They have a chance? Well. None of them what so ever gave a damn thing to offer! But. Slavery Pain and suffering!! the ultimate insult is to destroy America and the Constitution. Plus we are the majority! They are not! This is what they plan on doing! They’ve already let the cat out if the bag!!They are frothing at the mouth. They’ve already tried many assassination attempts on Trump and now Mike Pence. They will continue their internet blackout of any information for Conservative communication’s and continue the bussed mainstream news media misinformation and lies! They will continue with their voter fraud again in 2020! Since they got away with it in Trump’s Presidential Election and the mid Term Election’s thefts of seat’s and stole the House of Representatives. This is exactly what we are facing in the next election. Do what do we do to prevent this crap from happening in 2020? Trump is fine. It’s the other races! Just saying! I don’t know what Trump is waiting for? But. These Demonrat’s and all their minion’s need to be arrested and executed! For treason , Conspiracy , Espionage and Sedition.

  3. a Match Made in __ says:

    Hey Betty. ph.d JD is looking for & wants you
    on his team. hook up, rite.

  4. David Anthony Lelli says:

    He (Steyer) is such a moron. a dumb sonofabitch is who he is.

    • TeresaV says:

      Apparently some people with money and no brains need to have someone explain a few words to them…



    • Inkpad says:

      Apparently he hates a strong economy and record low unemployment great trade deals for America the positive list of trumps accomplishments are endless. This idiot must make his money screwing citizens in bad times . Certainly no other reason to impeach the best President America has had

      • Felipe Gomez Jr. says:

        It has nothing to do with all that! They hate Trumpbrxause he screwed up their NWO plans! A light bulb just light up or what? Otherwise. You’ll never get it? ???????? Can you not see with your eyes and hear with your ears and smell the pure bullcrap the Demonrat’s are soewing? It’s piled up high up to their forehead’s! In excrement. Only a Demonrat Satan worshipping fool follower. We eat that crap up and lick their boot’s clean. Then push that nose right into the crack of their asses!

    • Michael Snyder says:

      If this Moran touches our president Trump is asking for a deathwish, civil war will erupt won,t be very pretty at all., going to be the bloodiest of all millitarys and police will be on our sides we want Christian values in WH. Not no demonocrats.

  5. john furlong says:

    One pays the other’s mother for sex!

  6. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Leftists must hang, and RICH leftists should be shot AND hanged, after torture.

  7. Plumlazy says:

    Let these rich azzes throw there money away. It will just make them less rich.

  8. Jerry says:

    Steyer, you cheap suit. If you had any guts at all, you’d write a check for all you have. Then we’d know you are serious, and we could watch you go bankrupt. All of your money cannot and will not change my mind. Spend every dime you have, please. We have a soup kitchen waiting for you. We serve H2O soup just for you.

  9. marleen davis says:

    steyer backed a bunch of violent radical liberats and made his own vile commercials against our president. he is as bad, if not worse then soros and in my research, i call him the new hitler. i’ve warned of him previously as he is very rich, very evil and extremely dangerous. this man hates america.

  10. CrookedHillary says:

    I don’t care who it is, Outside politcal money to try to influence impeachment is contradictory too our constitution and takes power away from all the people. This should just not happen and has nothing to do withthe law. Globalists…more fricken globalists…leave us alone and go away forever.

  11. truckman says:

    these rich money grubbing democrats are wanting to start something that they will not like Trump is the first President that has had enough balls to turn this nation around and is doing everything he can to protect our nation

  12. Jeanine says:

    well these rich democrats better get rid of their money, cause if cortez gets her way, they will have to PAY most of in taxes, to support all the free government programs she wants to give away. And Betty, I feel sorry for you. I did not like Obama but your hatred is something else. I have yet to find one of you that will say just what President Trump has done that is so horrible for our country. We put up with Obama for 8 years, and there isn’t a one of you that will even give President Trump a chance. If any of us had carried on like this when Obama was in, you democrats would still be on the ceiling. He was voted in, get over it. I can’t imagine what he could get done IF he wasn’t fighting whinny little cry babies. Most of the democrats need TO GROW UP. We need legal ID to vote, to slow the dead down from voting, and we need term limits. Let this President try be a President. And yes, we need a wall. I am sick of supporting people who are illegally here. You want a better life, come in the right way. And if these rich liberal have so much money, get to the boarder and help these people. Do some good for once.

  13. Hey Steyer, let me start by saying, you’re a SCUMBAG and your family are pieces of excrement, but than again you are aware of their INBREEDING.
    That being said, think about it and have a nice day.

  14. Betty says:

    They’re not dumping millions into anti-American efforts but instead are dumping millions into anti-trump efforts where it will do some real good in removing from the White House That WORTHLESS WORM & His Just As WORTHLESS WHORE!

    • Harry Reeves says:

      Dear Betty; Your comment is one of the most vile remarks I have ever read. I proclaim You Queen of all Septic Tanks.

  15. Betty says:

    A Nightmare for d. trump is for the USA a Dream Come True.

    • TooLateNow says:

      Betty’s in the church
      Standing way up front
      With poses in her hand and
      A carrot up her _____! (You can make the rhyme!
      I guess
      Betty’s a broke millennial with no money in Trump’s economy that is making money!

  16. Robert Higginbotham says:

    It is not the first money this insane piece of garbage has shelled out against Trump and our country. Steyer, despite his wealth which he got via questionable means, is a loser and more importantly a major liar.

    • Betty says:

      This Insane Piece Of Garbage. A loser & more importantly, a Major Liar, with his wealth got though questionable means. Hey, Robert, Just who are you describing with these exact words, Steyer or (trump), that Oval Office Brain Dead republican Retard?

  17. Lee Harant says:

    How about the IRS take a good hard look into the back tax returns of this tool and all the other leftist money launderers and see if their businesses and statuses are above board ala Obama.
    Would be lovely to see these pieces of work squirm.
    Also any business these tools have should be boycotted. Sorry employees but the country is at stake and maybe you will think twice when you enter the voting booth.

  18. Stephen says:

    Up here in Washington State [the other Washington] Steyers has been spending a boat load of dollars trying to help out his Buddy Governor Jay Inslee and buy our votes. It hasn’t gone well for him. Steyer spent lots of cash during the Republican held Congress trying to convince Washingtonians to impeach Trump. Even though most people vote Democrat, his impeachment advertisements didn’t play well. He spent millions trying to convince us to vote for a Carbon Tax and got his a$$ handed to him with a 2/3 NO vote. Pouring several million dollars into convincing Congress to impeach Trump smells like corruption and not caring that the transaction is being done where all can see it. In a Representative Republic like the United States of America, that should be a real concern. In this Country, we call it Lobbying; anywhere else it’s called bribery and corruption.

  19. Harry says:

    Hey Steyer You wrote a 6 million dollar check that you wasted!! I wrote a check for $700.00 for another AR rifle which offers me much more payback!! Sorry!

  20. Richard Cunningham says:

    Soros and Bloomberg are nothing short of being Communists who want to overthrow our government and form a Communist dictatorship. Any person who believes a word they say or supports them is a damn fool who belongs somewhere in a rubber room.

    • Cath says:

      Watch out for “billionaire activist Tom Steyer made his name as an environmental activist, worked with Democratic groups to register a million new voters and redefined green politics with high-profile campaigns on climate change and clean energy. Now as he weighs a run for public office, he’s adding health care — specifically drug prices —” fighting for political PR and aligning himself for the liberal Gov of California. He fought to raise the tax on CA cigarettes by TWO DOLLARS A PACK = $2! When I was smoking in college – we fussed when a PACK of cigs “climbed” to 35 cents per pack! Just imagine what he’ll do to our economy when he tries to run for POTUS!!! He stepped away from his company – Farallon Capital Management, in 2012 to focus full-time on political and philanthropic interests. and talk about “influencing elections”… Steyer paid put more than $7.5 MILLION into an effort to register and turn out young voters in eight states ahead of the midterm elections. The FACT that he was a coal investor who made his millions there then turned on the those who made him RICHER than RICH. “Steyer owes his fortune in large part to the fact that he has been one of the world’s largest financers of coal projects.”…
      BTW don’t forget to add Bernie Sanders to that list with George Soros…although I think Sanders is the “mouth” for the others while they just throw money at him and others who want to take down the US.

      • MARY says:


  21. PHIL E TRIMMER says:

    Let the scumbag go somewhere else. Personally, I believe he should be striped of his citizenship for subversive acts against the United States and sent somewhere. How about Iraq? Maybe he can by some friends there!

  22. says:

    The Patriotic AMERICAN vote is not up for sale. This was proven in the last election, Killery spent far more on the election then Trump did.

  23. Celia says:

    The people who post here waste so much effort on responding to Ric B and Betty that it is just urging them on in their ignorant comments. Their comments have no substance, no solid thoughts and ideas, s lot of ugly name calling typically demorat actions. I suggest that we just ignore their posts, as though they didn’t exist. I think when we respond we are doing what they are trying to get us to do. They are simply very ugly people stirring the pot to get more radical responses from us, the people who post on this site. That way we look like the wing nuts, and not them.

  24. Peter Rucci says:

    That betty is showing what a sick person she is. But I guess we have a bunch of them here. Maybe we should start a fund to ship these people out of the country even before the illegals

  25. Ray says:

    I hope this man knows he is making himself the target of 63 million voters who supported Trump in 2016. I don’t know how happy he will be when he is hit with that realization and those are conservatives and members of the NRA. Should anyone be able to use money to overturn the will of 63 million?

  26. Texas says:

    6 million is not enough, it should be 6 BILLION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This guy must have his money taken away from him! Just like all the other super rich ass holes.

  27. My2Cents says:

    Too much money ,he should continue to buy children for his sick pleasure (rumor on internet)

  28. Linda says:

    Watch these folks go broke!

    • EV Siegrist says:

      Let’s hope these people spend their money to no avai, into oblivionl. Sad report that politicians are more than willing to take the money,. However, I don’t see them understanding the fact money won’t ultimately change anything. We the People will stand with our duly elected President! Period. Don’t think they will ever get it!

  29. Brenda glass says:

    Isn’t there some sort of law restricting the amount of money a person can use to impeach a sitting president? That is like buying a hit on a president. That cannot be legal there has to be some way to stop the pouring in of millions of dollars into the Democratic Party to buy what they want despite what America wants

    • Linda says:

      They do not “care” about Americans…left or right for that matter. Not one iota of concern for the American peopl, only power, wealth and a blind following and of course…they are going for the NWO. They are into globalism…not Americanism. And many on the left are obliging to the left’s leanings…right off a cliff.

    • Sue says:

      Not only would he be paying (bribing government officials) for an impeachment, if he runs for President in 2020—that has to be illegal as hell…

    • franco says:

      Does any care what this Counterfeiter has to say????
      NAH! Unless he is paying them!
      Blow it out your Rich REAR PORTAL, Chicken Lips!!!!

  30. I realize what the left wing is trying to do , but if we all pull together and pray for our President and those who stand with him ,I believe this is what God wants from us . THURSDAY night about 8 pm let’s storm the gates of Heaven with our prayers , and bind the enemy in the Name of JESUS.

    • Linda Mackey says:

      Yes Suzanne…I do pray continually for our president. I will try to remember Thursday night @ 8. A lot of people do not realize this president’s success is unparalleled… in my book anyway. It’s hard to even explain how one man alone, can bowl through and break the choking grip that’s been on this country for a long while now. And actually turn it around to the horror of the left. Your right, someone made Trump for this hour…this time in history.

    • Jacque says: with you Suzanne????no weapon formed against us/him will prosper. Folk has got to know this is the spiritual battle of our lifetime. We wrestle NOT against flesh & blood. President Trump has got to be doing something/a lot right.

      God has set him in this position for such a time as this. Thank God for the prayer warriors. And may God deal with the “so called Christian’s” who are too blind & carnal & filled with hate of this President & won’t pray for him. They are only hurting themselves. I will stand in the gap for my/ our President.

      They fail to realize the fact that obamanation went against the Word of God & had the White House lit in rainbow colors honoring what God is expressly against.
      May God deal with the blatant disrespectful media/ fake news & hollyweird, & the ignorant politicians for their dumb behavior.

    • Tr says:

      Good idea, am sure Steyer is an antichrist, vile, evil, and despicable almost accidently referred to him as human!!

  31. James Samuel Scaggs says:

    First of all the articles of impeachment are DOA in the Senate they know that this is just the gin up the Looney leftist base that they depend upon, second I believe the President hopes the house spends the next 2 years pursuing their witch hunt,and after they have the same result as the last 2 years they will (if they are not already)they will be the laughing stock of sane America notice I said sane the loons that make up the majority of the Democratic party are far from any form of sanity.

  32. travis says:

    I bet Betty voted for Alexandra Cortez. Just after her brain left her for good

  33. Rick says:


    • Maryann says:

      I never heard of him, but for someone who has a lot of money, I think he has no brains….how do you impeach someone for doing a wonderful job for our country, jobs, unemployment low, etc……how can he even think this will help to impeach the President just because you don’t like him… I hope you blow all your money and have to come to the President for help….being the man he is I am sure he will help, unlike you and the other democratics!!

  34. GeoWalzak says:

    I bet Betty leaves Her doors unlocked and all Her valuables in the open she worked so hard for to let criminals take them with Her Blessings. Let’s strangers flop in her home at anytime They want with no complaints out of Her. Locks keep honest people honest and criminals will always circumvent security even if it’s called a ‘Wall’. Lets slow criminal activity locking down the boarder and a Wall is a Great start if your not there!

    • Valentina says:

      Well said. No liberal wants them illegals in their doorstep but want them in ours. Obama and Pelosi have ten feet high security walls guarding their mansions like all hypocrite liberal democrats. Pelosi have 54 billion to foreign aid including abortion clinics abroad but finds securing safety for her citizens a non important and claims its immoral to keep drugs and criminals out! What a traitor if s party??? Determined to destroy their country like Trudeau in Canada and Merkel in Europe ! What a mess they made, rapes and crime 98% and 85% via illegals and Islamic invasion! The Clinton and Obamas did absolutely NOTHING FOR NO AMERICAN plus took jobs away and created war after war overseas. Obama smuggled over 2 million Somali illegals in Midwest and liberals want to destroy Christianity while encouraging antisemetism .
      Liberals know GOPs are not racist! Black Americans and Latinos never had it better in American history! But Democrat supporters perhaps they prefer to pay 70% taxes for climate change fraud , even though it’s been proven the earth will tilt again and frozen planet will occur. 70% of people’s money will reach the rich democrats while poor will reach starvation! LOOK AT FRANCE!
      Who is already paying for illegals housing and welfare? Working citizens! Yes and they will be taxed to pay for more millions to come in and get medical treatment for free while Americans have to find more money for medical insurance .
      It goes to show one how illiterate ignoramus liberal supporters are! Even celebs have huge walls and armed bodyguards but want us vulnerable at the mercy of the criminal illegals.
      Killing police is an eye opening but unfortunately the democrats don’t give a damn

    • haha says:

      No 0ne Would Want to Come Into betty’s ‘unlocked doors’.

  35. Betty says:

    Good for Tom Steyer. Finally another someone with the “Guts” to stand up to CRAZY donald & say “ Enough is Enough” to that republican Retard & all of his Asshole Kissing republican Retarded Supporters.

    • Tamara says:

      You are so nuts you people need to be put in a nut house because you a a traitor to our country take your trash and your thoughts and stick them were the sun don’t shine

    • Linda says:

      Bologna? Did someone say bologna??? Ohhh…I guess that was me!

    • Navy PO2 says:


    • Brenda glass says:

      Isn’t there some sort of law restricting the amount of money a person can use to impeach a sitting president? That is like buying a hit on a president. That cannot be legal there has to be some way to stop the pouring in of millions of dollars into the Democratic Party to buy what they want despite what America wants

    • Sarah says:

      And then there are those American Patriots who support President Trump….unlike the howling, cowards that are oblivious to what truth and integrity are all about. When the time is right nobody will have a word to say.

    • Sue says:

      Wow. Betty, you’ve lost it. Take those hormone replacements quick!!!

    • Franco says:


    • Kadok says:

      yeah it’s too bad all those people who stood up to Obama and Clinton just mysteriously disappeared, or shot them selves 2 times in the back of the head and 6 times in the heart committed suicide like that, or maybe it was the children who tied themselves up and then laid on the rail toad tracks waiting for the train to come run over them, or you know maybe it was ambassador Stevens, you know him “Clintons closest friend” that called Obama and Clinton SEVEN times for help that allowed himself to be raped, castrated, drug through the streets, beaten and then died, that was probably just poor judgment on his part and the other 3 American citizens that lost their lives while Clinton couldn’t pull her drunk ass out of bed and Obama went golfing.. yep that must be it…

  36. Ruth Adams says:

    Hey Tom money can’t buy everything!!
    God watching over America.

  37. Ed says:

    When are these Snow Flakes going to realize,Loving YOUR COUNTRY is NOT a HIGH CRIME,or MISTAMEANER…

    • Lola says:

      But . . .. . . .

      Obstruction of justice is AND
      Money Laundering IS AND
      campaign crimes with Cohen ARE AND
      conspiracy to defraud the people of the USA IS AND
      tax evasion/fraud IS ALSO a crime! And Trump committed several of these crimes.

      • Brenda glass says:

        You are bearing false witness. Do you not care about your Eternal Soul?

      • Diane L Revard says:

        You must have lost your way. We don’t want or need you in this posting. This is for honest thinking people. Who love what America stands for. And we have respect for all human life. Including yours. So just go away with your ignorance. Go to your happy place.

      • george says:

        OMG Lola, where’s your PROOF? you have been listening to the view far too long!

      • Lucy Loo says:

        Nonsense. Crimes have to be committed during Presidency. High crimes and treasonable offenses. Open mouth and insert foot. Not required to turn over taxes by law. Get over it. Get a job and contribute to society. Give some border jumpers a home. Do something productive.

  38. Betty says:

    Just like the six billion requested by mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM could doubtless be spent in much better ways than a Useless Border Wall.

    • Npr says:

      If it keeps illegals, drugs and human traffickers out

      Any amount of money spend…will bnfit Americans

      Apply for legal entry…like over the 1 million who come in this way every year…no problem

    • EC says:

      Poor Betty. You think our president is a worthless worm, but I think you are a worthless snake. Here you are making an asp of yourself like a true liberal without much brain power. I’ll be happy to post your address so that all the illegals can move in with you. You might want to shop for groceries and rent a few port-o-lets before they get there.

    • GeoWalzak says:

      I bet Betty leaves Her doors unlocked and all Her valuables in the open she worked so hard for to let criminals take them with Her Blessings. Let’s strangers flop in her home at anytime They want with no complaints out of Her. Locks keep honest people honest and criminals will always circumvent security even if it’s called a ‘Wall’. Lets slow criminal activity locking down the boarder and a Wall is a Great start if your not there!

      • James Samuel Scaggs says:

        First of all the articles of impeachment are DOA in the Senate they know that this is just the gin up the Looney leftist base that they depend upon, second I believe the President hopes the house spends the next 2 years pursuing their witch hunt,and after they have the same result as the last 2 years they will (if they are not already)they will be the laughing stock of sane America notice I said sane the loons that make up the majority of the Democratic party are far from any form of sanity.

    • Steve says:

      Just like the 150 billion dollars, obama gave to iran

    • Tamara says:

      Very go spa in your trash somewhere else because nobody wants to hear about what you think because you know what no one cares what you think we are going to get our board of all and that’s all there is to it so you might as well give up

    • NoMoreMarxistsInDC says:

      Yeah, like sending $54 BILLION to foreign countries to assist and support abortions by young adults. We send over $250 BILLION each and every year as foreign aid to countries that hate our guts, and they steal the money and never give it to the people. See, Haiti, Congo, Pakistan, Russia, etc.

    • Byron Ray Sosebee says:

      Oh like the 105 BILLION DOLLARS the POS MUSLIM obama gave to Iran? You Stupid Liberal POS!

    • george says:

      Sorta like the democrats wanting to fund Abortions over seas huh Betty, bet your all for that huh?

  39. Peter Rucci says:

    Great comments we the people know what they are up to and will not stand for it. They the dems it will catch up with them sooner or lately. Hold the line folks

  40. travis says:

    All rich assholes need to move to another country but in the end God will take them to hell

  41. Sfengr says:

    These billionaires should donate their money to St Jude and Shriner Hospitals to help cure childhood diseases, not waste money trying to stop a president that is performing a great job for Americans. It’s a shame ther isn’t a comp,lete brain amongst all of these Democrats!!

  42. Randall M says:

    These rich liberals want more power so they can have more control over the masses. They want to put us deeper into a Babylonian slave system and give us just enough to survive. If we do them no good, they will simply eliminate us.

  43. Walter says:

    We The People that is the way are Country is supposed to be we the people Battha rich liberals trying to overthrow everything our country stands for and try the by their votes and democrats and liberals we gotta take our country back

  44. Don says:

    We (the USA) has a couple problems that should be faced before we go off on rants about Political figures. POVERTY exists and is rampant on our Native Indian Reservations. The $$$ squandered on “silly” political fights could be used to alleviate this suffering. Likewise, our APPALACHIAN neighbors do not have the opportunities many of us do, and they deserve help!

    • Betty says:

      We (The USA) has a Major Problem, all right. It’s Name is donald trump! AKA the LYING LUNATIC, AKA the White House WORTHLESS WORM, AKA the republican Retard. AKA the Two Timing, Two Faced Pile Of Walking, Talking Gutter Trash.

      • MJL says:

        Sounds like you must be talking about the Kenyan coon Muslim POS like you Betty Brain Dead Libraturd.

      • Linda says:

        Oh my gosh…why yes. How devastatingly horrible. I can barely catch my breath. Whew!!! We’ve never had any other president as horrible as Trump. Really??? I could give you a list of many somewhat successful presidents that had an abundance of hidden garbage in their closets. Why one even had some in the Oval Office encouraged by their own employees, hiding and protecting the debacle. And you probably loved that one. Don’t act like this (even if it were true) is any kind of a culture shock. And you know the truth…in all reality, you are just trolling

      • Peter Rucci says:

        Keep repeating yourself it just shows your lack of understanding and brains

  45. Richard says:

    I find it embarrassing, humiliating and down right insulting that we as Americans don’t have laws to protect us from these kinds of people running loose in our society. Folks, if we don’t wake up and go back to our True Christian roots, we are going to loose this country. No one can convince me that this kind of conduct shouldn’t be illegal and people that knowingly and intentionally exhibits this kind of behavior and threat to our country should be put away in federal prison for an indefinite period of time.

  46. If Soros and Bloomberg has so much money to give to that bunch of cry baby dems
    maybe they need to help some of the poor people in need instead of causing trouble
    all over the country……………………….

    • Ric B says:

      They are and do help poor people. It helps to counter the rich financial donations of the Koch brothers, among others who gave a record amount to the Trump inaugural committee – -where most of it seems to have “disappeared”!

      • EaglesFly says:

        Hi RicB, you ‘own’ Betty et al. ‘0n Your Side’.
        good representation. Proud ?.
        Don’t ‘squeal’ when SHTF. & N0 ‘back to ride’.
        Enjoy your ‘time’.

    • Betty says:

      Harold, you have a great message or you are telling it to the wrong person(s). So try telling it to D for DUMB trump, that republican Retard Instead.

  47. Tom says:

    Sick of these liberal rich idiots trying to run and ruin our lives . It is a sad state of Affairs that instead of helping the President they will dump millions and more in their anti American efforts . It could be used for better reasons.

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