Another RINO just betrayed Trump and could seal his fate on impeachment

Even after kicking Trump out of office, the Left isn’t done punishing him for the past four years.

Not only that, but there are some “Republicans” joining in.

And yet another RINO just betrayed Trump, which could seal his fate on impeachment.

RINO simply stands for “Republican in name only.”

It is used to describe politicians who only claim to be Republican in order to get into office, while abandoning all the principles of the Republican Party once in office.

Considering President Trump was, and continues to be the most popular Republican President in modern history, Republicans who attack him clearly aren’t in step with the party.

And with Trump’s impeachment trial in full swing, more “Republicans” are showing their true colors.

On Tuesday, there was a vote in the Senate on whether the impeachment trial against Trump is constitutional.

The same vote was brought up last month after being pushed by Sen. Rand Paul.

On that vote, five Republicans sided with every Democrat stating that Trump’s impeachment trial is constitutional.

Those five Republicans were, Senators Susan Collins (ME), Lisa Murkowski (AK), Mitt Romney (UT), Ben Sasse (NE), and Pat Toomey (PA).

There really aren’t any surprises on that list, considering that those RINO Republicans have made their true colors known for some time.

But on Tuesday’s vote, another Republican joined the list.

Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana sided with those five Republicans, and every Democrat Senator to agree that Trump’s impeachment trial is constitutional.

The final vote was 56-44 in favor.

“House managers were focused, they were organized,” and “made a compelling argument,” Cassidy said after the vote.

The impeachment managers he is referring to are some of the most radical Left Democrats in the House, which includes Representatives Jamie Raskin, Joaquin Castro, Ted Lieu, and Eric Swalwell.

Cassidy went on to attack Trump’s legal team, stating that they “were disorganized,” and “did everything they could but to talk about the question at hand and when they talked about it, they kind of glided over, almost as if they were embarrassed of their arguments.”

This betrayal is especially despicable considering that Trump endorsed Cassidy’s bid for re-election just months ago.

“THANK YOU [Bill Cassidy] for all of your support with our #MAGA Agenda,” Trump tweeted last March. “You are doing an outstanding job representing the people of Louisiana & the U.S.A. You have my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

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