Andrew Cuomo made this coronavirus confession that set Democrats off

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is the most high profile Democrat in the coronavirus pandemic.

Some Democrats even want to swap out Joe Biden for Andrew Cuomo in the Presidential Election.

But now Andrew Cuomo made this coronavirus confession that set Democrats off.

The Fake News Media claims Donald Trump bears 100 percent of the responsibility for the coronavirus pandemic.

So-called “journalists” refuse to accept that the World Health Organization lied about the disease not transmitting from human to human, as well as other experts in America like Dr. Fauci maintaining into March that it wouldn’t significantly impact Americans.

But in a CNN Town Hall, Andrew Cuomo pinned the blame for the outbreak on experts, models, and international organizations that dropped the ball.

“Well, look, global pandemic, the words had been used for many years, doctor, but we’ve never actually lived through it. So, I don’t think that this country was ready for it. I don’t even think our experts were ready for it.”

Cuomo continued, “You know, in retrospect, it seems so simple, right? China has a virus last November, last December. The virus can get on a plane, can go to Europe, can come to New York, can be anywhere in 24 hours. What made anyone think it was going to stay in China last November and last December? And then, we’re taking actions in March. What happened to January and February? You know, when you look back at it, it seems to be so plain and so obvious.

“The president has talked — spoken about the World Health Organization and what they should have done, but I think we have to take a hard look. Where were the experts, the organizations, the international watchdogs who should be watching for something like this? Because obviously, we missed it. March — we’re taking actions in March. I have the first case in March, but the data is now saying it may have been here in January. It may have been here in February.”

This not the first time Cuomo contradicted Democrat Party and Fake News Media attacks on Trump.

When Donald Trump expressed hope that the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine could work as a possible treatment for the coronavirus, the Fake News Media smeared him as a dangerous snake oil salesman.

However, the same media was silent when Governor Cuomo stated his optimistic outlook that the drug could help lessen the effects of the virus.

The Fake News Media doesn’t care about the truth and they don’t care about informing the public.

Their only mission is to destroy Donald Trump.

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