Andrew Cuomo just declared war on this Fox News reporter

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is under fire for his failed leadership during the coronavirus pandemic.

And now Cuomo is scrambling as he enters damage control mode.

That’s because Andrew Cuomo just declared war on this Fox News reporter.

No Governor handled the coronavirus pandemic worse than Andrew Cuomo.

Critics contend Cuomo killed thousands of New Yorkers with his disastrous March order mandating nursing homes take in coronavirus patients.

And the true nursing home death toll is shrouded in secrecy as Cuomo and his administration cover up the full extent of the catastrophic loss of life.

Fox News Meteorologist Janice Dean lost both of her in-laws in New York nursing homes to coronavirus.

Dean has become an outspoken critic of Cuomo’s decision to pack nursing homes with coronavirus patients.

On Monday, Dean revealed she was set to testify in front of the New York State Assembly about her belief that Cuomo is directly responsible for the deaths of her in-laws and thousands of other elderly New Yorkers.

But Dean explained on the day she was set to testify her invitation to speak was revoked.

“I was supposed to be on the list. I actually filled out all the paperwork and sent the letter to all the lawmakers, I believe, July 28, a few days before the first hearing. They told me they couldn’t get me on that day, last Monday, but that I would be on today. I had several emails saying that that was happening. Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R) was the one that was emailing me back and forth and saying that he was talking to the chair and that the chair said, absolutely, she’ll get her day on August the 10, today. And then, I was supposed to hear something over the weekend, I never did, and I was told that I was taken off the list,” Dean stated.

Dean added that such a directive could only have come from Governor Cuomo.

“I can only guess at this point. I think it went higher than the chair. I think that it was Andrew Cuomo or his administration that decided that they didn’t want my voice to be heard. And that’s really unfortunate,” Dean added.

Governor Cuomo has declared that no investigation into nursing home deaths in New York is necessary because his administration already performed one and cleared Cuomo.

Critics contend that is clearly a cover-up.

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