Andrew Cuomo hit Donald Trump with an ultimatum that will make Trump’s blood boil

Democrats want President Trump’s coronavirus response to fail.

That is now abundantly clear.

And it’s all because Andrew Cuomo hit Donald Trump with an ultimatum that will make Trump’s blood boil.

On Monday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced New York was through the worst.

With the President’s social distancing guidelines set to expire on April 30, the national conversation turned to how best re-open the American economy as quickly and safely as possible.

President Trump announced that this was the biggest decision he faced.

But once it became clear that the President guided America through the coronavirus pandemic and was moving to re-open the economy the Fake News Media and Democrats suddenly wanted to make sure the President got no credit for his achievement.

On Monday, the Fake News Media turned from complaining that the President didn’t issue a national shutdown order to ranting that it was the Governors who would make all the decisions and that Trump was powerless to re-open the economy.

In an interview on MSNBC, Governor Cuomo drew a line in the sand threatening to sue President Trump if Trump ordered New York to re-open its economy before New York and the surrounding states were ready.

Cuomo ranted, “If he tried an edict from the White House that put the people of the state of New York in jeopardy or violated what I thought was in their best interest, from a public health point of view, we would just be off to a lawsuit. And that’s the only way this really horrendous situation could get worse, is if you now see a war between the federal government and the states.”

Trump supporters fear that Democrats Governors are banding together in regional compacts to keep their states closed as long as possible so the economic damage continues to mount ahead of the President’s re-election bid.

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47 Responses

  1. Wayne says:

    Well let’s see there is a lot I can say , but will limit my remarks !!! One The Federal Government & President has Interstate commerce laws as back up < & secondly it is time for the President & the Republicans to have there own demand met semms the democRATS think there in charge !!! The democRATS are proposing a relief bill for state & local government s, well I suggest that the President & the Republicans stipulate The Federal laws must be up held & that the states, cities and counties with sanctuary laws must be repealed !!! It would not be a demand but voluntary if they want the relief !!!

  2. Norman Lee says:

    after Presidents mandated re-start date let these governor’s have control in their states. However end all Federal aid. Let it be known if they request Federal assistance to come back in then they must follow All Federal Laws. No sanctuary cities, no more non-compliance. President Trump has said certain areas will not be ready and he is willing to work with them(with-in reason). But to allow them to put on a show of open defiance is ridiculous. While some may claim that is not right we are punishing the citizens tjat is not true they can remove these obstructionist even before election day!

  3. Stephanie Hamilton says:

    Yes, I live in NYS and Governor Cuomo has all but taken most of citizens’ rights away. He conducts his daily speech talking down to people. He presents high numbers affected by the C-virus, but fails to mention that 90+ percent of these patients and deaths have happened in New York City. Other cities, counties in NY have had very little impact. In Syracuse and Onondaga County with a population of over 500,000 have 40 patient in the hospitals and 19 deaths (since the onset). We have 3 large hospitals with most other beds closed. In comparison, in the last two Sunday papers there have been 4 1/2 pages of deaths from other causes. I can only assume, but some of these death may not have occurred had there been more regular beds and doctor offices opened. I have received the Sunday paper for more than 40 years and never have there been so many deaths in the Sunday paper. There is no reason for the restrictions to continue in outer cities, towns, counties and there should be plans established to start re-opening. News just said another 600 deaths in NYS – question is where? Shouldn’t it say 590 of which occurred in NYC? Now Cuomo wants everyone to wear a mask starting on Friday, He hasn’t worn one yet. Claims they work, but did’t require from the beginning. So, I guess we can say that all the deaths that have occurred In NYS since the onset were his fault as he waited too long to require everyone to wear a mask.

  4. Auntcon says:

    If Trump decides to open the economy and put people back to work, the governor of each state can override that decision for their state. If it does not work out for them the onus is on the governor, not the federal gov’t. Most will not be willing to do that…Watch Cuomo try to one up every body and more of his chest thumping. He is sickening!

  5. Adrienne Hunter says:

    I am so tired of the Fake News and how one sided the news media is. No matter what he says, he is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. The democrats have wasted the peoples money for the past three years dragging their behinds being hateful instead of thinking of the Americans who voted them in. Terrible how these people are. It is shameful to hear the news reporters during a news announcement by the President of the United States.

  6. STU GOTZ says:


  7. Steve says:

    The only fake is your POTUS , go back to work , but if you do your on your own, no sense putting health workers to risk for you all being stupid!!you people only think of yourself!

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