An ugly new poll result has Chuck Schumer sweating bullets about his job security

Control of both Houses of Congress is up for grabs next year.

Democrats thought they had a good chance to grow their Senate majority.

But this ugly new poll result has Chuck Schumer sweating bullets about his job security.

In every election, the economy and jobs is the number one issue for voters.

That stands to cut against Democrats next November.

The latest Gallup Poll found economic confidence sliding into negative territory in a terrible sign for Joe Biden and the Biden administration.

Breitbart reports:

Gallup’s Economic Confidence Index is now -6, down from +1 in June and back to the negative level registered in May.

The recent decline in confidence may reflect public reaction rising coronavirus infections and higher than expected inflation.

Gallup asks Americans to rate national economic conditions as excellent, good, only fair, or poor. It also asks whether the economy is getting better or getting worse. The combined responses are used to create the Gallup Economic Confidence Index, which has a range of +100 (if all respondents say the U.S. economy is excellent or good and that it is getting better) to -100 (if all say it is poor and getting worse).

The Biden administration surrendering to permanent pandemic and overseeing inflation rising at the highest levels in decades destroyed America’s confidence in the economy.

That could come back to haunt Chuck Schumer and the Democrats.

Republicans only need to flip one seat to win back the majority.

And while the Senate map is tough for Republicans, the political environment is usually shaped by voter’s feelings about the economy.

This new Gallup Poll showing Americans confidence in the economy in negative territory does not bode well for Schumer and the Democrats.

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