An old video was dug up of Chuck Schumer that ended Trump’s impeachment once and for all

Democrats in the U.S. House ran on impeaching President Trump.

And they intend to do just that once they take the reins in January.

But this old video of Chuck Schumer put the nail in the coffin for Trump’s impeachment.

Most experts agree that the Democrats have no grounds to remove the President.

The two-year-old Mueller witch hunt has yet to uncover anything remotely impeachable.

And the so-called campaign finance violation doesn’t pass muster as grounds for impeachment.

The Democrats simply do not have a case to impeach the President.

Now, old videos of Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders, and Nancy Pelosi have emerged defending President Clinton from impeachment.

In Chuck Schumer’s own words:

“History will show that we have lowered the bar on impeachment so much. We have broken the seal on this extreme penalty, so cavalierly, that it will be used as a routine tool to fight political battles. My fear is that when a Republican wins the White House, Democrats will demand payback.”

You can watch videos of Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders, and even Maxine Waters (who is arguably the leader of the Impeach 45 caucus) defending Bill Clinton from impeachment here:

When Bill Clinton was impeached on grounds of perjury to a grand jury and obstruction of justice (something he was found guilty of), Democrats did everything they could to stop it.

Schumer predicted that impeachment would become a “routine political tool.”

Pelosi called it a hatchet job.

And now these hypocrites are attempting to take down Donald Trump without evidence or grounds for impeachment.

Schumer and Pelosi both realize that their chances of impeaching Trump are slim to none.

Their real agenda is to put Trump on defense before the 2020 election in hopes that the negative media attention will defeat him.


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123 Responses

  1. PHIL E. TRIMMER says:

    Everyone wants to talk impeachment for President Trump, some even BEFORE he took office. They talk about his locker room talk while Bill Clinton was doing the NASTY in the oval office. But that’s OK. They want to try to nail his FOUNDATION where the CLINTON FOUNDATION has been a revolving door of illicit money for years, and EVERYONE knows it, but again do nothing. DOUBLE STANDARD, DOUBLE STANDARD, DOUBLE STANDARD.


  3. Tommy says:

    Civil war between. Men and women illalegals and americans. Demos and repubicans

  4. Jo says:

    Schumer, Pilozi and the Democrats have. Lost their minds. They are a disgrace. I hope they all pay for their crimes, which are many. They do nothing for our Country and the American people. They fool nobody but themselves. I hope they are impeached! Our President has been the best and done so much for our Country. Thank you President Trump and know we love you, we pray for you and are with you.

  5. B Taylor says:

    Most of the ignorant citizens of this country seem to think that being impeached means removal from office, which is completely false. READ the constitution please. After impeachment a trial is held in the US Senate with the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court as judge. Bill Clinton was impeached, but there was no trial. Read the Constitution before putting foot in mouth.

  6. N says:

    Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi party at work here!FAKE NEWS!GOP House of RINOs!Don’t forget the RINOs(Gowdy,Ryan, Rubio,Romney,Sessions,Flakes, Roberts, etc) to name a few!Drain the rat infested Swamp, Pres Trump!

  7. Gp says:

    Trump supporters are the clear minority of ppl in the USA. Dems are obligated to fight them tooth and nail on behalf of the majority of the populace. If you’re mad at Democrats for standing up to his unpopular policies, you should have elected someone with a broader potential for support – not an autocratic career criminal. If you want that, go live in Russia or Saudi Arabia!

    • Joan says:

      Don’t know where you get your data, Trump supporters ARE NOT the minority of people in the USA. There are more smarter people than there are dumber people in the USA. The Dumbocrats cheated and paid illegal voters but Trump won, no matter how you look at it. I don’t understand how the liberals hate the Conservatives more than they want out country back it was 10 or so yrs ago. This disrespect for the President is so evil and vile that I can’t even imagine being that full of hate.

      • Gp says:

        Fact: Trump supporters ARE indeed outnumbered at least 2:1 He doesn’t even have full support of his own party. That’s common knowledge that is supported by both third party AND RIGHT leaning polling organizations. All reputable data sources both domestically and internationally have concluded the same. But you can choose to dismiss these facts that you don’t like to hear, but that wilfull ignorance will only further weaken cause as your kind veer farther and farther to the right of factual debate. Trump’s continual lying erodes his credibility within his own party lie by lie . With that said, God bless the Republicans who still back him. However biased they are, they are indeed real patriots. Trump however is not. He is a business man first. In fact it’s pretty heart wrenching to watch you guys throw yourselves on to your sword for such a poor representation of yourselves. You guys deserve better than a selfish business man.

    • Dave Miedema says:

      That’s funny…the Democraps who are supposedly representing “the majority of the populace” want open borders and no wall…NOT what the majority of the populace wants There’s numerous other examples…I’ll just start with those. The Democrats I see in office are mostly evil: soft on criminals, soft on border security, with many of them wanting to either abolish the 1st and 2nd amendments, or change them so that it benefits only their followers. It’s time for you to quit daydreaming about alternate realities and return to this one.

      • gp says:

        That’s really clever combining Democrat with crap. Youre clearly one smart, and intellectually mature cookie. I’m not going to say you’re stupid because I’m sure you’ve heard that before. At any rate, you’re right about some Democrats wanting to abolish the 2nd amendment and that’s frustrating to former Republicans like myself who have left the party over Trump. As for the 1st amendment, that’s insane to think democraps want to abolish it… But fanatical ppl who believe in Trump’s proven lies, have forced a lot of good, pricipled Republicans out of the party because you come off as cult followers with no eye for objective truth. Don’t talk to me about alternate reality. You guys literally invented the “alternative fact” reality. You’ve ruined the Republican party for reasonable people. Thanks.

        • Dave Miedema says:

          I’m still waiting for you to prove the validity of your comments by actually citing which sources you got them from (and not fake news liberal media outlets). Or maybe you CAN’T?

          • gp says:

            Just you give me the list of sources that you don’t like and I’ll be happy to try to back my numbers up without them.

            Or for all I care, you can just keep waiting since you guys will typically label ANYTHING critical of trump as fake news. If trump said 2+2 =5 you’d just say numbers are fake.

            But how bout it? Gimme a list of sources I can’t use.

            Or how about you cite you’re claim that the majority of ppl support trump (without using fake internet news sources)

            Or maybe YOU CAN’T?

    • The alternative was a career criminal. We choose the lesser of the two evils.

    • Geri says:

      You had better check tour stats’ President Trump supporters are definitely NOT a minority. He has a majority, because he is not try to create or save his career; he is working FOR the people, not just for himself!!!!!

  8. george c. says:

    All these problems go back to 1979 when the Dumocract s where the white was in power with the peanut framer Carter was pres. We need to get the convention of states up and running. The dumocrats are so afraid of loseing control every one. POTUS trump has Ace up his sleve what they don’t reallise is with all of us deplorable that was in service that trying to stay alive fighting with one hand tied behind our backs like we all have take no prisoner . even through we all have 214 and a discharge that oth we all took has expiration date on it DEFEND THE CONTION FROM ALL ENEMYS FORIEGON AND DOMESTIC that is why we have articale 5 so get behind the convention states .

  9. Phu Nguyen says:

    Unthinkable group of damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. jay says:

    Impeach the most successful Potus in our history for what exactly? Clintons still have people killed and their “Foundation” is nothing more than a crime family slush fund! Obama had many people killed also, and was never even indicted-YET!

  11. Mark says:

    There are no grounds for Impeachment but the House Democrats have the votes to send a Bill of Impeachment to the Senate. There the Republicans will stop this nonsense. It takes 67 Senators to remove a President—only 218 in the House to set up a Trial. The idiots who will be “running” things in the House are led by Pelosi, Waters, Pencilneck Shiff and the latest fruitcake Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. They will make the attempt and it will fail in the Senate unless there are more Flake/McCain types in the Senate than we know.

    • Sulig says:

      About every other month Democrats have something they think they will impeach our President on. He has suppose have done so much wrong and it is sorry Demo’s didn’t work. Quit trying to make our President look bad because you want a Democrat in. It will be till hell freezes over a democrat will be in. Really HUGE chance a career politician ever be put in Presidential position. Serious horrible crime is severely happened. Our President is cleaning up. The severe criminals are now starting to get what is coming to. The severe that have done horrible crimes on humanity have taken longer. Their charges are the most serious and will stick. They do know who they are. Their time is here. Get them off our American soil. They are horrible and sick people. God forgive me but please let them go to hell to scream and be torture as the so precious victims have!!!!!

  12. Don says:

    Democrats wants a wall but this wall is set in communist value not the value of Constitution or the rights of the true American people, but the value of illegals and terrorist coming like a flood into our Country. This flood contains murderers, rapist, infection to which we have no drugs for. The democrats of DC no longer care about America but cares only about how much people are so willing to give them for their votes on everything, they no longer have a soul of right and wrong get pure hatred of America, the flag that covers the coffins of our hero’s and our Constitutional right and God given rights as FREE PEOPLE. USMC

    • john t. sr. says:

      Ya want to know something, it wasn’t hitler that built the Berlin wall, it was the Russians. There will never be any sort of grounds for impeaching President Trump. These rampantly illegal investigations must cease before the dim witted Democrats tear America apart, which they have done a pretty good job at starting said process.. I stand with you and millions of others on what has transpired and for the damage has already begun. We as Patriotic Americans have too weed out these leftist criminals in Government and eliminate this threat to our great country.

      • Rex says:

        That’s why we have the right to bear arms. It’s coming to the point that the liberal democrats are trying to protect themselves from being removed from office so they alone can have control of this country. The good people of this country are needing to bear arms against enemies from within even if it means removing them by force which is lethal force. The people are not stupid they must defend this country from enemies foreign and domestic. It’s sad but it’s evident that it is heading in that direction. That’s why liberals are trying to remove your right to bear arms to leave you defenseless so they can control you. Wake up America!!!

    • jay says:

      Its the same ol classic “wag the dog” approach to losing the democrats have used to deflect the crimes they have committed! Clinton created a war in Kosovo and they even made a movie about it! Look it up its perfectly timed to his Impeachment hearings! They are a shameless bunch, stealing our freedoms each and every day!

    • Dorothy Blueter says:

      Standing ovation to you Don!

  13. Deplorable Lanie says:

    Do you think they are aware of the hypocritical nature of what they want to do to President Trump? I don’t think so, because if you look at their thoughts on the wall. I know, just follow me on this. Until candidate Trump brought up the wall, EVERY SINGLE one of the Democrats wanted a wall. There is video of them all denouncing illegal immigration and the employment of illegals. VIDEO EVIDENCE! But since it is President Trump who now wants the wall, it is evil and terrible and immoral, and, oh yeah, we can’t forget, mean! If they can not see their hypocrisy on the wall, they will never see their hypocrisy on impeachment. They will do anything they can to undo the results of the 2016 election, even if it is wrong, evil, terrible and immoral, oh and don’t forget, mean!

  14. John P. Catalano Sr says:

    Here’s proof that these sorry SOB’s are more concerned about President Trump ending their cash cow than doing what’s good for America. This is PROOF THAT A REFERENDUM ON THE NOVEMBER BALLOT TO LIMIT CONGRESS TO 2 TERMS AND LIMIT THEIR BEING ABLE TO GET THEIR FULL PAY WHEN THEY LEAVE OFFICE. LIMIT THEIR PAY TO 2/3RDS AFTER THEY REACH RETIREMENT, LIKE THE REST OF US!!!!!!

    • Bob Meyers says:

      Two thirds? A lucky few of us maybe, 8 years of SERVICE, not leadership ,doesnt add up to full pay. Term limits are far overdue. Look at the quality and integrity of who we put in office. They wouldnt last a day in the private sector and there isnt one of them that could run a successful business. When you have to set up slush funds to pay for your misdeeds its time to be let go.

      • D.A. says:

        There should be no retirement pay for them after they leave. They should not get any healthcare other than what the public gets. And they need pay cuts for any time they don’t get a budget passed on time. Something that the Dems are good at blocking. 🙁

    • Sandee says:

      Right on. citizens be damned is the motto of the Democrats.

  15. Paul says:

    Your question is misleading.
    The dems will throw the kitchen sink at the ceiling to see if it sticks.
    Trump will not be impeached.

  16. Pat Barger says:

    I will support President Trump now & when
    We the people will re-elect him again in 2020. He is doing a great job for the American People & America. The dems. are trying to tear America apart. We no longer need their type gov, it is so bad & perverted.

    • Ines says:


  17. Richard McClure says:

    Chuck Carries the Name ” WALL STREETS FAVORITE SENATOR ” Gee I wonder why! He gets most of his Campaign from There and he seems to dump a lot of Govt. Contracts There.

  18. Contry Girl says:

    Make the wall a “go fund me.” I’m sure Real Americans can make it happen. Let’s put a limit on campaign contributions! Trillions are wasted on them. Let’s contribute to the wall!

  19. bagster53 says:

    they have no hope to win in 2020 , so they have to keep the smears coming , and the liberals are stupid enough to fall for it

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      You can start with our criminal and treasonous federal judges, our completely corrupt education system for all the Communist sharia ideologists in power.

    • Gloria M Abramo says:

      Where are the policies that the Democrats are fighting for to improve American’s lives? I only hear how they want to take down our duly elected president! Even when Hillary Clinton was running, you needed to go to her website to see where she stood on issues, not able to say anything in interviews or ads other than hate Trump. Seems nothing changed for the Democrats. Same old, same old. America. Open your eyes and see, open your ears and hear, open your mind and let reason be our innate strength.

      • Betty says:


        • john says:

          You and Trump should go to Russia…Both of you belong there…Trump’s behavior is un-American…

          • Dick says:

            Damn y’all are ass backwards. Trump is all about America. The unpatriotic are the kneelers and the ones inciting violence and chanting impeach impeach impeach.

          • D.A.N. says:

            john, it is you who needs to go to Russia. They would show you exactly what you want or the US. You’d find yourself unhappy though because you would end up in Siberia. With no way of escaping.

          • Sulig says:

            Believe it or not the Russian people love Americans and OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP!!! They love him!!!! Your stupid and uninformed!!!!!

      • Lunchladie says:

        Exactly!!! They don’t care about the American people or what we need.

  20. Jim says:

    Can’t we all just get along? So tired of the hypocrisy of the democrats. Allow President Trump to focus on the country. Obama brought on the division of our country and was used as a puppet by the democrats. Why can’t President Trump use the executive order for the Border wall?

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      Because the criminal and treasonous federal court system would say no, I cannot even begin to guess how many times federal District court judges have hindered Donald from acting on the will of true patriots because only enemies of the state would all illegal aliens strip us of our privileges by breaking the laws ensuring us of rights.

  21. ahem tonto says:

    The credibility of each and every Democrat member of Congress and the FBI, DOJ et al have been impugned with such regularity none have a right to be referred to as an elected public servant. They are all corrupt and should be prosecuted for crimes against America including treason.

    • Lou says:

      Treason and murder!

    • Robare15 says:

      Please remember….The antics of the Democraps as they attempted to derail the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Suck a cheap and sleazy display deserves no reward. From Mad Max to Pelosi to the new dimwit Cortez, if they are allowed to continue we are all doomed. Vote them out.
      For the good of the country….VOTE THEM OUT!
      They do not serve the citizens of America…They serve themselves!

  22. Keith says:

    All pf these cuts are from 30 years ago.
    That is when leftism should have died.

  23. Carl Smith says:

    Must have violated the PC police since my comment vanished?

  24. Eric Granberg says:

    So called President Trump will never wait for impeachment. Like Nixon, he will soon slink off in disgrace, leaving the adults in charge, the Democrats, to clean up his mess.

    • Estell says:

      The democrts are two yeqr old cry babies that can’t accept the fact they lost. and will continue to lose.

    • Mark says:


    • Bubba says:

      Get you head out if your ASS. You and your democrap buddies are to blame for the piss poor state of affairs in our country.

      • Scott27 says:

        Of course, bubba, and the rest of you in this string… can’t take responsibility or be accountable for anything. And you claim to be patriotic Americans? What a twisted joke. Did you happen to see what happened today? drumpf’s NSA chief chastised by a judge for being a foreign agent; and drumpf’s foundation being ripped apart for being a sham? What are you people thinking? Who is that ignorant and un-American?

      • john says:

        Trump will go to jail…Wait and see…Then maybe you will admit what a horrible and criminal man he is…No democrat is as bad, ever! “Lock him up”!

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      Granbury you scrambled brainwave fool would you please shut up, no one cares what the completely mindless think.

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      I just figured out that it is lame brains like you Granberg who write the crappy software that constantly change the spelling of particular words within my compositions, again, please! stifle.

    • Betty says:


    • DSC says:

      La la land! Trump is a great President. Maybe if instead of watching CNN or MSNBC or reading liberal papers you would learn the truth. I don’t just listen to one person, one television station or one newspaper. You need to do that then get back to us.

    • Linda A Jokiel says:

      you are so wrong.

  25. Darnold says:

    Anyone supporting these Democrats must not be a true American

  26. BC says:



  27. fred hubany says:

    Mueller neeeds to pay all wasted funds back to tax payers , during Obama administration Hillary had over 30000 deleted emails, uranium one scandal with Russia, and what about 400 million from Russian bankers, just what and when will theynbe held for crimes to America?

    • Gary Von Neida says:

      The Democrat Party funded the FISA decision to act with phony materials that They paid roughly 4 Million for; now They can “pony up” 45 Million for the damage done to the American taxpayer for Their WITCH HUNT.

    • tom says:

      Putin told chris wallace after the summit w Trump that 400 million from russia oligarchs n mob to dnc thru soros. Uranium1 kicks back 250 million per year to clinton foundation to fund deep state ops against the usa.

    • john says:

      All lies.. Treason!…Trump is a Russian Agent…Need I say more…”Lock him up”! Hang him or use a firing squad…

    • Gp says:

      All Mueller is doing is uncovering the truth with facts. Dems endured email investigations for several years and Clinton was impeached for lying about having a mistress. If that was ok then, this is ok too. These investigations are just part of how we keep each other honest. Aside from being soft on Putin and the saudi prince, I like what Trump has done in office but I need to know the truth before voting for him for a second term. We hand picked Mueller so we ought to be honorable and take responsibility for whatever he concludes.

  28. Rickster says:

    Yeah who voted in these dems last month to take the house!! Either massive cheating or alot of stupid brainwashed people watching CNN. Who would want to think like them! Camel jockeys!!!!!!

    • Country Girl says:

      They didn’t get voted in, illegals, dead people, Soros machines, people voting more than 5 times in Illinois, California, New York and cnn watchers. They can’t win without cheating or brain washing. They can’t stand the fact that Trump is cleaning up Obama and Hillary’s messes. Civil war if they do this? Maybe!
      Our country was the best before Obama got elected. I’m so sick of the baby killers, entitled mallenial women, the PC police, Hollywood, ellitists, foul mouthed brats and their college communist professors!! Just go live in Russia and leave true Americans alone!

    • DSC says:

      Cheating…truck loads of ballots…200,000 illegals voting in Florida.

  29. Robert Quartarone says:

    The Democrstes have been setting up own deamiz since President Trump was elected.
    He is showing how corrupt they are and they do note like being exposed. This whole. impeachment movement is a discussion all the Veteran talk about. If the Democrates are looking for a Civil War they are going to find that there will be no reset button to press.
    Achment is discuss

    • Kerry says:

      “They” whomever that may be can find all the old videos they want to undermine the demonrat efforts, and still lose the fight. It will take “we the people” making an enormous fuss about it to the point that the demonrats and rino’s give in, just to get us to shut up. Deluge the Senate and House of Representatives with emails, letters, phone calls and Faxes demanding that this nonsense STOPS, immediately. That the videos found are used incessantly to show the hypocrisy of the demonrats. “We the People” have more political clout than we realize, if we would just use it. What voters need to understand is that the democrats, or should I say, demonrats, are after power and control. They do not care about the people of America, they care about staying in office any way that they can. It is often said that if a politician is talking, they are lying, keep that thought foremost when dealing with democrats. They’ll tell you all you want to hear, and then back stab you once in office. Look at what the muslim female did to Jews in her district. ALL democrats do that now, they ARE not to be trusted. Remember this next election, democrats will lie to all of us to get what they want, power, and higher taxes, illegal aliens bringing in diseases to kill our kids, and murderers to kill the people. Recent events demonstrate this. Vote for democrats only if you like being used for evil intents.

    • Clarence says:

      If we allow democrates to have their way , our country is back to the position that we were in that caused our forebearers To come to America. A few people in power and all of the rest of us, living in poverty. I am totally unable to understand. How our nrank and file goes for this. People wake up, the democrates want our country, why you ask, for the money and power that goes with being king and Queen

  30. Rickster says:

    Yeah who voted in these dems last month to take the house!! Either massive cheating or alot of stupid brainwashed people watching CNN. Who would want to think like them! Camel jockeys!!

  31. James P Hutchins says:


  32. James says:

    Their fake accusations are as bad as the fake news they just need to leave our president alone.

  33. Rickster says:

    Democraps have lost all there class and smarts and have turned into high school level kids! If they dont win there crying! Then accuse someone else of something they did to cover there own ass and buy them time to destroy evidence! FBI helps them cover it up! Crooked dem judges ! Time to clean house!

    • brat says:

      They act worse than high schoolers. They act like a 2 year old on a bad day. So Schumer and do the job you were elected to do. In case you forget your job it’s to represent the people of the USA. Put on your big boy pants and approve the money for the wall . Stop trying to screw our duly elected President. Hopefully the people from the state will wake up and stop voting for you my guess is most people you allegedly represent support President Trump with regards to building the wall and stop the masses of illegals coming into America.

  34. Scott Gadsby says:

    How they got control of the house is beyond me!! Too many sheep in the Country I suppose!!

    • Marie says:

      Scott: Dems cheated to win the House. They have illegals voting; they count votes long after the election is over (ballot harvesting) and they count dead people and some of these low lifes vote more than once. This is how they cheat!

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      No, way too many scrambled brainwave wallflower Looney Libtard indoctrinated loser college graduates, far too many illegal aliens, dead people, and family pets registered to vote not only in more than 1 district but more than 1 state as well.

  35. Joseph Hughey says:

    The demoturds will do everything in their power to impeach our great President with nothing to stand on . they want to kill this country . the ones who need impeached and put in jail is all the demoturds

  36. Gerry says:

    They’re all a bunch of fkng hypocrites !!!!!

  37. Deplorable Ricky says:

    Someone had to vote for these idiots
    NO WONDER this Country is divided

  38. Dave Miedema says:

    Even these actions that make Cryin’ Chuckie, Senile Nancy, Maxipad and other Demwits won’t stop them from trying. Communist Democraps refuse to accept facts and reality. They live in a parallel universe where, unlike reality, they have all the power, they make all the rules, and take free rein in breaking any or all of those rules while punishing regular people, particular Republicans and Christians, for lack of lockstep behavior.

  39. Guenther says:

    Waters what a joke the Democrats tolerate her . Any one supporting democrats must not have any brain

    • Darnold says:

      I’m supporting the Democrats must not be a true American

      • BC says:

        by default, any allegiance to the wicked DemocRat party, makes you an indoctrinated slave.

      • Country Girl says:

        Nope! Just a baby killing Natzi

      • Sandi says:

        You got that right, Dems and Obama and his horrible people have destroyed this country and if you saw the Move before Obama got in, telling how he was out to kill and finish off as many Americans as possible in De Sousa’s movie and it all came true. Some words in that Movie Obama said about Americans, “he hated them all.”
        Most people won’t read before they vote. They just say”Oh I must vote Democrat ” they don’t do their research
        and the work of Soro’s and his cronies have destimated the USA>Hillary has been with Obama since day one.

  40. mjack says:

    Nasty & Wee Chuckie , every bad thing you a’ll have brought to life is going to bite you in the r’ssss. I’ll be so glad to see it. We stand for President Trump and his American agenda. Y’all’s agenda stinks so you both will fit in the most securest prison or outside the border wall in which we help Trump build. You both have done your best to destroy America, now you will have resistance. Just think of all the free publicity you’ll get.!!!!!!

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      I wonder if that pompous Schumer was ever allowed back into that high end NYC restaurant after he tore into a woman he knew was a Trump supporter having a good idea of the ignorance of your average high end NYC restaurant owner and management I can guarantee he had never lost customer privileges.

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