An old video was dug up of Chuck Schumer that ended Trump’s impeachment once and for all

Democrats in the U.S. House ran on impeaching President Trump.

And they intend to do just that once they take the reins in January.

But this old video of Chuck Schumer put the nail in the coffin for Trump’s impeachment.

Most experts agree that the Democrats have no grounds to remove the President.

The two-year-old Mueller witch hunt has yet to uncover anything remotely impeachable.

And the so-called campaign finance violation doesn’t pass muster as grounds for impeachment.

The Democrats simply do not have a case to impeach the President.

Now, old videos of Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders, and Nancy Pelosi have emerged defending President Clinton from impeachment.

In Chuck Schumer’s own words:

“History will show that we have lowered the bar on impeachment so much. We have broken the seal on this extreme penalty, so cavalierly, that it will be used as a routine tool to fight political battles. My fear is that when a Republican wins the White House, Democrats will demand payback.”

You can watch videos of Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders, and even Maxine Waters (who is arguably the leader of the Impeach 45 caucus) defending Bill Clinton from impeachment here:

When Bill Clinton was impeached on grounds of perjury to a grand jury and obstruction of justice (something he was found guilty of), Democrats did everything they could to stop it.

Schumer predicted that impeachment would become a “routine political tool.”

Pelosi called it a hatchet job.

And now these hypocrites are attempting to take down Donald Trump without evidence or grounds for impeachment.

Schumer and Pelosi both realize that their chances of impeaching Trump are slim to none.

Their real agenda is to put Trump on defense before the 2020 election in hopes that the negative media attention will defeat him.

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