An insane bill was just introduced by this crazy Democrat that will leave you shaking your head

The Left is utterly devoid of any sense of reality.

They’ve persuaded themselves of their “brilliance,” and they’re not going down without a fight.

And now an insane bill was just introduced by this crazy Democrat that will leave you shaking your head.

Texas’ pro-life legislation, which allows for civil actions to be taken against those who perform abortions, is still causing Democrats conniption fits.

Democrat Chris Rabb, a State Representative in Pennsylvania, is proposing a forced sterilization law for males over the age of 40 or who have had three children.

The whole idea and reasoning is ridiculous.

And it doesn’t even make any sense rationally.

The right to an abortion is not enumerated in the United States Constitution; the flawed Roe V. Wade decision enabled the cruel procedure to continue, but individual states are still free to establish their own rules.

There is no logical or moral equivalent to forced sterilization.

Countries with authoritarian governments, such as China, compel people to be sterilized.

For decades, China had a one-child policy, which was subsequently modified to two children due to a severe demographic imbalance between males and women.

Rabb came at this conclusion:

“As long as legislators continue to restrict the #ReproductiveRights of cis women, trans men & non-binary folx, there should be laws to address the responsibility of men who impregnate them!”

To demonstrate his goodness to the progressive elite, Rabb tossed in the proper word salad of left-wing lingo.

That reasoning is also incomprehensible.

Everyone knows that sex without consent is rape.

But women have the right to choose who they have sex with and how they do it; otherwise, it is a crime.

Nowhere in the United States is rape legally condoned – that’s just another lie from the radical Left.

Democrats just keep coming up with the most ridiculous justifications for sacrificing innocent babies for political power.

Patriot Pulse will keep you up-to-date with this ongoing story.

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