An anti-Trump general just turned on Joe Biden in this closed-door meeting

Joe Biden thought he had the deep state on his side.

But Biden got some bad news.

And that’s because an anti-Trump general just turned on Joe Biden in this closed-door meeting.

Woke chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley became a folk hero on the Left.

Multiple books about the end of the Trump administration describe Milley plotting to what amounts to a coup to seize President Trump’s ability to order a nuclear strike, calling Trump supporters Nazis, and allegedly selling out the country to Communist China by promising to warn them if Donald Trump ordered an attack.

But General Milley found himself on the hot seat in front of Congress and forced to answer questions about the disastrously-executed withdrawal from Afghanistan.

When members of Congress confronted General Milley about the failure to evacuate America citizens ahead of the military – which led to thousands stranded behind enemy lines and the deaths of the 13 U.S. troops – General Milley quickly pivoted and blamed Joe Biden and his administration for the debacle.

Axios reports:

In a classified briefing with senators on Tuesday, Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley directly blamed the State Department for a botched evacuation from Afghanistan, saying officials “waited too long” to order the operation out of Kabul’s airport, two sources with direct knowledge of the briefing told Axios.

Why it matters: Those private remarks were far more blunt than Milley’s public testimony, in which the nation’s top general said the issue of whether the order should have been given earlier is an “open question that needs further exploration.”

Joe Biden’s approval numbers sagged, and Deep State generals quickly took notice.

General Milley was once a hero to the Left, but even Milley can see which way the political winds are blowing and gladly took the opportunity to blame Joe Biden for the fiasco in Afghanistan even though it was General Milley who spent months promising the American people that the Afghan Army could hold up against the Taliban.

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