An Admiral called out Joe Biden for hiding this inconvenient truth

Joe Biden has hit a rough patch in his Presidency.

Biden broke his promise to shoot straight with the American people.

And an Admiral called out Joe Biden for hiding this inconvenient truth.

The Centers for Disease Control issued an absurd recommendation that vaccinated Americans wear masks.

Admiral Brett Giroir served as the testing czar in the Trump administration and he called out the Biden administration for issuing this new guidance without any evidence to back it up.

“What has been really confusing is what the CDC said yesterday. They made recommendations but didn’t give the data,” Giroir said. “They made the recommendation without being transparent about the data. If you told the American people the data, which they obviously have, then we can have an intelligent discussion. But they haven’t done that.”

The Centers for Disease control claimed they would eventually publish the data, but Admiral Giroir ripped the administration for making life-changing decisions with no transparency.

“They made recommendations but didn’t give the data. And let me be specific, they claimed, and I’m sure there’s reason to believe this, that even vaccinated people can spread the virus because of the high levels in their nose and mouth. What percent is that? Yesterday, they said it’s a rare occasion. If it’s rare, one percent, point one percent, then you don’t need to mask. And you shouldn’t recommend that. If it’s 20 or 30 percent than what they said makes sense.”

The Centers for Disease Control did include a citation in their recommendation from a study in India that looked at a vaccine that was not approved for use in America and failed the peer review process.

Looking at the sum total of the recommendation and the lack of science behind it, critics contend the Biden administration just wants to prolong the state of panic to allow the government to maintain the emergency powers it took for itself when the pandemic first started.

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